So this page will be updated very soon.

There has never been a more important time to be mentored - get good solid advice from a real expert.

Globalization is changing everything. This will affect you and your future.

The web has changed human interaction.

Jobs are no longer a reliable source of income.

Working in a city has become like working for the pharaohs.

The days of slaving away are over but only for the smart ones.

The future is uncertain yet there is one thing you can be certain of.

New MENTOR will be built around the massive changes in business, the web, in marketing and in lifestyle and of course - results!


MENTOR IS CHANGING... and the new page to be added will reflect the change.

If you know me and my record as a mentor and simply want to get started please take note

Mentor Details

  • £11,995 TO BE PAID UPFRONT
  • TEXT NOW FOR A CALL BACK: UK 07793069486

Why the changes?

Old MENTOR focused on this...

  • Knowledge
  • Websites
  • Content
  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Forums/Groups
  • Adwords
  • Persuasion
  • Hard Copy
  • Breathless Marketing
  • THE USP Is Dead
  • And more

NONE of this is working anywhere near as good as it used to anymore and I've proved it using models, ideas and actual results I havebeen seeing picking pace each year.

Websites cannot work anymore unless you become a master of traffic. You cannot use SEO for traffic because SEO is a game that cannot be won. you cannot rely solely on Adwords because no one is clicking on Adwords And social media … The biggest lie in marketing today!

Am I right?

I know am I but do you agree?

Here’s the simple test.

Do you get results from the marketing that you are doing right now regardless of the level you are playing at? Be open and honest with your answer.

  • YES?
  • NO?


  • Silent Attraction marketing
  • Artisan rules
  • Engagement but not as you know it
  • Conversation spill and fill
  • Multi-outlet countering
  • 4th Dimensional tapping
  • Star Rated
  • Thumb Scrollering
  • Journey path to purchase
  • Intuitive Trust
  • Partnership & Family
  • Creative Thoughts Becoming things
  • Ideas built on humanity
  • Distinctive distinction
  • And more

And these are the things – strategies and tactics that can transform your business or get your new business off-the-ground fast than ever before.

Very powerful stuff.

NEW MENTOR will now take a new direction.

That direction includes all of the above and more.

It’s smart.

It’s creative and it has never been so powerful.


Below is the older page for now.

BUSINESS MENTORWhen he pulled up in his new Red Ferrari 458 every head turned. I smiled, he smiled and we knew it was all working.

This is a mentor student of mine. Our very first meeting he came in an old 5-series BMW. The final meeting we had he came in his Ferrari but when he left he was heading out to pick up his new Rolls Royce.

This is the powerful effect of mentoring. You see when he first approached me his website was still under construction. It had been under construction for over two years. Despite the fact he had a successful offline business he wanted his legal business online also.

His sales online at this point were absolutely none as he couldn’t get his website finished. I took control of everything. My guys finished his website. After one month he had around 30-leads from the web. After just three months his leads rose to well over sixty from the web. By the time the project was handed back to his team they were getting over 330 leads a month from the web and their online ads were converting at a massive 49.2%. I was so happy he went and bought a Rolls Royce.

I will add: I had to sort out his message to market, his offers, his calls to action, his phone script, his live chat scripts and even train his in-house marketing guys.

When the project was handed back they had a system that was creating sales on demand – quite literally!

When just ‘OK’ isn’t good enough for you – My MENTOR works!

Another client called me one day. He was clearly desperate. His huge marketing team of eleven was under-delivering at a massive level. The conversions and sales were so low the turnover had now stopped covering wages. And with a new four million pound investment in place they needed urgent help.

His team would spend all day posting into LinkedIn and other social medias hoping to get some attention – and some sales.

At the point I arrived they had one lead a day that rarely converted.

The first thing I did was create a leverage program based on my AFS METHOD. This was a web-based campaign supported by trade magazines adverts. A series of emails were created, a phone script was put into place and a number of higher converting online strategies were also put into place.

The first day of the new campaign going live pulled 17-leads in the first hour. Most leads using the new script converted into sales. Each sale had a value of £5000.

When ‘OK’ isn’t good enough for you – My MENTOR works!

A client asked for help after the bailiffs had paid her a final visit. This really was a desperate case and honestly I wasn’t sure we could do this. I took her on, went through everything she had in place, created a strong leverage campaign with a upsell and back end system in place for extra sales.

In a single week of starting her new strategy and campaign I had increased her sales by 53.4%. By the time I left her with her new systems her business had grown by 116%.

A round a year after we parted she let me know that despite almost closing her door forever she now had new premises, could take time off work, had a new car, was having regular holidays and was making good money.

When ‘OK’ isn’t good enough for you – My MENTOR works!

Let me be blunt.

I no longer mentor just anyone that asks. Time is life and life is time. I cannot waste my valuable time with clients that want to argue, fight or simply won’t do exactly as I tell them.

I’ve been in business a long time now – since 1985 – I know what works. And lets be honest – it either works or it doesn’t. There is no middle ground or for me absolutely NO ‘’ DOING OK’ for me.

I don’t want OK.

Do you want just OK?

In my business I want everything I want and I want it all.

And when there are ways to fast track everything whilst reducing the risk – I want that – Do you?

In 1985 I started my life as an entrepreneur. Since then I have never had a single job. For me business can have no middle ground. If it paid me an average wage I’d get a job and reduce my hassle. So it has to work and work in a spectacular way.

OK is never an option and it should never be an option for you when you can take a faster route whilst reducing the risk.

Let me share this.

It is a common story I see all the time with self-employed and pretty shocking at the same time.

I went to meet, consult with and train a team of marketing people that were spearheading all the marketing. The wages for that team alone went over £230,000 per year.

At the point I met them their marketing efforts didn’t even pay for one wage. The marketing or the success of the company was in the hands of experts that had no idea what to do. Anyway they sent out an old-fashioned mailshot to thousands of prospects. After around six weeks they had not a single reply. When I asked in disbelief why they told me this.

Some forgot to add the phone number to the letters and twe also used an old reply email that was no longer in use. Incredible!

And I could tell you stories like that time and time again.

But I can also tell you stories like this.

  • Like the client at I mentored into 2.2.million in sales
  • Like the consultant that went from charging £19 per hour to £450 per hour
  • Like the online start-up that went from zero to over £8 million this year alone
  • Like the high street shop about to close that has now opened her third location with sales going into the hundreds of thousands
  • Like the student that went from start-up to generating over $90,000 in just 12-weeks of mentor.
  • Like the businesswoman that created her first £35,000 windfall days after we began mentor.
  • Like the security company that went from a single lead a day to over 17 leads per hour.
  • Like the property company I helped create a windfall of 300k
  • Like the diamond store, I mentored online into their first sale of over $30,000
  • Like the printer that went from struggle to just over £42,000 new sales in under 24-hours
  • Like the zero response direct mailer that hit a massive 47% response with £800,000
  • Like the email campaign that took just under half a million in under 21-days
  • Like the online campaign that converts at a steady 49.2%
  • And like the many writers, I have mentored into making and earning a living full-time from writing words.


Because all of the above no longer wanted ‘OK’. They had all got to the point where they demanded results.

Is that how toy now feel?

You are sick of ‘OK’ results and now want the rewards for your hard work?

If you are sick of the struggle and need advice that will help you leap into the next lever I might be able to help you with MENTOR. When I say might I want to repeat I don’t take on everyone that applies and I also don’t take on that many clients because I am busy with my other businesses also.

If you have everything in place apart from results I can help you. If you are in a place where ‘OK’ is no longer a word you can tolerate I can help you.

Since the late 90s I have been helping people and businesses just like yourself to create results that reward you the way you deserve to be rewarded as an entrepreneur.

In the late 90s I helped a struggling car showroom sell £1.2 million in cars in a single month.

Recently I helped a client hit over £8 million in sales from his website.

And a lot of clients in between those times.

I’ve been doing this a long long time.

I still refuse to do ‘OK’.

For me and for you it either works or it doesn’t.

So if you feel you could do with what experts have called a ‘brilliant’ strategic mind, an experienced marketing man, a results driven expert that literally has transformed businesses through simple, strategic, leverage results we should speak today.

Just to reassure you…

  • I have worked in over 400 industries
  • I have mentored clients into well over fifty million in sales
  • I have consulted with household name corporations like MartinandCo with more targeted approach to their copy and messages
  • I have worked with huge corporations like PGI Ltd and advised auto sales systems for them.
  • I have helped TV personalities from the BBCs Dragons Den establish new business systems
  • I have also helped brand new start-ups have their greatest start they could ever have dreamt of like Steve that made the perfect transition from office worker to writer in just 3-months.

There isn’t much I have seen when it comes to results and there aren’t many changes I don’t keep my finger on.

For example just a couple of months ago we drive over 300 people through a gallery using just one trick on social media. They had been using social media previously with zero results. I also drove over 5000 prospects into a local fair again using a strong positioning trick on social media. Before then they had also been using social media with zero results.


If ‘OK’ is good enough – good luck to you.

If you have had enough of ‘OK’ and are now demanding results we should talk.

It could be something very simple needs to be advised.

I once had a headline changed from 7 words to 12 words. That was the difference between 3 sales and 71 sales.

I once had an offer changed and left the campaign the same. That was the difference between no response and £84,400 in sales.

I was advised a overhaul of an email response system – the wording and call to action – this was the difference between no response and sales of just under £120,000

There are times when the changes can be very small for a huge difference. This could be the same for you.

You have options of course.

You can keep asking your staff to try and find out how to make things work. This can take months and I have seen these take years with lots of OK results.

Or you can ask an impartial, honest, direct expert to mentor you or your guys through a process that will fast track you, be tested until it works and ultimately give you a system that delivers amazing rather than ‘OK’ sales.

You should know I am a brilliant investment.

I don’t mind saying that because if you do exactly what I tell you it is a simple truth.

But I cannot work with anyone that refuses to do what I advise. That is a waste of time and energy. I don’t want time to be lost and I cannot allow negative energy into my life.

If you like the idea of being mentored by someone that has over 30-years experience and is a respected expert amongst experts hers how to make that happen.

First I only work with clients I have done an initial consultation with. All travel costs, food costs or accommodation costs should also be covered. I do first class only at all time.

I am will to travel anywhere

  • For distance – Skype, phone consulting a fee of £4,995.
  • For one-on-one a fee of £9,995.
  • My MENTOR starts at £20,000 for smaller projects. Price and details can only be agreed after an initial consultation and analysis.

This fee will be removed from future agreements. This fee has to be paid at least 48 hours before an agreed meeting and before any meeting is booked.

My Reputation Paramount

My time is precious. My reputation is paramount. My results are outstanding as my proof shows. Again I take all of this very seriously and don’t offer compromises on fees.

My mentoring fee is built around solid value exchange. I expect you to see every ounce of value in what I will offer you and your business after our very first Meeting.

and if we connect I absolutely expect you to do exactly as I say, listen to me very carefully and take everything I suggest very seriously. I also expect that you make no attempt treat me like an employee but show me the respect my work deserves.

Ultimately you will make ‘OK’ a thing of the past and thank for me some refreshing, outstanding new results that you have wished over the years and have finally got in your business.

Before you decide to get in touch.

You are about to speak to a man that has been deep inside marketing, conversion, response and consulting now for well over 3-decades. My attention to detail on things like pricing, positioning, perception, conversions, branding and more are apparently ‘mind-blowing’ and have made huge changes to businesses and lives.

As a respected expert at what I do (which is hard to quantify) I want you to know that I will give you my absolute best in harmony with my own well established ethics and demands for way above average.

Of course there are a million and one experts and consultants out there today. I don’t claim to be anything like any of them. My track record speaks for itself and will speak for itself for you.

If you are now ready to put a stop to ‘doing OK’ and ready to create spectacular here’s how to get in touch with me direct.

Let's Talk

Let’s talk with no obligation and see if we are a fit. If we are we can start working out a deal that suits us both as well as strategy, tactics and a way forward for your business.

A text must be sent requesting a call back. Please put your website in the text so I can see who I am dealing with. I will call you back within 30-minutes.

  • Tele: 00 44 (0) 1619296902
  • Text: 00 44 (0) 7793069486 With the word TALK
  • What’sApp: 07793069486
  • Viber: 07793069486
  • Email:
  • Skype: orangebeetle

Yours in everything.

Alan Forrest Smith