Lets face it…

For the huge effort that goes into creating a business you really deserve to be rewarded with success.


Sometimes it works.

Other times – it doesn’t work.

When it doesn’t work that’s when the pleasure of running a business and being a business owner becomes painful, sore and at times heart-breaking with sleepless night after sleepless night.

I can fix this for you.

I believe every business owner deserves the right to know what truly makes their business a success.

I’m in the business of real transformation, fast breakthroughs and real change … helping businesses, organizations, teams, and individuals like you carefully design truly great results.

I find the problem.

I find the solution.

I give you results.

Now lets talk about marketing … results driven, time-proven direct marketing.

Or should I say the total confusion and dilemma around marketing.

One says it should be this way. Another says it should be that way. More and more marketers are getting lazy and just want to post your content or links into social media. Others run untested Ads and then tell you at some point… ‘be patient the Ads will work.’

Yet here’s a simple marketing truth.

Connect to your marketplace, your clients and customers and they will buy from you.

Whatever is happening with your marketing and results right now doesn’t matter, it’s in the past. What we can do together from right now is what matters, its now, it’s changeable and it can be your vision for the future.

In all my of three decades working with business owners like yourself I have never once seen a marketing problem that cannot be fixed – NOT ONCE!

So if you have a problem with your marketing right now.

If you need a breakthrough with your marketing as fast as possible.

If you demand that your marketing works.

We really need to talk and I will tell you why.

I started my first business in 1985 – I get the whole business thing

In 1989 when I opened my second business I understood that money is king and the business had to pay for houses, kids and more.

By 2006 I had been flown around this little planet at least six times to work with businesses just like you. America, Australia, Asia, New Zealand and many more places.

Why? Because the clients that flew me out were convinced I was the guy to solve their problems.

I go into businesses just like yours, review everything marketing that is being done right now, find the problem, find the solution and make the changes that have to be made to create the success you deserve.

Let me share a problem or two I fixed

Just recently I had the thrill of taking a solicitor from 3-leads a month to over 330-leads a month. Yes true over 330 leads! Yes it took work but yes it was also a huge problem they had battled with for years before I fixed it. They had been in business for over 20-years and had also spent over 5-years trying to make the web work for their business with zero success. In the space of months I had found the problem and fixed the problem and gave them over 330 leads a month from almost zero! The other part of that story is I raised their conversion rates to a huge 49.2% for their online campaigns!

Then another client that has been in business for 8-years was as good as bankrupt at the time she emailed me. Her business had been opened 8-years but it was 8-years of endless problems and fighting to find what worked.

I went in, sorted everything slowly, quickly turned the whole business around, and installed systems and other stuff that makes marketing work. Her first four weeks working with me gave her 53.4% increase in sales. At the end of the year her business had risen by a huge 116%.

Today she has a thriving multi-million pound business that has now expanded to three sites. She had problems. I found them. I fixed them.

Marketing is a proven science – get the fundamentals right and the results will follow

Ok so here’s the problem. People either try and re-invent marketing with creative that cannot be tracked and measured. They also try and do it themselves which frankly is a crazy approach to business. Or they do stuff that doesn’t work and keep on using stuff that very clearly just isn’t delivering results!

If you don’t get the fundamentals like; core message, message to market, positioning, distinctiveness, true engagement, your voice, mindset conversation, direct response market driven strategies and more I can tell you this right now… if it happens you were just dead lucky but if it isn’t happening you now know why.

And I’m not talking about all the latest bells and whistles like Facebook or any other new way to take a business into the marketplace. I am talking about the core values and thoughts your customer makes before they order from you.

Shall I find the marketing problem and fix them for you?

If you need just another marketing man I want to tell you upfront I am probably not the person you need right now. What I do is built on the back of working with over 400 companies of all sizes, getting huge response rates that are pretty well unheard of, testing thousands of things over the decades. I have turned around, transformed and created breakthroughs for clients that have changed their lives and their bank balances.

I have proven checklists and strategies for

  • Direct Mail or database marketing a hard hitting list of at least 29 tricks that make direct mail work.
  • Writing copy – a list of at least 11 powerful copy secrets you could change today that will transform your messages into response driven, attention grabbing Ads.
  • Online marketing – up to the minute online strategies that are tested, proven and have delivered some pretty incredible results for my clients very very quickly.
  • My BIG TEN higher response email marketing technique that is proven time and time again to drive response and sales.
  • 12 – 9 – 6 – 3 – 1 and 4×4 blueprint that is loaded with everything you need to reverse your results from 12-months ahead right to the moment we meet.
  • And so much more I can share with you that will blow you away – I promise you that!

I am more than happy to share those successes with you. Direct mail, – I’ve done that for over 30 years. Internet – I started doing that in 1998 and have generated million upon million in sales for my clients. State-of-the-art strategies and tools – we have tested just about everything and anything here but … It always goes back the fundamentals and they are this.

You are in business to make money. I’m in business to make money. It either works or it doesn’t

And if it doesn’t you need to know why and need to know why fast.

Shall I find your problem, fix your problem and make your marketing work?

When I fix your problem and put into place a breakthrough my top priority is to blow you away with results and make sure your investment is well spent.

Working or partnering with me works like this

I will review everything you are doing right now and I mean absolutely everything (privacy assured)

I will find any problems very fast (at times in minutes).

I’ll give you a ton of options to change your business fortunes very quickly.

How can I do this?

Easy I’ve been hired by the worlds best, fortune 500 ,fortune 50, well known entrepreuers, TV experts, well known authors and experts and many more to offer my breakthrough brain and strategies. As you can easily find on this website I have a huge string of success stories to support any claims I make.

How where and when?

I prefer most of my first time meetings at my HQ in Hale in Cheshire. I’d say 99% of clients prefer to come here because it gets you out of your place into a neutral space, its relaxed, easy going and we have the privacy and space to help you get your mind free. Access from the airport, train and motorway is very easy.

NOTE: I can travel anywhere. All transport and accommodation must be paid in full. I only travel and stay first class.

What is it you for more success right now?

I’ve no idea until we speak so I cannot offer a quote or any fee until we speak. All of what I do is bespoke for you and your business. What works for some might not work for your targets so I like to keep it all very personal to you.

I can share with you what my current clients like to use.

Breakthrough – designed to find a problem and offer a solution in a day. This is my No.1 service. Brilliant if you are time restricted and want a solution fast. We can do this at my HQ or your place. The fee starts at £2,500 for half a day! Again my most popular service.

Mentor – designed to give you an expert at the end of a phone, to drop in and consult with, to review, critique and independently advise you from an outside and expert perspective. Mentor is limited to a maximum of six mentors per year. I can come to you, get involved in meetings or simply be a private advisors in the back-ground. The results in mentor are pretty ridiculous at times. The difference is huge and cheaper than any marketing CEO! From £15,000 upwards for a 12 month contract. Short terms agreements are available, we need to talk detail.

The 21-Day Fix – designed as a 3-step process to stabilise and  leverage, increase sales, innovate and fast track. I have never seen THE FIX fail. Backed up with decades of proven strategies. Simple, fast and proven. This is best for you if you are desperate and urgently need a turnaround.

NEW Direct Response Marketing Academy: Everything you need to know is on this page.

These are my three most popular services I work with clients and will probably work with you.

Before you call me

If you are at £500k right now, want to get to £5 million and are not sure how to take that quantum leap – I can sort that problem for you.

If you are getting a slow or poor response right now and want to get more response from your marketing I can fix that for you.

If your strategies, planning or tactics are all over the place and now want a fixed blueprint that you can stick with. I can fix that for you.

If you need a mentor at the end of the phone on demand or someone to turnaround your business fast I can do that.

All you have to do right now is ask yourself this.

Now you’re probably asking yourself how much does this guy charge to fix my marketing problems.

Let me throw this at you and then you decide.

All of these cleints had big problems they demanded I fix. All problems were fixed. The results were mostly pretty outstanding.

Read them and ask yourself how much was the solution worth?

  • Sales letter still not working? I will fix it. One letter I created a BREAKTHROUGH that went from zero to sales of £1.2 million
  • Direct mailer getting zero response? I took a miserable campaign, reduced the costs, reduced the mailers and created a 47% response rate.
  • Web pages not converting? I helped one client hit over £5 million in sales in a single month from his website after his sales were locked into a cycle of no increase.
  • You can’t get your offer right? I changed just 12 words on an offer. Despite the previous, campaign not selling the client went on to sell just under $84,000 in new sales.
  • You’ve no idea how to position yourself as the best and only option? One client I worked with in Scotland on positioning went from unknown to the number one in her field.
  • Your strategy is no-strategy? That’s fine almost no business I have ever worked with has come to me with a strategy … that’s why you come to me.
  • Your lead funnel is none existent? Last year I worked with a client in the legal business that went from 3 leads a month to over 250 each month.
  • None of your media appears to be working? Again this is common. I have fixed so many campaigns that it’s impossible for me to list them all here for you.
  • BREAKTHROUGH: Like the salon owner that increased her salon turnover by 53.4% in just 4 weeks (but actually increased her cash in her drawer the day after we met)
  • BREAKTHROUGH: Like the printer that generated over £42,000 in sales from a single email after we re-wrote his email messages to his list ( this guy was almost bankrupt – after our breakthrough he generated over £2 Million in sales over a year)
  • BREAKTHROUGH: Like the promoter that struggled to sell seats and slashed over £100,000 from his marketing budget only to increase his sales by over £800,000
  • BREAKTHROUGH: Like the security company that went from 1 lead a day to over 17 leads per hour. The phone line went so crazy they called and asked me to switch off what I had switched on.
  • BREAKTHROUGH: Like the lawyer that increased his leads from 3 a month to over 330 per month! (He then went out and got himself a Rolls Royce as his reward for his new breakthrough.
  • BREAKTHROUGH: Like the consultant that went from as good as no sales to sales of over £74,000 in sales after her breakthrough. She also went from £20 per hour to £250 per hour
  • BREAKTHROUGH: Like the Yoga teacher who’s sales messages couldn’t sell a thing to selling out classes with one class taking in over $117,000 from one campaign

How much value would any of the above breakthroughs mean to you, your business and even your life?

Call me if

BEST: You want the best direct marketing expert consultant you can find?

SPECIALIST: You need a specialist that delivers outlandish results?

EXPERT: You need an expert that understands the triggers that makes a buyer respond?

POWERFUL: You understand the power of your investing in an established expert because failure ins’t an option

STRATEGIC: You are open minded and willing to test proven direct marketing ideas and powerful business building strategies

EXPERIENCE: You need a seasoned and acclaimed direct marketing consultant to critique your current campaigns or possibly fine tune them for more response.

What are you thinking about – call me and lets get your marketing and problems fixed fast

Here’s how.

Call now: UK (00 44) 0161 928 8328

Text me: UK 00 44 (0) 7793069486

Skype me: orangebeetle

Email me: alan @ orangebeetle.com

Don’t worry, if we work together my expertise will quickly become clear to you during our first call or meeting. I looking forward to making things work for you.

Here’s to your huge breakthrough success

Breakthrough specialist, Alan Forrest Smith



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