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Tried Everything and Nothing Working? Experts, Ad Agencies, SEO, Social Media, Online Visibility, Digital Agents & More.

My Track Record As A Breakthrough Marketing and Results Specialist Proves I Can Probably FIX Your Results and Fix Them Fast!

IMPORTANT: I am no longer offering cheap sessions or working with just anyone that asks. My results have spoken for themselves for over three decades. Those results going into millions upon millions. Cheap anything delivers nothing but cheap anything. I am now only interested in value exchange and amazing results for you and myself.

Every problem in your marketing has a solution so powerful you won’t believe it when you actually see it. And after over three decades doing this stuff, I am yet to see a problem in marketing any business that cannot be fixed!

I should know. I’ve worked with businesses of every size. From the mighty U.K. real estate guys at Martin and Co, global security experts at PGI International all the way to struggling start-ups and fired-up entrepreneurs that want to start with a bang!

You can have 99% of results, marketing business problems fixed permanently during a BREAKTHROUGH session with myself.

The ONLY Direct Way of Breakthrough Marketing I Advise Is This …

  1. If your strategies aren’t working STOP
  2. SEO is dead
  3. Social Media is a farcical swindle
  4. Adwords are no longer viable for most – move on
  5. Find out the problem
  6. Solve the problem
  7. Invest in the NEW model of marketing
  8. Create an engaging conversation
  9. Create a unique angle
  10. Make sure you are in tune with the tuned-in
  11. Go multi-dimensional outlet selling
  12. Thumb optimisation for the thumb generation
  13. Get smart phone optimised
  14. Get distinction built-in
  15. Start again by testing
  16. Track and measure all results
  17. Scale-up
  18. All your marekting should be tested online
  19. Everything should have the ability to be changed in a second!
  20. Don’t trust marketing experts
  21. Don’t hire marketing experts
  22. Invest in big ideas

If You Are Not Doing that – You’re In Trouble

You can have these fixed:  strategies, direct mailers, online campaigns, online visibility, email sales, facebook conversions, your message to the market, branding issues and more. Some of my client results have varied from £1.2 million in new car sales, a £300k windfall for a property client to new sales of over £35,000 for TV personality and expert Neelam Meetcha.

If you have a problem with your marketing, strategies, tactics that you cannot fix – I  guarantee me BREAKTHROUGH consultancy will give you a usable and proven solution in hours, not in months!

And – my BREAKTHROUGH technique has evolved to solve any marketing problem you might have in a single session!

Recently one client – TV Star Neelam Meetcha (photo) had a business breakthrough of over £35,000 in new sales after a single day session. That’s a really powerful breakthrough!

The Following Are Real clients

  • Online visibility: I can show you how to have your online business in almost every high readership newspaper or online magazine for as good as free in days!
  • Online sales: stalled or just not happening… I can show you how to get smart with your campaigns, avoid everything that isn’t working and I’ll show you how one client went from starting point zero to £300k every single month online.
  • Email sales: I can show you how to create emails that have sold in excess of £90,000 from a single email.
  • Social Media: Most of social media is a fail. Not the way I advise. One client recently gained over 5000 new prospects from just 3 twitters posts. Another I advised and showed him how to fill his art event… from 10-bookings to just under 500-bookings… in just 10-days!
  • Sales letter still not working? I will fix it. One letter I created a BREAKTHROUGH with went from zero to sales of £1.2 million
  • Direct mailer getting zero response? I took a miserable campaign, reduced the costs, reduced the mailers and created a 47% response rate.
  • Web pages not converting? I helped one client hit over £5 million in sales in a single month from his website after his sales were locked into a cycle of no increase.
  • Can’t you get your offer right? I changed 12 words on an offer. Despite the previous, campaign not selling the client went on to sell just under $84,000 in new sales.
  • You’ve no idea how to position yourself as the best and only option? One client, I worked within Scotland on positioning went from unknown to the number one in her field.
  • Is your strategy no-strategy? That’s fine almost no business I have ever worked with has come to me with a strategy … that’s why you come to me.
  • Your lead funnel is non-existent? Last year I worked with a client in the legal business that went from 3 leads a month to over 250 each month.
  • None of your media appears to be working? Again this is common. I have fixed so many campaigns that it’s impossible for me to list them all here for you.

Would you like a BREAKTHROUGH like those?

Not one single time in working with my own businesses since 1985 or businesses like yours since the early 2000s have I seen a problem that cannot be fixed – NEVER!

Most of your marketing, conversion, targeting, messaging problems can be resolved in a single day. Some problems need a system or strategy can be installed so the BREAKTHROUGH will happen over time. Almost 100% of the time my breakthroughs ALWAYS bring instant results – no exceptions – not yet!

Here’s How One Client Scooped a Massive £30,000+ After Just One BREAKTHROUGH Session

I will let her tell you her own business breakthrough result.

“Alan I mean this from the bottom of my heart.

I was introduced to Alan by a friend. My business is based on the creative industries and it took hard work, determination, blood sweat and tears to establish my business, as the leading creative market leader in the UK. I have clients traveling from all over the world for my training courses and it’s amazing to wake up every morning, knowing that I can service my clients from the rich and famous, TV shows, celebrities, and billionaires.

Of course, bringing in high-end clients take a lot of time and effort and it got to a stage where I needed to get back to my goal of reducing my working hours and increasing my family time and that’s exactly what Alan has helped me to do.

I’ve worked with Alan on his VIP mentoring day on a one to one basis, great lunch, and company for sure. From my investment of £10,000 and the amazing copy provided by Alan, I’ve confirmed a £12,000 client, two £7,000 clients in one month, that’s a total £26,000 in one month, so I’ve already got my investment back! And the beauty is I can use the same strategy over and over again to bring in new high-end clients.

Alan is very strategic about packaging and leveraging your existing skills and services. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in business ,there is always room for growth and expansion. I love the fact Alan is so down to earth, listen, guys, his clients are turning over millions of pounds, however, Alan is so open and honest with the truth, makes you feel so comfortable, he gives so much thought and care to your business.

If you are ready to grow your business, first you need to step out of your comfort zone about investing money into your business, I can assure you if you follow his recommendations you will not be disappointed. It takes a lot of courage and strength to keep going, however, you can make your journey easier by working with experts and Alan is an expert in his field so go ahead and make your decision to have a chat with Alan today.

Alan, I would like to thank you for being so open and supportive in the next step of my business, it’s going to an even more amazing journey than it has been so far. Thank you again.”

Neelam Meetcha
Author, TV Host, Creative Expert

Neelam Meetcha – Fabulous Gift Wrapping Expert TV Host, Author, and Speaker, 01902 628014 | 07931 805198 |

NOTE: Permission given to share her name and details. Most of my clients like to remain private.

More Breakthroughs With Amazing Results.

BREAKTHROUGH: Like the salon owner that increased her salon turnover by 53.4% in just 4 weeks (but actually increased her cash in her drawer the day after we met)

BREAKTHROUGH: Like the printer that generated over £42,000 in sales from a single email after we re-wrote his email messages to his list ( this guy was almost bankrupt – after our breakthrough, he generated over £2 Million in sales over a year)

BREAKTHROUGH: Like the promoter that struggled to sell seats and slashed over £100,000 from his marketing budget only to increase his sales by over £800,000

BREAKTHROUGH: Like the security company that went from 1 lead a day to over 17 leads per hour. The phone line went so crazy they called and asked me to switch off what I had switched on.

BREAKTHROUGH: Like the lawyer that increased his leads from 3 a month to over 260 per month! (He then went out and got himself a Rolls Royce as his reward for his new breakthrough.

BREAKTHROUGH: Like the consultant that went from as good as no sales to sales of over £74,000 in sales after her breakthrough. She also went from £20 per hour to £250 per hour

BREAKTHROUGH: Like the Yoga teacher who’s sales messages couldn’t sell a thing to her sell-out classes with one class taking in over $117,000 from one campaign

Would You Like BREAKTHROUGHS Like That In Your Business and From Your Marketing?

A breakthrough can be something so small that you just aren’t seeing it from where you are. Not only are you not seeing it neither is your team or those around you. And that’s a huge problem because it is stopping you hitting your next level. It could be an even bigger problem that is stopping you from thriving and possibly surviving!

This is what I called the BREAKTHROUGH or breaking point. It will go one way or the other.

The Gigantic Value of a BREAKTHROUGH?

Something small can create something large. A landslide is usually started with a small stone falling down the hill yet it still results in a landslide.

I once re-created an offer for a business that took a campaign from one sale to over 73 sales. I spent a full day re-crafting the offer. His sales came to just under £200,000 from the campaign. Yet what I did to the page would in some people’s eyes be such a small thing yet the results was a huge breakthrough (actually I took 21 words and turned them into just 12 words).

I spent 3-days at another business. All she wanted was to be No.1 in her city. I spent 3-days putting a strategy in place to position her in her marketplace. She is now No.1 in her city and has been able to open a second location in her city by using my proven BREAKTHROUGH strategies.

I took a direct mail campaign for a client that was and had failed. I reduced his mailings by over 5,000 per month, re-wrote his letters and his offer. The strategy and tactics gave this client a multi-million-pound business in the cosmetic industry. It was a BREAKTHROUGH that saved his marriage.

On the surface, all seem so subtle and small changes that didn’t involve massive rebuilds of company systems or tactics. All were ultra-effective in making a shift and generating huge breakthroughs for each entrepreneur.

“Alan is an inspirational leader.”

Not a leader who seeks power or glory, but a true leader who is uplifted by the achievements of others; those he has lifted from failure, or frustration, or those trapped in the treacle of life.

He is business clever. Not many can visualise a dud business in three dimensions, turning the company in his mind, penetrating to the bowels, foreseeing the traps, and laying an imaginative path towards its success.

This is not something that can be taught at university; it is inbuilt into the DNA of a privileged few. And if they also have that rare gift… the ability to teach with clarity and humour…then what you have is Alan Forrest Smith. It has been a privilege to know and work with Alan

Author, David Nore. 

Are Your Ready For Your Breakthrough? More Results, More Conversions, More Sales, and Less of What Doesn’t Work?

Don’t worry, I can help. I am an expert that experts come to for advice. I am a mentor that mentor call. I am a trainer that trainers ask for guidance. I can help you.

Should we talk?

I am happy to review, critique, advise consult and ramp up all of your marketing or strategies to help you get the BREAKTHROUGH I am sure you more than deserve!

NOTE: All of my BREAKTHROUGHS are 100% bespoke and premium. This means although there is a list below, if we work together your BREAKTHROUGH is designed around you, your problems, solutions, and needs. All my work is 100% confidential.

My breakthrough service is PROVEN ADVICE … I do not offer a full marketing service of any sort. NOTE: For those that know me as a higher response copywriter that has written and created many multi-million best selling campaigns I do still write copy at a starting price of £50,000.

Are You Qualified To Be a Breakthrough Client of Mine?

You are in a stronger position if you can answer YES to the following

  • YES/NO: You have an established business
  • YES/NO: You are in profit
  • YES/NO: Your turnover is very healthy (but not enough)
  • YES/NO: You are not heavily in debt and need to be saved
  • YES/NO: You have a product or service in demand
  • YES/NO: You have a capable system in place for sales
  • YES/NO: You have the tools you need (offices, warehouse etc.)
  • YES/NO: You understand marketing but it isn’t working
  • YES/NO: You want more from the online world but don’t know how
  • YES/NO: You’ve tried everything marketing and nothing is working
  • YES/NO: You know something is wrong but have no idea what – and neither has the ‘experts’ you’ve worked with
  • YES/NO: You’d love more leads or sales
  • YES/NO: You understand marketing isn’t free and needs a budget
  • YES/NO: You understand brilliant marketing delivers brilliant results
  • YES/NO: You need a super-expert but don’t want to pay another annual wage
  • YES/NO: You are happy to pay an initial investment (to be agreed) and a percentage of new sales
  • YES/NO: You love the idea of working with a heavy-duty marketing expert and would like to explore it further.

Questions you might have right now.

Q?: Alan we are a startup and have no budget – we can do percentages only?

A: Not at this time – many thanks

Q: Alan we are a new or struggling business but have an initial marketing budget set to one side and want to be smart by making a strong investment for a strong return.

A: Let’s talk.

Listen very close because things could about to get very exciting for you.

This might comfort you. 99% of my partners and clients have tried everything with as many as five or more previous experts. Don’t worry I get it and see it all of the time.

And as you know the world of marketing has changed so dramatically over the past few years, everything that used to work doesn’t work and things that we have been told will never work do work.

It’s upside down. Then we have the web – it really has transformed the way your buyers buy anything. The teachings of internet marketing experts rarely work in the real world and those that teach internet marketing or digital marketing just do not get the results for their clients.

Sound like you so far? If so you are a perfect candidate at this stage. Keep reading though because I don’t want you to miss what I am about to share with you.


I do this stuff in my own businesses every day.

It works or it fails.

There is no middle ground.

If it fails – I change everything up and test again. Once it works – we roll it out bigger and better for more.

This is exactly what I have been doing since 1998 online. And frankly, I have sold a ton of real things online. Cars, landscape services, jewellery, books, security services, houses, private army rental (true), events, hard copy books, eBooks, eBay stuff, amazon stuff, dentists, hairdressing services, teeth whitening, legal services, investing, clothing, yoga, fitness, diets, pet services, cat and dog home, flowers, data mining and much, much more.

I have tested and tried everything. Anything new that arrives this week – we test and try for results. I don’t mean trying it once we allow it to run and create real tests. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and just about every social media and social media tools you can think of.
99% of what you read and hear and see about social media will NOT increase anything in your business one single bit.

However, I discovered and worked on testing that has brought sales, leads and conversions of 49.2%, £300,000 per month all from social media. I test and use what works – rarely what everyone is being told is working and should do.

And how about your website?

Despite so many small or new businesses plowing everything into their websites I made a shocking discovery (accidently) that proves that you no longer need a website to do everything to build an empire. Really? I have a client right now that is turning over around $12 million per year and his sales don’t come directly from his website.

I am also running a tool right now that delivers us sales and although it is online it isn’t on our websites.


My Acclaimed, Unique, Tested, Result-Driven, Proven, Changeable and Flexible, Super-Charged Breakthrough Marketing Strategies Can Do This For You.

It allows you to build your business from absolutely faster than ever before regardless of what your results are right now … even if you feel like it’s all failing – I can probably fix it for you.

I have no interest in doing what most marketing guys I hear about doing which is ‘DOING OK’ for you.

  • From zero to a 49.2% conversion
  • From almost bankrupt to 116% new growth in 11-months
  • 3 sales to 74 sales in 24-hours
  • New sales of over £42,000 in 12-hours
  • Failed campaign to multi-million-pound success campaign (sale over £7 million)
  • From no enquiries to 17-per hour (day one of new campaign)
  • From struggle to a windfall of over £200,000 in a single weekend
  • Over 5,000 potential customers using just one online tool
  • Selling out a class in 10-days that couldn’t be sold in 3-months
  • Online sales for one client of over £5 million in a record month

BIG CLAIM supported by verifiable evidence.

Like I said earlier, I can even get you in almost every big online newspaper or other highly-hit-website for FREE to build your positioning, power, presence and branding online. I will be happy to show you the evidence once we work together.

And this is the kind of powerful stuff and results I have been running with for a long time now. Is that what you want, need and are now demanding from your business?

Or do you need a trade magazine ad campaign offline like the one I created for a film company that took a minimum of £250,000 in contracts (they spent £35,000 on their campaign)?

99.9% of my Breakthrough Clients Get a Result.

Recently I had a flower company come to me. They had tried everything and were in the midst of a battle with their current digital marketing company. All the usual stuff had been put into place but the digital guys. Over on year later and two new websites – NOT A SINGLE SALE from their website.

I also had a client that just could not find their target market online after over 18-months of the team searching. Actually, the team simply did what teams do and that is do the marketing they were taught at university. Anyway within the first period of our partnership, I had found the one place online that had well over 400,000 members that were the perfect target for their campaign. It increased leads from one a day to 17 per hour.

I know you’d like that, you’d be crazy not to want that. Is working with me for you? Are you the one person that I will be working with very soon for huge results?

Keep reading it gets better.

Let me remind you – everything you know about marketing has changed! There is no question. You no longer have the control you had in the past with your target buyers. Reaching them can be easier but it takes a lot of time and research – something 99% of marketing men will never do in a million years.

Yet you might have everything in the above YES/NO bullet points, you might have just half of the above in the bullet points or you might not even be sure what you have or what you need but I bet you know this.

  • You need more visibility, sales, and conversion from the web
  • You need more customers from the web or through your doors
  • You need more growth and profits in the bank
  • You need some truly expert advice that is going to bring you a greater than ever return on your investment.
  • You really need a break and do not want to take another risk on an expert filled with puffery and promise.

Call Me Now For Your Breakthrough

And let’s face it …

Marketing really should be the best investment you make in your business.

I had a client pay me £18,000 for a project. Now for some that is a hell of a bankroll to hand over but listen to this before you think about the £18,000.

At our first meeting, he arrived in a beaten old BMW.

At our last meeting 2.5 years later not only was he now taking over £300,000 in orders each month but he arrived in his Ferrari and left the meeting to go and pick up a Rolls Royce. That was cool!

That’s not a bad return on his investment, is it?

Another client sent me £10,000. His return leveled out at just over £7 million.

Would you hand over £10,000 in exchange for £7 million in new sales despite his previous marketing disasters?

Forgive me, stupid question I know but you’d be surprised at some reactions.


Here’s what you do know … You’re NOT getting the results you know you can get or should new getting.

You also know this …

“I have everything in place but maybe my message, my positioning, my pricing, my online campaigns is mismatched, has no power, has nothing unique, it says nothing and is generally is weak?”

So what do you do?

Do you allow your business to slow down, flat line, go into the red, try and recover in absolute panic and finally like the well-established brands that sink like Nicole Farahi – close your doors?

How many times have you seen a business close its doors and then read about it only to say, “I’m not surprised”

Yet you know what’s really funny… the owners of that business always act like they were surprised!

They saw the signs for months and years, they ignored the signs yet they could have easily stopped the rot and literally ‘replaced the engine’.

Sometimes the fear of stopping and taking a new direction can destroy your business yet what is fear? Fear is an assumption, nothing more.

Yet it seem to be all so very hard for some businesses to swallow their pride and make some changes.

That of course does not have to be you!

I’d love to work with you and put some groundbreaking transformations into place for you and me.


Right now I have space for new clients I can super-focus on all year around. I am looking to make you huge profits, turn your marketing around and create strong, targeted, trigger based messages to your hungry marketplace that will change your fortunes.

I will direct and advise on how to fix everything. I say I can because I know I can and I have a long track record of doing just that.

How much will that cost you?

Actually, it won’t cost you a penny because my marketing and business strategies are the best investment you will make

  • £18,000 invested. Returns of well over £300,000 every month.
  • £10,000 invested. Returns of over £7 million.

Seriously is that a bad or incredible investment?

I will advise everything I know for you to make sure you get the results you need.

Review all of your marketing systems from A-to-Z

Show you how-to…

  • Create effective marketing online campaigns.
  • Review all or any social media campaigns and show you what really works
  • Fix everything fast or dump everything faster
  • Create new message-to-target advertising
  • Create new laser-targeted letters
  • Create new higher response scripts
  • Build in sales triggers
  • Build in hot buzzwords
  • AND
  • Web strategies
  • Social media strategies
  • SMS strategies
  • AND
  • Out-of-the-same-old-stuff thinking
  • Unique angles
  • Memorable memes
  • AND

Guess what else you get from me?

  • Over three decades of highly responsive and direct marketing experience
  • Fantacial testing expert
  • Almost 20-years online expereince
  • Email expert
  • Webpage sales expert
  • Big ideas
  • A highly sought after creative
  • My specialist writing skills
  • My unique approach to marketing
  • Over 250 Guerilla marketing tactics
  • Of course, this isn’t for everyone.
  • It’s not for you if you have given up

BREAKTHROUGH: It’s not for you if you don’t believe you have to invest

BREAKTHROUGH: It’s not for you if you think I should do this for nothing

BREAKTHROUGH: It’s not for you if your ego is bigger than your reality

Breakthrough With Me Is For You If You Can Say YES To This…

  • YES: I love investing in my business as long as there is a good return
  • YES: I love to reward brilliant work that delivers a result
  • YES: I love to leave a creative to create magic for me
  • YES: I can trust you to deliver incredible results
  • YES: I know your work and want some of those results
  • YES: I am willing to speak to you and create a deal where we are both happy
  • YES: I understand an initial investment is required
  • YES: I understand marketing has to be paid monthly

Here’s a question agencies won’t ask you: If I give you what you need in your business right now what will you give me?

If I give you an EXTRA ONE MILLION POUNDS in turnover the next 12-months what will you give me?

If I double, triple, quadruple or break every record you’ve ever made, what will you give me?

If I give you the extra branches you really need to hit, what will you give me?

If I give you so many new clients you’ll never know what to do with them, what will you give me?

Now I ask what you will give me because actually most of my clients I know once we have spoken and I have reviewed everything that I can give them – YOU.

And you see I know I can give you those results because I have done it many times over the past 32-years in my own businesses and my clients businesses so if I give you a result that will change your business and change your life and remove pressure and make you smile in the morning and smile at night I think it’s fair that if I give that to you I ask what will you give me.


I have an idea, a dream actually. The reason this will work is it is part of my dream right now.

I am looking to buy a new studio block for a home, for workspace, and for a collective training space. It will be three floors in the city of Manchester and around 5-10,00- sq. ft.

In that space, I want to give back more by supplying inspiring workspace for new businesses. I am also looking to create a dream apartment (New York Loft style in that same space on the top floor. It will have a huge roof garden and a room so large I will have to text me wife for her attention when at the other side.

I can only buy this cash if I deliver for a client just like you. Failure isn’t an option. I have not just decades of experience in results but have tested almost everything you can think about online with some incredible results to show for it.

When everything is working for you – everything will work for me.

Are you the one breakthrough client wanting to work with me and have never had the courage or for reasons unknown never reached out?

This is that moment. This is your moment when you can reach out and talk with me about the deal of your life.

This is a risk-free opportunity. What is your gut telling you right now?

Does this opportunity have your name written all over it?

  • Tell me your problem?
  • Tell me what you have right now?
  • Tell me what you want and need to have?
  • Tell me what you’ll give me if I deliver for you?

And please don’t insult me by asking me to do everything for nothing with a ‘possible’ payment at the end I think with my track record it’s just not fair. You can’t make bread without flour – I don’t do miracles!

So let’s do this.

If you qualify as laid out at the start you might be the one.

  • We should first talk.
  • If we like each other we should then agree on a deal that suits us both.
  • Once we agree we should sign a contract that suits us both.
  • Create a master plan that suits us both.
  • I will commit to what I will do for you.
  • You will commit to what you will do for me.
  • I have space for just one or two new clients right now
  • Email me now I am waiting to work with you and create some astonishing results together

Three years ago a client came to me. He arrived after waiting just under two years for just one web campaign that he had paid £18,000 for, had failed to deliver at all levels from his previous expert. He urgently needed a high-impact breakthrough.

After we discussed everything through he revealed that he had spent in total over £60,000 with his previous agency despite desperately poor results!  So we sat and worked out some numbers. His monthly sales left on the table were potentially huge. After the BREAKTHROUGH they were not only huge but worth around £400k EVERY MONTH!


  • I reviewed everything last thing he was currently doing with his marketing
  • I made a tonne of adjustments and suggestions
  • I helped to create a new strategic and highly targeted direct marketing campaign
  • His sales gradually climbed from around 36k a month to over 400k plus a month.
  • His new breakthrough marketing hit an all-time high conversion of 49.2%.
  • There was more – a lot more!

Can you imagine if he had come to see me first? Some believe you have to learn from your mistakes. I am not sure about you but I would rather avoid mistakes and get there faster! The money we uncovered was frankly huge

He isn’t alone!

Some More Powerful and Business Changing BREAKTHROUGHS

  • Sales of 5 million in a single month – Previous campaign failed to deliver anything
  • Sales of 15,400 on 3-days – 5 weeks of previous marketing and no sales – £15,400 rose over a week to sales of around £60,000
  • Sales of 1.2 million of cars from one direct mail campaign – marketing costs slashed, sales went through the roof – new stock sold-out!
  • Sales of 485k from a single campaign – huge edit and critique of a web page that had previously sold NOTHING!
  • From no leads to 17 paying per hour – breakthrough phone script and email funnel system put in place
  • From no new clients to over 400 from one campaign – The client had to stop this campaign due to massive volume of inquiries
  • Sales of just over 800k from one simple system – This breakthrough actually saved the clients marriage yet built an empire!
  • Sales of £7,300 from one letter – had never used direct mail in the past! This results came the day after the mailer went out
  • Sales of £90,000 from a single email – This was just 3 sales of a high-end product to a tiny database
  • Sales of 2.1 million – This guy was desperate and on the verge of bankruptcy when we met. His initial results w £17k in 12 hours!

And I could go on and on but I won’t otherwise this letter will be the size of War and Peace! Yet all of the above had one thing in common and it was this….

  • All had tried a lot of different marketing, tactics, strategies, and advice
  • All were desperate for a transforming BREAKTHROUGH
  • Most despite knowing me for years tried the cheap options. Those cheap options proved to be the most expensive options
  • All realized very quickly I was the lowest investment and yet highest return on investment they had for their business from the day after their BREAKTHROUGH

I Was Told Social Media Works For a Breakthrough – REALLY?

And if you have been told social media marketing will save your business … you like many others have been lied to. The chances are your customers won’t be found on social media. If they are on social media it won’t be to talk business.

Pepsi invested a one-year campaign into social media. They were told it was the only and best new option. The result was startling. Millions of likes. Tonnes of shares. A decrease of 5% in marketplace share. The conclusion was easy to see. Social media decreased their market share. Don’t be fooled!

I Am Ready To Create Your BIG BREAKTHROUGH

Everything and all things marketing… I’m happy to slave away for you and give you the answers that most clients that come to me after spending years trying to discover… HUGE BREAKTHROUGHS!

Here are a few things I have critiqued and created huge real-world BREAKTHROUGHS with

  • Flyers (yes they still work – more than ever when targeted)
  • Web pages (one client sold over £5 million of products in a single month)
  • Websites
  • Sales funnels
  • Joint ventures
  • Sales pages
  • Positioning
  • Pricing
  • Offers
  • Target market
  • Business cards
  • Video script
  • Email conversions
  • Email messages
  • Direct mailers
  • Envelopes for mailers
  • Strategy
  • Systems
  • Tactics
  • Powerful phone scripts and closes
  • And much more

So rather than losing more sales or spending another year like this one just scraping through, I will help you, advise guide and offer you solutions that I know will blow you away.

Is a BREAKTHROUGH Session For You?

Best for you if you

  • Understand that you have to do marketing to do business
  • Understand that your current marketing isn’t working and needs to be fixed fast
  • Understand that you need changes fast or you will sink
  • Understand that your team or current advisors just aren’t working for you
  • And have come to realise that you cannot afford another year like this or another campaign to fail
  • You need more success as fast and as fast and as risk-free as possible
  • You desperately need a breakthrough in weeks, not years
  • You want and must have more results so you can live a happier life and see rewards for your efforts

All of my BREAKTHROUGH work is initially based around leveraging what you already have. From there I will work hard so you not only get your investment back but you have a strong foundation to move forward from.

My guarantee is simple. You get the same mind that has proven itself in over 400 industries, generated millions in sales for his clients, saved businesses from closing and even turned some businesses around in under a week.

NOTE: Clearly a single day 1-to-1 is a single day. We can only cover certain elements due to obvious time restraints. I can quote and create a package that suits you precisely yet even then you can expect a BREAKTHROUGH of some kind after the day working together.

Let’s Talk Right Away About your BREAKTHROUGH

  • Let’s set up a call Skype or phone
  • Next, we agree on what your problems are
  • Then we make sure I have access to all of your marketing materials online and offline
  • I will send over a detailed questionnaire that must be filled out
  • I will review everything you have sent and read the replies when they come back to me.
  • I will find a solution that is proven and tested or I might advise that you stop certain things altogether with your Marketing
  • We will talk a few times. Over the phone, Skype or face to face. I can come to you but all travel, accommodations and time costs must be covered as extra.
  • Finally, I will send you over a comprehensive document that is printed in hard copy and delivered to your desk via ups or other priority delivery service.

Is it worth it? If one session transforms your business like it did for one client that went from loss to over £800k per year yes it is worth it. Frankly, if you are not convinced by this page it won’t feel worth it to you. If you feel that way I think you’d waste your time contacting me.

I guarantee BREAKTHROUGH is the best investment you make in your business ever as long as you follow through or work with myself and my team to follow through.

 Let’s get Started On YOUR BREAKTHROUGH!

Can you allow things to carry on the way they are carrying on your business on or do you really need a change maker that actually understands, knows and will apply this and more into your business fast? Breakthroughs are exactly what they are – BREAK – THROUGH!

This is a perfect opportunity with a limited investment and strong ROI. What you get from me can be used as long as you are in business – decades later if that is where you are.

I don’t take risks with your business, everything I will share with you is front line tested, proven and effective. Everything takes into full account your brand, your current message to the marketplace and your positioning in your marketplace.

But this is never about cost, it’s about a return on your investment and if my track record is anything to go by your risk is as good as zero!

A word of warning: I am so confident that you’ll be blown away you’ll beg me to fly over to some luxury island to discuss how you can utilise my skills for your business in the future … That I promise!

I’m looking forward to helping you make changes and new profits after my most powerful BREAKTHROUGH service!

And by the way – this is magic, it really is just like magic. You will see a result that I promise will leave you wondering how did I do this for you. I know that because I’ve been doing this for years and my results just grow and grow. I can’t wait to work with you, let’s talk very soon.

Start Your Marketing Breakthrough – Do This?

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