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From: Direct Response Marketing Consultant Alan Forrest Smith

It turns out creating strategies, tactics and writing’s a lonely business.

It is for me anyway. Long days, dark nights, hair like Einstein, coffee breath and spending a lot of time alone.

Mark is a great client. The first project I helped him with; I wrote and strategized just over $1.1 million dollars for him. This second project didn’t do as well just with sales of just under $300,000. Either way he was very happy. He went on to generate tens of millions in sales from his start-up.

Before we met he’d hired five so called direct response copywriters and those that claimed to be a great direct response marketing consultant to help him sell his products – all had failed miserably. I asked why? He told me each of them he had worked with spoke to him and delivered the copy within 3-days. He didn’t know any better, he trusted them and accepted this as part of the process.

3-DAYS I repeated to him?

He replied yes.

Well I know there isn’t a cat in hell’s chance of me creating ‘spectacular’ in 3-days, it just isn’t going to happen.

So I told him like I tell all of my clients straight.

First you’ve asked me to deliver new strategies and write powerful direct response copy for you. You also know I can charge as high as ten times more than even the highest paid copywriters and direct response marketing consultants?

He replied yes I understand Alan. I thought I’d best tell him anyway as it’s best to be open right at the start.

Next I said to him; First don’t put me under any pressure. I cannot give you a delivery date but I will give you the best chance at gaining the sales you need to have. Once I get all the materials, we speak in-depth, I dig really deep and really look into and research into your clients mind, triggers, habits and more I will start to THINK about the angle we are going to take, the shape and direction of the message we will give to these customers and all the other things to be put into place so the copy reads in a way ‘exactly’ as your customer is thinking.

What do you mean THINK? he asked. It’s far to intense an experience to share with you I told him. I go somewhere else in my mind but I can’t explain where, it just works. He accepted my word but I could feel he started to see me different from that point.

From that point I will reverse engineer a strategy based around the outcome we both plan together and then I will design and plan the delivery, packaging and anything else that is required to make this campaign of yours the success you really deserve.

OK Alan I like the sound of that but how long?

I’ve just told you don’t ask how long, it’ll be ready when it is ready but when it is ready it’ll be the very best opportunity you will have to increase and gain sales based around the targets you have in mind.

Now listen I told him. This might take me two weeks, it could take me four weeks and it could even take me 3-4 months. All I want from you is to trust me to deliver the very best for you.

Well Alan the past five copywriters delivered what they said was amazing in 2-3 days so since you have come very highly recommended I will wait until you are ready to deliver after all you have worked with some huge clients that talk very highly of you.

So the deal was agreed, he paid my 100% in advance and despite the fact it was the highest invoice he had ever paid out in his business at that time.

Just 3 months later I delivered everything that was needed for him to hit, $1.1 million in sales and just under $300,000 in sales. The lists, the strategies, the packaging for direct mail, the design, the web copy, the email copy and all supporting copy including a telephone script. It worked brilliantly well. He sent me a huge bonus and a card to thank me.

Lonely Dark And Worth It For The Direct Response Marketing Consultant

But you know what?

This can be and is a lonely job doing this writing and thinking stuff. It takes me weeks after week of reading and researching with plenty of long and sleepless nights. I even research everything that your competition is doing and then look outside your industry for a unique angle.

Then the day comes when I am ready to write and God it can be hard yet the rewards are so incredibly great for everyone. Copy I write for you can start in a coffee shop on my iPhone. It then carries on at my desk on my Mac. The day can start at 6am and can finish at 3am – no stops just coffee and food top-ups! The writing process can take me through many long days and nights. Hence the blackness above and the hair like Einstein.

One piece of copy can take at least 3-days of endless typing and refining the message 18 hours each day. I research every word used. I cut back trim, add, edit and re-write everything if I have to and that can be painful. Once I wrote 110 pages of sales copy for a client. He loved it but I didn’t. I scrapped the lot and started again.

It has to be right. It has to get the results so for me copy delivered over 2-3 days isn’t possible at my level.

Anyway despite how dark and lonely it is above my client had incredible sales as do many of my clients. I once wrote a single sheet letter for a client that sold 18-sports cars. That gave him a windfall of well over one million pounds. He thought it was just one letter on one sheet of paper but actually it was the highest performing sales man his company had ever seen.  His company was started in the sixties by his father! It took months and long days to write it but he never knew that.

I spent more long dark nights and endless days writing a short piece for another client. In less than one hour after his new advert was used he had sales of £15,400. Those sales climbed to just over £60,000 in 3-days. And just recently a wonderful client of mine reported his very best response ever of 42% from my works.

A Direct Response Marketing Consultant With a Twist

So yes it’s long days but I love it because my clients love their results! You make money, I make money, we build and grow together.

In that photo I agree I do look tired, I probably look a little crazy with my crazy hair and multi colored skin and eccentric approach but that is all part of what makes any campaign go from average to genius to raging success.

Intense right?

So if you have to have the very best. If low results and failure aren’t an option. If you need the best of the best minds working on your projects. If you have tried a ton options already and simply cannot take a chance on the next campaign. If you demand excellence and don’t mind eccentricity as long as you get what you need I could be your guy.

Just know this: If price is an issue I am not your man. There is a reason Rolls Royce are the price they are. There’s a reasons Vertu phones are the price they are. There’s a reason that Dolce and Gabbana price the way they do. Of course there is a reason I charge the fee I charge. Time, quality, precision, research, detail, meticulous, old world craftsmanship, exacting, demanding, skilful, original, inspired, results-based and probably unconventional – I am your man.

Strictly for the client that demands only the finest of results

I have space for a client right now. That could be you.

You can get me from my contact page.

I’m really looking forward to talking with you.

Direct Response Marketing Consultant and Copywriter

Alan Forrest Smith


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