Everything in marketing has changed!

Everywhere you look everyone is looking down!

Thumbing, scrolling swiping, pushing and taking in more information per second than in any other time in history.

Your buyer does it driving, walking, talking, in meetings and even whilst on the phone they are still swiping and taking in massive amounts of information – mostly useless – most quickly forgotten.

This affects your marketing.

This affects your sales.

This affects your conversions.

This affects your results.

You must make changes!

Today you must say what you need to say – in seconds. You have to show and tell in a split of a moment. You have to deliver your punch right there and right now.

Your buyers have become merciless. They refuse to wait, they won’t give you a second chance and in the age of concentration deficit – more than ever –  you have to make sweeping changes to your marketing message, presentation, strategy and approach to your clients.

If you don’t – you’re in trouble!

So how do you get their attention, give them what they really want to see and hear and show them that you are the company to deal with?

Let me give you this advice for free.

Over the past few years, marketing has gone through a massive change. Most marketers – in my opinion – aren’t seeing it yet). The chances are you are still doing marketing the old way – the way everyone does marketing!

Here’s my advice.

Make changes quickly: Study your marketplace and study the mind of your customer. Stop asking them to look up when the new way of looking is looking down – down into a tiny screen that feeds their mind like an addiction.

Once you get that into a strong engaging and powerful strategy results can change for you.

In your change, you must do this.

  • Reduce your sales messages to say more (reduce your words – increase their power).
  • Increase your images to engage (the brain processes and stores images faster).
  • Allow your images to tell your story (this embeds your meme).
  • Discover outlets to push your messages online (Search for mass coverage that is targeted).
  • Create brand campaigns that are short sharp and interesting 9brandsing works – it’s that simple).
  • There is more.

But if you don’t do the above – in today’s CHANGED and noise driven message filled world you will struggle more than ever to get the results you demand from your marketing!

I’d love to help you.

My approach is different (eccentric & effective).

Apart from being a recognised expert marketing strategist and consultant, I am also an established author and writer of philosophy.

This gives me a unique approach for you.

  • I look below the surface of your client’s minds.
  • I think and see how they see things.
  • I create messages and images in line with how they think and see images.
  • I create strategies that are in harmony with your buyer’s habits, minds and engagement habits.
  • And of course over the past 31-years working with huge corporations to new start-ups and building my own business’s I’ve learnt a thing or two!
  • I’ve also worked ion over 400 industries of all sizes
  • I am also the first choice for experts when they need advice
  • And there is much more we can talk over.

I’ve been playing the game of business since 1985. I’ve also given clients just like you solutions so powerful not only has it saved their businesses in one case my advice actually saved a life in others saved at least two marriages (absolutely true) and in many others transformed results beyond belief!

Today everything in marketing has changed. Never has there been a time in business history when it has been more critical to get your approach to marketing right. Good is no longer good enough – you really need to way go beyond special.

I can help you quickly using effective, proven and tested strategies that are designed and built around your business, your clients and your demands for a 21st century mindset.

If you fail to change with the changes your business is in real danger.

I work with driven premium, smart, driven, entrepreneurs that demand more, want more and realise that CHANGE is needed and needed fast!

Let’s start this with a FREE 20-minute chat. I promise you will leave the chat with usable practical  advice and even if we never work together you will thank me for that moment.

Work With Me – Let’s Talk

If you are ready and are aware that you need changes here’s what you should do right now.

  • Tele: 0161 928 8328 (Leave a message if not picked up)
  • Text: 07793 069 486 (This number doesn’t take calls – You will receive a reply right away to arrange a call)
  • Email: alan@orangebeetle.com
  • Office visit: Iconoclast Collective, 2nd Floor. 213 Ashley Road, Hale Cheshire.

I’ve seen some incredible changes with numbers to match. I’ve seen conversions and engagement at all-time highs. I look forward to sharing this with you.

These are exciting times for the smart ones. I hope that’s you!

I’d love to share the new change experience with you and create powerful unmatched strategies that will create the results you demand.

Your mentor, guide and advisor.

Alan Forrest smith

Ps you should know anything involving changes – I have tested or researched and used thoroughly. I do not take risks with your business.

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