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Higher Conversions, Increased Response Rates, Online, Offline With Record-Breaking Results

I’ve seen some incredible results for clients just like you

  • Online campaigns: From no leads online to 17-per hour
  • Email campaigns: From almost no sales to sales of over £42,000 in 12-hours
  • Offline: From a zero response direct mail to a 47% conversion winner.
  • Start-Up: From new start-up with failed marketing to over £7 million in sales
  • Print Ad: From failed magazine Ad campaign to winning response rates of £230,000 per month
  • The Web: From 3% online conversion to 49.2% conversions
  • More Web: Sales of over $800,000 monthly and growing
  • And, I’ve written one single email for a client that delivered sales of £90,000. His previous emails to his target had been ignored.

The tiny sample in the bullets above cover conversions, response, and sales that go into the millions. I could go on but I won’t right now. I also don’t mean to sound like a show-off because these are simply the facts! You want results – those are results.

Alan Forrest Smith here.

I give clients like yourself more of what they demand. That’s usually more conversions, more response and of course – more sales!

I am more commonly known as a Direct Response Marketing ConsultantCopywriter and Mentor but there is more to it than that!

As a specialist, I boast incredibly high conversion or response rates for my work in direct response marketing for my clients most marketers would die for. I will warn you – there are actual results lower on this page you’d love but might find hard to believe. They are all true!

I started my own businesses in 1985. On the back of my own prolific marketing, I kept getting asked to help businesses from around the mid-nineties. One friend and client had a failed direct mail campaign. He sold cars. I fixed it. They sold over £1.2 million of imported cars with the conversion fix I created.

By the year 2000, I was fixing marketing, solving problems, writing powerful sales copy, advising, guiding and creating businesses for clients just like yourself. I even wrote a single sales page that gave a client over $2.2 million in direct sales!

Direct Response – THE AFS METHOD – 31-Years of Expertise In Powerful Marketing That Works.

When I start to help you – I first look at what you have in place for your marketing right now. I look at where you want to be. If I have to stop everything and carefully go through everything until I find your problems – That’s exactly what I will do. Then I will carefully construct a blueprint based on what really does work right now nad timeless, proven, results-driven direct marketing strategies. And the reason I don’t work with everyone is some clients simply want what I call – hope and pray marketing that is patched up. I don’t do that because it simply will not work for you.

  • My results are well known.
  • My testimonials are strong.
  • I’ve been doing this for almost three decades.

And one thing I realised as I get older time is to be respected and lived. I cannot give time to clients that do not have respect for my time, their time and of course pure results.

Your marketing either works or fails – I will fix it!

I don’t work with everyone that asks, I will tell you why. Incredible but true – not everyone appreciates or deserves the kind of work I do and here is why. I do things differently. I went into business myself all those years ago to turn a profit. If there is no profit there is no business, which meant I would have to take a job – something I don’t like to do. I like to think different, take an approach that is tested, proven and reduces risk. I won’t do things just because everyone is doing them. I think Social Media is a good example of that. For me and I think for you – sales, conversions and a good result that helps you sleep at night. I am a specialist marketing man and a results fixer that can identify your problems in minutes and then give you solutions that can run for years.

My terms are simple

Let’s talk over Skype or phone for 20-minutes. If it feels like a good fit lets take it further. Payment and prices? I don’t discuss that here. I’m not cheap but then again neither is a good surgeon! You want a master, you want the very best – it’ll cost you but I promise you the best business investment you’ll make if you want to fix your failed marketing. If it feels like a good fit lets take it further.

You’ll find more on my site to help you.

The blog is prolific with hundreds of powerful articles. You can read more about my marketing adventures and me on the about page. Finally, I am not your average consultant or copywriter . I don’t advise like most of them, sound like them or even look like them. One huge corporation recently rejected me as their advisor despite their average results. Why? They sent me a one line email saying after discussion the marketing director felt I looked too eccentric to teach their team.

If you need out of the mold – It isn’t me. Prepare to be taken for a direct response marketing experience that you won’t forget in a hurry. Prepare for results that will give you a sound sleep every night. Prepare for changes that you hoped were possible and are not seeing for yourself. Let’s talk about possibilities, adventures, and your results.

Work With Me – Let’s Talk

If you are ready and are aware that you need changes here’s what you should do right now.

  • Tele: 0161 928 8328 (Leave a message if not picked up)
  • Text: 07793 069 486 (This number doesn’t take calls – You will receive a reply right away to arrange a call)
  • Email:
  • Office visit: Iconoclast Collective, 2nd Floor. 213 Ashley Road, Hale Cheshire.

Direct Response Marketing Conversion and Increased Response Expert, Alan Forrest smith signature

Ps you should know anything involving changes – I have tested or researched and used thoroughly. I do not take risks with your business.



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