I Recently Ran A Marketing Campaign That Delivered A49.2% CONVERSION

The previous conversion was at a pathetic zero! This new conversion delivers sales of £300,00 plus each month.

The client I worked with had previously spent almost two years trying to do everything himself with small bits and pieces from his highly inexperienced team. He had been in business for 21-years!

I also had another marketing campaign come to me that had also failed for a new client. She wanted desperately to walk away from the failure. For eight years she had been creating marketing that was barely keeping her business afloat. In just four weeks I gave her an increase of 116% in business and enough cash to go and buy herself a new 4x4 car.

I sent out an email for another campaign. That very same email sold $90,000 in just 24 hours.

I sent out another email. The second email converts at 8% and sells a product priced at £245 daily!

But it wasn’t always like this.

First, let me explain why you need a marketing mentor if you handle your own marketing or have under performing marketing.

There is a problem with trying to do everything yourself and it is this and you might have to read this twice.

  1. You are not an expert at everything.
  2. You are not an expert at everything.

When I started advertising for my own businesses it was 1985.

My marketing background was like - yours!

In 1989 I opened my first brick and mortar business. By 1991 I was desperate for more success and sales. When I say desperate I mean I was about to have the doors closed by the Inland Revenue.

The pressure led me into something outside my hairdressing businesses. This was something that was simply called – writing adverts - at the time.

I wrote Ads based on what I thought looked good. I had no education and no training I just fumbled around.

Some worked.Some sucked.

Some sucked.I survived.

I survived.

This taught me a lot of lessons. I found out what worked and why it worked. I discovered that marketing is actually a real science – you know  - tests and results and all that stuff. The only thing missing was test tubes and Einstein's hair!

The more marketing I did the better I got. I got so good in fact clients whose hair I cut started asking my advice. That advice led me to actually running campaigns for clients. That eventually led me to sell my salons and taking on a role of a direct marketing consultant for anyone that asked me.

More Than Expert As You'll See ...

In my salons, I was one of the biggest sellers of hair colour in the UK. While the majority of salons were selling just 3-5% colour I was selling between 60/70% colour.

All the companies knew what I was up to and wanted my account. We were selling literally tons of colour!

Every kind of marketing you can think of a more I was doing it. Pre-web of course but I had become more than famous for my massive amounts of direct mail. I did everything on a big scale for the small town I was in.

Every day without fail I had a list of around TWENTY tactics for marketing that had to be carried out - DAILY!

This led me to be invited to speak to marketing experts (me a hairdresser). Getting invites to speak in huge corporations and share my knowledge. (I’m still just Alan the hairdresser at this point).

Then I got invited to travel to Latvia of all places to be the keynote a conference of 1000 businesses on marketing. Pretty incredible for a hairdresser.


Not only was I good at hairdressing I had become very good at marketing.

  • This led to me selling £1.2 million in cars for one of my salon clients.
  • Sell over £800,000 in cosmetic products for another client.
  • Sell tons of software for an accounting firm.

And so many other stories that when I look back sound pretty hard to believe yet they are as true as I am sitting here writing to you.

I had created marketing and bespoke marketing systems for everything and the results had built me a huge home and given me everything and more.

Now here’s something I found out about marketing and it is what you should know ...

I am the lucky one. I know it isn’t genes but I do know I was a business man doing his own marketing. I found the way and discovered I was very good at bringing in results. I bought books and studied the subject day and night. More important and studied every result, worked out the way buyers were thinking, how the purchase would make them feel and what they wanted in exchange for parting with their cash.

It's rarely what most businesses think in fact usually quite the opposite.

That took a lot of learning, trying and endlessly pursuing what was working. If it failed – no one got fed! So it had to work for me.

Marketing IS Part of Your Successful Business Machine - Not a One Off Event ... !

The guys at the start of this page all had the same thing in common that my clients today have and it is this.

Try a bit of this and a bit of that every now and then and just hope for a result. The problem is marketing isn’t a one-off event it is part of the machine - your results machine. Once that part of the machine stops so do a lot of other parts.

Now there have been huge changes in the past few years I have seen momentous changes in marketing and the changes are this.

The marketing industry gave away all of its insider information. At one time what we knew was as good as secret. They sold the 'how to do' things, the how to write things and the how to do anything.

So you know more than I ever knew. The information available right now to marketing any business is massive.

Yet the reality I see ALL of the time is this reality…

99% of my clients have tried their own marketing and still cannot get a result they are happy with.

Here’s’ the reason and it isn’t as big as you might think.

The reason is this are you ready?

It’s the smallest details.

So although you know a lot about marketing the real problem is you don’t know the finer details about the mind of your buyer and what it takes for that mind to buy from you.

Although you feel you can write copy, create adverts it’s the finer detail that is killing your response.

I can’t even explain what the detail is.

It's that magical touch that takes failure in marketing to succeed.It’s the stuff that I can see in a minute of speaking with and looking at any campaign.

It’s the stuff that I can see in a minute of speaking with and looking at any campaign.

It’s the detail that took the failure above to 49.2%

It’s also the detail that took no response to 116% increase in one business

It’s the details that took one small printing firm to sales of £42,400 in a single email in under 12-hours after I worked on his campaign.

I can’t fully explain it’s just the magical details that take failure to glory very quickly.

Marketing mentor is designed to give you just that.

Designed to give you the magical details that make a huge difference.

Working with me you get 33-years of writing Ads

33-years of writing Ads

33-years of experience

33-years of huge successes with conversions and response

33-years of truly spectacular response rates for myself and my clients

An ability to solve a problem in our first meeting or conversion

A rare ability to save businesses and marketing campaigns

And the mind that the god-father of guerilla and direct response marketing Jay Conrad Levinson called 'BRILLIANT AND GENIUS'

If you demand more results from your efforts with your marketing I will help you

You have options as always.

  1. Keep on having a go and hope it works.
  2. Talk to me about marketing mentor.

As I type there is no plan but you will have to work with me for 8-weeks minimum. At the end of 8-weeks, I will make sure that the stuff you are playing around with and trying starts to work.


I will help you to fix everything that isn’t working and fix it very fast.

That means you’ll make more money, more profit and sleep better at night.

Marketing mentor starts at £4,995

I can only offer a quote after a conversation and review of what your problem is.

This is a cool service.

It’ll save you a ton of time and playing with things you frankly don’t know. It’ll fast track you and get you results fast.

After your marketing mentoring is complete you'll KNOW EXACTLY what will work in your business.

Now let me share this.

I had a client that had been creating some really cool marketing for ages. I mean years not a short spell but he had been doing a really good job.

His BIG letter had failed and he didn’t want to mail out again to the web page. I looked at it and changed just one small thing. That one tiny detail resulted in just under £85,000 in sales from a single email blast.

That’s cool.

That’s magic.

That’s what you can have in marketing mentor.


  • From zero to a 49.2% conversion
  • From almost bankrupt to 116% new growth in 11-months
  • 3 sales to 74 sales in 24-hours
  • New sales of over £42,000 in 12-hours
  • Failed campaign to multi-million-pound success campaign (sale over £7 million)
  • From no enquiries to 17-per hour (day one of new campaign)
  • From struggle to a windfall of over £200,000 in a single weekend
  • Over 5,000 potential customers using just one online tool
  • Selling out a class in 10-days that couldn’t be sold in 3-months
  • Online sales for one client of over £5 million in a record month
  • Increased sales in 4 days by 2,300% with a new direct response strategy
  • Massive leap of 900% in sales
  • Increase of sales by £74,000 from just ONE advert
  • Sales of just under $15,000 to sales of over $88,400 after I critique and re-wrote a simple paragraph into his final offer on his sales letter
  • Sold over a million dollars US from a single webpage selling a stocks and shares program
  • Sold over a million dollars of product from his new sales page I crafted for him
  • Increased his sales by $2.4million from zero despite being close to bankruptcy!
  • From struggling entrepreneur to sales of over $300,000 in a single weekend after working with me on strategies and creating copy
  • A brand new business that made her $4,000 in the first promotion (more than double her monthly wage).
  • UK campaign pulled in just under £200,000 from a single marketing campaign using a fax mailer I re-wrote after the first attempt that had been written by the office staff failed!
  • From NO SALES to just under $500,000 from a single sales page. His first page flopped despite being written by a so-called pro. I re-wrote and designed the top-selling page for him
  • A long running webpage that has consistently pulled in 6.4% selling a health related product
  • Mini 4-email campaign generated over £24,000 on one week
  • Email campaign delivers more leads than EVER before
  • Single offline campaign with a flyer boosts sales by £15,400 in one day
  • Another email campaign to sales letter generates over £100,000 in a single week
  • Over 400 new clients from a single campaign that crashed a business
  • A £250,000 magazine advert that made one client rich!
  • 21 sales from a magazine advert that replaced a failed advert. Each sale worth thousands
  • Client saved over £60,000 after a mastermind session
  • Another clients slashes his marketing budget by well over £100,000 and then goes on to generate well over one million in sales over 12 weeks
  • A website that pulled sales of over TWELVE MILLION in a single month!

I could go on and on and on. I won’t. OK isn’t acceptable or fine by me – it should never be fine by you. Call me now for your marketing mentor…

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Marketing Mentor, Alan Forrest Smith