Below is a selection of videos for you from years ago to today.

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Enjoy ...

From a training event in 2008

Client feedback - David Lee

From a talk I gave in Ireland 2009

Client feedback

Inside one of my Masterclasses

A promotional video

How my work helped save a life ...

From a speaking event in 2008 in New Zealand

This was from a road trip in Australia 2007

This video is from a writers Masterclass of mine in 2005 (I think the year is correct) and YES ... It is actually me although it looks like someone else these days!

This video is from inside one of my classes in 2008

Some client feedback from a training event 2008

More client feedback 2006 masterclass

This is a talk I gave to 500 hair salon owners in Australia in 2006

... it really is me!

The same location ...

Client feedback ...

Inside a masterclass training weekend...

Client feedback ... 2013

More feedback from Jason ...

Masterclass feedback from 2006

More insider video from a masterclass 2008