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Below you can read just a handful of kind comments collected over the past 15 years


"Alan ... you bring to the marketing landscape one of the most brilliant, sensible and realistic minds on this planet.. You live in the present and your advice is so practical and helpful that you wonder why you didn't think of it yourself"

Jay Conrad Levinson 


"Alan you have a brilliant marketing mind which is constantly thinking about how to make your clients look different from their competitors. Which means any marketing that you create 'cuts through' and has massive impact. I would recommend any business owner use your mind ... take your advice ... and do anything they can to work with you because you will make them a lot of money - fast. You are without doubt THE best direct-response copywriter/consultants in the UK and I'm proud to work with you."

Brett Mc Fall


Alan the letters were excellent. A good professional tone, but also packed with key must-buy words. I particularly liked the focus on the personalities behind the products and the potential for the information on the videos to change people's fortunes, while also elaborating some of the main learning points available in their presentations.

As someone selling the product, I'm bound to feel enthusiastic about it – but I think these letters capture that enthusiasm and sell that to other people too.


Ian Sumter, IGS Investments



the copy you wrote for me was excellent … I am a center of influence and have recommended you on my coaching calls to potential clients …

"If you need potent direct response copy that'll haul in the orders, give Alan a shout. He'll treat you right and give you some great copy."

Marlon Sanders


I don't dispense compliments easily. But I must admit that Alan is one of those rare copywriters who truly 'get it.' Copywriting in the direct response industry is an art, a science and a challenge. It takes more than mere words to make one's copy work hard. But Alan knows that. Well. I've referred clients to him for a while now, and his copy is absolutely fabulous — with startling results, too! If you need killer copy that kicks, I recommend Alan, hands down."

Copywriter Michel Fortin


When it comes to choosing a true professional copywriter who understands how to bring in the big bucks from advertising, then make sure you don't go past Alan…

…words are what make your letters & website sell… words are what pull in new customers like steel to a magnet…and Alan has the knack of plucking words out of the blue to make every project he touches literally turn to gold!…"

David Cavanagh Mobile Marketing Systems



The copy you have written for us is absolutely stunning! You definitely have a fantastic way with words. I can't wait to work with you in the future and I will wholeheartedly recommend you to my clients.

Simon Grabowski


Hi Alan

Thanks the Mastermind day as part of the package. Am sure more questions will arise as I process it all.

Working with you has really opened my eyes, lifted my sights and given me powerful insights into how to make things possible. Just need to make it happen now.

Thanks again - will catch up on tonight’s call.

Gary Sprinks, Copywriter


I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done. As you know I spent over two months trying to find the right copywriter to work with and it was two months well spent.

I can’t imagine anyone giving more than you. I’m possibly not the easiest person to work with, I don’t know, but still you go out of your way to get things right, to keep me happy, to get results. Your patience and understanding are remarkable as is your passion for your writing.

But you don’t just write, you advise, you give ideas, insights, quite simply you’re passionate about helping other people. The effectiveness of your copy was immediately obvious...33% RESPONSE!

Orders came in so quickly after the first mailing that I was completely caught out! Long may it continue. Thanks again Alan. I truly appreciate you.

Steve Goudy, TDMethod


Results have been amazing. Seen a massive rise in sales conversion from my web pages. Without a doubt one of the best copywriters out there!..

Nick James


Alan… about the mailer: I sent a fax mailer to the same group of people in M arch and received 3 replies and when I sent the one you wrote for us the other day I received an incredible 74 sales.

Thanks, George, Jay Abraham


Hi Alan,

How did you impact the way I think about business?

Two words - GAME CHANGING!

I never once thought it was possible - attracting and working with BIGGER clients. (Those that generate millions of pounds in sales).

Until… I heard this presentation. Most stuff I’ve read, heard, or watched do teach you to figure out who your ideal client is. However, what they don’t reveal is how to attract and make your ideal client want to work with you.

Cheers Alan!

Vincent Wong, Writer and Consultant

P.S. Now that you’ve set the standards so high - how can you possibly top this ... ?


The copy you have delivered at this point has been amazing. In the past I have dealt with copywriters that charge double your fee…and they provided dull lifeless copy.

Your copy should convert like crazy. You are my new secret weapon. I want to keep you all to myself.

Jonathon Page


… sales results – That's the only true measure of success for direct response copywriting. That's the only reason you should listen to any sales copywriter, isn't it?

In fact, Alan writes with so much positive, raw courage and power, his writing leads prospects to the edge and then over. His copy is so downright contagious, your order page will catch fire from his energetic approach.

Your page will be so "amped", your prospects don't stand a chance at getting out of your sales page without handing you money. He's got the solid, time-tested track record to prove just exactly that.

Peter Stone


After speaking with many people within the direct marketing industry, many of whom left me unimpressed, it was an absolute joy to find Alan.

He has a passion for this and it not only shows – it jumps of the page at you. His talent for writing has been confirmed by all those I showed his work to, colleagues, copywriters and clients alike.

I look forward to working with Alan again already."

Adam Hamilton-Fletcher,


His copy is right on target and I am very impressed. Alan is very professional in his approach, but just as important, his suggestions bring clarity to the copy. I found Alan to be just so helpful and friendly. It is a pleasure to work with him.

Sandra Anderson. Firstcoservices Ltd



its not your first time to write something like this. The email is fantastic … Wow

James Beattie


Alan tweaked my offer and increased sales by just over 83%. Just incredible.

Greg Milner, World Salon Marketing


Alan took my failed direct mail letters and set them on fire. I was losing so much money my wife almost left me. He re-wrote the letters and cut back the amount of mailers. The campaign had a result of 47% with sales of over £800,000 in 12 months.

Thank you Alan

Robert Mcholl


I’m a MENTOR client of Alan’s. One year ago I took the plunge and entered a MENTOR with Alan. I paid well over £10,000 for Alan’s amazing knowledge and skills! I had to fight back the ‘I cant afford it demons’ and go for it because I knew if I wanted real fast track change with my business I needed to invest and spend time with someone who had been there done it. I can hardly believe the change in not only my business but in ME. Alan’s strategies and advice with guidance and fun along the way took my business to a 53.4% in four weeks and 116% rise in one year. It would have been more but I had to make HUGE decisions along the way to create the business of my dreams which meant having the confidence to make changes and get the people out who I knew deep down were not right for me and my business in the long term.

I have taken what Alan has taught me with my own skills and knowledge and have not only taken my business to near full capacity but he have given me a better understanding of business and I am just about to launch two new businesses. He has genius ideas that were so inspiring I didn’t take much time to get excited and start putting them into action. Anyone thinking of doing MENTOR with Alan I would say go for it. There’s absolutely no question It will change your business like it did mine. “Since working with Alan my life and business have been transformed!

Caroline Sanderson, Ego Hair


Hi Alan, Thanks a million for the Masterclass. I’ve been studying direct marketing and copywriting for a year, but I just felt like I didn’t have everything together to get started. Since the day in Sydney and watching the DVD’s everything’s turning around.I now have all the skills to start marketing and making profits for businesses and myself. You’ve shown me how to get started and given me the skills and the confidence. Your delivery was great. Being able to ask you any question was hugely valuable. I’m going to be your next success story. Thanks so much.

Luke Foster, New Zealand


Hi Alan,Well…all I can say is…I’m so grateful you gave us the opportunity to have a full day with a Non-Conformist Marketer…even though you brought the rain Down Under! I took hours and hours to write a headline before and now they are coming to me in a flash! It’s such a massive difference and has made me feel so much more confident about my writing skills. I can’t thank you enough, Alan.

Hope to see you again soon, Alan, and all the best! Kind Regards,

Liz Winstanely


G’Day Bridge Walker,Hope all is well over in the English countryside….with Orange Beetles in the back yard…Before Alan’s Sydney Non Conformist Master Class I knew a bit about copywriting, but it always took hours and only got an average result. Now I have done Alan’s course, I know where to get great, tested unique templates. This save’s me hours each time I write, and I have a much better and tested result, leading my customers by the hand, from my landing page, through my copy and into the “PAY NOW” box. Bingo, mission accomplished!!! Regards

Andrew Dale P.S. Hope my photo doesn’t scare away your customers


You put enough shit on us at the class last week I felt it was the Aussies go! Mate, thank you once again for last Saturday. I received a call the other day from my media company informing me my website was ready for launch. When it was presented to me I thought the text looked like shit… So I re wrote it all.

Using your techniques saved me a bucket load of time and now I feel it will really get the results I was hoping for. I’ve been watching the dvd’s you gave us, they are brilliant! Just a little reminder, as I am dead keen to see and use them….Things are going well – I sold the land I talked to you about abroad (bahamas). I wrote out some copy, put a plan in motion for press releases to get it sold – no need – I put an advert in hot property alert and it sold in a day and I couldn’t believe it.

Used the copy skills you taught me, but the editorial team changed the headline and made the ad sound more boring, but kept the facts from research I did. Just proves that copy is so important, even in a small ad!!

I’ll let you know asap.




I sent the email on Tuesday afternoon, about 10 minutes later I checked my inbox and was pleasantly surprised to find I had 16 replies from potential customers asking for quotes – by the end of that afternoon I had nearly 50 emails asking for quotes, and I ended up staying in the office until 1am finishing them all! Then the next day I had about 10 more! In the following 3 days, I took over $21,450.00 – and this week, what should have been the quietest of the year, ended up being the most successful week of the year so far! And, I estimate conservatively that I’ll pull in another $17,800.00 – $35,760.00 more, over the next couple of weeks as a result of this one single email!

This stuff is just crazy, I’d heard of results like this in the past but I didn’t really think they were real, I suppose they’re not until you see them for yourself, but I’ll tell you what, this is just the beginning, now I know what’s possible with the stuff I learned at the weekend, I’m not going to stop creating results like this, for my own businesses, and for my clients!

When I Count It All Up I Will Bank Over $88,000 Minimum From That One Single Email! I would back up everything I’ve just said

Kevin Lewis Printing Business


Alan, You make the complex steps of process so clear that they seem manageable, you insist that we discover and then speak with our own voice, all the time modelling this yourself, you provide endless references for where to go to learn necessary bits and if that wasn't enough, we now know where you live.

Sabrina Yuille, Brisbane Australia


The true test of a man is often in what they do for & how they treat others. Thanks for treating us with respect & integrity – a man of your character is rare to come across in today’s jaded seminar/ spruiking world.

Victoria Furey

I wanted to send you this personal note below to let the folks know you truly are an amazing business coach! Honestly, I was amazed and still am. Since his return to the UK his support has been fantastic. Distance is NOT an object at all for Alan. My advice to anyone reading this that might be thinking is it worth hiring Alan.

f you hear about him speaking live, GO. If you get a chance to sit and talk with him face to face, do it. If you can afford to pull him into your office and pay his consultancy fee’s, just do it. The guy is a goldmine of information that could potentially help anyone build a substantial business online."

John Kapa from the World Famous Record Breaking




This weekend I have revamped my business model, my business plan and my business life and I cannot wait to get it going!!

I'm on my way!!

Thank you SO much!

Carloine Barrow


Dear Alan,

This has been the time I could have spent ever for my business. It was brimmiming with information, all relevant and important, very entertaineing and hugely inspiring. And best of all it was unbelievable value for money.


Petra Lander,

The highest claibre. I have learnt more about marketing, in fact about the internet in these 3 days than I have learnt before.

Shivish Shah

I have learned more in these 3 days than I have done from all the seminars I have attended in all my life put together! That is no overstatement as I have altered 2 headlines and adjusted some text on my homepage with an instant increase in opt-ins

Thank you Alan for a great 3 days.

Matt Shaw

The content and the speakers were absolutely AMAZING!

I've done 7 day seminars that haven't been anywhere near as good.

It covered every single aspect of marketing and content creation. I'm going home to implement just a fraction of what we've been given as I know just that little bit alone will double my business.

Then I'll implement another fraction and increase my business even more. I can't wait!

David Walsh


Great Value

Great Event

Awesome Presneters


Strat of new life and direction

Loads of motivation

Loads of information.

I signed up

Jeffery Messem

Dear Alan,

THANK YOU for an outstanding Mega MasterClass! You promsied and, yet again delivered,

Venue, presenters, and material delivered far excedded tghe investment level and will seriously impact the growth of my own business.

Include in that the chance to spend one on one time with the best in the business and … well, Alan it was an exceptional 3 days together.

Thanks again.

Mike Yate

I've seen Alan here and there but never live.

During his seminar I soon learnt that Alan is a brilliant marketer, copywriter and manager.

The seminar was organised very smart covering everything in the right sequence and right timing.

Alan is also a great speaker on stage and surprised me with his ay of dressing and the ay he communicates with attendees.

Mega Masterclass simply ROCKED!

Sandis Viksna,

Alan thank you for putting on a first class event.

The whole seminar deliver , no over DELIVERED real useable content and excellent value.

I know I have gained at least 5 ideas that I can use in my business immediately to produce measurable result, valuable results.

Little wonder that your attends have such a high success rate in their business.

Phillip Shufflebottom.

I attended Alan Forrest Smith's Mega MasterClass in October 2006 and as ever the content he delivered was second to none.

I don't know how he finds these guys and gets them to deliver such unique content.

If Alan ever runs one of these event again I strongly recommend you attend.

I have walked out of here at the end of every ay with an idea that I can use immediately to make my business more profitable.

These guys spilled their guts, fabulous 3 days.


Jane Morris

Hello Alan,

Thank you for a wonderful 3 days of packed content. The speaker gave their all and really delivered (I wasn't sure if you would deliver before hand … YOU DID!)

I got so many actionable tools that I can put into place on Monday morning.

Your truly

Gerard Malone,, Dublin, Ireland.

Alan has delivered fantastic value for money bringing together top experts covering both cutting-edge tactics and strategies. Once youre seen this seminar there are no excuses for online success.

Mike Spurgeon,


Too often over-promise and under deliver. But I gave this one a go. I don't know why perhaps it was something to do with the fact that it was masterminded by a man in a kilt!

I can only say that I was blown away. What a fantastic event that simply oozed value. Every speaker delivered an abundance of valuable information during some of the most dynamic sessions I have ever experienced.

Not only did I leave with tons of revolutionary ideas that could change my life but I also made some great new contacts and had a blast in the process

The mega masterclass was truly and unbelievable experience and a real inspiration.

Alan is a fantastic guy and I'm looking forward to working with him again.

Angela Mains

I attended Alan's Mega MasterClass seminar this weekend and WOW!

We got a group of top ranking experts giving us their time to tell and show us how to think outside the box to expand your online business massively.

The content this weekend has been awesome!

Outstanding quality and quantity!

From all of the Internet Marketing seminars I've attended this year (and there have been a few), this is one I've come away from with practical advice and motivation to support to implement it.


Watch this space.

Anne Chochrane

This is the very first seminar I came to in the UK and boy was I blown away!!

I have reasonably successful internet business already and there are still plenty of those AHAA effects in the 3 content packed days that Alan and his team delivered.

For anyone even thinking about learning from these guys, I would strongly advice that you just take the leap of faith and just do it!

You'll at least make 3 times your investment back if not 4 or even 5.

Rely on these guys, coz they deliver!

Saumil Patel,

Having never (ever) attended an Internet Marketing conference before , I can wholeheartedly recommend Alan Forrest Smith and his group of merry men. Come along with an open mind and delight in the experience of having it filled with all sorts of wonders.

Generosity, Integrity, dedication, commitment!

Frank Mains