What you are about to listen to is strictly for those that are sick-to-death of trying everything with their marketing, listening to experts on what to do yet - nothing works.


This is a must listen to recording.

If 'doing OK' is no longer for you this is a must listen to recording you can download right away.

There is a reason most of what you have been told and are being sold about marketing is not only dead but a downright lie and as you now know - it isn't working!

I'll explain fully why, give you real examples of how to fix it and share with you exactly what you need to do.

Important: What you are about to listen to is way beyond the marketing curve. Some of what you hear you'll resist as it will go against what you have been taught.


This is front-line, cutting-edge and absolutely breakthrough business information that could change everything for you like it has for my own businesses and my clients businesses.

The recording covers...

  • Social media - why it'll never work for you
  • Adwords - Why it is a battle hard to win
  • Free content - a waste of time!
  • Website - worthless unless you do this
  • SEO - like throwing money down the drain
  • New Copy - worthless without this!

The only way to fix this is...

  • Buyers path - how to work it out and understand why
  • Idea - where the sale really begins
  • Route - definite and precise - get this right and you'll see sales spike!
  • Persuasion dead - forget this it's no longer relevant
  • Attraction lives - Just priceless
  • Your offer has to ...

Forget giving them what you think they want

  • Search habits - No longer just Google
  • Thumb search -How this will destroy or explode your business
  • Mind feed - Attract not persuade
  • Eye feed - you have one second
  • Reaction - now its a milli-second
  • Precision - nothing is accidental as you'll hear
  • Simplified - Strip it back and do this for more
  • Direct marketing at its most raw and most perfect
  • Harmonise with words, images - the 2-second rule

I will uncover two powerful examples of the path and the attraction

  • 4 reason your buyers refuse to buy
  • Why persuasion is truly dead
  • The perfect example of perfect results
  • why everything you are being told - and sold - is wrong!
  • The key to making everything in your marketing work.
  • From $3,000 to $12,000,000 from doing everything that no one does

And more

If you do one thing today for your business - Download to your phone and listen right now.

This is powerful and is loaded with breakthrough tips that say the opposite, do the opposite to everything you know about marketing right now.

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