The Dissection of a 25% Sales Letter


The Dissection of a 25% Sales Letter


The Anatomy and Dissection of a 25% Sales Letter System That Sells Like Crazy

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The Anatomy and Dissection of a 25% Sales Letter System That Sells Like Crazy

I feel confident in saying, I doubt you will have seen or taken a Sales Letter course as powerful as this one.

This Is About a Real-Life Sales Letter That Converts At Around 25% Everytime

I want to share with you the top-secret skill that makes a letter sell like crazy. After over 30-years of doing this I can tell you it is nothing to do with what most experts will tell you.

This letter sells at 25% on average every time we send it out. It’s a system that has been tested but a system I have personally used since I began writing sales letters. In other words it is well tested.

Even better though I this – never before have my letters worked so well for me here and will work the same for anyone that really understands exactly what it is that makes the works the way they do.

Because …

It really isn’t all about the copy

It isn’t about the format

It isn’t about the headlines and bullets

And it isn’t about almost everything you have probably been taught about sales copy.

I have created my first small sales letter course ever. The course will reveal to you every detail, line by line of each of the three-letter system I will share. It will help you to understand the most powerful elements in sales copy that most copywriters either miss, don’t understand or would have no clue as to what or why it is there.

And apart from the copy itself I will explain again in the smallest detail every single step you should take, you should never miss and you should replicate when doing your own sales letter marketing.

If you are a copywriter you should and will benefit hugely from sitting in on this short course. Why? This is a replicable system you can use for your clients.

If you are in business and feel the need to ramp up your sales with a fail-proof program you should sit in on this small course. Why? It shows you how to maximise a low-end system into high-end returns.

The course itself is all pre-recorded in my small studio. You can watch, download, reply as often as you want. You will also have downloadable copies of the actual 25% converting letters that I will be talking about.

Now before you ask the price let me tell you how much cash we pulled from a tiny test from this actual letter.

We sent the letter to 26 addresses (you read right it was a tiny test). The letter sold 7 manuals at £245. That gave us a turnover of £1,715 from a test that cost us just £1.20 per letter.

  • Cost for the mailing: £31.20 pence

  • Sales from the test mailing: £1,715

After the success, we mailed time and time again our mailing lists. Currently this system converts at around 25%.

On the video, you will see me carefully dissecting every single element page by page so you understand precisely why a letter that can look so insignificant can convert at 25% and create such a massive surge in sales.


You get

  • The Anatomy and Dissection of a 25% Sales Letter System That Sells Like Crazy

  • Step-by-step video

  • Letters written by a high-end copywriter that charge £25,000 per letter

  • A masterclass in the simplicity of writing

  • The detailed anatomy of a successful 25% sales letter

  • And of course, my charming personality on screen ;-)

I have priced this so help and serve you guys better without a huge financial commitment.


This is a presell.

IMPORTANT: The series will be released April 15th to login, download and learn from.


Alan Forrest Smith