Lessons in Business from Yoga


She Made One Investment For Years of Results!

It was no marketing accident that she ...

  • Created sales of $117,000 from one campaign
  • Now has an enquiry email that converts almost 100% enquiries
  • Now has a price challenge response email that converts at 100% (one reply created one sale of $5,000)
  • And it's no accident that out of the thousands of Yoga retreats in Bali I have positioned her as the first and only choice despite being one of the most highly priced in her marketplace.

Nothing happens by accident in any business so here's the story!

True Business Lessons from YOGA!

Around 20011/12 I got involved with a new client in Bali. She is in the Yoga business. Linda takes her business very seriously yet failed in her filling her retreats, failed in her marketing attempts and failed to really think about the mindset of the buyer. This was leading to on-going failure.

So here's what happened and how I helped her turn everything around.

There are two people involved in this marketing process.

1. The YOGA 'business' person.

They want to sell and fill their classes yet in this business (YOGA) everyone hates to sell. They hate selling messages, selling schemes, sales letters, sales adverts or even asking for leads, in fact anything to do with business is against what they have set in their minds as how YOGA needs to be presented.

There is a problem with that though and it's this … EMPTY YOGA STUDIOS!

Myself and my parter Tamara we use Yoga studios regular yet time and time again we find that when we get to classes there can be as few as 3 in a class compared with some classes that can have up to 100 in the class. So it's a start of extremes!

2. And then we have the YOGA 'client' or practicer of YOGA.

They have a mindset that is based purely around the ritual, the calming effects, the stretching, the chanting the almost like religious practice of YOGA.

So I had to take a selling approach with a softer edge.

I had to take into account the teacher hates to sell and the practicer of yoga loves to be sold to as long as they don't think they are being sold to. In other words they want to buy a retreat but don't want any hard sell.

I can tell you the business owner resisted the change despite she had almost no sales from her own efforts.

So the first thing did was this.

On our first contact last year she had a short period of time to fill her $5,000 a head class in Bali. At this point she was really struggling to get anyone in the class. Our first campaign was to turn things around for her so she didn't have to cancel her retreat.

That's what I did, turned it around and filled her class. Now I'm not going to tell you all about that right now because I want to stay focused on this campaign.

So the campaign was put into place.

The goal was simple: 15 paying clients at around $5,000 per head for a 21 day YOGA MASTERS retreat.

The previous year when we first spoke she had 2 if I remember correct. We worked flat out to put 10 in her room and did it despite the poor marketing that was in place.

So here is what we did.

  • Created a sales page that she hated and resisted at every level but accepted and ran with!
  • Created space ads, emails and other contact materials that again she felt uncomfortable with and again accepted and ran with!


  • Her new advertising was tuned into the mindset of her buyer
  • Her landing pages began to convert like crazy
  • Her leads rose dramatically
  • Her positioning was raised to the must go retreat in Bali


And the bottom line …

She got her 15 bookings all at $5,000 per head.

Of course I'm happy because just around a few weeks ago she wanted to pull the plug on this campaign as the message of selling just wasn't working for her.

Yet she had to learn a lesson here and it was this: When advertising you business or your services it really isn't about the seller, the company when it comes to the message to marketplace. It's about giving the buyer what the buyer wants to read or hear.

Thats what we did for Linda.

She got 15 sales at $5,000 and a packed Bali Yoga retreat.

Her new students will of course get incredible value as she is an incredible teacher and human that's for sure.

And of course - I of course got paid for working with her!

  • Linda has generated around $117,000 plus since we began to help her out.
  • She has a webpage that converts at a massive 26%
  • She has a new email for enquiries that convert at 100%
  • She has a new email to respond on price that converts t 100%
  • She is no positioned as No.1 in Bali for her retreats
  • We are building a new website for her and more.

AND - IMPORTANT - Linda has used the sae messages and materials for years since and still gets results.

The Lessons Learnt and What You Can Learn

  • She realised she need advice from experts
  • She invested in advice
  • She listened and took the advice
  • She carried out ALL directions from start to end
  • She focused on her business and allowed us to focus on her marketing
  • she is what I would call the perfect client
  • She still doesn't like the kind of direct marketing we do for her in fact it scares her a little as she thinks her audience won't like it either
  • She also knows she's wrong because despite being incredible at what she does she isn't a marketing expert in the slightest. she knows she's not because she tried and failed. Now she leaves it to the experts and I'll tell you why … her return on her small marketing investment is absolutely huge in relation to her marketing budget.

Good for Linda, she's a smart savvy business woman. Good for you if you listen and apply lessons learnt from her experiences.

And by the way … Yoga or cars, hairdressing or fast food… marketing processes are the same - people are people, just the keys are different.


Everything she paid for, everything I did for her, all the copy, all the conversion systems and more... She paid just once and is still using that same systems and materials over five years later.


She invested into a process that would work, that would remove her failed systems and still uses them to this day (February 1st 2017).

The lessons for you and your business are very, very simple.

Would you like help from me to work on transforming your business results?

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In your service.

Alan Forrest Smith

P.s: Here is Linda's website ...

http://intuitiveflow.com (we are rebuilding this whole site)