On Tuesday, August 7th Around 2:30 pm I Published My

13th BOOK!

And It’s Already Selling From Amazon and My Web Store!

Not only is this my 13th book, my books are all over every good book store online, sell on a daily basis and I have even had a best seller last Christmas on Amazon for my book The little Angel.

People told me in the past – you are not and will never be a writer – you are just a hairdresser.

Yet today I make my money … writing … I am a writer … I am today a published author.

And I want you to know ...  Putting the whole author thing together ... It wasn't that easy, at times it was hard for me – very hard - yet despite how hard the transition was it was worth every single penny and blood and sweat and tears.

Let me take you back a step or two.

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Alan Forrest Smith, Writers Mentor & published Author.

I Haven’t Always Been a Writer.

Yes, I used to write lyrics for my punk band when I was a teenager. The lyrics were the teenage rebel than the giant Tolstoy. But I failed school; walked out of school at 15-years of age and still, today cannot tell you the difference between a verb and an adjective.

And yes, I have been paid as a copywriter during and after my hairdressing career.

I really started writing (not an author) as a career in the year 2000 (around then).

I still made my money as a book writer from around the year 2000. The idea of being an actual author of a book never even came into my thinking.

Around 2008 I started blogging and gained fame and following through it but I made no money from blogging.

Around 2009 a friend of mine in San Francisco (Jim) asked me if I had thought of writing a book?

My reply was ‘No’ because I hadn’t. Then at the end of a personal major life crisis at that time I finally had a very small idea of writing a book. The truth is though I had no self-belief as a writer in the slightest.

Finally, I made a start but hadn’t a clue what I was doing. I just sat and wrote from the start until I thought it was done. When I showed a friend he asked if I was adding chapters. I hadn’t even thought about chapters but I said ‘yes I think so’ although clearly, I had given it no thought.

I then finished and left this book of around 40,0000 words on my computer for six months. Finally, I came back to it to add the chapters but I couldn’t face adding them. It felt easier for me to simply delete the whole book and start again. That’s exactly what I did.

This time I approached it differently based on what my pal had said about the chapters. Eventually, I felt I had a book something like a book until I sent to a publisher.

Once publishers had the book and read it they rejected it – all of them rejected it. The biggest criticism was it hasn’t been edited and it was packed with typos. That was also true because I had never given a thought to send my book to an editor – why would I?

Once I sent it to an editor he made a mess of my book so I had wasted almost $2,000 and still had to get another editor. Finally, after yet another edit, I sent the book again to a new set of publishers. Guess what – it was rejected again and again and again.

At This Stage, I'd Wasted Literally Thousands of Pounds Because I Had No Idea What I Was Doing!

Move forward to late 2011. I had finally gotten a book deal in New York even though I never went to New York to meet my publisher. It was agreed and then more details had to take place. Book covers (don’t start me on that one), what goes on the back, what goes on the front, preface, introduction, the back of the book and all the tiny details I had no idea about.

January 2012 arrived and the book went live – Escape from Zoomanity - to guess how many sales? Absolutely zero.

I spent a ton of cash (AROUND 10K), invested a ton of time and I truly believed in this book. The problem was no one was going to buy a book unless it was promoted. I had no idea that a publisher doesn’t really do a lot of things I thought a publisher would do – like promote the book – they didn’t - they don't!

I also had to manage my businesses in the meantime whilst sorting out this book, becoming an author and writing more books were also being done. Websites, social media pages and so much more like talks, previews and other things that did and didn’t work as a new author.

Now a few years later I am a published author. I self-publish and I’m also published with my New York publishing house Morgan James and I love it.

Not only have I written my thirteen books I promote them, sell them and get invited here, there and everywhere to talk about the subjects within them.

You can find my books everywhere and anywhere online and today being an author has paid off well and getting better and even better as time goes on.

Just to show you here’s a list of my books in paperback and Kindle I have published since 2012...

  1. Deliberate Recreation
  2. Deliberate Recreation The Collectors Edition
  3. I Am Bastard I Am War
  4. I Am God Have You Forgotten Me
  5. Life Why Do You Tease Me
  6. Happiness
  7. The Little Angel and The Last Christmas
  8. Observations
  9. I Am Bastard I Am War in Kartuli/ Georgian
  10. Escape from Zoomanity
  11. The Warriors - Poetry
  12. The Lovers - Poetry
  13. Short Story Collection

I even have business books and my last one is called ... Salon Extreme - SX-21 and it is a 500-page A4 business manual in hard copy. I have around six others.

I am also working on at least 5-new book projects right now.Author - Writer - Expert - Everyone Loves You - After The Swamp!

Having and writing books get you invites, give you fame, give you a place on Earth, give you a legacy to leave behind, give you seeds for your children, give you the power to share. They also get you invited to dinner, to the radio, to TV and so much more. Everyone loves you when you are an author.

I don’t think that’s bad for someone that failed school, knows little of grammar or English.

But … I do want to say getting to this stage was like walking through a swamp. No wonder so many new authors give up at such an early stage.

Even if we don’t work together I want to share what I found out during my own search to move my writing forward.

Online there are tons of so-called book experts that have never written a book

There are stacks of marketing experts wanting to give you cheap or free advice that has never once marketed a book

There are tons of author coaches that don’t write, have never written and even hire content writers to make it look as though they write

There are many, many, many online ‘experts’ that have never been through years of the authoring process willing to offer advice on the authoring process.

And worse of all – the writing process is so vague that if you have no idea of how to go from A-Z from idea to publishing it can be a very expensive process, to say the least.

I have experienced these. I have spoken to these. I have wasted money on some of these. AVOID them like the plague!

Today I have my own process for publishing my books from the idea into print down to a relatively simple system after I have written the book. Then into getting the book into stores online – including Amazon and all the big boys – and then marketing your book.

When you know how, when you have done it time and time again when you have a system and when you know that system works – it really isn’t as difficult as you are being told but only when YOU KNOW HOW!


I am willing to work at your side as your writer's mentor, as you need to for periods as long as you need me for. I am willing to share with you how I have got my own thirteen books plus from idea onto paper and then into the marketplace and selling so you can finally fulfil your dream of becoming a published author …

And I can tell you … NO writing experience needed. NO English degree required. NO marketing mastery needed. NO knowledge of the publishing industry required.

I Finally Did It With NO Experience.

Admittedly I made a mess or two or three on the way but you don’t have to make the same mess or waste the same amount of cash I wasted because I will show you everything I know.

  • How to become an author – The Essential Fast Track Experience
  • How to become a writer – The Big Secret No One Uses
  • How to start your book – My Fail Proof System For Writing
  • How to fill out your book – A Blueprint For Writing your Book – Tested and Works!
  • How to finish your book – My ‘Man-In-A-Box’ Power Writer
  • How to sell books – From The First To The First One Hundred – THE METHOD!
  • How to get published – The 10-Minute Method (I did say TEN MINUTES!)
  • How to get an agent – The Hook and Bait Method To Hook An Agent!
  • How to do book covers – Best Seller Covers at $1 Prices!
  • How to get everywhere on Amazon – The 1,2,3 Publishers Hate You Knowing
  • How to fast track everything no one tells you – How To Put Six Years Into One Month!
  • How to do everything and anything to finally become the author you’ve always dreamed of… The Secret transition Method To Becoming A Fully Paid Author
  • And everything only a published author of 13 books like myself could share with you.

Writers Mentor

My writers MENTOR for Authors is always bespoke because you are not the same as everyone else.

You might be a starter. You might be halfway through. You might even be a writer but after years still, have no idea what to do with your manuscript.

Wherever and whatever stage you are at right now I can help you move forward and move forward fast.

Here is how my writers mentor and author training works.

  1. First, we should talk about what you actually need.
  2. Second, we create a plan that we both agree on.
  3. Third – we get started on writers mentor.

Location is not a problem in the slightest with Skype.

This is the best opportunity for you if you are ready to get your book into the marketplace or you want to finally get your book out of your head and onto paper.

It could be a novel, it could be self-help, it could be business, it could be a kids book or it could be a book of any genre. A book is a book – the process is almost the same regardless.

I should know as I have published

  • Poetry
  • Philosophy
  • Self-Help
  • Business
  • Children’s
  • How To
  • Stories
  • Novel
  • Novellas

And the process of writing and publishing – when you know how is the same.

Finally, before you decide to let me share a small legacy book story with you that you might enjoy or might feel inspired to read.

Some time ago as a side project I started to write a book for my children. It's simply a book of life and it is only for my children and hopefully their children and so on.

The reason I decided this was to pass on the things no one tells you until you experience them for yourself. I felt it would be nice to pass this information onto my kids in the form of a book. Once finished I will have them printed, bound and presented to them as a gift.

That’s a beautiful legacy for me to leave behind.

You now get your book out with my writers mentor support

You can do this also. You can create any type of book and do whatever you like with that book.

Your mind and thinking in words, on paper for the rest of time. It really is a wonderful thing for any human to leave behind … that human being you.

Recently someone sent me a book. It was the most amazing read but I could finish it, as it was over 500 A4 pages. It had everything in there and I could have easily spent a week reading it.

That book has and still is lying on his computer. That book was written seven years earlier. It reads like a best seller and probably could be. He has decided to wait and see if someone finds him and signs him up.


The book is a file lying on his computer.

Crazy and sad at the same time but this is a story I hear and see all of the time.

I will show you everything I know and more than I have learnt about going from idea to published. You won't have to spend the same years I spent fumbling through since 2009 until now. I will show you what to do and how to make everything work.


Of course, I cannot guarantee you even one sale because how would I know right now if anyone will even be interested in what you are writing or even your style of writing.

What I will guarantee is this: to give you the absolute best opportunity to go from idea all the way through to getting published.

Finally how long are you going to wait? Until you get discovered until you get time or until you get the best idea ever and start to write?

None of that will ever happen.

You have to get started right now, make a few mistakes and keep moving forward until your book is out there.

Your book once out there can give you fame, fortune, TV, radio, speaking invites and so much more (like money in your bank) and of course, there is this…

Your wonderful gift back into humanity in your words, experiences and knowledge of what you know.

I Will Work At Your Side - Start To Finish

I am ready to work with you and mentor you into helping you to finally realise your possibility and dream of becoming an author.

Remember I have been where you want to be. I have done all of what you need to do already. I know the best and quickest ways through this swap called authoring and publishing.

Your outcome as a new author is my absolute priority and I will be at your side every step of the way.

We will do calls and mentor via Skype but just know you also have access to myself 24-hours a day until your training is complete via my private mobile, my private Skype and my private email address for mentor only.

Writers Mentor - The Details

BASIC PRICE: From £4,995 (8-week mentor)

This is long enough to get your book into print and published with all of the above mentioned on this page. You get my exact same process.

UPGRADE PRICE: From £2,995

We can handle everything for you from taking your file from your computer to getting it live, in print and ready to sell.


  • Layout
  • Cover
  • And more

We can work together much longer so this is bespoke and reflects in the price. I can also remove all the printing, publishing and promotion hassle from you with an added bespoke – we do it all here service. Details to be discussed.

Calls: All calls are done via Skype online

Recordings: All of your calls are recorded for future listening.

Let's talk.

Text me +44 7793069486 with word AUTHOR and I will call you right back.

Hit reply to this email

I am excited to work with you and help you to finally get your book published.

Writers Mentor

Published Author and Writer, Alan Forrest Smith