Do You Need a Marketing Miracle?

The Following Can Be Hard To Believe. The Following Are Also Real Results.

  • Online Marketing Result – From Almost No Leads to over 330 leads a month
  • Direct Mail Result – From As Good As No Response to a Miraculous Response of 47%
  • Business Turnaround Result – From Almost Bankrupt To 116% Increase In Sales
  • Email Marketing Result – From Nothing To £42,000 Plus Sales In 12-Hours
  • Phone Marketing Result – From One Lead a Day To Seventeen Leads a Day
  • Sales Copy Result – From Almost No Sales To 1,200% Increase In Sales
  • Facebook Marketing Results – From 1% Response To 49.2%
  • Strategy Result – From Struggle To Over Seven Million in Sales
  • And More …!

THIS IS IMPORTANT: If you have no interest bigger, better, stronger and faster results with your marketing this page is not for you – leave now. If you need a cheap marketer that delivers average again this page will not be for you. 

If you have high expectations, feel a need for something in your marketing to be fixed and fixed fast,  marketing strategy, tactical changes, need a breakthrough specialist or strategic marketing expert, achievable and measurable high-demand results built on proven strategies… Keep reading.

Direct Marketing Expert Manchester - Transformational Marketing Consultant

Seeing Miracles In Marketing Is Believing?

There are times in marketing life when seeing really is believing. Sadly most no longer believe. Most have lost faith in a lot of things – in the power and magic of transforming marketing.

And I understand if you have lost faith in the power of true transformative marketing because most marketing just doesn’t work. You know that – that is why you are here.

But I am here to tell you it does work I have seen it with my own eyes with incredible numbers and growth time and time again over the past 31-years!

Now please forgive the ‘religious overtones’ in the way I am speaking but what I have seen in actual results has been miraculous to say the very least.

Miraculous Transformations in Marketing Results

Some of what you are about to read you won’t believe. If that is the case you are stuck in a routine – leave this page – you are simply not ready for transforming changes.

I have really have seen and been in the very middle of marketing transformations in business that I would describe in almost Biblical terms. Exaggeration – YES but true all the same!

I have seen companies brought back from the dead. I have seen the marketing blind given sight. I have seen the lame and plagued given the ability to not just walk but run back into serious profit or recovery.

Like I said above… Biblical proportions (Over £42,000 in 12-hours – I’d call that Biblical for that client).

And I accept in the times we live marketing has changed. Yet when I see my own 31-years of marketing knowledge in action I almost feel like falling to my knees in thankfulness at such a miraculously phenomenal results.

Dramatic Yet True

Maybe I sound over the top right now – dramatic – I am not sure. All I know is what I have seen over the past few decades working with clients like yourself.

  • I actually saw one lead generating campaign I transformed online go from 1-2-leads each month to well over 330-leads a month. They had already searched for help for well over a two year previously. I watched them go from marketing lame to walking once again. It was a marketing, miracle to say the VERY least!
  • And when you see another business about to close, on its knees with debts out of control, possible repossession, nothing working and an absolute loss of hope only to come back to life once more, to thrive to prosper and to build a multi-million-pound company it does feel like a miracle.
  • Or the client that failed with his direct mailers time and time again over a period that was heading  just one way only. He went from plagued with failure to not only a 47% response from his direct mail but new sales over well over £800,000 in the first year!
  • I saw funds for a young girl in urgent need of a serious heart operation raised after my strategies had been put into place. Up until that point, they reported it had been pretty hopeless. I’d call that a miracle!
  • I’ve seen a business that was laden with debt to the point from the outside looking in the business was dead yet only to be resurrected back into life and then propelled into unstoppable and award winning. I’d call that a miracle also.
  • I’ve seen a businessman so downbeat and almost given up on life due the no sales, no response, no money in the bank only to generate over £42,000 in 12-hours by following my advice.

I’ve seen struggling campaigns that look lost and beyond saving make transformations into truly successful companies. I’d call that a miracle.

I’ve seen so much since I began sharing with others I cannot hold an ounce of doubt in transformative and powerful effects from what I have seen over the years.

I Have Seen Miracles In Marketing – That Gives Me Faith – Is That What you Need – Do You Need a Miracle In Your Marketing?

  • Transformative strategy – growth – innovation – ideas – breakthroughs – That are 100% bespoke to grow your company faster and smarter
  •  Up-to-the-minute and time-tested direct marketing strategies that could completely miraculously transform your results
  •  Smart ways to increase your sales, response and results faster than you will ever have believed or even known to be possible
  •  A Transformational marketing consultant, stability, growth and innovation specialist that has worked with companies your size, start-ups, multinationals and even listed companies

If You Are Ready To Believe – We Should Speak Right Now

I think you’d want me to be direct – I believe you deserve more from your business. You take the risk so you deserve the rewards. I can and will show you how to create results driven marketing like you’ve never seen before. This stuff can seem miraculous, biblical and even epic but the truth is it’s simply using, doing and applying time-tested, proven and tracked strategies that actually work.

Show me the marketing problem you have and I promise to offer you a practical, do-able, results driven solution within 30-minutes of a meeting and talking with each other.

Call me right now on 0161 928 8328 or keep on reading…

Lucky you for finding me because I have a track record for transform companies just like yours. I can say that because myLIST long track record going back to 1985 proves it.

If your web marketing is broke I can fix it. If your direct mail isn’t working I can fix it. If your ideas are running dry I have them in truckloads. If you are in desperate need of miraculous risk-free strategies I have tonnes of them.

I believe bad marketing kills businesses. You have probably done a lot of marketing that simply hasn’t delivered. At the same time, I believe real marketing that is proven, driven, tracked, measured and risk reduced can dramatically transform your business.

What’s it going to take to get your marketing, strategies and tactics really working at their most powerful level for increased response, best-ever results and vastly increased sales fast?

I can tell you this right now, it isn’t just doing social media, trying some ads now and then, going to network events or trying your hand at writing copy. It isn’t spending months going through data, building a large marketing team or heavily investing into websites.

It is strong, engaging, powerful, responsive, distinctive, clever, smart and truly powerful well thought out direct response strategy and tactics supported by a clear core message and offer that will give you the breakthrough you really want right now… online or offline!

Who Do Experts Go To For Direct Marketing Breakthroughs?

That’s why successful marketing experts, large ad agencies, well-known authors, proven copywriters and even TV personalities in desperate need of a breakthrough with their marketing, their message and results have been coming to me for the past two decades!

It Is Never Truly a Miracle It Just Looks Like One – When You Know How To do – What To do and When To Do It!

My track record goes back even further to 1985 when I started my first business. My marketing became so well known, so prolific that by the year 1996 clients from my then hairdressing businesses began asking me to create direct marketing campaigns for them.

Today my list of clients is like a who’s who of marketing and business greats. Jay Conrad Levinson who is probably one of the greatest marketing men ever known not only raved about my work but also kindly proclaimed I have a ‘brilliant marketing mind’.

By the year 2012, I had been invited around the world over half a dozen times to teach, educate, consult with and work with businesses in places like New Zealand, Australia, Asia, USA, Namibia, Switzerland, Finland and of course the UK.


One of my clients a solicitor had spent years trying to get leads and conversions from the web. I took him from zero to over 330-leads every month from their website. His company had been hammering LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter with no results. They also had invested tens of thousands into a website that never produced a single lead – EVER! Obviously, they were desperate for a breakthrough -they wanted a miracle but had totally lost faith in marketing.

After working with them and training their team for almost 3-years their results were so miraculous he went out and bought himself a new red Ferrari 945 in red as a treat! I also handed back his project with an incredible 49.2% conversion! Pretty insane numbers I know but massive breakthrough numbers I’m more than proud to share.


Like the 47% response breakthrough, I created for a cosmetic company struggling with direct mail. Robert had wasted a tonne of cash trying endless direct mail with little or no response. I tore his old campaign apart, created a new database to target and wrote an engaging message that was supported by a powerful strategy, tactics and back-end program. Not only did I help them create their first million I helped them build an empire they eventually sold for millions. Truly a miracle that actually saved his business and his marriage.


How about the tiny back street hairdressing salon in Inverness, Scotland that faced certain bankruptcy due to huge debt, no strategy and frankly no idea. After working close with her for a few weeks I installed breakthrough after breakthrough strategy, tactics and systems for her. Her sales and profits rose fast, she managed to pay her huge debts and today has been voted a number one salon in Scotland. After just 4-weeks her sales rose by 53.4% after the first year by 116%. Now she owns a powerful business built-on-rock that has grown, expanded and is now a sellable asset.

I’ve Seen Marketing Miracles in Over 400-Industries

And as a transformational marketing consultant, I’ve worked deep inside over 400-industries applying powerful strategies, creating and seeing some miraculous results that will blow your mind!

Unlike a lot of agency consultants, other marketing men, I have run businesses had many businesses and truly get what the bottom line means. And unlike most consultancy companies, you’ll never get an inexperienced junior here. Once we start together if you hire me you get me and me only!

Are You Ready For Something Different, Miraculous and Powerful Restore Your Faith In TRUE Marketing?

Are you ready to move forward? So if you need a smart, experienced, proven, transformational marketing consultant, results-driven direct response ‘genius’ that can put his money where his mouth is, has delivered miraculous of results for over three decades, has created million dollar campaigns, been deeply involved in simple but huge breakthroughs and is a student of the mind of the buyer you should call me, email me or text me right now.

Direct marketing consulting using powerful, tested, proven and acclaimed strategies that are designed to one thing only and that delivers you the result you really need right now. The added benefit for you is a minimum outlay with results based future payments.

You make money.

I make money.

Direct response marketing expert

I’m Strictly for Seriously Brilliant Entrepreneurs That Demand More Brilliance Only.

Give me a call if …

  • NEED THE BEST: If you need the very best direct response strategic marketing breakthrough expert you can find
  • DEMAND A SPECIALIST: If you need a result driven specialist that is proven to deliver strong results
  • MUST HAVE AN EXPERT: If you demand an expert that understands the response triggers that makes a buyer notice, react and buy
  • POWERFUL STRATEGIES AND RESULTS: If you understand the power of your investing in an established expert because failure isn’t an option
  • EXPERT STRATEGIC GUIDANCE: You are open minded and willing to test proven direct marketing ideas and powerful business building strategies
  • OVER 31- YEARS EXPERIENCE: You need a seasoned and acclaimed direct marketing consultant to critique your current campaigns or possibly fine tune them for more response.

egoLet’s Talk About Your Next Miraculous Results

Please only get in touch if you demand the very best. I do not tolerate time wasters at any level. I only work with those serious about results.

  • Call now: UK (00 44) 0161 928 8328 (If we are all busy simply leave a message or the number will be on re-direct)
  • Text me: UK 00 44 (0) 7793069486 (Text is replied with a time to talk – This number never picks up unknown numbers)
  • Skype me: orangebeetle
  • Email me: alan @
  • Become and ALLIANCE Partner here (please read my terms before contacting me)
  • MENTORING can be found here

I would love to come and see you or you come and visit me in my Hale, Cheshire offices to talk through what you need.

Your partner in miracles, success, results, breakthroughs and a happier business – and life.

Alan Forrest Smith






PS: All of the following clients had big problems they demanded miraculous direct response breakthroughs. All of the problems were solved. All delivered results.

  • Sales letter still not working? I will fix it. One letter I created a BREAKTHROUGH that went from zero to sales of £1.2 million
  • Direct mailer getting zero response? I took a miserable campaign, reduced the costs, reduced the mailers and created a 47% response rate.
  • Web pages not converting? I helped one client hit over £5 million in sales in a single month from his website after his sales were locked into a cycle of no increase.
  • Can’t you get your offer right? I changed just 12 words on an offer. Despite the previous, campaign not selling the client went on to sell just under $84,000 in new sales.
  • You’ve no idea how to position yourself as the best and only option? One client, I worked with in Scotland on positioning went from unknown to the number one in her field.
  • Is your strategy no-strategy? That’s fine almost no business I have ever worked with has come to me with a strategy … that’s why you come to me.
  • Your lead funnel is none existent? Last year I worked with a client in the legal business that went from 3 leads a month to over 250 each month.
  • None of your media appears to be working? Again this is common. I have fixed so many campaigns that it’s impossible for me to list them all here for you.
  • BREAKTHROUGH: Like the salon owner that increased her salon turnover by 53.4% in just 4 weeks (but actually increased her cash in her drawer the day after we met)
  • BREAKTHROUGH: Like the printer that generated over £42,000 in sales from a single email after we re-wrote his email messages to his list ( this guy was almost bankrupt – after our breakthrough, he generated over £2 Million in sales over a year)
  • BREAKTHROUGH: Like the promoter that struggled to sell seats and slashed over £100,000 from his marketing budget only to increase his sales by over £800,000
  • BREAKTHROUGH: Like the security company that went from 1 lead a day to over 17 leads per hour. The phone line went so crazy they called and asked me to switch off what I had switched on.
  • BREAKTHROUGH: Like the lawyer that increased his leads from 3 a month to over 330 per month! (He then went out and got himself a Rolls Royce as his reward for his new breakthrough.
  • BREAKTHROUGH: Like the consultant that went from as good as no sales to sales of over £74,000 in sales after her breakthrough. She also went from £20 per hour to £250 per hour
  • BREAKTHROUGH: Like the Yoga teacher who’s sales messages couldn’t sell a thing to selling out classes with one class taking in over $117,000 from one campaign

Let’s Talk

Here’s how.

  • Call now: UK (00 44) 0161 928 8328
  • Skype me: orangebeetle
  • Email me: alan @

Alan Forrest Smith

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