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From: Direct Response Specialist Alan Forrest Smith

More Response – Everything Up!

  • Leads up a massive 1700%
  • Conversion up from zero to 49.2%
  • Phone calls up 47%
  • Sales up a huge 83%
  • Takings up £300,000 (after 5-years of struggle)
  • From new start-up to over £8 Million in sales
  • Online presence – massive visability online (doing nothing everyone else does)
  • Web sales at 84% from 3%
  • Email sales strategy delivers £90,000 from one email

Now, You Want To Know How To Transform Your Own Results?

Most of my clients have spent small fortunes (and large) on marketing that doesn’t work. If you are reading this you are probably one of them.

Incredibly almost all of my clients have seen at least 4-6 experts and had no results until they finally find me.

A client has spent over £100k on Google Adwords per month and over £250 grand on his huge complicated website. In 12-months he hasn’t had a single sale he can track or measure from the web.

That might sound extreme but it’s the kind of marketing problem I fix and fix fast.

It doesn’t mean rebuild and restructuring. It simply means rock solid advice and then fine tuning to make things work.

  • ONLINE MASTERY: Visability – New Audiences – Mass Coverage
  • COPY MASTERY: Small Changes – Huge Differences
  • STRATEGY MASTERY: What Works – Test – Measure – Scale

I can help with with that and help you fast.

The first thing I will tell you is you have to make changes and I mean RIGHT AWAY!

I began marketing in 1985. I’ve lived and breathed marketing since then for myself and for my clients. I demand results, they demand results otherwise nothing gets paid.

The past 3-years has seen a marketing revolution that no one seems to be talking about. Everything that used to work no longer works. Everything that never worked is working. Good copy is no longer enough. A marketing team in place guarantees nothing. Playing on social media can be endless wasted time and investment.

And I’m sure you know that already!

Unless you bring in smart ideas, good thinkers, eccentric creatives that live and breathe the science of marketing you’ll be in trouble.

As an example.

Almost every marketing expert will go on and on about social media yet 100% of clients that come to me tell me that social media is an absolute waste of time and money because their results are nothing. After all what is a ‘like’ and a ‘share’? Does it increase your bottom-line?

Yet …

I still use social media for clients but nothing like anyone else does. One client recently had over 5000 new customers using a brilliantly executed single social media strategy. Another, I filled a failing event at an art gallery. They had been posting on social media for well over 6-weeks with no bookings. In just 10-days I had their gallery packed out with bookings.

Like I said it takes a SMART BRAIN with NEW IDEAS to deliver results in this rapidly changing world of marketing.

New copy or strategies just isn’t enough. It takes a smart thinker to get inside your buyers mind from the start of thinking about buying right up until the end moment when they pay to create sales in todays market.

If you want more sales, if you need your marketing to work, if you are demanding results – we should talk.

And by the way – most of my clients are like yourself and have tried many so-called ‘experts’ before they find me so don’t worry I get it!

‘Here’s Why Your Marketing No Longer Works…’

Marketing Isn’t As Simple As Doing What Everyone Else Is Doing!

Everything has changed. Every rule must now be broken because every marketing rule is broken!

You know that from your results.

I know that from what I’ve seen over three decades.

Nothing works that used to work and everything works that shouldn’t work.

Urgently Needed: Thinkers, Creatives and Ideas People Like Never Before.

Never has there been a more important time in any business to bring in a ‘brilliant’ thinker that can think and solve your way out of any marketing and business problem you have right now.

I see businesses doing no marketing that are packed. I see business that do endless marketing struggling.

There is a key to more and it isn’t as simple as you are being advised.

Humans haven’t changed yet the way they think, read, act, react and engage is nothing like how they used to. That is why your old marketing’s ways are no longer working.

You need a ‘brilliant’ thinker?

You need radical strategist with new ideas?

You need simple fast effective solutions you’d never think of?

I am that man.

Here’s why.

Nothing’s working?

You want more?

You need more?

You demand more?


I’ve seen every good and bad thing you can imagine in businesses. Enough to make you laugh or cry or even die! I’ve seen it all when it comes to marketing a business!

  • I AM GOOD at saving my clients a ton of money (over £100k in one 30-minute conversation).
  • I AM an expert at fixing results (from broke to £42,000 sales in 12-hours).
  • I AM BRILLIANT at making my clients a ton of money (£7 million from start-up).

I AM The Best Investment For You During changing Times – It’s That Simple.

Let me share something.

When I began OrangeBeetle around the year 1999, when clients came to me I was usually the first marketing person they had come to. I saved them money and I made them money. Of course I got paid.

The past five years or more I have seen a dramatic transformation in businesses fortunes with marketing people. I think digital, social media and the endless free advice online has created new experts with no expertise.

This has resulted in clients that now come to me having previously seen as many as 5/6 marketing experts and that’s a huge difference.

This has lost them a lot of money through trying and hoping their marketing will work.

This hasn’t made them any money because their marketing clearly didn’t work.

And it’s shocking to keep hearing he same things time and time again.

No wonder surveys are now revealing that almost 70% of business don’t trust marketing people and believe me – I don’t trust them either.

So I will say this –

Proof shows – I AM the best investment you will ever make into your business if you are now demanding results and results faster.

And the mind of the buyer – your buyer is radically different… And I know you can see it or feel it in your marketplace.


  • From zero to a 49.2% conversion
  • From almost bankrupt to 116% new growth in 11-months
  • 3 sales to 74 sales in 24-hours
  • New sales of over £42,000 in 12-hours
  • Failed campaign to multi-million pound success campaign (sale over £7 million)
  • From no enquiries to 17-per hour (day one of new campaign)
  • From struggle to a windfall of over £200,000 in a single weekend
  • Over 5,000 potential customers using just one online tool
  • Selling out a class in 10-days that couldn’t be sold in 3-months
  • Online sales for one client of over £5 million in a record month

I could go on and on and on. I won’t. OK isn’t acceptable or fine by me – it should never be fine by you. Call me now…

  • Tele: 00 44 (0) 1619296902
  • Text: 00 44 (0) 7793069486 With the word TALK
  • What’sApp: 07793069486
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  • Skype: orangebeetle

‘One Small Tweak – One Huge Result – An Expert Consultant!’

‘My results … INCREDIBLE!’ Troy Steine



A Breakthrough Direct Marketing Specialist & Consultant

You WANT What I Want … Amazing Results As A Reward For Your Hard Work!

Frustrating, I get it but the reality is your campaigns probably don’t need to be rebuilt from the ground up when they aren’t working. I mean do you rebuild a car from scratch when it isn’t quite as fast as it should be?

Consultants and marketing men love to start again. That for me, wastes time, energy and profits and I don’t think that is what you want.

You want what I want – it works or it doesn’t work and you want it to work with results to show. Am I right?

There are definitely times where a simple fine tweak, a well executed leverage campaign or a small change of strategy can change everything. I know that because I’ve seen it.

Who Really Wants ‘OK’?

I’ve worked in campaigns that have had no response and taken it to 47% response with £800k in sales to follow. I’ve seen business go from as good as dead to sales of £42,000 in just 12-hours. Both using simple leverage rather than campaign rebuilds.

And I’ve seen a lot that will make you go wow. Because you want wow, you want amazing and you want results. OK isn’t an option, OK should exist in your business. Who wants to even say “my business is doing ok”? I know you don’t.

So you want me to look over your campaigns, your copy your problems and offer amazing solutions that hopefully will blow you away?

Off-The-Hook – Literally!

Recently, I couldn’t get a client on the phone. I was worried he was avoiding me. Weeks later I got a call late one evening. It was my client. He was almost breathless and went on to explain answering private calls in his office was impossible because the phones ring as soon as they put them down. That isn’t ‘OK’ that is pretty amazing considering his phone never rang when we first met.

As you can see this stuff gets me excited. I think it’ll get you excited also after all that is why we are in business to create something of massive value and share it with others as a value exchange.

Let’s talk with no obligation and see if we are a fit. If we are we can start working out a deal that suits us both as well as strategy, tactics and a way forward for your business.

  • Tele: 00 44 (0) 1619296902
  • Text: 00 44 (0) 7793069486 With the word TALK
  • What’sApp: 07793069486
  • Viber: 07793069486
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  • Skype: orangebeetle

‘I Create Mentoring Around You Not Around Me’

‘Alan has the talent to uncover the true needs, language, and images that go through your customers minds’ Jon Taylor



I mentored my first person in 1989 onwards. She eventually opened a very successful hair salon. Since then I have worked with dozens of individuals and many companies mentoring them as a trusted advisor in greater things.

First: I don’t want to waste my valuable time telling you what to do if you won’t do it. My mentoring is for those that do exactly as they are told to do. It is for you if you reject OK and want only the best.

  • If you could go from almost bankrupt to 116% growth, new premises and new businesses would you?
  • If you could go from flat sales to sales of over £42,000 in just 12-hours would you?
  • If you could create a business system that works almost perfect and is simply upscale after testing would you?
  • If you knew how to leave your job and start a new lifestyle business would you?

And if you could fast track every element of your systems and business into more sales or profits would you?

If you could find out how to take your struggling business to over £300,000 in sales in a single weekend would you want to know how?

Researched, set-up, tracked, tested, systemized and finally upscale.

And by the way – I will say this to show off. One client of mine arrived in an old BMW 5-series for our first meeting. There second meeting he arrived in a red Ferrari 458 and the final meeting we had he arrived and dove away in his new Rolls Royce.

That’s because I took him from zero sales and zero conversions from his online business to sales of £300,000 plus every month!


Here are some words mentor clients use to describe being mentored with me.

‘SUPERIOR’ Stuart Price – “BRILLIANT’ Gary Spinks – ‘BEST INVESTMENT’ Neil Shepard –  ‘TRANSFORMATIONAL’ Jon Drover – ‘UNFORGETTABLE’ Troy Steine – ‘HUGE IMPACT’ Maria Bennett – ‘GENIUS’ Caroline Sanderson – ‘MASTERFUL’ Jason Strachan – ‘INSPIRING’ Dan Moore – ‘MIND-BLOWING’ Stephen Georgulis – ‘UNIQUE’ Sabrina Yulle – ‘INTEGRITY’ Victoria Furey – ‘AMAZED’ John Kappa – ‘TOTAL GENIUS’ Kevin Lewis – ‘AWESOME’ Vincent Wong – ‘EXELLENCE’ Nick Shelton – ‘LUCRATIVE’ Philip Shufflebotham – ‘BRILLIANT MIND’ Jay Conrad Levinson

Let’s talk with no obligation and see if we are a fit. If we are we can start working out a deal that suits us both as well as strategy, tactics and a way forward for your business.

  • Tele: 00 44 (0) 1619296902
  • Text: 00 44 (0) 7793069486 With the word TALK
  • What’sApp: 07793069486
  • Viber: 07793069486
  • Email:
  • Skype: orangebeetle

‘Great Team – OK Results – I Can Fix That!’

The Very Best Copywriting, Marketing Strategy, Online Marketing & Conversion Training.

I don’t believe your team or your guys need to be retrained from scratch – do you? I have seen far too many times ov earth years marketers being trained or fine-tuned only to deliver incredible results.

Like Greg that changed his offer (nothing else) after training only to increase his sales by over £84,000 from an email campaign. Or like Kevin who rewrote all of his emails and offers only to generate £2.3 million in his then struggling printing business.

Marketing is now in the finer but smarter detail and like never before it takes more brain and ideas than ever.

Understanding the mind and buyers journey has never been more critical. Understanding the web and the science of what your buyers search is key to effective marketing.

We do that and more.

And your marketing team might be OK but are they brilliant? Do they give you the conversions, leads, sales and response you need?

My experience with hundreds of businesses tells me that your team is focused on the wrong things. I know that because I see that all the time. Time, hours, cash resources thrown at the wrong things.

I bet you experience big build-ups to marketing campaigns only to see them fall flat after launch?


  • How would you feel if almost every enquiry became a sale?
  • How would you feel if almost every lead converted?
  • What difference would it make to your business if your strategies were so well tested and refined OK results become a thing of the past?

Our core direct marketing trainings focuses on

  • Online Mastery
  • Word/Copy Mastery
  • Strategy & Tactical Mastery

We can offer in-house to teams of any size. Retreats to teams of any size. One-on-one private trainings.

Direct Response Specialist Training

Small Direct Response Training Group Retreat

All can be bespoke or carried out over any number of days or a faster breakthrough service can also be done with training to give you instant changes for instant results.

I don’t believe that doing the same as everyone other marketing consultant advises is good enough. I don’t believe and refuse to accept the social media circus that endless posting of content increases sales. It doesn’t!

I believe that every step of the way we have to take your client or customer buy the hand and wow them into spending with you based on incredible value exchange.

That isn’t ok that is amazing and amazing happens and can happen for you.

I’m ready to help you but only if you are serious about results. That means doing exactly as I say and taking action on everything. Is that you?

I am ready to come into your business and help, advise, guide and take your team by the hand to show them what is working right now – 2017 – and help them squeeze every word, every strategy and every microscopic fine tweak to make your business amazing.

Over three-decades of direct marketing experience in business tells me you want more.

Let’s talk with no obligation and see if we are a fit. If we are we can start working out a deal that suits us both as well as strategy, tactics and a way forward for your business.

  • Tele: 00 44 (0) 1619296902
  • Text: 00 44 (0) 7793069486 With the word TALK
  • What’sApp: 07793069486
  • Viber: 07793069486
  • Email:
  • Skype: orangebeetle

Remember, I guarantee to offer a solution that will fix your dismal marketing results 99% of the time. The unusual 1% my advice would probably be close the business! I doubt you are one of them.

I am excited to work with you and create some real magical results.

Lets talk today.

Yours in powerful natural selection breakthrough marketing.

Direct Response Marketing Consultant, Alan Forrest Smith

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