Where are your samples?

I used to post hundreds of samples of my work online but no longer do. Why? To respect the privacy of clients like yourself. Would you want your marketing materials on my website for all to see - even your customers? The other reason is data protection and privacy laws.

Surely if I see your samples I can see if you are any good?

Not really and I will explain why. Creating strong marketing involves a lot of elements. Your words and triggers and thoughts and mind actions are not the same as another clients. Copy isn’t copy, words are not words. This is an extremely creative process that is bespoke to you and your business.

Second this website is an advert. Look at the home page, look at the inner pages and read and re-read this page. You can see it is a carefully crafted piece that is designed to sell my services of course but to honour you enough to show my skills as a highly specialised writer and thinker. Samples never convinced anyone of anything.

Are you qualified?

That depends on what you want? Do you need to see MBAs, bachelors, degrees and miles of papers that tell you I went to university to get my degree in writing? It’s mine and clients experience that regardless of what or who is qualified it makes no difference to results - your results. Perennially i have met many over-qualified writers that I wouldn’t pay a penny to write for me just like I met man hairdressers that I wouldn’t ask to cut my grass never mind my hair. Yet if that is what you need I am not your man please leave the building.

My history can be seen at this page but I began writing sales copy in 1985. Not only did that buy and build a huge five-bedroomed home for myself and my family it gave me many very successful business. Since leaving hairdressing I have worked tirelessly to get results for clients like yourself. This has included many multi-million pound sales campaigns and working with the likes of Jay Abraham and Jay Conrad Levinson. Yes I am more than qualified.

I just want a price?

I cannot and do not give out stock prices because I don’t do stock or top-drawer work. All prices are bespoke and quoted privately. Most of my wonderful clients think they know what they want but rarely know what they really need. So only after an initial consultation and some research can I hand over a quote.

Do you outsource your work?

It's a current trend to outsource everything - I don't do that with any of my work. Hire me - you get me and me only. If you need things I don't do I will refer you but just know you always get me when you pay for me.

When can you start work for us... Tomorrow?

Make me an offer I cannot refuse and I will start tomorrow. But ... If I am in a contract already you will have to wait. i never ever let my clients down. Typical times for a start can vary greatly and can only be revealed once I know more about your project. Please ask!

Do you still write copy?

Yes I still write copy for clients and still write, create, design and strategise some incredible campaigns for my incredible clients.  My copy fee starts from UK £25k.

Would you work exclusive for us for a set period of time?

Maybe, maybe not. The deal would have to be absolutely irresistible, internally rewarding and financially rewarding. Make me an offer I cannot refuse and lets talk. Also see my EMPIRE page.

Can you come and meet us in New York?

After an initial consultation I am happy work come and serve you anywhere on planet Earth as long as you have coffee, black tea and a few extra comforts. I have traveled almost all over the world to work with and support clients, it never a problem. Make me an offer I cannot refuse.

Travel, time and expenses must be covered 100%. This includes business or first class travel and accommodations for myself and business manager.

Do you have any swipe files or old sales copy you can send us to maybe copy from?

No, please don't insult me. Clients have paid good money for that so I would not insult them by giving it away and you should not insult me by asking for it for free.

We would like to pay you in shares and future profits, is that good for you?

Yes and no.

I cannot take on any project without an advance. an average advance for myself is £25,000 paid into my bank with shares, bonuses or percentages agreed before anything begins.

Please don't offer me anything average. My results, my advices, my strategies and my results are anything but average. You want abundance you must invest abundance. You want one tree you plant one seed. You want a forest you must plant acres of seeds.

Are there other ways to pay you to get started?


I am interested in things I can resell fast that you might have lying around and even costing you money right now. Buildings, vehicles, technology, silver, gold and many other things of higher value. I will take them on a trade equivalent value not a retail value. This way I can move them fast! I don't accept ex-wives, mother-in-laws or three-legged dogs but I know a man that might make them vanish for a fee - please ask!

How long do you take to complete your work for us?

I have no idea. I am a perfectionist. This means I will take the time needed to deliver you a result.

For example if write a letter for you my process is a process of creation that takes mental and physical time. I take every word personally, every paragraph, every page, each headline, each opening and close are all carefully scientifically thought through and created with genuine sleepless nights and blood sweat and tears. I have created work over weeks only to tear it to pieces if a better idea has arrived.

You can get a Picasso copy from China that looks like the real thing very cheap yet to get the real thing is a priceless piece that changes everything. That is how I work so if you want the very best I rarely work within tight time limits.

If you have a question please ask from the contact form on this page.

You can also find out more about me here on this page if needed.