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'My Marketing Results Are Just Not Happening - Help'

My Marketing Just Isn’t Working

‘Alan, we have tried everything and anything marketing experts tell us to do and nothing is working! I’ve lost faith in marketing and frankly I no longer trust any marketing experts. I’ve invested everything in this business; I just want it to work.

I was told to work hard on social media, flood the marketing with content go for as many likes, shares, re-tweets, connections and get my numbers as high as possible. We made some progress but the reality was it made zero difference to sales and started costing us a lot of money.’

Sound familiar?

Old persuasive marketing is dead. Marketing has changed dramatically the past few years. The days of sending out endless content and simply hoping you can persuade a customer or two have gone.

A more of what I now call ‘natural selection’ marketing has arrived with what I can only call jaw-dropping results.

I get it, don’t worry it can be fixed.

99% of businesses that come to me for advice have tried the advice given from over five marketing agencies or marketing experts. Probably like you they’ve spent a fortune in the process.

  • One client had invested over four million into his new venture but his marketing was failing.
  • Another spent over £22,000 with not a single sale to show for it.
  • And yet another client of mine had invested tens of thousands into her business and was about to move from success into bankruptcy

Your marketing won’t be working because you are not in tune with your customer’s minds. Your customer’s minds are no longer persuaded into buying but need to be attracted to what you have.

These are some results from marketing problems that I have fixed.

  • From zero to 49.2% conversion
  • From almost bankrupt to 116% new growth
  • 3 sales to 74 sales in 24-hours
  • Failed campaign to multi-million pound success campaign
  • From no enquiries to 17 per hour

I think you are like most of my clients I bet you any money that you have already tried a ton of experts before you found me?

‘I No Longer Trust Marketing Experts’

Neither do I.

In over three decades in business I have never seen and experienced so many stories of business owners like yourself coming to me with outrageously bad campaigns or apparent fixes to their marketing.

Here is an example I bet you can relate to.

A client came to me after trying to get his new project off the ground with SIX previous marketing agencies, consultants or advisors. Every time he dealt with someone new they wanted to start his marketing once again from the ground up. This meant another new websites, more new social media and more investment into a small business that was already in the red. After six experts and still no sales he was advised to speak to me.

After agreeing to work with each other I not only fixed his marketing results and conversions but also gave him enough cash to go and buy himself a stunning red Ferrari with his excess profits.

His previous experts were doing what everyone else was doing. I don’t work like that. His business is unique to me as is his customers and after working with clients like him and yourself and being involved in direct marketing for over three decades I understand that taking a system out of a drawer really doesn’t work for everyone.

FAKE MARKETING & Shockingly Poor Results: Many people in marketing will tell you marketing should be done like this…

  • Social media is the only way
  • Build likes
  • Build shares
  • Create viral themes
  • Build a website and they will come
  • Install the latest heat-screen technology to increase sales
  • Build a slick website with every bell and whistle possible
  • Buy a list and email ton of offers to that list
  • LinkedIn is the best way to spend your marketing cash
  • Create a single one off campaign and hope it sells
  • They promise they can offer you huge results for tiny investment
  • They will offer you huge results for tiny amounts each month
  • Some will go as far as telling you actual results they will bring you
  • And if you go elsewhere they will say … Lets start it all over again, branding, marketing and more … OMG!

This is as they say – the old way of doing things – and in my three decades of direct response marketing and strategic experience I can tell you this will not work especially long –term for yours or anyone’s business.

That is why it just isn’t working.

Since 1985

I started my own business in 1985. I’ve consulted for huge companies on the stock exchange to small new start-ups.

I’ve turned business around in under a week by pulling in huge hidden sales and created leverage programs that have delivered over £42,000 in sales in under 24-hours.

I only do bespoke, premium strategies and tactics designed to give you what you and – sales.

I do that in ways I won’t reveal on this page but will tell you this – MOST of what I see in the world of marketing is uncreative, unsellable and will never attract anything in a million years into any business.

‘Can I Get The Results I Really Want?’

Can My Marketing Be Fixed?

Until I see what you have right now I am not sure but I will say this. 99% of clients that come to me have marketing problems that I fix and it rarely involves rebuilding your marketing from the ground up.

I look at what you have right now rather than what we can create from scratch. I will then use what you have (if possible) to leverage sales into your business.

17-New Leads In One Hour

A little bit like a client that had a team of eleven in his marketing department that would sit around all day long trying to create new adverts for a magazine whilst endlessly posting on social media. They were averaging one lead per day. Without changing anything I created a leverage campaign using what they already had. On the first morning of the new campaign they had 17-leads in the first hour of arriving at their office.

49.2% Conversion

Or the other client that had invested £22,000 into another new website with a previous bunch of marketing experts that had failed – no leads – no sales – no phone calls – no nothing. After creating simple leverage strategy for them they rolled it out for testing. I tried calling them for results but couldn’t get hold of them. After two weeks I got a call late in the evening on my mobile phone. It was my client. He apologized for not calling me but he was happy to report that every time he put the phone down in his office it rang again instantly. I took them from no sales to £300k per month with a conversion from his campaign at 49.2%.

Of course everything I do for you will be tested. Everything I do for you is tracked. Results are measured not just in money but in percentages. I know what works and I know what fails miserably. And of course I can and do give my clients sometimes just one big idea that can change everything just like it did for a client that broke all of his records on the back of the one big idea I gave him.

If you have a service or product that is

  • In-demand
  • People want or need
  • Has everything in place

But your marketing isn’t hitting the right spot – the probability is it can be fixed. Again I have never yet seen a marketing or results issue that cannot be fixed. I am confident it’ll be the same for you.

I Fix Your results With …

  • Decades of experience direct response marketing that works
  • Up-to-the-minute strategic marketing that never experiments with your business
  • Higher response marketing and low-risk strategy and tactics
  • Full understanding of a buyer’s mindset
  • Complete understanding and working out of your buyers path
  • Historical results, numbers, conversions from a seasoned marketing strategist
  • And more

‘Alan, We Want You To Fix Our Marketing’

Alan, I’m Ready To Fix My Results

Only contact me if you need your results fixed and you understand investing into those fixes by harnessing powerful direct response marketing

You should know this and get excited knowing this…

I will be able to identify and tell you within just minutes of speaking and collecting specific information about your business what your problem is. I will go away and get back to you with a solution based on what I know works – not what is current or works for someone else. 99% of bad marketing results I have dealt with over the past three decades I have fixed.

I will strategically look over everything you are doing right now, strip back and peel back the layers and offer very specific, very detailed direct response marketing fixes that we can test, track and start delivering you results.

Tell me what do you need right now?

You are different and will have differing needs. You might simply need a one-hour strategic marketing conversation. You might need a site visit and full higher response breakthrough marketing consulting. You might need my business mentor breakthrough services to help you build a marketing strategy that delivers results.

You might want to contract me for 6-12 months as your strategic marketing specialist depending on your needs. You might need a business mentor with decades of experience? You might need a proven and reliable real marketing expert to craft a strategic blueprint designed specifically for your company. You don’t know what you need and at this stage that is fine. Whatever you need (even if you do not know) I will safely guide you into real results driven direct response marketing that has been created, bespoke and designed around your business.

Don’t worry – I will fix your dismal marketing results and offer you natural selection systems – direct marketing that works!

Alan, we already have a marketing team but just don’t have the cash-in-the-bank results – conversions are just not good enough.

I can help. I will come into your company or you visit me. I will look over everything you are doing right now with your marketing, find any conversion problems fast, meet your team, work closely with your team and make sure any strategic changes that need doing I will put them into place and then offer support to make sure your guys understand why they should do what we plan and follow through with changes.

Alan we’d love to invest in your direct marketing services do you guarantee any specific results?

I will be as honest as possible at all stages. What I aim to do is this. Work out a strong strategic marketing system that is working for you and give you the best opportunity and investment.

Once we find that system we will upscale the process so you increase your sales. This takes a few things; time, testing and adjusting at all stages. You are also investing into an experienced and recognized expert that has delivered some pretty outstanding results for companies that are floating on the stock exchange to newer start-up companies. So what I guarantee for you is NOT specific results.

What I do guarantee for you is this. I will not take risks with your business at any level. I will deliver everything I know, everything I find out and everything I know that works so you get the absolute best opportunity of increasing your sales.

I will give you the very best possibility on your return on investment at all times.

Alan, does this mean you will change everything we are already doing here? (That’s a real pain for us).

Again, if you have most of what we need in place right now apart from results a leverage program is what I will work on right away for you. This is designed to use what you already have without changing too much. The changes can be strategic changes, message to market changes, offerings and other smaller but high-impact changes. If this is the case not everything needs to be changed. There are other times when things do need to be changed. Those changes can be done gradually and as part of a longer strategic marketing program design for your business.

Ultimately I work on making sure you get an impact of some kind as fast as we possible can using what you already have. Then and only then will we go for steady growth and innovation direct response marketing strategies.

Alan, you sound like you know what you are doing but that sounds like you will be expensive – how much?

You should know I don’t price my service against anyone else. If you want an average marketing consultant I am not your man. If you want cheap ‘per-hour’ I am not your man. And anyway – you’ve probably tried that and know it doesn’t work.

If you are looking for a three decades direct response marketing and strategic specialist with real-hands on running and making business work experience that offers a very different, very high-impact, very strong results that is highly invested into your company, I am that man.

I take your results very seriously. You can access me anytime of any day when we work together. I don’t do office hours and I don’t do office hours results. I will treat you with respect and make sure you get a return on your investment. I can only give a price on quote.

My consulting fees can go from as low as £500 per hour to well over six-figures per project. Frankly if you have to over think pricing at this stage I am probably not what you are looking for. My fees are well thought out in relation to your returns on investing with me and of course the time and energy involved.

Important note: I am open to many kinds of rewarding deals so we should talk if you need to go further. Another note: my fees never cost the majority of my clients a single penny in relation to their growth through new conversions. One client spend £25,000 on my services and had a return of over £7 million. Does that sound expensive?

How many clients do you work with at a time?

I work with as little as one per year or as many as 4/5 clients per year. Rarely more. I do not work on volume I specialise in quality. If I work with many clients at once delivering premium quality higher conversions just would not be possible.

Alan do you offer business mentoring or training my team in marketing strategies?

Yes you can read more about my business mentor here and my specialist higher response and strategic marketing training here.

Business Mentor can run per project to 12-months and beyond. I can train your team in a ton of very cool, very strong direct response and strategic marketing that could easily transform your business results. I can do this over two days or more. All my services are bespoke. To be agreed.

Alan, what is the most favourite direct response marketing conversion result you had for a client?

It wasn’t the biggest in relation to numbers but it was a great project. It was for a Yoga company that was selling training seminars in Bali where they are based. They had sold nothing from the page. They had no sales process in place. They had no real idea how to create the conversion process or direct response strategies.

I had her website strategically tweaked. I wrote the higher response copy for her website. I wrote a response process in email format. Her emails went from zero to 100% response from enquiry. Her website sold $117,000 of classes on the short period of just 3-weeks.

Now why do I love that one? Because it felt like a lost cause when I was first asked and it worked out incredible for her but here is what I really loved about this project.

I created the whole direct response system for her around seven years ago. She uses the same (annual changes) copy, the same processes I put into place. Not only did her first major class sell -out but they have sold out since then over the past seven years. So not only did she invest initially that same investment is still running 7-years later with 7-years of results.

Alan how do we get started with creating a strong strong strategic marketing campaign with you?

Let’s talk with no obligation and see if we are a fit. If we are we can start working out a deal that suits us both as well as strategy, tactics and a way forward for your business.

  • Tele: 00 44 (0) 1619296902
  • Text: 00 44 (0) 7793069486 With the word TALK
  • What’sApp: 07793069486
  • Viber: 07793069486
  • Email:
  • Skype: orangebeetle

Remember, I guarantee to offer a solution that will fix your dismal marketing results 99% of the time. The unusual 1% my advice would probably be close the business! I doubt you are one of them.


I am excited to work with you and create some real magical results.

Lets talk today.

Yours in powerful natural selection breakthrough marketing.

Alan Forrest Smith

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