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From: Direct Marketing Consulting Expert Alan Forrest Smith

Regular Marketing Advice Vs. Powerful Proven Direct Marketing Consulting?

First the following are all REAL numbers from REAL direct response marketing campaigns!

  • A 49.2% conversion from new enquiries
  • New sales of over £200,000
  • A huge 53.4% turnaround in just 4-weeks
  • £42,000 from a single email campaign
  • Unheard of 47% response with sales of over £800,000 from direct mail
  • Huge leap in leads from 1 per day to 17 per hour
  • Increased sales of £1.2 million from single database campaign
  • turnaround strategies and more!

If you’d love results like those get in touch right now!

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Dear Entrepreneur

It’s 31-years now since I started my life as self-employed. It’s 21-years since someone first paid me to help his business after seeing the results I had gotten for someone else. It’s 18-years since I started my powerful direct marketing machine Orange Beetle. And now over 400-industries later with sales going into the millions I think I’m pretty well qualified to say …

I am yet to see a ‘marketing’ problem in any business that cannot be solved!

Maybe your problem is due to …

ENDLESS PLANNING: Do you have planning for marketing campaigns taking opinionated meetings, non-commitment decisions and months of planning when you want it all to happen yesterday? In fact it looks like no one is doing anything but they all claim to be doing something!

LEADERLESS LEADERS: Your marketing is run by someone that always wants to tell someone else what to do yet the person they tell what to do is the person that usually has no idea what to do! Someone has to be blamed and no one wants to lose his or her job.

SOCIAL MEDIA ADDICTS: Marketing has become all about social media yet you have no results from social media that are worth shouting about. They want to buy likes, get shares and post videos yet the bottom line is – NO MORE SALES!

HOPE AND PRAY MARKETING: Your marketing isn’t tracked or measured because you or your team tries a new idea and another new idea and another new idea. You simply hope and pray it’ll work this time! No one understands how or what to track and measure apart from the things that really make no difference.

ANOTHER LOADED MARKETING EXECUTIVE: Hire yet another expert that tells you everything you want to hear but fails to deliver. Their badge is more important than your profits! They fight and battle and blame almost everyone else before looking at themselves. The problem is it leads to failure in your business whilst they go get another job! Too much confusion over what does and doesn’t work

  • Over reliance on social media and online networks
  • Failure to understand target marketing
  • Unqualified, inexperienced advise leading to failure
  • No real understanding of funnels, lead generation and engagement

I had my first business when I was just 10-years old in 1973. It was the days of David Bowie, The Bay City Rollers and the idolized Raleigh Chopper. My chopper was 70s purple with orange lettering.

All the lads would quickly destroy their bikes. I decided to re-paint them into custom choppers. I say a business, it was more of I’ll paint it and you pay me. The market was perfect at the time. The demand was there, there was a gap on my estate so I filled it and got paid for it.

In 1989 I opened my first brick and mortar business. There were already 35 hairdressing salons in the town so how the hell was I going to survive? All the salons did ‘cut and blows’ so I invented a ‘cut and design or redesign service’. I quickly worked out clients don’t pay for cut and blows, they pay to look drop dead gorgeous and some would pay anything to get it.

The result was within 18-months I had the biggest, busiest and most expensive positioned salon for hundreds of miles! Again the demand was there so I filled it. The rewards bought me everything a man could want!

Around the year 1995 a salon client asked me who was doing my salon marketing. I told him it was myself. He asked if I would write him some adverts for his solicitors. I was a busy hairdresser in those days but I did it. He paid me over £1,000 for those letters. That was more from writing than I was earning from my 70 hours plus a week! Again I quickly realised that this guy had already tried a ton of marketing yet it wasn’t marketing he really wanted or needed it was results. I gave him result and he paid me for those results!

By 1999 I had started Orange Beetle Direct Marketing. Probably 30% of my working week had now become advising others. By the time the internet arrived properly in 2001 (for me) my client list was growing so fast from referrals that I eventually decided to sell my 3-salons.

On the day of 9/11 it has two memories for me. The first is walking into a car showroom whilst seeing all the team stood around a small portable TV staring at what was taking place in New York. The second was Mike King telling me that the letters and marketing I had created for him had sold over one million in cars! This was my first huge marketing hit. It was also the one that really gave me the bug.

It’s now 2016 and if you want me to be really honest despite all the new inventions, online, offline, smartphones, tablets, iPads and more I have never seen marketing in such a mess.

Does most of that sound and feel familiar to you with your marketing? Don’t worry 99.9% of clients that come to me are in the same position and again I will repeat it can all be fixed!

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Here’s What Your Marketing Experts Won’t Tell You Because They Don’t Know

Marketing is not a university degree and a simple qualification – it’s a carefully studied and practiced art science that when careful carried out is without a doubt the best investment you’ll ever make in your business. Noticed the word above… PRACTICED! Most qualified experts are practicing on your business rather than using what works in the real world!

And it’s worth saying right now that marketing is not a one-off event that is planned over months and then simply done and then everyone goes to drink coffee in the back room and just hope to god that orders come in – NO! It’s a strategically planned program designed to start momentum, gather momentum and give you endless and increased sales, endless leads, more growth, less stress and more finally happiness.

And remember – most marketers have no idea or no experience building a real business and dealing with real buyers – Your buyers like you have. They are marketers by qualification ONLY!

So right away when weighed in the balance it’s probably all doomed to fail by what I call the practice of HOPE & PRAY MARKETING. And lets be truthful here you are not going to build your empire on a prayer are you!

A few years ago I spoke to a guy that had invested FOUR MILLION into a new business. He had everything in place but failed to invest a penny into marketing. He asked me if I would accept a small payment to help them hit the sum of twenty million. They didn’t want to invest in the on e thing that could change everything. I turned the work away. They eventually closed for business with huge debt. It could have been a raging success.

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Don’t Hope and Pray – God Has No Interest In Your Business!

You know you need changes but you’re nervous to invest yet again in another ‘expert’ after all ‘experts’ promise results based on their training, their experience and the amount of direct marketing expertise they apparently have.

Were you advised the following from your ‘expert’

  • Open LinkedIn accounts because all business are on LinkedIn (results reveal a different story)
  • Advertise on FaceBook because over a billion people now use Facebook (how did that one work out?)
  • Experiment on Social Media because some of it has to eventually work (and did it work?)
  • Change the brand (without creating memory memes or colour connections)
  • Drop proven business builders and try something new
  • Design the website despite the old website working
  • And more…
  • And anyway – you know this story and probably like most of my clients you have tried many things

As might now know – Bad advice is costly you heavily.


Make 2016 a New Year? … The following Made The Change …


He was trying everything to get direct mail to work but faced endless failure. Now he was at a point where he wanted to remortgage his home (he had already sold his wife’s car) to generate more cash so he could try more marketing despite his current efforts failing.

One day in my business he asked me about my own direct mail efforts. I had started direct mail and other marketing around 1991 and had great success with what I was doing. Every week for 16 years I worked on direct mail for my own businesses. The result from one letter was a consistent 65% response rate. Un heard of in the direct mail business!

I shared this story with him and he knew about the mailers I did so he asked me for help. His current loan was around half a million pounds for his business and despite spending everything on product, a new car, staff and a nice office he hadn’t given marketing a thought. Like most business he assumed that his clients would simply want to buy his product yet they would only buy it if they knew about it. He had tried direct mail with no results until I created a strategy that was to turn his business inside out for the better.

After slashing his mail volume from 5000 mailers to just 100 mailers he very carefully followed my instructions that were built around a strategy that gave him a response to 100 mailers of 47 direct leads. Those leads were £1,300 each. In the first year even with drop-off and an upsell strategy the sales came in at over £800,000!

Now some business owners will tell me that these days they want to work mostly online. I actually advise fusion system but here’s another short story for you.

No Leads To New Ferrari

Recently a client came to my office with a big problem. The big problem was his leads were currently at between 5-7 a month despite the marketing efforts of his team. That’s a huge problem! So after carefully creating all of the tools needed, crafting a funnel for sales, designing an irresistible offer and training his team to handle everything properly his leads started to climb. Within 4 months his leads had gone to 25 a month. Now 25 leads doesn’t sound a lot but each lead is worth £3000!

After around 8 months of working together I invited him to dinner. We went out and he asked me if we could raise the leads to over 100 a month. Sure I said. His leads now stand at around 130 a month. All are worth around £3000 to him.

By the way when we walked out of the restaurant he and his wife went one way and we went the other. As we drove home we stopped for gas not to far out of the town. Whilst I was filling my car with gas a brilliant red Ferrari pulled up with the noise of a jet fighter. As I looked over it was my client I had just eaten with. I shouted over is that yours? He replied yes… he had bought it on the back of the new sales, new leads and new success from the strategies we had created. I smiled and so did he as he roared past me five minutes later on the motorway! That client has since moved office, hired more staff and of course bought himself more toys he can play with while he is on another holiday.

Now above I mentioned fusion marketing. This really is a strategy built around many ways of connecting to your target market. Here’s another really quick story for you based around fusion marketing. At the last review his conversions stood at a mighty 49.2%.

116% Turnaround In Failed Business

This clients business was a total chaotic mess. Her marketing had never worked, her adverts were bad, her online system was zero and frankly she was about to go bust. She contacted me to help and begged me to help fast. She had cash to invest that could be put on a few credit cards. She did just that but when we first met I felt like this could be impossible.

What she needed had to be fast, hard-hitting and an almost instant turnaround. Debt was huge for the size of her business. The taxman wanted £17,000 right now and nothing else had been paid.

After careful planning I had to create a strategy that would be transforming her business in 4 weeks otherwise it would be far too late.

In 4 weeks I increased her business by just below 55%. That 55% climbed to 116%. That gave her time but more important gave her cash. The cash paid her bills and that then gave her the luxury of creating a long-term plan that was to change everything for her. After 12 months not only was her business back on track but she moved premises, opened another 2 business and still had enough cash to go and buy herself a brand new car – cash!

ALL had made the same mistake

They all believed that starting their business, having everything in place, new cars, computers, offices, equipment and stock was enough. Marketing was the last thing on their minds and the most important thing they gave no attention to.

First let me say this – numbers or results cannot be guaranteed by anyone. If anyone offers you a results guarantee – they do they clearly have no idea what they are talking about. There is only one guarantee with marketing and that is there are no real guarantees due to huge variables that cannot be controlled.

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However – There are two things you should know.

Marketing as most will practice is outdated and that is proven by the kind of results you have probably experienced.  This kind of marketing is usually based around what the marketer has been taught at college, at the agency or by their senior in an office somewhere. This kind of marketing usually grabs hold of all things new and suggests all things new for the sake of sounding progressive.

Direct response marketing is very different. It is built on front-line tests. Scientific information based on results. Testing, tracking and on what will work for your customers. it is bespoke and will use anything from a huge vault of marketing tools to give you the very best chance of success. Nothing is discounted as old fashioned or unusable. If it works and can increase your results – I will use it!

And if you are one of my clients you should expect results supported with good numbers! Because I use and practice direct response marketing and have done for almost 31-years. I cannot afford my clients to have failure. Targeted, tracked, measured proven and results driven. That is what I can deliver for you. That is what I deliver for my clients as you can see from just a handful of numbers above.

I don’t and won’t play with your business. Everything I do for you is scientifically thought out, time-tested, tracked and has my  AFS METHODOLOGY built around decades of real front-line direct marketing and business experience.

Even the Godfather of Direct Marketing Jay Conrad Levinson said in his own words…”you have a genius mind” … if he said that, I accept and will pass that genius over into your business!

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Tried Everything Marketing With No Results -Lets Make 2016 Amazing!

Shall we make 2016 amazing? I mean lets forget what took place the previous year or even the years before that create some huge turnarounds?

  • If you need a turnaround, an increase in sales or the extra something special to get that big conversion I can help you. I have done many times over the decades with one clint recently even hitting an all-time high of 49.2% conversion.
  • If you feel your message isn’t what it should be, you know your marketing isn’t quite right and it is reflecting in your numbers I can help you.
  • If you get the strong feeling that what is being done in your company isn’t working and hasn’t worked for a long time I can definitely help you.

Most entrepreneurs, business owners that come to me have tried a lot of things by the time they arrive at my doorstep. You might be in that position. I understand after all with so much noise and trends pushed through online it is easy to jump onto the next big thing hoping this will be the one thing that will change everything for your business.

Yet here is what I know and have seen over the past few decades and here is what I do with almost all of my clients. Sometimes it takes a marketing mind that thinks different to really make things happen. That’s what I do.

  • Stop and review everything you are doing right now
  • NO quick fixes or patching anything up
  • In-depth client research
  • Message to market analysis
  • Stripping back of everything
  • Leverage Marketing
  • Breakthrough strategy construction
  • Breakthrough tactical construction
  • And …
  • Trigger
  • Meme
  • And more I am not willing to reveal here due to copycat marketers

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Your Astonishing Results – 2016

Yet the results for you can be pretty astonishing like Dave Lee a property expert that took over £200,000 from a single campaign after taking my advice!.

  • It can see you saving a ton of wasted investments into failed and failing marketing.
  • It can see you generating more sales, leads and response with lower marketing budgets.
  • It can see and does see sales, leads and response rates dramatically rise probably like you have never seen before.

Working with myself will feel like change yet what you really have to ask yourself is this. Is what we are doing right now working? Clearly not otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

Like I said most of the clients that come to me have tried a ton of stuff beforehand. My clients vary hugely but all have one thing in common they have to succeed.

Some Clients …

  • One of the worlds largest oceanic and global trouble spot security firms
  • The UK’s biggest real estate company
  • Number one author, TV presenter and alternative health specialist
  • BBC superstar and media darling
  • Best selling guitar company in the UK
  • The biggest direct mailers in the UK
  • London’s biggest and best hair salon group
  • Biggest supplier of specialist parts for satellites industry
  • Number one film company based in Southbank London
  • Biggest online gambling company in Europe
  • And …

Many smaller, single entrepreneurs, start-ups and struggling business that needs more results! Literally over 400 different marketplaces over the years generating customers, clients, sales, leads, response rates I know you’d die for.

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The Difference … What Is Direct Marketing Consulting?

There is a difference.

There is a huge difference.

You really should know about the differences before you hire any marketer ever again.

True story about direct marketing consulting for a client

A client called me. He had paid thousands for his website. He had paid thousands for his trade adverts. He had all the social media in place he had been told to have in place. And more (sound familiar?).

For every month he did his regular advised marketing, his business averaged around 3-leads from his website. The website was converting at as good as ZERO! He was paying the same company for SEO and social media content. In over two years he never had a single paying client from all of this so called marketing investment. Most of his work was arriving over the phone from referrals.

Finally he called myself and asked if I can help. He told me that he had spent a small fortune on marketing with several companies and never seen any return on his investment. At this point he had waited over two years for his new website to go live – TWO YEARS from the same guys that had been invoicing him monthly for SEO and online marketing.

‘Alan what is the difference between this direct marketing consulting advice you give and the regular marketing I have done?’

I understand he was a marketing cynic and had zero faith in taking on another ‘expert’.

So I told him the difference between marketing and DIRECT MARKETING

We then went on to work with each other for over almost 3-years. His conversions were at 49.2%, his leads were as high as 200 plus every month.

Lets get this straight … Marketing is what everyone else does. It’s what helps a business survive not thrive. It does what it does and no more. it’s just a website, it;s just an advert, it’s just the same old stuff that the same old companies do. It isn’t ground-breaking and it isn’t going to make any business a lot of anything.

I know that first hand because like i have said already most clients that come to myself have already tried a ton of marketing sometimes over many years.

That isn’t me just saying something it is a fact. So if marketing really is average what do I do different here to make sure you get results?

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  • I MUST MAKE MONEY NOW OR CLOSE: With weeks and possibly days to survive I created a 116% survive, thrive and prosper strategy that worked instantly with 116% increase – IN JUST 4 WEEKS!
  • MY WIFE WAS ABOUT TO LEAVE ME: After 6 months of endless struggle I took a failed direct marketing campaign, slashed his costs yet increased his sales with a 47% response rate that turned it into a £800,000 winner – AND saved his marriage!.
  • I BOUGHT A NEW FERRARI: An outrageously simple strategy for a business owner that came to me with a system that was losing him huge amounts of money only to see a titanic turnaround that enabled that same CEO to go out and buy a new Ferrari on his new steady and predictable profits.

If YOUR MARKETING Suddenly Started Working What Difference Would It Make in Your Business Right Now?

The following bullets are all clients that needed more. Does this look like the kind of success you’d want?

  • Increased sales in 4 days by 2,300% with a new direct response strategy
  • Massive leap of 900% in sales
  • Increase of sales by £74,000 from just ONE advert
  • Sales of just under $15,000 to sales of over $88,400 after I critique and re-wrote a simple paragraph into his final offer on his sales letter
  • Sold over a million dollars US from a single webpage selling a stocks and shares program
  • Sold over a million dollars of product from his new sales page I crafted for him
  • Increased his sales by $2.4million from zero despite being close to bankruptcy!
  • From struggling entrepreneur to sales of over $300,000 in a single weekend after working with me on strategies and creating copy
  • A brand new business that made her $4,000 in the first promotion (more than double her monthly wage).
  • UK campaign pulled in just under £200,000 from a single marketing campaign using a fax mailer I re-wrote after the first attempt that had been written by the office staff failed!
  • From NO SALES to just under $500,000 from a single sales page. His first page flopped despite being written by a so-called pro. I re-wrote and designed the top-selling page for him
  • A long running webpage that has consistently pulled in 6.4% selling a health related product
  • Mini 4-email campaign generated over £24,000 on one week
  • Email campaign delivers more leads than EVER before
  • Single offline campaign with a flyer boosts sales by £15,400 in one day
  • Another email campaign to sales letter generates over £100,000 in a single week
  • Over 400 new clients from a single campaign that crashed a business
  • A £250,000 magazine advert that made one client rich!
  • 21 sales from a magazine advert that replaced a failed advert. Each sale worth thousands
  • Client saved over £60,000 after a mastermind session
  • Another clients slashes his marketing budget by well over £100,000 and then goes on to generate well over one million in sales over 12 weeks
  • A website that pulled sales of over TWELVE MILLION in a single month!

If you replied YES … WORKING WITH ME is definitely for YOU if you are sick and tired of trying, investing, hoping and praying your marketing is FINALLY going to work and actually make you more sales!

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  • YOU WILL BECOME masters of response getting direct mail
  • YOU WILL BECOME masters of high volume web sales
  • YOU WILL BECOME masters of effective guerilla-marketing
  • YOU WILL BECOME masters in easy selling using email
  • YOU WILL BECOME masters at writing attention grabbing headline and sales copy
  • YOU WILL BECOME EVEN MORE masterful using direct marketing that actually not only works but gives you your best results ever!
  • AND make good money doing it – REAL MONEY!

I am interested in working with success. And success means doing things different. I’m not interested in you gaining a tiny percent of any marketplace. I am interested in your dominating your marketplace with strong positioning, superb strategies and results that will have you sending me bonuses endlessly! You get a results, I also get a result!

Text Right Now: UK (44) 07793069486. Add word ‘2016’. I will call you back within 4 hours

So call me and stop playing around

Here are a few quick-fire reasons I should be your only option

  • TRY OTHERS you can try others first that are a lot lower rate than myself and when it all fails due to their lack of real-world experience you can come back to me (this has happened many times with one client using FIVE MENTORS before he worked with myself)
  • THE AFS PROVEN METHODOLOGY: removes all the cash wasting nonsense and prioritizes your success before anything using time proven, multi-million return strategies that haven’t me or my clients failed yet! Stabilise, leverage, balance, innovation and success!
  • I AM PREMIUM RATE ALMOST XXX: pay cheap and you get cheap. My fee is high but your returns are even higher. You’ll shower me with gifts for the results we get together!
  • EARLY ADOPTER: I myself have always been an early adopter of everything. If there is something new in marketing you can bet I have tested it and will know if it works or fails. I only use what works.
  • ALL THINGS WEB: What works online we know and we use. Almost all my own business is mobile with all of my business coning via the web. However if you like the idea of building a business that does 12 million a month and drives one million in traffic a month or creating huge lists with 65% conversion rates – I can show you how we do that for our clients!
  • DIRECT MARKETING AND GUERILLA MARKETING: I can guide you with campaigns that will slash your costs and give you unimaginable positioning very fast. Recently I did a city center campaign that was so prominent the whole city was talking about it. Cost – £500
  • FRIENDS NOT CLIENTS: I treat all of my clients as friends even inviting them to my home or dinners. There is no off switch in my relationship with you. Once we have our joint success we can sit and drink a drink of our best in a location of kings.
  • UNIQUE PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITY: I am always looking for long-term partners I can make a million or two with. That means I have to make you a hell of a lot more than that.
  • THE BRUTAL TRUTH: I am more then well known for my sharp, honest and brutal truth. I will not let you take a wrong turn if I can help it and make even more mistakes. You get the honest truth at all times and more!
  • NO UNIVERSITY TRAINING: I think different, act different, see solutions different and deliver results that are different. The reason is I have had to make things work with my own businesses, I have had to make marketing work with paying clients businesses and I have always used only what is in your best interests not in mine! No formal training means I don’t have formal thinking. You get unique and you get what works!

Call me, lets talk. Once I have everything I need to know about your business problems, customer issues and your business I will then research and build a powerful direct marketing strategy that delivers on it’s promise using proven and tested strategy.

Text Right Now: UK (44) 07793069486. Add word ‘2016’. I will call you back within 4 hours

Once all of that is in place we’ll test everything for response rates and conversion, then turn up the momentum and refine where needed for even better results.

Then when I am happy that all of your direct marketing can be tracked, measured and changed in a moment when needed then and only then do we start the whole process of momentum based direct marketing campaign?

  • I will leverage everything for more sales now!
  • I will look at your positioning for a stronger market position right now.
  • I will look over every strategy and tactic being used so we can either dump them or fix them fast!
  • And you’ll have more edge if you need more edge. You’ll have more angle if you need more angle. You’ll have systems that convert as high as we can get them to convert.

Ultimately my goal of working with you is to give you some ridiculously outrageous results that will make you the envy of your business community.

Sound over-the-top?

One of my clients went from

  • Almost bankrupt
  • Staff walkouts on mass
  • No systems
  • Bad marketing
  • Average messages


  • Cash in the bank
  • No debt
  • Proven systems in place
  • Strong positioning
  • Strong advertising
  • New cars
  • New premises
  • And more

To being recognised as the number one in her industry in her country. Since I worked with her she now runs three businesses and has awards as long as her arm. That was from almost bankrupt when she first arrived to her current success!

It could be your marketing right now is better than good. It might be you simply have a problem with positioning.

Text Right Now: UK (44) 07793069486. Add word ‘2016’. I will call you back within 4 hours

You really cannot compare marketing with DIRECT MARKETING

In other words … Marketing is a label that marketing companies throw around to the likes of yourself… All surface no real substance – NO RESULTS.

What I do here is expertly tracked, precisely measured and so laser targeted that almost every one of your pennies spent can be measured. You can watch and listen to what others say about my work here… 

The return on investment for my clients that I work with can be measured to the absolute penny but it’s worth saying once again when they come to me they have no idea what their cash is being spent on from other marketing companies.

So you can understand that I don’t like people to think I do any form of marketing due the unethical nature of zero ROI marketing! (feel free to challenge me)! Yet I am proud at the same time my direct approach to marketing business not only makes my clients sales but actually saves them a fortune in the process!

When I started my first business in 1985 here’s what I knew; I either made a profit or I didn’t. If I didn’t that meant my wife and family wouldn’t get fed, it was that simple.

Today isn’t any different. You don’t want to spend anything on your business unless that spend brings in real sales.

Text Right Now: UK (44) 07793069486. Add word ‘2016’. I will call you back within 4 hours

That’s what I do. That’s what we do together with business like yourself that demand and must have results.

  • I take everything you have and cut out all the cash wasting marketing that just doesn’t work for you.
  • I research everything need to know for a best-possible bespoke direct marketing campaign.
  • I build strategies and tactics that are designed so they can be tested, tracked and measured for the best results possible.
  • I make sure you are happy and no longer feel that you are in the grip of more failed marketing services that just don’t work in your business.

And by the way I know what I am doing otherwise how could I take a clients zero and failed marketing to a 49.2% direct response marketing campaign.


I urge you – Let my super safe hands and using and leveraging my powerfully unique ‘THE AFS METHOD’ help you take control of your businesses future – RIGHT NOW!

This is a moment where you will critically decide what to do and it’s a choice that has three options.

  1. THE DUMB OPTION: Bury your head in the sand and simply hope that one day you will get your marketing right and survive in the meantime after all throw enough mud and it should stick right?
  2. THE SAFE BUT STILL DUMB OPTION: Keep your money that you are being asked to invest, put it into another account and get a pathetic 1% or more interest annually
  3. NO-RISK, HIGH RETURN OPTION FOR THE SMART: Take control right now. Get advice, get mentored, and get guided with advice that has seen returns of 47%, 83%, 116%, 1200% and more. Surely there is just one option worth taking?

Now a little more on your investment I didn’t mention above.

Text Right Now: UK (44) 07793069486. Add word ‘2016’. I will call you back within 4 hours


Once we start on your business built into my AFS METHODOLOGY is my principle of zero cost direct marketing. This means to you that one of the first things I will do for you is look at how the investment you have with me can be returned to you within the first 8-weeks or sooner.

In other words the cash invested at the start – in 8 weeks if you do as I say you will probably get back in your bank!

Is that possible?

YES – almost all of my clients apart from one or two exceptions get their investment back within weeks. This is a simple secret I used first in my own business decades ago and have been using on my clients businesses for years. I will do an initial analysis for you to see if I can do that for you. (the exceptions are those that pay me for advice and simply ignore what I advise them – hard to believe but yes that happens now and then).

The rules are really simple to make this happen on your side.

Listen to what I say and do it. The clients that do that never fail! If you are the client that listen and does exactly as I say both yourself and myself will enjoy a highly prosperous 2015!

100% Risk-Free Guarantee

I have never offered a cash-back or results guarantee and never will but I will guarantee this for you. I will share with you everything I know about marketing change, marketing design and building a successful marketing strategy that works. I do guarantee you will get absolutely bespoke skills and tools that have changed business and could quite easily change your business.

We should talk

So just before you get in touch, just know this. I don’t take risks with your business or your cash. I won’t throw your hard-earned money away on hoping and praying another new marketing tactic will hopefully work.

During my direct marketing consulting I will give you everything you need to make real-results happen for you. That means higher conversions (We do hit as high as 49.2% right now), increased responses, even more sales, strong profits and a healthy return on your investment.

So if you are the type of client that has to have results, only wants the very best and cannot afford to take another risk I am for hire. Just know this if you are looking for another cheap marketing guy or company to send over a cheap pitch for the sake of getting your work I am not that guy. I just wanted to say that so as not to waste yours or my valuable time.

I only work with clients that demand the very best and allow me to deliver my very best for them. Again I do not offer average marketing but am happy to design a bespoke direct marketing campaign for you from the ground up. Everything can be tracked, measured and tested at almost every level.

Text Right Now: UK (44) 07793069486. Add word ‘2016’. I will call you back within 4 hours

You should also know this about my direct marketing consulting

Unlike marketing companies I do not work with dozens or even hundreds of clients at a time. I work with just two main clients annually and a handful of small consulting works throughout each year. What you get from myself is bespoke and very exclusive at every level.

  • We talk
  • We meet
  • You send me everything you have about your business
  • I will review and critique your results at this point
  • You fill out my questionnaire
  • I look at solving your short and long term problems
  • Strategies are created and put in place
  • Tactics are laid out with time based goals
  • We review progress
  • We tweak accordingly based on results
  • And so much more…

I hope this explains and clears up the difference for you between the hope and pray marketing most companies can offer you and my premium direct marketing that delivers results.

So if you have to have the very best. If low results and failure aren’t an option. If you need the best of the best minds working on your projects. If you have tried a ton options already and simply cannot take a chance on the next campaign. If you demand excellence and don’t mind eccentricity as long as you get what you need I could be your guy.

Just know this: If price is an issue, I am not your man. There is a reason Rolls Royce are the price they are. There’s a reasons Vertu phones are the price they are. There’s a reason that Dolce and Gabbana price the way they do. Of course there is a reason I charge the fee I charge. Time, quality, precision, research, detail, meticulous, old world craftsmanship, exacting, demanding, skilful, original, inspired, results-based and probably unconventional – I am your man.

If you are focussed on results and a return on any investment I am definitely what you are searching through the Google haze for.

Meeting face-to-face

If you feel the need to meet face-to-face initially that is fine. I have flown as far as Melbourne and clients have flown from San Francisco, Sydney and Ireland for our first face-to-face. Yet I need to be clear for us both. First I will only meet at the best available location for us both. NO Starbucks or coffee shop meetings, I can’t play at that level.  The kind of work I do and I want to do for you has to be started in a premium location.

All travel must be covered. Any accommodations must be covered. Any costs must be covered. I have a one-off face-to-face fee of £2,000. This fee is taken off any future quotes.

As you can see I take my time very seriously. I also take you time and investments with myself very seriously. If you are looking for someone to raise the bar for you and deliver results – call me.

Text Right Now: UK (44) 07793069486. Add word ‘2016’. I will call you back within 4 hours


Once we have an initial conversation and agree what is needed then we can put everything down for you in the contract to be agreed. I think that makes more sense do you?

  • YOU GET: Intensive (but friendly) phone or Skype fact-finding consultation
  • YOU GET: Immersive review, critique and directions of all your marketing
  • YOU GET: Review of your team or your own efforts with marketing
  • YOU GET: Help to create your short and long term business master plan
  • YOU GET: To call me daily to ask anything and make sure you are on track
  • YOU GET: My brain – the same brain some call – ‘GENIUS’ – ‘ BRILLIANT’
  • YOU GET: STOP THINK ACT METHODOLOGY – Reliable, fail-proof and proven with shadow of a doubt!
  • YOU GET: THE AFS METHOD – Developed over 30 years working inside the marketing machinery of huge corporations and tiny start up and solo entrepreneurs and of course my own hugely successful businesses
  • YOU GET: Everything I know about creating phenomenally successful 7-figure direct mailers (like response rates of 47%, 63% and an insane 83%)
  • YOU GET: Everything I know about marketing online (that includes how to create websites that sell to almost every visitor)
  • YOU GET: Everything I know about creating, thinking and then writing sales copy that sells as much as you want to sell (I will share with you copy that has sold literally million upon millions of pounds)
  • YOU GET: Everything I know about positioning and being the only option (this means your prices and profits can be restructured for bigger sales)
  • YOU GET: Everything I know about creating marketing that works (and removing everything that is failing you right now)
  • YOU GET: Everything I know about turning business around fast (like I did for a client that was broke – so broke he couldn’t pay the invoice – and after just one day working with me sold over £42,000 of product and then turned over £2 million in sales)
  • YOU GET: Everything I know about how to understand what customers really think and then buy from you (and it isn’t what you think. Changing this will send your sales through the roof like they have for many clients of mine)


  • What works and what doesn’t work – reviews, critiques and solutions
  • What do you have right now we can make money with?
  • What needs to be dropped, stopped and chopped right this minute?
  • The 7-day instant plan for instant sales
  • The 21-day EXPLOSIVE strategy for explosive profits
  • The 12-week MASTERPLAN strategy for life
  • How to create powerful adverts without writing powerful ads yourself
  • How to say the right things at the right time to your buyers
  • Hoe and why you should use triggers in everything you put out into your marketplace
  • What do your buyers really buy – it’s not what you think (it never is) and how you give them exactly what they want
  • How to position your business as the one and only option
  • Why your business cannot survive without a funnel and how to create funnels that actually work
  • The real reason first time visitors never buy and the only reason they always will buy
  • Direct mail – how and when to use it – and how to create sizzling mailers your customers will love – how to write, design and package your mailers for irresistible openings and actions
  • Personality marketing or selling more personality in your business. People love people not just products. I can show you the secret of getting it absolutely right!
  • Engagement for the insta-generation because the days of hard sell are gone and the days of give us what we want and what we want NOW are here
  • High-speed marketing – results faster than a Japanese bullet train!
  • Instant marketing – how to create and send a campaign that sells in 30 minutes or less
  • Database marketing – how to turn your database into the crock of gold at the end of the rainbow at least 3-days a week!
  • How to use social media like no one use social media – this is the exact opposite to what the experts and agencies have been telling you but the difference is – THIS ACTUALLY WORKS!
  • How to create endless irresistible offers that create endless buying frenzies
  • Why corporate layers in your company must be demolished right now if you want successful marketing – they are destroying your business
  • How to make a decision now and do it minutes later – abolish scheduling marketing forever because it’s destroying the minds of your staff.
  • How to plan a successful campaign
  • Why fusion marketing is the fail-proof way to market your business
  • How to use email and why email works when done properly – most email campaigns fail yet we have campaigns that have open rates of 60-74%


PRIVACY: You will be protected with my PRIVACY agreement. None of your personal details or business details will be used at any point unless we agree otherwise.

Are you fed up with your efforts or your teams efforts at marketing and the failing results and truly ready for an incredible 2015? Is it time to cut out the chaotic marketing that is costing you a fortune? Are you determined to make 2015 your best year ever?

I am willing to work with you and allow you to work with myself and my team (after an interview). I am also willing to give you what I can over a 12 week period to get you back on track.

Lets together make 2016 your best year ever.

Your partner in glory.

Alan Forrest Smith

Absolutely, strictly for the client that demands only the finest of results.

I have space for a client right now.

That could be you?

Would you like a quote for direct marketing consulting? Get a quote here

I’m really looking forward to talking with you.

Direct Marketing Consulting, Copywriting and Creative thinking.

Alan Forrest Smith

P.s… By the time we have finished I am hoping you will be seeing  changes like you’ve never seen before. I think you’ll be so impressed you’ll want to sign me up for life. I can’t do that so just look after me and I will continue to deliver you results!


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