Marketing That Actually Works


Marketing That Works

I think you missed last nights Skype Live and that's a real shame because it was futuristic and revealing to say the least.

It wasn't recorded.

I wanted to share with you some of the subjects covered and why I covered them.

First I went over the regular way business is being done. The way business is being taught. The way every marketer likes to do business. The routine, the rituals and the expected ways of doing business and marketing.

You know: - get a website, fill it with content, create products, do social media, work on SEO and hire copywriters or learn copywriting to persuade everyone and anyone to buy your stuff.

Here's shorter list of what I explained in detail... Marketing that works!

  • Knowledge
  • Websites
  • Content
  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Forums/Groups
  • Adwrods
  • Persuasion
  • Hard Copy
  • Breakthrough Marketing
  • THE USP Is Dead
  • And more

NONE of this is working anymore and I proved it using models, ideas and actual results I have been seeing picking pace each year. Even I felt pretty blown away with what was revealed and if you had seen call you'd feel the same.

Websites cannot work anymore unless you become a master of traffic. You cannot use SEO for traffic because SEO is a game that cannot be won. you cannot rely solely on Adwords because no one is clicking on Adwords And social media ... The biggest lie in marketing today!

Am I right?

I know am I but do you agree?

Here's the simple test.

Do you get results from the marketing that you are doing right now regardless of the level you are playing at? Be open and honest with your answer.

  • YES?
  • NO?

The past 3-years has seen dramatic changes in marketing.

Everything that used to work no longer works. Everything that never worked is working. Those that do no marketing have taken a new route into success. Those that are still clinging on to marketing as it was are struggling.

Last night I talked about a multi-million business that a hippy started from ground zero. He has done NO marketing yet each small shop in his business turns well over a million every year.

Again with NO marketing.

On last nights call I explained using that example and a very famous example of how.

Here are some of the bullets I went over.

  • Silent Attraction marketing
  • Artisan rules
  • Engagement but not as you know it
  • Conversation spill and fill
  • Multi-outlet countering
  • 4th Dimensional tapping
  • Star Rated
  • Journey path to purchase
  • Intuitive Trust
  • Partnership & Family
  • Creative Thoughts Becoming things
  • Ideas built on humanity
  • Distinctive distinction
  • And more

And these are the things - strategies and tactics that can transform your business or get your new business off-the-ground fast than ever before.

It was powerful stuff.

At the end I explained that my MENTOR would now take a new direction.

That direction includes all of the above and more.

It's smart.

It's creative and it has never been so powerful.

I wish you could have listened to the call I think you would have loved it.

By the way, all of what I was going over is tested and I have seen some incredible results.

So the new mentor page will be up and live very soon.

I'd love to help you make changes and push you into a more 21st century direction by creating with you marketing that actually works.

It's interesting for me that almost everything being sold today as an answer to building a business is failing businesses like yours.

How are your results?

Did you realise the marketing strategy being used are mostly based on a collection of ideas that were designed for first Radio in the 30s and then TV from the 50s forward?

I know they also use Twitter etc but those same pivotal strategies are still being used in almost every marketing mind today.


Working with myself can be the most changing experience your business can ever have.

  • Because you get the future now.
  • You get ideas now.
  • You get creativity now.
  • And most of what I deliver is always tested online until it works or fails. Once it works... we scale up.

I'm ready to help you get real results.

All you have to do is get in touch.

TEXT ME: 07793069486 with the word NOW and I will call you right back.

Before you get in touch please note: I do not offer free advice calls or I do not work with anyone that has no budget in place.

I am here right now.

TEXT ME: 07793069486 with the word NOW and I will call you right back.

Your Mentor

Alan Forrest Smith