Definative Better Than OK Moment

So much business and marketing bullshit it's out of control!


First, so far this year for my clients...

  • New sales of £1,014,000
  • Turnover up by 233.7% in just 23-days
  • Business average bills UP by 586.3%
  • Specialist service up over 700%
  • Staff recruitment, management and issues solved in under 5-days
  • New business bursting with clients from opening day
  • Sales of specialist services from UP A MASSIVE 2750%
  • Turnover by 465.21%
  • New customers UP by an INCREDIBLE 2633.3%

I'm not telling you this to show off. I'm sharing it with you because it's a fact. Just a handful of results for my clients this year alone. Nothing happened by accident. Nothing happened without a small something that might have felt like a risk for my clients. The numbers speak for themselves.

Despite the hapless business and marketing advisors around right now incredible results do and still happen.

Do you want results like that?

Read this page before you decide.

In Tbilisi Georgia, where I also live we say this ... azri aris azri or an opinion is just an opinion.

True, but my opinions are based on a vision that goes further than 'right now' and also are given on the back of three decades of hardcore, front-line businesses.

This opinion isn't about persuasion or bullshit. It is simply a factual page you should read if you want more results from your business.

Every now and then a moment defines your future. I’ve had a lot in my life. Divorce was a big one but not the biggest. Looking back it was turning my own life and businesses around. That meant going from almost failure, bankruptcy, losing my home and car and even my family and then after a defining moment - to my wonderful life today.

I've turned things around for myself before. I did that with my hair salons from 1989 and onwards. I did that with Orange Beetle from 1999 until today. I did that with one of my other companies after I lost a very established domain name and brand overnight.

For me, life isn’t long enough to play around in business. Business for me has a purpose and has to serve something much greater. My businesses are defined by their ability to serve others in a way that I can share what I know.

My advice and directions this year alone has created so far around £1,014,000 for just three clients of mine. This is a close guess but it is probably higher. They all had a new moment of definition that none will forget even if we never speak again. It’s just a perfect result especially for the one that was about to close their doors.

All of them were obsessed about doing everything via social media. NONE of them had any results through their obsession. Yet they used this because agencies, marketing experts and marketing experts advised them to flood the web with content and ride on the back of - social media.


I broke every rule being taught right now. Focused on real business, real needs and demands and a ton of old school strategies that increased one business by 233.7% in just 23-days!

NO Business Has To Struggle - Any Business Can Thrive and Dominate It's Corner 

Today, I got a notice that one of my favourite little cafes has closed in Altrincham where I live. Altrincham has become an enigma for most businesses. Due to the amount of local wealth businesses seem to think the public will just spend if they open. Not that long ago the town was dead and I mean it really had died. An old market was resurrected after almost 20-years in the town centre. They did this just brilliantly well. This also created a new micro-economy and a positivity that you could feel just walking through the town. 

It went from over 80% of shops being empty to almost every shop being filled. It was cool, very cool to see almost week on week the changes taking place. 

Yet, I want to share this with you. By the way, before I share it I am no prophet. This is based on my business brains since 1985 when I started working for myself.

Here it is.

Every time we walk into Altrincham I have a habit I share with my wife. Something amazing like a new shop or café opens and I tell her roughly when it will close if I get that feeling that they will close. I can always tell within a couple of weeks of the opening. 

Almost every shop I predicted to close has closed and will close.

We had a beautiful French restaurant open. They apparently spent £1.5 million on the refit alone. I walked passed the same day the bailiffs were boarding it up exactly one week off being 12-months later. I knew it would close. We also visit another on a very prominent corner of the same village. I have been saying for 4-years it will close. I just read a notice that is closing this August.

And yet another in Altrincham has closed today.

Here is something else.

Every single business failure and closure could very easily be avoided!


They all make the same marketing and strategic mistakes. I suppose after over three decades of making my own businesses and clients business work it’s obvious to me but clearly never obvious to the owners of these places. I call it FAKE marketing.

Here’s part of the very common mistakes or maybe we should say priorities.

  • They spend a fortune on a fit out.
  • They invest heavily in staff.
  • They buy the best of everything where the best of everything is needed.
  • They even hire marketing people.
  • They do social media.
  • They might have a go at one advert in the newspaper.

And they play around a little more. There is nothing wrong with that but they are missing critical parts that make any business thrive.

Because they have created an assumptive mindset that assumes because they have created something great with a new business everyone will come and see it and buy from it.

That isn’t true and especially isn't true in 2018 where the disruptive entrepreneur or the artisan is alive and kicking and taking over.

So, eventually when they can no longer pay for everything they just simply have to close due to simple business economics.

So how have I created over £1,014,000 in new sales this year for three businesses?

I’ll tell you.

I had a definitive moment last year after almost 20-years with my Orange Beetle Company and services. This moment made me step back and rethink a lot of things. Included in those things was my own approach to business. When I say business I mean the business of business for clients just like yourself.

I made a decision and asked myself this very simple but honest question.

If I had to start again and do just one or two things that as good as guarantee this business will thrive and prosper what would I do? 

For me, the answer is very easy because for years I have seen business experts or marketing experts kill or severely damage businesses just like yours.

Look at this; recently I designed guided a huge weekly email campaign for one of the clients mentioned above in the new turnovers.

He called me on Skype when I was in the middle of a painting and decorating. I looked a real state and he looked like he wanted to kill someone.

'Alan is me'. I replied 'I know' and apologized for my shabby Skype appearance. He shouted 'bastards, bastards I want to drive around there and kill the bastards.'

Clearly, he was annoyed so I asked why.

Here is what the problem was and what he told me.

He had been sending out emails that we planned and he was writing some brilliantly quirky messages. The emails were working and working very fast using a new extreme method I had been working with. 

The ‘bastards’ were the old marketing company they let go at the end of 12-months. This is the same company they had paid £1,500 every month and the same company that was behind their £2,000 weekly drop since working with them.


The bastard guy had suggested to my client that despite the fact he was no longer their advisor he advised them to stop all emails because they don’t look right!!!

What does that actually mean?

Business was up £3,000 each WEEK since working with me and this guy was telling them to stop emailing as the emails looked ugly... what a NOB!

This was another defining moment for my client. He realised that he had resisted doing what I had been working with them but he saw the results.

And let's face it business works or it doesn’t, right?

The defining moment for a business surely has to be that the incomings are greater than the outgoings? Surely the profit must be higher than the loss? Surely sleepless nights become something of the past because there are results and money in the bank?



For me when I see these guys that open and close and close and open it's all so predictable. They are playing the rules defined by so-called experts. The rules say that the crowd has to be followed. The experts with labels and well-designed brands are right.


Because I see this all the time

Listen to this. Listen close, because this is true.

A guy came to me that spent the price of a small house on three new websites, tons of social media, tons of SEO (FAIL) and tons of sitting, waiting and hoping sales would arrive.

In just over two years they stick at this project and scraped through whilst sticking to it. Thank God they had jobs because if they didn't they would be homeless. In all of that time, they had no sales. NO SALES which to me equals no business. 

Just four days after working with me they had their first sale, second sale, third sale and the sales began to climb very fast.

I spoke to a company that had spent over £400,000 on a new retail website. They had also spent over £100,000 every month on traffic with a digital agency. Sales at the 6-month point were as good as ZERO from the website. Shocking but not uncommon.

This year I have dealt with a business that had one month before they would close. The first week we worked together they climbed from £1,700 to £4,300. That wasn’t a typo when I said one week that is a fact worth boasting about.

This isn’t something unusual it is what I do for businesses that take the business of being busy seriously.

I define strategic business strategies that transform everything from more sales, more profits, more leads and a ton of enquiries that can be easily tracked and measured.

How. This is the short reply.

I do what works and what is TIME-TESTED with businesses and if it isn't time tested I test to make sure it works

That’s it.

I’ve been doing this such a long time now. And the past few years are definitive for sure.

The business of getting your business into the marketplace can be defined by just one or two pillars that have never changed and in fact, could even be called old-fashioned these days.

They are critical to success and never been more critical for your success. Get these right and you will leave your competition standing.

The new business, strategic, marketing games have failed miserably as you might even be experienced.  What is working is what has always worked. But better than that you now have the opportunity to make changes in a week where years ago it would take longer (due to partners spending 6-weeks from print to delivery).

The real question after all of this is how long are you willing to wait for bigger, better results?


A client told me that they do 'OK'. I replied 'just OK, is OK acceptable?'

They told me they had cornered around 25% of the marketplace and that was OK. The reality is OK is never OK. Why settle for OK when you can have what one of my clients said ... 'INSANE RESULTS'

OK is nothing, OK is average, OK is a struggle and OK should never be a benchmark for doing ... OK!

For me, OK is an excuse for minimum effort. It's the statement that starts to come up before a business closes. It's just OK.

What are you settling for in your company or business or ... extinction?

Is it really OK that the marketing budget is being spent with tracking, measuring, systems to convert in place and sales increasing?

Is it OK that the marketing director replied they are trying hard on social media and hoping sales will increase? Is HOPING really an OK reply to what can grow or kill your business? And believe me, I have seen business killed by marketing experts!

It's about the conversation, the voice, the relationship, the 4th dimensional strategy, the position, the brand, the service, the value exchange, your differentiation in a busy marketplace and more. It's about taking an approach that enters your buyer's conversation. these are the points that will take your results and watch your results grow. Some fast and some like lightning.

Frankly, if you need a defining moment you are probably reading it right now. This is a moment that makes sense as you read but doesn't make sense because more of the pseudo-experts are saying otherwise and are OK with OK.

Is that what you want?

I am looking for partners that take their business and results very seriously and I mean... 

'Alan, I will take all of your advice and follow it seriously or you can shoot me.'

Partners for serious change and a defining moment. Partners that are demanding more than OK and trust that more can be achieved. Partners that have almost everything apart from results.

I no longer have time for anyone that wants to play games. 

Is this you?

If it is you will know I am the kind of results-driven expert you need to work with.

Ask one question: are your team, your experts, your people delivering what you need for your business or are you getting that horrible feeling in your stomach that says - WE - ARE - SCREWED!

Do you need someone that has an amazing track record (not a diploma) without endless meetings and action lists?

I don't mind repeating these REAL NUMBERS …

  • New sales of £1,014,000
  • Turnover up by 233.7% in just 23-days
  • Business average bills UP by 586.3%
  • Specialist service up over 700%
  • Staff recruitment, management and issues solved in under 5-days
  • New business bursting with clients from opening day
  • Sales of specialist services from UP A MASSIVE 2750%
  • New customers UP by an INCREDIBLE 2633.3%

Just a handful of results this year - 2018 -  alone.

My partnership is the cheapest yet the biggest investment you will ever make in your business. I don't and have no interest in OK as the REAL verifiable numbers reveal above.

In fact, I had a client email me to tell me my numbers were fake. I called him and we spoke. I told him to speak to a client or two of mine. These clients were not in the same industry but for me that makes no difference because over 400 industries at all levels my results are phenomenal. He no longer thinks they are fake especially since he is now a client and seeing results for himself.

If you'd like the fine details of how we can build a faster and more successful model for your results we should talk.

Basic details are this and can only be confirmed with a conversation.

  • An advance payment.
  • A monthly payment
  • Bonuses based on results.

All in all your results will massively outweigh any investment you make into my advice, mentoring, guidance or services. How do I know this?

A Results Driven Track of Over Three Decades

Ready to talk about increasing your business success in days or weeks, not months and years?

Get me here right now and let's start a definitive conversation.

By the way … 99% of my client's problem I fix. Some faster than others but I fix them. In the highly unlikely event that I cannot help you or your business, I will make it very clear before we do anything.

That’s it.

If you are ready for a definitive, positive, highly charged moment lets get this first conversation out of the way and see where we can go.

By the way you'll thank me for this I guarantee it.

Yours In EXTREME BUSINESS results.

Alan Forrest Smith

Business Breakthrough Mentor

Ps check out this cool little video with a partner of mine... he's the guy shouting BASTARDS


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