Intuitive - Alan's Summer Schedule 2018

My mother just said something to me and it was this.

“Your life isn’t exactly normal so do what you like and stay for 6-months then”

She was reacting to my going away to my other home for the summer.

I’ll be honest; my mother never likes me going away. She is of the mind that I should stay where I am and if I do go away it should be for a 2-week holiday and then back into the grind!

And that’s my point.

I don’t do holidays.

I don’t do grind.

And I don’t really do fixed anything.

But the real reasons she is upset with me is that I have booked a one-way ticket to Tbilisi, Georgia and frankly, am not sure when we will be back.

But there is an even bigger reason and it is this.

This year - 2018 - I decided that I would have an intuitive year. That means to go with how I feel as much as possible in all areas including business and lifestyle

One thought led to another thought. And it all led to finally thinking about what felt like another massive life change. So finally we decided for no reason, in particular, to sell absolutely everything - car, possessions and home -  and head over to our other home in Tbilisi, Georgia.

And …

We will come back when we are ready to come back. When will that be? I’ve no idea – when we're ready!

But this time when there we have a lot of stuff we want to do. Last year we bought our 6th house and it’s a big one. We haven’t touched it since we bought it so we need time to make a start on it and get it moving forward. Builders in Tbilisi, Georgia – what can I say – if it isn’t on YouTube they can’t do it. And if they say they can do it that usually means doing it twice - or three times.

So we are going to spend time building, playing, discovering, driving, sleeping, resting, getting refreshed and of course doing my work, serving my clients and writing and finishing a couple of books I've had on hold for a while.

Also, I want to learn a few new things whilst there. I play the guitar now and ukulele (badly) but I really want a Georgian Chonguri. It is a stringed instrument like guitar and I want to learn how to play. I also want to improve my Georgian language skills and we are going to spend time in the mountains where we have a large house learning a little more about organic farming, real foods, soils and some other things we have very loosely planned.

But this visit is different because when we are ready to come home we have no home to come home to. We decided not to think about that until we are ready to give it some thought.

Maybe in 2,3,4 or longer months time, I have no idea yet.

Also when we arrive in Tbilisi I found a brand new 4-story gym run by an American and a Scotsman. It is literally 500 or so yards from our house. I have to admit I am pretty excited to try it out.

And finally for now in Georgia I have been invited by a very famous writers institution called The Writers House of Georgia to give a talk based on one of my books, I AM BASTARD I AM WAR.

It was translated in Georgian and they seem to love it. It is now said in Georgian as … ME VAR NABICHVARI, ME VAR OMI (მე ვარ ნავიჭვარი, მე ვარ ომი ), This is an exciting moment for me as a writer but it is also another new experience in my life that I am thoroughly looking forward to sharing.

And when I am there I still work, I still have my computers, I still have my office and I still do my own thing. Georgia is only 4-hours travel from most places so clients still visit me and I still visit them if they need me to visit on site.

But it’s ok for you Alan, you can do what you want.


Yes, I lived a blessed life but it is a life by design. But my own reality is in 2010 I was homeless, I was broke, I was without anything and I was bankrupt.

Yet I made myself a promise and it was this.

Never allow this to happen again. To stop it happening again I had to learn some new things and the first thing I had to learn was who am I? I realised that the life of consumption and consuming was a life that had led me to the place I was in those days. I made a promise never to arrive in that place ever again.

And part of my life is about reinvention. And why not! One thing I learned in marketing was that if it isn’t working it should be changed and changed quickly until it works.

Is the life of a person worth less than a marketing campaign or business?

So I changed everything. I doubt if anyone would recognize who I am today compared to who I was yesterday. It isn’t that you become a new person. It’s more than you become the person you really are but in most cases that real person is usually under pressure to stay as someone else.

And that talks me back to my mother. 

She told me I will get bored after 10-days in Georgia because she thinks I am taking a holiday. Here’s the thing. When I used to take holidays I did get bored after all 14-days on the same spot of sand is enough to drive any sane person insane.

And for me, holidays are for workers. It’s a treat to take a holiday and has been designed that way. Take a holiday away from the life you live not to live the life you’d prefer for two weeks.

I live my life as I want and don’t need to take a holiday from that life. I design my life first and everything else comes second.

So why am I even sharing this with you?

Just to really let you know that what you want and need in your life is very possible but you and only you can make that possibility happen.  Life does run out, you will die at some point so why should we wait until that point to either regret our life, wish it had been a different life or hope there might be the last chance to do it all over again?

So like I said this year theme at the end of December 2017 was to live a year of intuition and see where it led. So far in business, it has been extremely interesting and in my private life, it gets more interesting by the day.

A few things I would like you to know.

What will I be available for whilst away?

  • SITE VISITS: My final site visit or face-to-face is on May 23rdand will be closed until September 2018. 
  • FACE-TO-FACE: The only face-to-face available is for those that fly to Tbilisi to meet me or under extreme emergencies I will fly to you with a minimum spend of £25,000 with all costs of first-class travel and accommodation to be covered.
  • ONE PLACE FREE NOW:I still have ONE final place available before I travel on May 24th. Now is your last chance to grab it.
  • MENTOR: Business as usual over Skype, WhatsApp and other online tools
  • CRITIQUES: Business as usual over Skype, WhatsApp and other online tools
  • COPYWRITER & AUTHOR MENTOR: Business as usual over Skype, WhatsApp and other online tools 
  • WRITING COPY: I only write for £50,000 per project plus commissions. Business as usual over Skype, WhatsApp and other online tools 

And for now, that really is it. Our house is almost empty, we have sold a ton of stuff on eBay. We have some things going into storage and our one-way flights are booked.

I’m excited about the most intuitive move I have ever made. And to be honest I am just as excited about the end of the move when we come back but I am not thinking about that just yet.

By the way when in Georgia we grow grapes, grow apples, find snakes, climb mountains, swim in rivers. Eat a lot of pure foods, hang out a lot, DON’T OWN or watch a TV. The temperatures can get insanely hot (40%+) but it is a place that has definitely become my second home for the past 8-years.
When is the last time you did something new?

When did you last create a new experience?

When is the last time you smashed your routine, let go and did something new?

My clients visit me in Tbilisi and they love it. My mentor students visit me in Tbilisi and they are blown away. If you like the idea of that we can spend time going over whatever you like.

That’s it for today.

Are you ready to work with me?

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Here is to new ventures, adventures and life experiences.



PS don’t forget my last face to face is up for grabs but BEFORE May 24th.