"The Most Exciting Motivational Speaker We Have Worked With"

Professor Manfred Rimpler

A Long History of Public Speaking

As a trained speaker, I spent 21-years training at Bible school to lecture, speak and move people with thoughts as a fully trained ordained minister.

I have spoken at small conferences, large conferences of 5,000 plus, foreign speaking and translated conferences in The Republic of Georgia, Latvia, Singapore, Malaysia. These include large listed corporations, mid-sized middle management teams, CEO boardrooms, keynote speaker, team building and inspiring and as small as six persons in a new high street shop.

Regardless of the size, I guarantee your people will walk away inspired, provoked, called into action, thinking about new ideas. I can bespoke any of my talks to suit your people. My latest talk in the Republic of Georgia for a large 800 people corporation was entitled Building The Future Today (clip above).

I also boast over three decades running businesses since 1985, over two decades consulting businesses, heading major training masterclasses and one-on-one mentoring. I also boast some unusual strategies that have proven themselves time and time again.

Some Ancient History

I first spoke on stage in 1978 while in my punk band Clone Youth. I then was asked to speak on stage in 1982 at a college in a speaking competition that I totally froze on! At one stage of my life, I was an ordained minister for 21 years. During that period I was a trained speaker to a depth that was probably unsurpassed. I spoke weekly during that period to hundreds.

From 1995 I spoke on stages to business owners mainly in the hairdressing industry as I was a salon owner and trainer at that time. From 2001 I began to get invites from all locations to come and speak to audiences. The first major event was in former Soviet state Latvia to over 1000 business owners in the hair and beauty industry.

In 2003 I had an invite to speak with Jay Abraham in London. From that one event, I began to get more and more invites to speak in different parts of the globe. Locations are below. At one stage I have spoken to groups as high as 5000 in one room.

I'd love to come and share what I know with your people.

More details below.

International Speaker Alan Forrest Smith is a recognised expert who has spoken about subjects on...

  • NEW TALK: I Am From The Future

  • The Future Of Marketing Today

  • Business Breakthroughs That No One Is Doing

  • Business Turnarounds In 23-Days or Less

  • Marketing on Zero Budget (and I mean nothing)

  • Direct Marketing For Millennial’s

  • Copy writing Conversation & Response Factor

  • Guerrilla Marketing

  • Internet Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing and much more

  • Deliberate Recreation and a Second Life

  • Escape from Zoomanity – Zoomanity & You

  • How Can I Be Happy?

  • How To Know What Your Future Holds

  • War Talk

  • Is Faith Dead?

  • Philosophical Ramblings Q&A Based Around Whats In The News

Below you can see some sample video taken from YouTube on past events I have spoken at.

Talks ...

  • USA, Atlanta, New York, California, Arizona, Los Angeles,.

  • Australia, Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast

  • Russia, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia.

  • New Zealand

  • The Republic of Georgia

  • England

  • Scotland

  • Ireland

Said to be one of the most inspiring speakers on any circuit Alan doesn't just inform with the mastery of advertising and marketing, Alan also entertains with his stories in the Amazon and world trips and adventures in life. His stories inspire those that listen into massive action.

What you should know about hosting or hiring me to speak, inspire and motivate your people.

  • Any travel accommodation (if needed) should be covered.

  • The talk and evening will be 3-hours in total.

  • All attendees get an opportunity to buy signed copies of Alan’s books.

  • All attendees get an opportunity to speak directly and ask a question to Alan.

  • And more.

I prefer a minimum of 25-people at any group and will speak to any number higher than that.

I have spoken to over 5,000 in one room and has been described as one of the most unusual, motivating and real speakers of modern times.

Are you looking for a motivational speaker that will motivate, inspire, move and inform?

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