Marketing Has Changed PT.1


Marketing Has Fundamentally Changed Forever

  • Most businesses don’t realise.
  • Most experts have no idea.
  • The same old stuff that has been advised, shared and used for decades will no longer work.
  • There are no rules anymore.
  • There is no one-system for all.
  • Wake up, make changes – big changes - or sink.

I started to notice changes maybe five years ago. They had been taking place long before then but it had become more than obvious then.

What was working was now no longer working. The old systems, the tricks, the techniques and the absolute fundamentals of marketing were no longer working where they used to always work.

The feedback from entrepreneurs like yourself supported that conclusion and awareness that massive changes had imperceptibly been sweeping through the world of business without the world of business taking notice.

Recently when asked a majority of those questioned replied that they didn’t trust marketing people. Marketing people had now adopted the role of the car salesman or they would do anything, say anything, promise anything and anything but deliver in their results. The results have become impossible for those that are simply selling car – selling – and have no real idea of what takes place during the process of buying.

Buying is a real process that includes so many invisible actions before any buyer arrives at you. The initial idea they have, the thought, the search, the mind process and many other things that take place before the buyer decides to buy from you. I’ll talk about that later on.

And recent years in the industry of marketing have been destroyed by the abuse of power handed to marketers where they have had the ability to blind people like you with what can appear like magic. The magic in fact is usually a simply process that hasn’t yet reached the eyes and minds of the mainstream. The marketer has simply read what to do in the instructions and is doing it. The main problem is the promise they present when doing such magical arts.


The problems for marketers go far deeper.

Here’s why.

Marketing assumes that buyers want to buy and yes they don want to buy. Persuasion has always been the force behind selling. TV is a great example of that as are some older adverts. Persuasion is a set standard of buying from the mind of the seller yet here is a reality check – you cannot force anyone into buying anything unless they want to buy. Persuasion will not force the cash from anyone and when it does – and sometimes it does – a refund request is asked.

I remember years ago my own brother coming back from Spain to announce he had done something stupid. He had signed up for what was then called a time-share apartment at £400 per month. This was clearly higher than his wages yet the experience of going through the time-share process persuaded him into buying. Thankfully the legal process was such that a refund of his deposit was eventually returned. And if the buyer does refund you can bet they’ll never be back again. I wonder how many people smile and say it seemed like a good idea at the time. The reality is it was never a good idea it was simply manipulation through persuasion.

Habits have gone through a huge overhaul. Now with the powerful of a smart phone we have selective and addictive thumbing over and past your marketing materials. I used to tell my clients they had 3-seconds to grab a client via their computer screen. Today I doubt if you have one second.

The addiction is huge. You’ve seen people everywhere walking around, sitting down, on public transport and even with a lover with their faces fixed firmly on the screen before them. It’s like a scene from s zombie movie. Some marketers see this as marketing nirvana after all if they stare at the screen you can gently slip an advert passed them and they will click on it. No and here is why. Addicts are conscious of nothing whilst being conscious of what serves them in the way they see service in that moment. Addicts also have selective choice playing its part like all viewers have that choice. It is anything but a marketers dream. The addicts can be so tuned in or so zoned out he selling opportunities is very few.

And those that are just thumbers, they scroll left or right or up or down or anyway the screen will go. In that moment the only action they care about is that they are taking an action with little reason with their thumbs. Today in my coffee shop a guy stands in front of me. He takes out his phone, opens the screen hovers his thumb above a small panel and does nothing but put his phone back into his pocket. Eventually he touches a panel. Facebook, email or whatever, he thumbs very quickly through everything without seeing anything and eventually stops. He repeats the same process until his coffee is ready. Once he picks up his coffee before he walks to the chair to sit he opens his phone so he is thumbing as he walks.

In the coffee shop itself I would guess around 70% in here right now are staring at a screen. All addicts or thumbers! Either way do you think marketing to minds that have their minds on something or nothing is a workable idea?

You’ll say no yet marketing men are still pushing the idea that these are perfect people to sell to. They’re not.

Another things with Thumbers is this – they are extremely protective of their digital space. They don’t want to be invaded with ads in what they feel is private and their own place. Their place is their screen in front of their eyes. This is their place where no one else is allowed. It can feel private almost secret. The last thing they want is what marketing men can advise which is to hit them in their pocket directly into their smart phones.

We have to remember people aren’t stupid and can see right through it when they are being treated as stupid.

The old way of marketing could get away with treating people as stupid and to be sold to yet those were the days of the uninformed. Now people are smart as their phones suggest and have been made smarted by the huge volume of instant education online.

If you want to sell more there is a new way to di it and it is nothing like the old way. Marketing as you might know it is dead. I believe there are things coming that will make anyone in the marketing service industry almost extinct yet the marketing industry will have you thinking others for – as long as they can.

There are huge changes coming yet there are huge changes already here. I’ll go through more in Part 2.

Want better advice? Need more edge? Need to be guided? Demand more conversions? There is nothing like MENTOR when ‘just OK” is no longer ok.

Pt. 2 coming.

Alan Forrest Smith


Does Marketing Still Work?

The old rules of marketing are absolutely dead.

Recently I have been mentoring a company that has had a very common problem I keep seeing and you might be experiencing.

They have and had invested more than enough in their business.

  • Their website.
  • The campaigns.
  • Their social media.
  • Their desired results.

Sadly - They had no sales on well over a year.

I wasn’t surprised because over the past few years I am seeing a really strong repeated pattern and it is this.

  • Build a website.
  • Start a simple Adwords campaign
  • Hire a social media company to handle that side of things.
  • Invest in SEO.
  • With no or almost no results.

Why is this?

First, the days of the website being the only source for your sales are dead. Multiple channels need to be in place to create maximum output for your business. This includes offline.

Second ask yourself this - when is the last time your clicked on a sponsored ad in relation to a organic ad? Personally I am not sure why but I don’t click on sponsored ads and lets face it - battling for decent space on Adwords is a pitch to say the least!

Third likes and shares DO NOT MEAN sales. When social media is done properly it can work yet seeing social media done authentically and organically is so rare but will only work when done this way. Simply posting content and links is a recipe for fail and the numbers support that!

SEO is a science yet so unscientific it just isn’t true. Two weeks ago I accidentally put a clients page to position 5 on Google for hugely sought after key phrase.


That’s the problem … We do the basic things on SEO and no more. No endless backlinks etc yet is still appeared on page 1. position 5. In other words SEO described as a science can be a lot of trial and error that can take literally years.

And the bigger problem for you is this.

Do you have years to hope that results will drip in?

So why is this happening and why is it on the increase?

When I started my marketing adventures in 1989 reaching customers was easy when you knew how.

In the late 90s when digital arrived - before Google it was still pretty easy to dominate Yahoo and AltaVista and then later Google.

When Social Media really started to take off mid—late 2000s again it was easy to do organically as it was new and novelty.

The bigger problem though for you is this.

There is a new wave of experts that have no expertise in marketing or understanding real marketing.

Marketing itself is just a label  to capture an action.

Marketing is actually as simple as this.

Selling your stuff to people that are ready to buy.

That’s really it.

You cannot persuade anyone to buy anything they don’t want and if you do you can guarantee they’ll be bringing it back under the table ‘buyers remorse’ or what I call the wake up moment that they were persuaded to buy something they just didn’t need.

And there is this.

It is 2017  - everything has changed.

  • The custom life has arrived.
  • Trust is a buyers issue.
  • Referral and ratings are King.
  • The artisan is back.
  • No believes you is set to default.
  • There is more.

Differences are dead.

Distinction is here.

Distinct is perceptive, perceptive is intuitive intuitive is another dimension that has been created through the new share experience.

In other words.

If you are no longer getting the results you want, need, and demand you need to rethink everything.

Yes direct marketing will still work but only in a 2017 transformed way.

Old persuasive marketing for your business is dead and if you have read this far - you get it.

So what do you do to make changes?

Here is how I change my own clients results and some simple things you can do.

First is stop everything. There is no point investing time, money, and people hours into what isn’t working.

Next research the buyers mind. This takes time and energy but is worth every moment.

Then look at trends, buying patterns and habits.

Find out the path taken from your customer until the moment they buy from you. That means from the second they discover you until the second the click the order button.

Then find out where the buyers are online or offline and get your product or service in front of them.

Create test campaigns to measure and track conversions.

Once the testing is over create a careful strategy and tactics to relaunch your campaigns.

And never ever forget…

Every right or wrong word makes a difference.

Every right or wrong image makes a difference.

Look at this…


Headline 1. 3 sales

Headline 2. 73-sales

Image 1. 4 clicks

Image 2. 200 plus clicks


Now …

This takes time and energy and one problem you might face is lazy marketers that want to do what they know and that is usually the quick, click and go route that so many SEO and S.M experts take. I have news for you - that is proven to fail as you are probably experiencing right now.

If you want your business to work.

If you take your results serious.

If you need up-to-the-minute advice - what works in 2017.

If you need an expert that will tell you exactly how it is.

If you are in business for the long run.

And listen to this.

If you like the idea of everything being tested until it works and then appearing in the biggest and best national newspapers and magazines online for pennies … we should speak.

As I type most of our clients brands are appearing in most supported major online outlets that experience millions of visitors daily.

That above is powerful - that is significant and that is what is also delivering real results.

Now …

I only work with clients that want results and that take their businesse seriously.

Is that you?

If you have no need to create new informed marketing that actually cuts out the crap and delivers results please delete this email.

If you want more buyers, more sales and more results you know where I am.

By the way everything I am writing about above took one failed online project from 2.5 years of nothing and struggle (being supported by his other business) to sales of over £300,000 every month.

We didn’t do that doing what everyone else is doing.

Lets talk.

Text: 00 44 (0) 7793069486 for an instant call back.

Alan Forrest Smith

Direct Marketing Results - Five Case Studies


Does Your Marketing Work?

In a world that is pretending marketing is very complicated, you might like the simplified strategies and results you are about to read.

Here are ...

First I have started to post easy to watch and quick videos on the Orange Beetle Facebook page as well as unique content. Stay connected here.

So ... Five Recent Projects - Five Different businesses - Five Different budgets - ONE shared goal: ... Maximum conversion, maximum sales, maximum results.


These are all businesses we are involved with over the past 12-months or so.

We chose these to share for two reasons.

  1. All had limited budgets.
  2. All were extremely time pushed.

Thi is a small selection to show variety.

  1.  Art Gallery
  2. Solicitors
  3. Hair and Beauty
  4. Art and Craft
  5. Private Catering
  6. All 5 businesses were sales online!

1. Art Gallery project: No bookings to full house

Objective/Goal: Promote and pack out the gallery event for a contemporary artist with maximum guest attendance.

  • Project Budget: £LOW
  • Deadline: 10 days (as in little over one week)

Result prior to Orange Beetle breakthrough conversion: 4 registered guests

Results AFTER: Over 147 registered attendees (well over 500 actually turned up on the day), full-house, and the maximum guest attendance.

Promoted and maximized conversions through just 4 different simplified tactics.

2. Solicitor project: No leads to over 300 leads a month

Objective/Goal: Dominate the niche market and work the way up towards 100 leads a month

  • Project Budget: Starting budget £MEDIUM
  • Deadline: Ongoing

Result prior to Orange Beetle breakthrough conversion: Zero - a new service with failed website launch and Zero leads.

Results AFTER: Starting leads 3-5 to over 300 monthly leads with 49.2% tactics. (each lead is worth over £3,000)

Promoted and maximized conversions through just two platforms.

3. Hair and Beauty project: Flatlined to 82 new leads a month

Objective/Goal: 30 monthly new lead generation sale and 2% upsell conversion

  • Project Budget: £LOW
  • Deadline: Ongoing

Result prior to Orange Beetle breakthrough conversion: Dormant business and flat sales with near zero new leads

Results AFTER: 82 new leads sales with 8% upsell conversion

Promoted and maximized conversions through 15 Different tactics.

4. Arts and Craft project (brand new and still in progress): Zero sales in over a year to sales 24-hours after we took on their project

Objective/Goal: One replicable sale to work the way up to a consistent sales flow

  • Project Budget: £MEDIUM-HIGH
  • Deadline: Ongoing

Result prior to Orange Beetle breakthrough conversion: Zero sales, failed SEO and website

Results AFTER: Day one - first sales order placed, followed by 10 sales orders and sales enquiries over the following 8 weeks and growing!

Promoted and maximized conversions through 4 primary platforms extending through 29 additional tactics and growing so far!

5. Private Catering project - No bookings to 5000

Objective/Goal: Promote and pack out the food market stall event with maximum guest attendance.

  • Project Budget: £ZERO --- True!
  • Deadline: 3 weeks

Result prior to Orange Beetle breakthrough conversion: Zero guests booked in

Results AFTER: Full house and 100% sold out meals or stock with over 5000 passing through the doors on the day. INCREDIBLE!

Promoted and maximized conversions through ONE single tactic and platform

And The Point Is?

So-called marketing experts being asked for help and guidance yet taking massive risks with businesses like yours. The mantra is always the same ... rebrand - clicks - like and followers with no mention of sales. shocking!

The first thing I ask my client is this...

"What financial number would you be happy hitting?"

Then we build the whole campaign around that number. only once that number is hit to we move forward but honestly if I don't think it is possible I will say. I will not take a risk with your business.

Not clicks, not likes, not visitors but real buyers and real customers, after all, that is the blood of your business, not just a great website.

And you saw the power of simple strategies above. The catering company DO NOT even have a website and refuse to post updates online yet we still sent 5000 through their door at the weekend.

Direct response marketing is called that because if it isn't direct you will fail to hit your customers.

If you are stuck doing the same old thing or are feeling like your guys are delivering the same old nothing results we should talk as a matter of urgency.

  • If you text me right now I will reply within 30-minutes.
  • Text: 07793069486 UK - outside UK 00 44 7793069486
  • Or Skype me on orangebeetle

WARNING: I do not offer a FREE advisory service - this is strictly for businesses that value their time and their results. There are over 200 pages and downloads for free on my website if you need free.

Now don't forget to stay connected on Facebook because I post video and a few other things there I think will help you. See link below.

Here's to your higher response results

Alan Forrest Smith, 32 Years Of Frontline Direct Marketing Under My Belt

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AND - My highest demand breakthrough services

BREAKTHROUGH (One client £35k one week later)

CAMPAIGN FIXER (Over 5000 passing trade in days)

MENTOR (start-up to £7 million)

Notes 10/03/17


Alan's Notes from the Coffee Shop

Opposite me right now are two banks. One is HSBC – now closed. The other is Nat West – Closing. Just down the street around 100 meters away is a large Barclays bank – closing. In the opposite direction around 200 meters is yet another bank I cannot remember – closed!

Now I don’t know about you but it’s years since I walked into a bank yet in the town nearby they have built a huge Barclays bank and probably spent a fortune doing so.  When I walk past the only people you see in there are those using the three cash machines at the door.There is a lesson here – hold on.

There is a lesson here but hold on.

A new client I am working with has spent a tonne of time (over a year) and a lot of cash (tens of thousands) investing into good advice for his business. That advice has cost him heavily as in the advice never brought in a single penny from that advice yet until we met he continued to listen to that advice.

So as I am drinking my morning coffee I was just thinking about how we all resist change - that includes banks. The reason I say we resist is because I have worked inside a lot of businesses at a lot of levels and I am yet to meet one business owner that they or their team do not fight changes.

Why do we fight changes that could improve our business?

Change is never as simple as it sounds. When a change is made you go much deeper and challenge the mind. Your mind and even the mind of your customer. That means previous thoughts of what will and won’t work are being challenged and confronted. Your belief in something is being challenged. That also means some of those old ways have to be now seen as dead or no longer working. Yet the mind resists making changes because change is a tougher route where doing the same old thing is easy.

And giving advice is easy because easy advice is easy to listen to. Giving good advice is like tough love it can hurt to hear it yet once heard and accepted that change is usually for the better.

Back to the banks and businesses then. Recently I consulted and advised a business. In just 30-minutes I wiped off and saved them £100,000 in costs. It was easy. The waste was huge. The experimental marketing was out of control. The time lost on a daily basis was massive. Their previous advice was honestly just bad!

Can you imagine how much Banks would save and slash on costs if they took good advice? How about your business? I worked with a client hat had a wages bill of £230,000 a year on the marketing team only yet the team had delivered as good as zero results when I went in. Insane right. Just a thought!

B.T. British Telecoms.

When we decided to move our office back home we wanted to bring our office number back with us. Sounds reasonable right? Not with B.T.

Not only did we end up with our telephone number back at our home address we ended up with – 3 Web hubs being delivered, three new numbers plus our home number so four in total and also a B.T. Cloud phone system we never ordered.

Telling you this is the easy bit.

On the fourth phone call to B.T. to try and sort their mess out my wife called them at 9:40am and stayed on the phone until 11:50am when the eighth person mysteriously got cut off and never called back.

Each of the eight that took over the call started with the same script…


Account number?

What can I help you with?

How incredibly amateurish and annoying of B.T.

I had been meeting a client so when I got back at around 1pm Tamuna had red eyes and grabbed me for a big hug. She had been reduced to tears by a bunch of untrained staff that could not get outside the script.

Finally, I posted on Twitter a complaint or two. Within minutes Kevin an Irish guy from BT called me and asked told me everything would be fixed by himself and himself only. He made a promise that all the numbers and accounts would be closed apart from the one account. That was Wednesday at 2:08pm. It’s Friday 11:00am and I haven’t heard back so let's see.

The lessons above are huge but nothing new. B.T. in my experience has had very bad service as far back as I can remember. The monopoly has provided the men at the top with huge wages and enough endless investment to employ telesales teams that have one thing in mind – the sale and not the customer.

Like the Banks, they are also victims of bad advice, advice about what the customer really wants and delivering what the customer really wants. And if you have dealt with B.T. you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Friday lesson.

The biggest mistakes I have seen in any business is being focused on the sale and pretending they know everything so take their own inexperienced advice. It’s a huge mistake because you cannot force anyone to buy anything unless you confuse him or her so much (and some do) that the customer simply agrees to sign up. The problem is one the sign up is done someone else (eight people) has to then try and resolve this issue. And let's be honest - how can you expertly advise yourself when you are not an expert?

Here’s the other thing – B.T. eight people all need to be paid a wage. An infrastructure also needs to be put in place to make sure everything is as it should be.

And in times where the web has created a very simple login and 1,2,3 click systems the days of hard sell manipulation is over.

So you change and focus on the customer needs or you close like the banks have above.

It’s not rocket science, is it?

I mean – really!

Hale where we live

One thing I love about living in Hale Cheshire is this. Our diversity is huge. We have people of every colour and every language here. While the world might appear to be closing in on itself the reality is it isn’t Hale is one place out of many where nobody cares or even notices about colour, religion or languages.

Hale is also what I call a 2nd life village. You do get a feeling here that the population has seen more than it’s fair share of divorce. The effect of that is it has created a very strong environment for those that want to resurrect themselves and live amongst a thriving energetic town.

I love it. I love yoga here. I love the gym here. I love the breakfast here. I love the coffee here. I love the whole package. And of course, we have the famous (apart from myself of course). Roy Keene the Irish football player is sitting behind me this morning. Part of the cast of England’s most famous soap opera are always in the coffee shop. Actor Christopher Eccleston is over there. I could go on.

It is important that regardless of how you live your life you are in an environment where you thrive.


I’m just swiping through my phone and reading something about TRUMP. I bought his Art of the Deal years ago. Part of the businessman in me wanted him to do well yet seeing him in power also made me realise the rules of business and the rules of global politics is very different. A major tantrum in his Trump tower might cause fallout for some but only those connected to what he does. A major fallout in the Whitehouse can very easily take the world to the brink.

My gut is telling me we are going to see some hugely major mistakes with this guy that could affect a lot of people. I hope not but I think so. Let's see.

Anyway, our coffee is done it’s time to head back to my office.



Probably The Most Powerful MENTOR Program For Real Lasting Business Change

Business Mentor How To Choose


How To Choose The Best Business Mentor For You

How the hell do you choose a proven reliable mentor in a world where so many now claim to be experts?

Type the word MENTOR into Google and see what it brings up? On my Google right now it returns over 162,000,000 (that’s million) returns. I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t have time to sit and go through them until I find the right person.

The other problem searching like this is who is actually telling the truth? The past 10-years or so we have been swept up in an information age where information is no longer from the source but rather 3rd 4th or even 10th hand! Would you rather have genuine Nike shoes or cheap copies? I know you’ll understand exactly what I mean.

Now the truth - So much talk about fake news these days yet it does have a validity and does affect your choice of mentor. The big problem online is the ability to copy, the ability to look like a million dollars cheaply and the unaccountability of what is written on web pages. In other words, anyone can say almost anything they like and look, as they like with ZERO experience of their subject.

That’s dangerous and I will tell you why. In my past 32-years in business and over the past couple of decades since the advent of the web I have seen more than one or two businesses going bust due to bad advice and frankly outrageous mentoring and business mentors. And when I say out of business I mean as far as losing homes and wives! All because the mentor made claims that simply weren’t true.

And I want to share this with you. I have discovered and learn more from actual EXPERIENCE in doing business day to day than I have from reading any book and speaking to anyone. The only downside of doing it this way is it is a much longer route to success.

The big problem with a business mentor is this…

  • Anyone can set up a website and say they are a MENTOR.
  • Anyone can log onto huge mentor websites and register himself or herself as a MENTOR.
  • Anyone can stand on a stage and proclaim they are an expert MENTOR.

And as someone that has worked very full-on in the world of writing powerful and hugely successful copy for clients even this world is now heavily tainted with new copywriters that put more focus on creating a course before they focus on winning highly paying clients and serving those clients well.

So as you can see, working with mentors that fit isn’t easy and has never been as hard as it is these days.

There’s nothing new about mentoring.

It’s interesting how the world has changed. I think it's an accurate guess to say most people wouldn’t dream of having a mentor yet mentoring is as old as man himself.

In ancient times once a young man (or woman) was coming into their adult life. They were never sent out with a trial and error approach to things. No, they were had been mentored either by village elders or family member or parents.

Recently I watched an isolated tribe in Peru. The old guy talked about his son going away at 15-years old. The interviewer asked the tribesman this question and it was this.

“What if he doesn’t come back?”

The elder replied, “He isn’t a man”

In other words, the tribe mentored their young from a very small age right up into the age of 15-years old and then they would be sent away with no clothes and just a spear to come back as a man – if he survived! (This was from a documentary in 2017).

You can see how important it was for the tribe to teach the young men how to grow and develop. Clearly, they wanted their boys to return as men and wanted no harm to come to them. They were shown all the important things that will help them to be strong, safer and happier faster so they could return.

They didn’t teach from a manual. They didn’t teach from 2nd 3rd or 8th hand. They taught from something that is priceless when it works and in this case life and death – they taught, shared and mentored from real life experience!

That is how seriously the mentoring was taken.

Even I had some mentors. At the age of fifteen years, I wanted to start my own punk band. I copied the Sex Pistols and the Clash. I did what they did and formed my own band with relative success in the North West of England. Unfortunately, I never had the same success.

In my first job as a landscape gardener, I was put with a man named Norman. He told me to stick close by and do what he did or do what I was told. The reason was obvious – so I could learn fast from someone with 27-years real-life experience. As a young man in the workplace not only did he share a lot of the job he shared a lot of high value with me about life itself and I appreciated him.

Then as a trainee hairdresser, I quickly found out that most hairdressers simply weren’t good enough for what I wanted to do. Everything was the same and I wanted to do things different. So I did a pre-web search and eventually found and bought everything and anything I could about Vidal Sassoon and a very young hairdresser named Anthony Mascolo (Toni & guy). I devoured and listened to what they had written in their books. This type of mentoring fast-tracked me into my hairdressing career.

I finally became a hair and beauty salon owner with three very busy salons. I had to create marketing and advertising for them. It was very average and very much the same as what everyone was doing. The results did show. Again I looked to be guided by someone with experience. I discovered a guy named Leslie Spears. He had created a salon owners organisation named 365 Hair. What I learned from them literally quadrupled my salon business over the following years.

Although I was creating marketing and advertising for my own businesses I accidently discovered I could actually get paid to write words. A client asked me to write some letters for his accounting business. I copied a series of reminder and thank you letters I used for my salons. All were single sheet A4 letters. In total the time took me just one hour or so to create for him. When he came to pick up the letters we never agreed a fee of any sort. He was happy and simply handed me an envelope. In the envelope he handed me was £1,500. I had been hairdressing almost 20-years so this felt like a good way to move into something new but I knew zero about.

My business mentor for the advertising business

I decided I needed to learn from the best to fast track me. I had been a fan of Jay Conrad Levinson, Jay Abraham and Michel Le Bouef but really I wasn’t a big reader and I needed someone that could also teach me the business of doing this new business.

I eventually discovered the master and godfather of modern advertising, David Ogilvy in books. The initial books I bought that I paid just £5-10 for on eBay were to make me literally hundreds of thousands in payments and then the effect on my client's sales went into sales that created literally million upon millions in sales. All from my £5-10 mentoring book from David Ogilvy.

Today I have shelves of books by Leo Tolstoy and Fyodor Dostoevsky. I read and get hold of anything I can buy them because I aim to be a great author and for me to do that I can only do that learning from the very best.

“Better a dead genius than a living fool” I believe this to be true.

So whomever I mentor with I have a very firm vision for my personal outcomes. I know exactly what I want to achieve and I know exactly how I need to achieve it before I get hold of my mentor be they dead or alive. I always try and go all the way back to the reliable source rather than a copy.

As you can see from a very personal perspective mentoring is hugely useful and the very best way to progress forward fast and safe in your business.

So the real question is how do you choose a business mentor for yourself?

It’s easier than you think but only if you know what you need. Notice I said need… NOT WANT. What you want and what you need are two very different things. So work out exactly what you need and then the mentor usually appears somehow but you should be willing to do some research and digging to find the right mentor for you.

So let's make this really easy for you.

  1. What to you need?
  2. Why do you need it?
  3. What is the perfect outcome for you?
  4. Do you need a specialist?
  5. How will you measure the outcome?
  6. What is a fair exchange price
  7. Is the fee relative to the return on your investment
  8. Can you see any risk?
  9. Are you doing this for the right reasons?

WARNING: Over all my years rarely have I seen mentoring work for any ‘get rich quick’ scheme. The only person I have seen getting rich are those that sell this garbage.

Very recently I was asked but a guy that had bought into a scheme. Up until that point, he had spent over £12,000 in savings to be part of the scheme. This scheme is very well known and the guy that runs the scheme is very rich (on the surface).

I was paid a handsome fee to look through everything he had paid for simply to offer an opinion. He wanted to know is it good or bad in my opinion.

After a careful and honest review on the videos, online educational etc I found out that quite a bit of the materials had been banned from Google and YouTube yet they were still instructing the buyers to do just this to get riches fast!

After I went through everything I wrote the conclusion to my clients and told him to stop everything right now and ask for a full 100% refund. He finally got his refund but only after threatening legal action.

The client admitted he had done this for one reason only – to get rich quick. Now there is nothing wrong with riches but again in my experience doing anything for money only rarely works.

£12,000 wasn’t his real loss (although he got it back). His real loss was the hour after hour, day after day, month after month and well over a year he had spent trying to make this proven to fail yet sold as a promise system work. Time sint money – time is life and what a waste of life when you take the wrong route by deception mentoring.

Another example: a couple of years ago I wanted to know one tiny trick that would increase my average income but in a very specialized area. I searched for who was doing what I wanted to do. Once I found the specialist I then searched him out to see if I could buy that fast-track secret from him. I contacted him through his website and he agreed to share the secrets with me for - $5,000 – for one hour. Would you have paid that for a chat? How would you feel paying that only to discover you are already doing the secret yourself but it just needed a slight tweak to perfect it? Would you feel cheated?

I paid because I knew the return would be more than what I paid. That one bit of information that took around five minutes maximum to share with me but it was priceless and made me tens of thousands from the simple changes I made. Not only had I paid $5,000 for it but also the returns have been immeasurable in financial terms.

So at this stage ask some questions about your choice of business mentor

  • Will a mentor help you to get from where you are right now to where you really need to be?
  • Will a mentor give you the skills and information required to make this change?
  • Will a mentor have the ability based on experience to help you through and make needed changes when needed?
  • Your R.O.I.: It was worth every penny (does the investment although feel large actually become small in relation to your investment?).
  • Your Needs: So know what you need (is it something you simply can’t work out yourself or don’t have the time to and want to know in a second how to do it).
  • Why: Know why you need it (what is the reason you need this information and you should be specific?).
  • Your Outcome: Think about the perfect outcome for yourself (will this mentor be able to help you get an outcome that you can see clearly and perfect in your mind's eye?).
  • Life and Time: Think about how you measure your result (money isn’t the perfect measure of anything but a good nights sleep and a smile is so think about how to measure it. I usually invest in a mentor for a financial return so that’s how I measure in the case of my business).

How do you know if a mentor is a good fit for you?

The next thing you need to think about is a mentor that actually suits you. Some mentors will drive you crazy and some mentors will be just perfect for you and others of course, will simply be an absolute waste of your time. Try to get to know as much about them as you possibly can and see if it is a match for you. Read everything you can online that is available. Don’t forget whoever you look at there are always bad reviews as well as the good so take a balanced approach to this.

One thing I would always do is request to them for a free 20-30 minute chat before you commit. The other thing you should do is request to them for testimonials or to speak to previous customers of your new mentor. Don’t be nervous about doing this, mentors are used to it but they are all different. Try and get a feel for them over the phone or Skype.

  • Do you like them as people?
  • Do you like how they sound – genuine tone?
  • Can they give you answers to your questions or do they work around the answers?
  • Do they have a good history of doing rather than teaching business or the skills you need?
  • Are they respected those that know them?
  • Can you risk your investment into them?

For example: With my business mentor I don’t offer a money-back-guarantee I only offer 32-years of front-line and MENTOR experience.

Yet some will offer a guarantee that can sound a bit like this –

‘It’s never been so easy - make £50,000 in the first year or your money back’.

Who would you trust? What sounds most realistic?

I like my mentor clients to come to my home, eat out in high places and share details and information that is working and has worked p everything.

Yet most other mentors would never dream of letting you into their home. I give all my students my personal cellphone whilst other mentors will only give an office phone in office hours.

This might work for you but you must decide what you want from a business mentor?

So in other words, you really need to know what will fit your needs for the very best. What I offer might be the worst thing for you and vice-versa. Just try and find the right fit so it feels good and works well.

One note for you here is this; if it feels like it isn’t working just move on quickly and find the right person. Time is something you cannot recover so make sure you use your time wisely and again measure the results you need.

Paying a mentor – how do you work out if its value?

I believe in value exchange.

Simply this means that if you paid $5000 for a mentor what would you feel would be a good exchange in return for that $5000?

I would sit down and work out my returns.

In other words …

  • What do I want from this investment?
  • Would I get my investment back?
  • How long would it take to get it back?
  • How much more than my investment would I get back?
  • If I invest $5000 what is my projected return that I would actually be happy with?

For some, they will invest into a mentor for a lifetime of skills wrapped up into a fast track teaching method. For others, they want a return over five years. For others again they simply want to make lifestyle changes and need new skills to help them push through faster.

So I would sit with a pad and pen and work it out. My estimate would be to get at least four times my investment back over time but I would make sure I knew that I would get my investment back right away. When I say right away I would always work out how to do that and make that really happen that I get my investment back relatively quickly.

So you need to do the math here. A mentor should never be a risk. The risk is only when you fail to do your math and homework.

  • Work out your numbers
  • Be realistic on your outcome
  • Make sure it’s a reasonable investment not just a lump of cash spent

For example, I worked with a client that was spending literally £25,000 a month on direct mail. In real a terms for what his company was doing that isn’t a lot of cash yet it’s a huge amount of cash if the returns were zero and they were zero.

They paid me to mentor or fast track them through the process and look at what they were doing wrong. They spent a good amount on their mentoring but the question is it a good investment for them?

One the first day we met I slashed their direct mail bill by around 24,500 mailers. So right away they got their investment back from business mentor. The first campaign I took them through which included copy, design, and packaging for the mailer sold a record £1.2 million in cars from just a few hundred mailers rather than the 25,000 they had been sending before.

Was it worth their investment?

Another young guy from Australia decided to mentor with me. Not only did he fly from Sydney to train with me he borrowed $25,000 from his mother to make it happen. Something incredible happened in that not only did he take orders for over $90,000 in under 12-weeks but today over 12 years later he is still making a good living and great life with his initial investment.

When thinking about your new mentor simply ask yourself will it be worth your investment of cash and of course your valuable time. Bear in mind you may not get back your investment in days – it might be years – but that might be natural. Just think about what is best for you and then the return for you.

Some things I would be very careful of from a mentor

  • Big promises that are hard to believe
  • Results that sound ridiculous
  • Actual numbers and results you will get
  • Instant results for minimum effort
  • Cheap mentors (you pay for what you get)
  • Mentors with no business experience (I would never allow a surgeon to operate if I was his first would you?)
  • A mentor that gives you the hard sell. (To them you are simply a number)

For example some years ago when I was speaking at more business events it was an absolute priority for the promoter that you had to sell as many places into your mentoring as possible. If you failed to do so you would never be asked to speak again. That’s not good for a speaker that loves to speak.

It was almost comical to listen to some speakers in the back room planning away from the audiences, trying making up and practicing every line and every phrase to be supported by NLP and other doubtful practices just to get a sale. They would never refuse a customer – money was always the number one driving force.

In other words, sign up and see what happens. As a side note be careful of signing up for any mentor package from a stage. It is all too easy to get wrapped up in the powerful pitch, the strong slides, and amazing speakers and of course the emotions of the crowd. Tread very careful.

If a mentor doesn’t interview you before anything starts I doubt they will be right for you. I interview ALL my applicants before we work together and have no problem saying no to some applicants for reasons such as they may not be right for me and I might not be right for them

How to choose your mentor

So in a nutshell, the business mentor has to be in line with what you already have in mind. If you need to sell cars or want to be a hairdresser well there is no point getting mentored by someone that has zero experience in either. Be wise in your choice.

You cannot buy experience. How can you pay for what anyone can learn over twenty or thirty years? Does the mentor you work with have genuine experience in business, on the front lines of business or are they simply pitching a manual or a course to you?

Mentoring in business isn’t simply about a system or a way of doing things. It can be about understanding people, understanding the buyer's process, understanding triggers and other important parts of making progress forward.

It can also be that you need a mentor to help you with small daily decisions, large monthly decisions because they have been there they understand the processes and can reduce your risk dramatically.

For me, it is always interesting to see say a marketing director of a company with NO business experience being given the reigns to the marketing or – THE FUTURE – of a company. That is what you call very high-risk strategy.

A mentor for whatever reason you need a mentor should reduce risk, increase the speed of your goals, help to navigate you through the process much faster and have the ability to pass over skills for life that can be used tome and time again.

I have to finish say in my 32-years in business, in my two decades of mentoring and in my multi-million-pound sales experience I have rarely seen mentors with no real life experience deliver real life experience.

So finally…

  • Do your homework properly and take your time
  • Know what you want from your mentor
  • Know your outcome for yourself
  • Choose your mentor very carefully

I hope this has helped.

Help and Advice?

You can find me at

I really hope this short, sharp and to the point report has helped and guided you into more success.

In your service

Building Business Since 1985 – Mentoring Since 1998 – Sales Going Into The Millions - Master Mentor Strategist To Start-Ups To Listed Companies

Alan Forrest Smith


Skype: orangebeetle

Some useful questions you really must ask yourself and write before hiring a mentor.


Have I chosen the right mentor and why?



What is it I admire about this mentor that makes me want to work with him or her?



Have I seen enough real proof?



Do they seem driven to serve me or take my fee?



What is it I expect from my mentor?



What problems do I need solved?



What kind of result would I be looking for?



What are the details I need to be fast-tracked on?



Am I willing to take advice from a stranger?



Will I run with what is suggested?



Have I worked out the ROI from my investment with my mentor?


Most important – Does it FEEL right?




Transition Mentor & Partner Program



I am looking for serious business partners I can mentor for higher response results for a year and beyond.

This means I  will do everything in my 32-years of proven direct marketing experience, acclaim, results and power to build your business as a mentor and as a partner in our future profits. Of course a deposit and a contract is necessary - this is not a free ride.

Here is what I know: The smallest attention to detail in marketing can deliver just massive results. I've seen it, I've done it and I will do just this for you - IF you are ready!

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  • Turn your ideas into reality - kill the struggle and frustration fast
  • Transition from where you are now to where you need to be - evolve!

There’s never been a more important time in history to take control of your life.

There are things we can control and cannot control.

  • BREXIT – we cannot control
  • ECONOMIES – we cannot control
  • TRUMPLAND – we cannot control
  • RISE OF POPULISM – we cannot control
  • TAXES – we cannot control
  • REDUNDANCY – we cannot control
  • RETIREMENT – we cannot control
  • DEATH – we cannot control

And frankly the reality is you have no idea if your job will be around next week despite the appearance of all being well at work.

And there’s the other stuff about jobs (even if your self employed)).

Having to be there at certain times – that horrible drive or commute everyday!

Having to leave at a certain time – back to the horrible drive and commute.

The lack ability to earn no more than your employer willing to pay you per hour.

Fixed holidays every years and even having to work when the last thing you want to do is work!

How To Safely Transition Into More Of What You Want

Further on this page I am going to show you how to replace your income, transition into a life that gives back to you rather than take from you and how to create as many income streams as you like.

First, let me explain a little of why you should listen to me.

I am writing to you from the village I live in. The village is Hale in Cheshire, listed as one of the richest areas in the UK. I live a good life my wife; we have more than everything we need and live in a large penthouse apartment where our neighbors are the rich and famous seen on TV or in the Premier league (football). Today as I write they are filming a new movie in the street as a follow-up to the movie Snatch.

We have homes abroad in The Republic of Georgia and travel to them regular as well as rent them out on Airbnb. We also have a couple niche businesses one of which is in the salon industry that is one of the biggest in its field ( that has a steady income on autopilot. Life is good life is very good. Our car is paid for cash although we don’t drive a lot. We eat out every single day and drink a lot of coffee.

Now I am not telling you this to show-off I am telling you because that is exactly how it is.

It wasn’t always like that – My background I think you will relate to.

Building a Business - Building a Life

I have been self-employed since 1985. I hated taking orders so I constantly got fired. It was the very best thing that ever happened to me.

I tried a few things and opened three brick and mortar shops in Cheshire, England. They all went really well despite the startup hiccups.

In 1996 I started to hear about the Internet and doing business online. I was interested and I thought about it as a possible marketing tool for my business. I did thousands of direct mail in those days so this seemed like a good option to send email. The problem I had was no one had an email address then so it was slow. So that same year I built my first website using Microsoft Front Page with a tech guy I knew called Andrew who had a lot of teeth missing!

By 1997 I had a crazy and slightly obsessive idea that I could create a new life from the web selling stuff or services or something. I wasn’t sure but I thought I could use it somehow maybe to even mail salon products. The problem I had then was mailing them cost more than the actual bottle of hair product.

The first thing I sold was a Nintendo computer game and then another and another. Now that wasn’t going to change my life because I was making really good money from my three hairdressing salons. However it taught me that I could actually sell things online and maybe create a business from it. I actually wanted out of the salon business due to a very painful disc and back problem so this felt like good idea.

Around 1998 I got a new home computer with an early version of Windows. It seemed easy to use but dial-up was painful and the thought of video, audio or even images online was incredibly slow if possible at all.

I had this idea. So I set up a new website a new venture and a new business around my new idea. It was a website aimed at the salon industry that I still have named

Another Transition

I felt after 17 years owning a salon and solving all the salon problems that were thrown at me I could become a salon consultant.  Now it took me around 18-months to sell the very first thing from that website but I had to learn everything myself so it was slow. I was building a house and had four young kids at the time and of course my three salons. Every minute of everyday was busy.

By 2002 I was seen as a real expert in the salon industry because of my salon business website. I was also selling between 10-15 ebooks everyday at around $197 each. I was also offered a column in a national magazine which I accepted and wrote in for over two years and also flown over to the USSR to share my expertise to over 1000 hair and beauty salon business owners. I was also invited to Japan and many other places whilst being chased by the mighty Wella for a project and other large corporations. In 2006 I travelled over to Australia to speak and train around 500 salon owners.

Anyway ... My Personal ‘TRANSITION’

My own transition was now complete. I had traveled the world on several occasions, been invited to wine and dine with the rich and famous on many occasions and had acclaim and recognition.

I work very loose and freely. I have a state-of-the-art Apple Mac these days. I have a MacbookPro I use only for video. I have an iPad I use off and on but I have my number one business tool with me at all times. This is my iPhone which I update every two years. Today I run with an iPhone 6 plus because I like the big screen.

People never believe me when I tell them but I have written some of my most successful sales materials, books and other stuff using just my thumb on my iPhone. It just works for me.

I don’t have an office although I am now taking on a workspace of around 1000 sq. ft. to get me out of my apartment now and then.  I also travel a lot as we have a home in Tbilisi Georgia. I don’t even have an office there I simply go a cafe and spend an hour or two or three on my iPhone.

I need flexible and I like flexible. Transition gives me just that.

Recently my desktop Mac crashed. I had to have some major parts replaced. To me it always feels like an office has burnt down and everything is lost. The reality is different as I host every single thing I do online in two separate cloud accounts so nothing can ever be lost again.

I suppose you could say I run a Nomadic business that pays me very well and gives me the life I live. I am one of the few true one hundred percent online people that I know.

There has never been a more important – yet easier time – to take back control of your life.

I’ll share some stories below in a moment for you and proof from real clients. First let me get you a little more excited.

I decided to create a new mentor program because I know that is what you need right now.

MENTOR TRANSITION & PARTNER – My first MENTOR PROGRAM that creates immunity from things you cannot control.

In other words – you are I control of you. No more blaming anyone.

This is a genuine business that gives you the security of a genuine business where I will help you follow a proven route to make your ideas and experience become a real business.

And if you don’t have an idea right now – I will show you how to find the best ideas fast!

I will show you what I do and what I do for my clients (and it isn’t that hard)

  • How to plan your transition safely into a new life income
  • How to know your outcome long before it happens
  • How to avoid negative news and focus on good things
  • How to plan the hours you want to work
  • How to plan the times you never want to work
  • How to do this full-time or part-time
  • How to get the right idea from day one – to avoid costly mistakes
  • How to get that idea out of your head and onto paper
  • How to put together the idea into a business
  • How to structure your new business
  • How to set your new business up online with no technical background
  • How to get your website done cheap and quick
  • How to use email properly
  • How to use social media properly
  • All the tools and steps I personally use
  • How I take cash online
  • How I build my networks
  • How to target people that can sell a ton of what you’re selling
  • How to make a splash fast
  • What to avoid and why you should avoid it
  • Why you should ignore the lying bastard gurus and take business seriously
  • How to write great copy without learning copywriting
  • How to do great marketing without learning great marketing
  • How to build a great brand with spending money on a great brand
  • And if you know me – there will be tons more!

And if it is what you want I will happily share with you how I get high-end clients paying very large amounts for very large results.

MENTOR TRANSITION PARTNER PROGRAM will show you how. I will show you how. I will hold your hand and guide you very carefully one-step at a time.


First we talk.

Then we agree a deal.

We will agree terms.

Then we get started.

You win.

I win.

It's really that simple.

  • TEXT: 07793069486
  • TELE: 0161 928 8328
  • EMAIL: Hit reply.

MENTOR TRANSITION &  PARTNER is a 12-Month Fully Supported Mentor Program!

This is for you if you want to start something brand new.

This is for you if you are in business and you want to transform your results.

This is for you that demands changes.

ONLY CONTACT ME with full details of what you are thinking. I can't reply to anyone that hits reply with a word like 'interested!'

Tell me about you, your business and some detail.

Then we will speak and don't worry there is no obligation during the conversation.

Is this an opportunity to good to miss?

You decide.

I am here.

Get in touch.

Alan Forrest Smith


Letters from Clients


Letters from Clients

A Letter From Sharon

“My name is Sharon and I own artificial It has been up and running around six months and I went down the usual routes of SEO, social media etc with the usual promises made followed by the usual let downs. For the record, this was my second SEO company as the first was useless.Given my

Given my investment I needed results and quickly. I could not wait for google to one day and fingers crossed accept me and promote me to its first page. One Sunday afternoon my partner stumbled across Orange Beetle following six months of research for a marketing expert and knew immediately that he had stumbled across “the one” I needed to promote my business.We emailed Alan at Orange Beetle and within ten minutes we were on the phone chatting, all this on a Sunday afternoon. Alan had

We emailed Alan at Orange Beetle and within ten minutes we were on the phone chatting, all this on a Sunday afternoon. Alan had ticked our first box without realising it. That box is communication. Bang! We were onboard. As pleased as we were to team up with Alan and Tamara this is also a two-way street. We had to meet and chat with them to see if it was all a good fit. Again within days, we were sat in their office following several emails and phone calls to each other (COMMUNICATION) and we were up and running. By the way, they promised us nothing as they were not in a position to but I think they had a pretty good idea where they could take me from their past experiences though I cannot substantiate that.

We have only really been with Alan a month or so but with Christmas and the New year there are obvious delays. We are now full steam ahead but still, it is early days. They have recommended website changes which we have managed to do, done testing on certain areas of the site and social media and come up with other additions that will be helpful moving forward.For anyone thinking of investing in Orange Beetle three things come to mind. Firstly, do not be put off by the initial investment, you will look back in time and

For anyone thinking of investing in Orange Beetle three things come to mind. Firstly, do not be put off by the initial investment, you will look back in time and realise it is cheap. You will waste more money with SEO companies then realise you could have paid Orange Beetle three times over by then. Secondly, their knowledge is clearly second to none. You get a sense of security as enquiries start, as emails come in and as both Alan and Tamara reassure me that I am in good hands. Thirdly and finally we go back to the box Alan ticked on that first Sunday, COMMUNICATION! They answer every email, every phone call and do their utmost to advise me usually within minutes as I try to do for them should they require anything.As I said, this is early days but I am super confident in Alan and Tamara's ability to leave me with a business that will have life-changing consequences eventually, they really are the real deal.”

As I said, this is early days but I am super confident in Alan and Tamara's ability to leave me with a business that will have life-changing consequences eventually, they really are the real deal.”Kind Regards,

Kind Regards,Sharon Demmery

Sharon / Managing Director

Artificial Flowers 0121 270 6597 85 Dartmouth Avenue, Walsall, West Midlands, WS3 1SP, UK

A Letter From TV Gift Wrapping Expert Neelam Meetcha

Gift Wrapping








“Alan I mean this from the bottom of my heart.

I was introduced to Alan by a friend. My business is based on the creative industries and it took hard work, determination, blood sweat and tears to establish my business, as the leading creative market leader in the UK. I have clients traveling from all over the world for my training courses and it’s amazing to wake up every morning, knowing that I can service my clients from the rich and famous, TV shows, celebrities, and billionaires.

Of course bringing in high-end clients take a lot of time and effort and it got to a stage where I needed to get back to my goal of reducing my working hours and increasing my family time and that’s exactly what Alan has helped me to do.

I’ve worked with Alan on his VIP mentoring day on a one to one basis, great lunch and company for sure. From my investment of £10,000 and the amazing copy provided by Alan, I’ve confirmed a £12,000 client, two £7,000 clients in one month, that’s a total £26,000 in one month, so I’ve already got my investment back! And the beauty is I can use the same strategy over and over again to bring in new high-end clients.

Alan is very strategic about packaging and leveraging your existing skills and services. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in business there is always room for growth and expansion. I love the fact Alan is so down to earth, listen, guys, his clients are turning over millions of pounds however Alan is so open and honest with the truth, makes you feel so comfortable, he gives so much thought and care to your business.

If you are ready to grow your business, first you need to step out of your comfort zone about investing money into your business, I can assure you if you follow his recommendations you will not be disappointed. It takes a lot of courage and strength to keep going, however, you can make your journey easier by working with experts and Alan is an expert in his field so go ahead and make your decision to have a chat with Alan today.

Alan, I would like to thank you for being so open and supportive in the next step of my business, it’s going to an even more amazing journey than it has been so far. Thank you again.”

Neelam Meetcha Author, TV Host, Creative Expert

Neelam Meetcha – Fabulous Gift Wrapping Expert TV Host, Author and Speaker, 01902 628014 | 07931 805198 |

A Letter from Gary Spinks

From Mentor Gary Spinks

As you know, I study what’s out there and have invested in different ways over the years to develop myself and the business. What is out there at the moment is a lot of noise, misinformation, formula-based products, get-rich-quick schemes and template-style “done for you” services. And it’s easy for people to get sucked into that feeling that these widely promoted offers will provide the answers and be the magic silver bullet for success.

When I listen to you talk about business, the way you work and what works it’s a very different experience. It’s a reality check. It’s a more realistic and genuine conversation. You’ve made me think. You’ve made me question things I took to be ‘truth’. You’ve made me dig deeper into what I really want and how to make that happen. There are challenges ahead to go with all that yet I feel inspired and encouraged to keep pushing the bar higher.

This weekend was not so much about the art of copywriting, designing ads or a ‘how to’ of direct marketing (though you did share some neat insights on the practical side of creating the sales message). No, this weekend went deeper. It was about the business of being a different kind of copywriter, a different kind of strategist, a different kind of marketer.

The Mastermind reinforced and built on my learning during your MENTOR programme. I value your advice, suggestions and feedback. The rest is now down to me.

Thanks, Gary.

A Letter from Caroline Sanderson

This is Caroline Sanderson. I’m an on-going MENTOR student of Alan’s.

One year ago I took the plunge and entered MENTOR with Alan.

I had to fight back the ‘I can’t afford it demons’ and go for it because I knew if I wanted real fast track change with my hair salon I needed to invest and spend time with someone who had been there done it.

I can hardly believe the change in not only my business but in ME.

Alan’s strategies and advice with guidance and fun along the way took my business to a52% rise in one year. It would have been more but I had to make HUGE decisions along the way to create the

salon of my dreams which meant having the confidence to make changes and get the people out who i knew deep down were not right for me and my business in the long term.

I don’t know how long it would have taken me to make these changes without Alan’s support. ‘GO FOR IT. (if ever)

With Alan’s support, I made the changes and STILL made the 52% growth.

I have taken what Alan has taught me with my own skills and knowledge and have not only taken my business to near full capacity but he have given me a better understanding of business and I am just about to launch 2 big projects out with the salon.

I now have the confidence and knowledge to push my career forward and create the work life I want… He has genius ideas that were so inspiring I didn’t take much time to get excited and start putting them into action.

Anyone thinking of working with Alan I would say go for it. There’s absolutely no question – It will change your life like it did mine.

Carline Sanderson, Ego Hair Group Scotland

A Letter from Neil Shepard

Dear Friend,

It all started with an email Not just any email An email from ALAN FORREST SMITH

The email contained an important message that would ultimately change my life and business forever… More on that in a minute… Please allow me to introduce myself my name’s Neil Shepherd, my client’s call me ‘The Email Specialist’ I’m guessing that’s because my emails




Back to the email from Alan You see, there was an opportunity to spend 2 days at Alan’s home focusing on my business…

The problem was I had NO money to book my place and I couldn’t borrow any more because of

• 2 Maxed out credit cards

• Overdraft at bursting point

• 2 personal loans

• Car on finance

• Big mortgage

Not to mention 3 people depending on me (my gorgeous Fiancé Samantha our two girls Amy aged 9 and Katie aged 6) That would put most people off wouldn’t it?

So how did I find the money? I made it my fierce goal to work relentlessly over the coming months, it wasn’t easy but I managed to do it

Meeting Alan in person was an experience I’ll never forget he genuinely cares about you and listens to your problems and gives honest and helpful advice Here I was sitting in his kitchen drinking coffee and chatting… How many trainers pull back the curtains and let you see inside their home?

It wasn’t all smiles though Alan kindly ripped my business apart and revealed exactly where I was haemorrhaging money and how I could rebuild it a better way

Here’s how those 2 days mentoring with Alan was the BEST investment I’ve made

1. I’ve raised my fees and no longer feel bad about sending invoices

2. I’ve started getting paid at least 50% upfront on projects (I use to wait 30 days and then have to chase invoices)

3. I’m writing every day

4. My websites have been tweaked and converting better

5. I’m more confident talking with clients

6. My copy flows better

7. I manage my time

Alan can show you how to do this and more… Let me finish with… If you’re sitting on the fence and procrastinating about mentor with Alan ask yourself this very important question… “How much is it costing you NOT being mentored by Alan?” Call Alan today because it could CHANGE everything for you

Talk soon

Neil Shepherd

A Letter From Jon Drover

“Alan, mentor is by far the best business decision I have made. Having flown up from Devon to meet you I now feel that this is not just another one of those fleeting programs. So far I have been able to press the reset button for success with your help and guidance.

My relationships at home and with my family have taken a turn for the better. I have been able to 
put in some solid foundation blocks on which I will build a fortress for
the future. The path ahead is very much clearer than it was 6 weeks ago
 and I feel a large surge in confidence as I move ahead.

Thanks, Alan and team! For many of you who may be considering entering into a mentoring arrangement with Alan, please allow me to help clarify what may be ahead for you….and for your life…. If, like I was only 6 months ago, you find yourself at a crossroads in life where, for the first time, for maybe one or a multitude of reasons, you’re experiencing the desire to make significant and long-lasting changes to not only what it is you do for a living, but how you live and the reasons why then Alan is the answer. 
From our starting point together just a few months ago, Alan and I have created a magical and highly productive bond together, one that has allowed me to create a new direction in my life, and to approach that direction with certainty and the belief that I can achieve what it is I desire.

Rest assured, nothing is ever achieved without a lot of hard work, commitment and strategic thinking. 
For my own experience, Alan has been instrumental in bringing out the best in what it is that I want to achieve in my business life…by bringing out the best in me.

This hasn’t been achieved without a commitment on both of our parts to do what it takes to communicate openly and to have flexible schedules in working together (especially as we’re located across the world from each other.) Yes, it’s been a journey of detailed emails, early morning and late evening conversations, and strategic thinking together, all in a respectful and non-judgmental manner. 
The results have been incredible for myself, as I’ve experienced and created a new business path, including what I now want to do, how I want to do it, while believing that I can achieve the lifestyle and life results that for far too long eluded me. The possibilities ahead of me are endless and I believe highly profitable.

The lifestyle which I know I’ll be experiencing, thanks to Alan’s insightful guidance, is something that everyone should be able to attain in their lifetime. And they can…with the right skills, systems and beliefs. If you’ve read this far, you’re probably the right type of person to work with Alan, and he’s probably right for you. 
But, I must say, be ready for it, because if you do what it takes, and follow his recommendations, the journey will be transformational and unforgettable! All the best to you….here’s to your future!

Jonny Drover

A Letter From Troy Steine

For many of you who may be considering entering into a mentoring arrangement with Alan, please allow me to help clarify what may be ahead for you….and for your life…. 
If, like I was only 6 months ago, you find yourself at a crossroads in life where, for the first time, for maybe one or a multitude of reasons, you’re experiencing the desire to make significant and long-lasting changes to not only what it is you do for a living, but how you live and the reasons why then Alan is the answer.

From our starting point together just a few months ago, Alan and I have created a magical and highly productive bond together, one that has allowed me to create a new direction in my life, and to approach that direction with certainty and the belief that I can achieve what it is I desire. 
Rest assured, nothing is ever achieved without a lot of hard work, commitment and strategic thinking.

For my own experience, Alan has been instrumental in bringing out the best in what it is that I want to achieve in my business life…by bringing out the best in me. 
This hasn’t been achieved without a commitment on both of our parts to do what it takes to communicate openly and to have flexible schedules in working together (especially as we’re located across the world from each other.) 
Yes, it’s been a journey of detailed emails, early morning and late evening conversations, and strategic thinking together, all in a respectful and non-judgmental manner.

The results have been incredible for myself, as I’ve experienced and created a new business path, including what I now want to do, how I want to do it while believing that I can achieve the lifestyle and life results that for far too long eluded me. 
The possibilities ahead of me are endless and I believe highly profitable.

The lifestyle which I know I’ll be experiencing, thanks to Alan’s insightful guidance, is something that everyone should be able to attain in their lifetime. And they can…with the right skills, systems and beliefs. If you’ve read this far, you’re probably the right type of person to work with Alan, and he’s probably right for you.

But, I must say, be ready for it, because if you do what it takes, and follow his recommendations, the journey will be transformational and unforgettable! 
All the best to you….here’s to your future!

Troy Steine
 Vancouver, Canada

Letter From Susan

Hi Alan,

Just thought We would send you an email to thank you for the very informative and inspiring 3 hours we spent with you on the 16th August, 2011 in Manchester.

We had a good idea what to expect as regards the content of the meeting as you had kept us continually informed prior to the meeting, of the types of topics we would be covering. However, we never expected the full on enthusiastic care and attention you gave to us regarding our ideas, and the genuine desire to help us be a success with the online business we want to create.

You made us focus very strongly towards our target market and product. Some things we maybe would not have wanted to hear about our “baby” but nevertheless were well meant and came from a professional stance, which is why we decided you would be a great choice to guide us through everything. You were very professional but with, we must say, a light hearted fun and entertaining approach.

Having watched you over time on various DVDs, it became quite apparent you stood out from the other entrepreneurs, gurus, whatever they are called, that you are not part of that “Hard Sell” community to which anyone can so easily succumb to. Yes we paid for your time, as you do run a business, but you have kept in contact personally on numerous occasions before and since.

I know for a fact, anyone who is totally bogged down by information overload would benefit from a few hours with you to clear their minds and focus. Hopefully we will have a continued friendship and association with you in the future, and I am sure you will want to with us, and look forward to the launch of your new book.

Regards Susan and Myles Susan P Blower

Letter From Dan Moore

“When I joined Alan as his mentor student I outlined what I wanted from him starting with my website, within the first week he critiqued my site detailing the changes to make on the copy and layout. After adjusting the sales copy and layout how he explained by the second week my sales conversion increased by a staggering 3% from 0.8% to 3.8%.

So that’s going from one sale to four sales! In other words increased my sales FOUR-FOLD!

I just did what he suggested I do! I didn’t even have to spend more money on driving any extra traffic to make more sales. He knows just what potential customers are thinking and also showed me exactly how I can communicate with them more effectively by using results based copywriting techniques.

This was my key to selling! Alan is insightful and inspiring, whenever I finish a mentor call with him I always feel energised and can’t wait to put his strategies into action.

IF you know where you want to take your business Alan will help you get there for sure.”

Internet entrepreneur, Dan Moore.


Letter From Chris Weatherhead

“When I started my new business I was advised to go an see an accountant, business bank manager or chamber of commerce.

Then I met Alan, without a doubt the most important person I spoke with when setting up my new business was – Alan Forrest Smith.

Ultimately if you want your business to succeed you need sales, you need conversions.

Alan is an incredible expert at making sure you get them and get the quick.

Within the first couple of sessions with Alan, he critiqued my website and suggested several small changes that went on to have massive effects on my conversions increasing my enquiries by over 132%!

I learnt more with Alan Forrest Smith in just a few weeks than I have from following some of the biggest marketing “gurus” out there for over 2.5 years.

What’s more due to a close family member being extremely ill in hospital I have not been quite as focused on my sales and marketing as I should have been but by using tactics Alan has shown me the sales have kept on coming in!

I can safely say without his help I would probably of been starting from scratch all over again.

Thank you Alan, you have been a life saver! Kind Regards,


Letter from Jon Taylor

“Alan thank you mate!!! From our first call you identified the marketing channels that we’re relevant to my business and showed me how to use them like a seasoned pro.

I had struggled for months and spent hours trying to build a wordpress site for my business. It looked amateur at best. You threw open your contact address book for me and put me in touch with his your team.

When I asked him for a quote I was expecting to be writing a big cheque – I was wrong! 3 weeks later I had a professional website, and with your guidance – high converting – for a fraction of the cost I was expecting.

When I think back I really regret the precious time I wasted trying to build my own site. You taught me the importance of leverage and finding the right people to work with very, very fast!

By the way … You also increased my return rate by a massive 30% using just a single marketing technique… Thanks Alan!

Big thanks Alan for the systems, advice and direction, it’s working fast!”

Jon Taylor

How To Avoid Fake Marketing


Fake News Affects Your Business

It works - sells more - it doesn't work - sells less!

There's nothing new in fake despite it being all over the media right now as something new. It isn't.

Fake even affects marketing solutions or what you should or could use to create more results.

Fake news arrived in the world of marketing on mass with the advent of the web.

Here's what happened and how it can adversely affect results in your business.

When I arrived online in the late 90s people like myself were usually early adopter of the web for their business. It was a problem in those days because not everyone had email!

It's was just another way to expand our reach or to expand my own marketing outlets to gain more business after all business is about being successful not struggling.

The New "FAKE' Expert.

During the mid-2000s in particular saw the rise the 'new expert'. These were groups of people that went doing business but started the business of selling advice to those that had no idea how to use the web to expand their business.

That seemed fair after all we all have to learn. But ot long after then rose the fake news reporters and advisors in an area of the marketing world that would and still will do anything for a sale.

They would and will tell you anything to get a sale for themselves to your detriment.

Yes this will work, yes that will work and most would listen to them especially if you are in businesses and don't have time to learn yet another skill.

And the fake principles are like this.

Make some promises but not set in stone.

Confuse them with science as science sounds impossible.

Create complex thoughts and ideas that they will be happy to leave an expert to.

Build proof and patterns for jumping on board with the next new or big thing in marketing.

They will mantra

Stay ahead of the pack

Use social media daily

Use LinkedIn for connections

Hire a monthly blog content writer

Focus on SEO

Get some Facebook Ads running

And you know the story!

32 Years Later

In my 32-years experience. In my twenty plus years working with clients like yourself. In my experience generating sales going into the millions for my clients. In my experience creating strategies that sold almost £1.5 million in cars from a single campaign. And in my experience as someone that has been on the frontline of direct marketing since 1985 I want to share this with you.


First the only way to measure your marketing is by something a ‘new expert or guru’ will rarely talk about. Results! It either works or it doesn’t. Direct mail works or it does not. Social media works or not. Fusion works or doesn't work.

Fake news or fake marketing can only be measured by the results it delivers.

Second I am yet to see and strategies that work built on the back of using all things new, the latest and the greatest.

The problem with new is it takes time to roll out, time to establish and time to see any genuine results.

Thirdly almost every successful campaign I have seen, been involved with and been part of has this.

Stripped Back Strategy

A stripping back to basics.

This means.

  • Stopping and analysing what is currently being done with any marketing.
  • Strong targeting that reduces waste and increase sales.
  • Tuned in message to match your audience.
  • Careful testing and measuring.
  • Designing a strong conversion strategy and offer.
  • Scaling up tactics and strategy once the testing is complete.
  • And most usually this is done with stripped back to the bone marketing that has nothing to do with the latest and greatest.


The Mind Not The Latest

Marketing is mind based. The mind has to trust before it reacts. Trust is built over time. Time can take months not minutes or hours.

Once trust is built then and only then can a conversation take place.

Yet the fake new in marketing will tell you that do everything, anything and all things new.

Here is what I know.

If theres nothing in the bank … My marketing has failed.

Thats the only way I measure if it works.

How about you?

You know how to get me, you know where I am.

Yours in results and success.

Alan Forrest Smith

Le Force Majeure


Le Force Majeure

Seven days ago I had a visit from Le Force Majeure.

Seven days later I am one stone lighter a little weaker and although much better I am still in bed as I write this article.

There are something’s arriving that we cannot control.

Le Force Majeure - this simply means a far superior force than what most can overcome. Overpowering, overwhelming and all consuming. It was and it has been.

So superior in fact it took away my appetite, took away my hunger, removed my energy and replaced my optimistic positive outlook with an almost depressed start to the past seven days. Even my temperature has been like a roller coaster - 40-plus one day alone.

Now the good news is the past two nights I sweated so much I had to change the bedding five times in one of those nights! Yes, that's the good news because this is the last stand of the force as my body fights back. As I write I have slept a lot of today and feel much better. And this is all during my disc herniation on New Years day.

Sometimes there are powers so great that they just arrive and remove all of your daily or any other expectations and you have no control.

So why am I sharing such a story of misery?

I believe 2017 there will be a different kind of Le Force Majeure heading towards your business. It will and has already affected strategies, tactics, social media and online marketing in ways that have brought devastating results.

And like the flu virus I have had I had a feeling I might catch something as the village has been like a plague and when you live in the village so closely like ours the chances of escape are slim.

Le Force Majeure heading towards your business isn't something new. It is a force I have been teaching and talking about for years to my clients. It is the death of average, me-too, same-old, same old follow-the-leader marketing. This hugely affects your campaign impact, results, conversions, and effect as you as a person.

The problem is this; Not only has the web bred a new breed of marketing expert with no expertise it has also bred a belief that things that are easy are hard and hard are easy.

This kind of expertise teaches things like

  • It’s new so you should be doing it
  • Everyone else does this so you should also
  • Everyone is on Facebook
  • Adwords is best
  • Invest into SEO
  • All business does business on LinkedIn
  • You should definitely tweet daily
  • A good sales letter will sell you more
  • This is going to be huge

And more.

This is HIGH-RISK marketing.

Last year I don’t think I have ever seen so many new clients that are so overly fixated on doing what ISN’T WORKING! Yes actually fixated on doing things that just aren’t working in their businesses.

Like on client that has invested over £2,000 every month on SEO. This has gone on now (with his 3rd SEO company) for 10-months. He was confused that despite this endless cash being spent monthly they had poor positioning on Google and no increase in sales. The company kept telling him it simply takes time.

My team and myself took the account and carried out a very detailed check through everything that was apparently being done. It wasn’t being and the SEO that had been carried out was built around strategies that were in place over 10-years ago.

I have seen this time and time again with clients. I will write an article soon. I will name is something like WHY SEO IS DEAD because as a single strategy for any business it can be a death nail.

Or the client hat came to me and shared all of his endless post on LinkedIn. He boasted how some of his companies posts were getting more attention than any post similar. One post had 1800 comments and likes. I asked him this question.

“That’s a lot of likes, how many turn into leads and sales?”

His reply was this… ‘No sales as yet’

In fact no sales, no leads and no anything apart from spending hours with himself and team posting FREE content into LinkedIn. Again I see this time and time again.

Yet for 2017 I honestly, truly believe you, me, we are facing Le Force Majeure that will wipe out businesses by 2020 (in under 3-years). Le Force Majeure is not only an overwhelming force it is something that has more power than you think and can know.

Let me explain what it is for you.

Things we cannot control drive some forces. For example when the web really arrived for businesses this was a overpowering force or Le Force Majeure.

It meant that if you wanted not only to grow but survive in business you had to face this power and ride on it’s back. It couldn’t be defeated it simply had to be used as it moved.

As early as 1997 I started collecting email addresses from my clients as I thought it would be great to let them know what was happening via email as well as the more expensive direct mail I did at that time.

The problem I had was most of the clients I dealt with didn’t have something called an email address in those days. I would tell clients time and time again this was coming and they would have to ride the wave.

Of course there were the bigger companies, the corporations hat had their foundations so deep and so embedded in history that no change would affect them. They underestimated the Le Force Majeure of the times, ignored it and paid a heavy price.

Freeman, Hardy & Willis, Comet, Woolworths, C&A, Radio Rentals, and the mighty card shop Athena who went on to blame the internet for lost sales but the actual reality is they could have invested into the web and remained a leader. All are now extinct!

You are going to be faced with Le Force Majeure so great that one if the biggest issues now is not getting out of the noise and bombardment online but riding it, accepting it whilst mastering how to get seen through that noise.

Most will fail if they carry on in the old ways!

Those that work it out will win.

Here is just on e thing that will be huge and it’s nothing anyone has been talking about and it is something I have talked about for years.

BRANDING but not as you know it.

Most think of a BRAND as something as simple as a logo. Science has proved without a doubt that there is something much deeper taking place to create a successful brand.

I’ll happily share on with you right now.

The purpose of real branding is to create memory structures. These structures creates reminders and good thoughts associated with those reminders.

So part of the purpose of a BRAND is to create structures inside the memory. For a structure to be created to last it needs more than one element. Here’s an example for you.

The famous Coca Cola Christmas advert broken down has this.

  • The colour red (a fixed HEX col)
  • The white scroll font name
  • The big truck
  • The snow
  • Christmas time

The five elements of this brand Ad have created a memory structure in the brain itself built around familiar feel good theme, colours, music and of course the big steal – Christmas day itself. It is a Masterclass of MEME or memory building.

That isn’t the whole story of course.

Whilst in Scotland recently with my wife we took a drive to Stirling Castle where we came across a tapestry. The tapestry told a story. It was the story of a Unicorn and its sacrifice. The tapestry had no words yet it had hidden letters woven into the cloth.

Here is what was interesting for me and will apply to business.

These were created in the 1300s. This was a time when people could not read. This was also a dangerous time to spread religious teaching. So the tapestry had to share the word of god, the sacrifice of Christ and use images the locals that saw this could relate to. They also could understand the secret single letters woven through.

Why is this BRAND story important?

This is a whole other story but is still part of Le Force Majeure.

People as humans haven’t changed.

The habits of people have changed and changed hugely.

Who would ever have thought you’d see masses frozen to a spot with their heads down staring at a small screen while their thumbs performs a continuous movement.

Everything marketing has changed and the pace will pick up even faster. If you fail to do this how are you going to get seen? Are you going to simply keep posting on social media or doing the same old thing whilst hoping it'll work?

You will have to make a major step forward into your BRAND more than ever before but not BRANDING as you might traditionally think – those old branding days have well and truly gone.

Would you like my eccentric rule breaking results driven expertise to help you do this?

You know how to get hold of me.


Alan Forrest Smith

We answer real phones here: Manchester UK, 00 44 (0) 161 928 8328

Orange Beetle News & Views 2017


Orange Beetle News & Views - What's Coming 2017

Alan here.

We are now in slow motion in preparation for Christmas and a well deserved break. What a crazy year and what a telling year for businesses.

Of course I never really take time off. I’ll be writing, philosophising, thinking, opinionating and loving my darling wife over the holiday period.

So… 2017

I just wanted to share a few things worth you knowing to get your mind flowing for 2017 & some bits of news.

Office Hours and Emergencies

We close on 24th until January 2nd … Our office phone is on redirect but for marketing emergencies you can still text me direct and expect an almost instant response.

This is a premium rate service - NOT free.

  • Office: 01619288328 (redirect from 24th - January 2nd)
  • Cell: 07793069486 (Text only from December 24th - January 2nd)

My 2017 Diary

As you might be aware I work with fewer and fewer clients each year. My focus is on your results. I cannot get that with huge lists of clients.

This year i had a 33.4% and a 116% conversion on two campaigns alone. Those results can’t be had working with a ton of clients so I keep my numbers low and quality high - very high. My dairy for fixing and building businesses with clients is filling fast for 2017.

If you’d like me to fix, boost and change your results in 2017 you need to let me know as soon as possible. Once my diary is full I can only offer my stand-by list. There are no guarantees of a gap on stand-by.

If your cash is tight right now - You can book me with a (non-refundable) deposit and grab your start date. Terms and payment to be agreed. Please ask.


I predict BREAKTHROUGH will not only continue to be my  best selling service ever but will go through the roof in 2017. Breakthrough dates are about to go into my diary. They will then be added to my website. Grab your BREAKTHROUGH day before they go live (as they always go quickly). One client on a BREAKTHROUGH increased her sales by over £30,000 after a single breakthrough session. Another over £300,000 from one campaign!

Breakthrough can go over campaigns, copy, strategy, tactics, future planning and more. Just prepare for the breakthrough that you need right now.


This is a one day copywriters and word training. It is always a small group. This is for business owners that write their own copy or copywriting or marketing staff that need more response and conversions tricks up their sleeves. One client after a copywriters masterclass increased his sales by over £42,000 after understanding why his copy was failing but more important - how to fix it. Another had his first sales letter success of just under £7,000 from his relaunched campaign. Places are limited.

It is a fast-track one-day only training. You can bet it’l be loaded with some real breakthrough fixes for 2017.

MENTOR 2017 - Strictly for you if you demand lasting changes!

I have limited place on my MENTOR programs… Please ask about availability.

My fast-track 12-week or 12-month copywriters mentor program is available.

My business breakthrough mentor & alliance mentor is available. Please ask.

Prices go from £5,000 - £150,000

O.B. Blog changes.

In the new year I will be creating an area on Orange Beetle that is premium content. The only way to access this content will be via registration. This is for those that want success, breakthrough and fast fixes! It is also for those


Finally I am searching for one big multi-million project next year to work on. It might be you but only if you have good infrastructure in place and understand you need more results from conversions, response and systematic planning from a genius thinker. This can only be revealed in more detail over a conversation. Location is not a problem.

This project has to deliver me a result of at least £250,000. This means I am going to have to increase your turnover by millions. That's what I do. You know where I am.

GEORGIA - The Republic.

Next year around May I have one place for someone special that would like to spend around a week with me at my mountain home in the Republic of Georgia. During that week we will physically work together around our home, build stuff together,  walk in the fields, avoid the snakes, pick grapes, drink wine, eat katchapuri, learn cultures, go swimming in the river, watch the stars and of course solve the problems you have with your business or create a plan that will change everything for you in your life or business or marketing dilemmas.

There is one place only. From 4-7 days. One price only. Bring a partner, wife, husband or business partner. This will be the best investment you will ever spend on your business.

You should know this: This IS NOT 7-days talking business. My best work for clients is done through friendship and bonding. My greatest work is usually an idea that appears as a consequence. This is an experience that will give you results.

Georgia is very easy to access. It is also an adventure for the adventurous. I love it, it is a mind opening place and an incredible land of opportunity. Come and pick grapes with us.

This is a week in business I promise you will never forget.

Call me direct for more details but be very quick as I am expecting this opportunity to go very quickly.

Priceless at £25,000

  • Office: 01619288328
  • Cell: 07793069486

The Optimist... 2017

I am an optimist. My nature always tells me there is a way to conquer everything. Everything is simple a problem that needs to be solved.

The past few years i have seen businesses making the business of taking their services or products complicated. Full of distractions. Full of reactions to what is in or on trend.

There are many factors that will affect and do affect your business. Most business people from what I am seeing are unaware of that. Maybe you know something is wrong yet you are doing everything the same as always.

The problem is the everything you are doing isn’t bringing results like you expect them to bring. The myth of endless social media marketing has paid its toll on many businesses. Invest and a lack of results are clear. My pal has just gone bust. His endless social media marketing killed his business. His office lies empty yet filled with technology waiting for the debt collector to take it away and sell for peanuts.

The biggest thing I can give you for your successful business starting in 2017 is for you to review everything. If the results aren’t in from what you are doing - why are you doing it?

I have seen a to of lazy marketing directors and teams doing the same old stuff because it is easy and that is what they do. 2017 is going to see some very bug changes - HUGE - in marketing. Lazy marketing won't cut it in 2017. You need to get smart.

The one thing you are going to see me speaking a lot about is the one thing I have consistently done well for decades. It is the one thing that has seen me sound like a voice in the wilderness during an age of copy and bad looking marketing.

It is this.


Branding is not a logo or a tagline. Branding has a deep psychological effect on the mind of who you are selling to. I cannot remember a time more important in business where this will be more relevant than from right now and the next few years.

Good copy is no longer enough.

Good business structures isn’t enough.

Great looking logos is not enough.

Catchy tag lines just aren’t enough.

A marketing team in place is no longer enough.

Paying marketing directors over £100,000 per annum is no longer enough.

The return of the brand is back but with a very modern twist that will be driven and fed by the age of attention deficit. I have a ton of detail on this but this is reserved ONLY for my paying clients.

I’ve spent years, reading, practicing, studying & understanding branding and playing the branding game myself. My biggest piece of advice to you is get started on the road of branding. Get genius advice (myself obviously) and take the lead before your competition beats you to it. If you don’t brand up you will start to lose out.

If you fail to brand your loss will be slow to the point you probably won’t even notice your losses until it’s far too late. That sounds dramatic but i strongly believe it to be with what I have seen and what I know from 31-years in business.

Brand up and brand up as fast as you can.

I’m ready to work with a few exclusive clients in 2017 - is that you.. I am also looking for those that want to play big and win big.

2017 could be the most testing year you ever have in business.

My clients say I am a genius.

I agree.

I can help you.

Get in touch right now.

Your partner in success and genius in life

Alan Forrest Smith

Brand Up Or Go Invisible


Should you brand up?

When I was a hairdresser and salon owner I very quickly understood that in a town of 35 salons I would need to stand out.

I did.

We did.

After almost 20-years we were the biggest the best and the only option for redesign.

Everything I learned from that process I put into Orange Beetle.

Let me explain.

It became apparent (looking back) that my specialist marketing services were going to be high-demand very fast.

Around the mid-nineties what was to become Orange Beetle really started to take off.

I had no name for this fledgling but fast-growing business. I knew this though.

To attract my customers and stand-out I had to do certain things.

The brand had to have

  • Personality
  • Consistency
  • Recognition
  • Distinction
  • Logo
  • Imagery
  • And memory structures and connections that would be built over time using other tools such as
  • Perception
  • Positioning
  • Presence

Anyway, I recorded a short video here for you that gives you far more detail of how I took this new business to the only option with my clients.


Alan Forrest Smith

2017 Marketing Change


Changes You Should Know About that Most Marketers Dare Never Mention - Marketing Trends 2017

First, a rivetingly sad yet, frustratingly true story.

My pal has just gone bust.

Such a shame yet I am not surprised.

He’s just had his third baby, bought a large new house and drives a very nice, very slick Mercedes (some special thing with extra numbers and letters).

I also walk past his office every day. I noticed that the lights were off one day. That’s unusual for him. The lights stayed off for one week. The lights remained off for two weeks.

I didn’t like to ask but I happened to bump into him. He told me the whole miserable story. God, it is heartbreaking.

The time, the money, the investors, the losses, the pain, the utter frustration and then the absolute crashing and collapse of dreams into dust only to blow away in the next wind.

He’s looking for a job. The car is going back. The office is shut. His house could be next.

I do feel for him.


There is a tiny part of me that says to myself, ‘why didn’t he ask me for a little advice at least?’ He knows me and knows my track record.

Then again here is what I saw from the outside looking in.

He had an office with at least ten staff. The office was fully kitted out with the best of stuff. He had a sales team on the road. He had technicians building online stuff. And most critically – he also had a marketing team in place.

Look at this (is this you?)

His monthly outgoings (estimate) were around £19,500. That means that cash had to be found every month to stay afloat because it was obvious that he was rarely if ever hitting the spot.


This is only possible when you have a high-demand business. High demand – good supply and then the connection between buyer and seller.

Yet despite an amazing website.

Despite his marketing team in place.

Despite following all the usual marketing rules these days – social media etc.!

Despite heavy investment into his technology stacked office.

Today his office is closed and he and his family are facing an uncertain future.

This story is important for you if you demand you marketing to bring in a result.

What is marketing in its most pure form?

Find a demand.

Supply the demand

An exchange takes place – usually of money!

And then put together proven systems that deliver the desired outcome. It really isn’t rocket science so what is going on?

The real problem is marketers are teaching marketing like it is rocket science. If you are anything like me you’ll get lost in those kind of details where every dot has to be dotted and every ‘T’ has to be crossed.

I worked with a company that was spending over £230,000 on their marketing team yet all the team ever did was post on social media, post on LinkedIn and then sit back and measure web stats to see what was working or not working. Once they even had a meeting lasting over 10-hours to discuss the results from Crazy Egg tracking software. The point being nothing was working despite everything they were (or were not doing)

But going back to my pal for a moment.

The real problem from what I have seen a zillion times is believing the infrastructure is enough to make the customers come. You know, ‘build and they will come’ mantra.

But mostly from what I have seen they don’t, they just don’t and I have seen this same scene and drama take place so many times over the past few decades dealing with everyday businesses like yours.

And now I keep hearing and seeing from businesses that their marketing no longer works!

I agree.

It doesn’t.

It won't.

It fails.

Time and time again it fails miserably.

The big problem starts with this.

The mind of buyers has changed. True, humans don’t change yet the manipulation and training of the way a mind receives information does change.

For example, when the web was new it was easy to get anyone’s attention. That is why spammers did so well. Today even spammers struggle to a point they have to send billions of emails (yes billions) to get sales.

Minds have been re-trained by the environment of technology. iPhones, iPads, laptops, TV, Instagram, Facebook and so much more endless torrents of information.

The mind has changed and adapted. You have to present things different - very different to the way you are probably doing right now.

This is what I see and hear from businesses like yours.

I don’t do marketing. (What the hell!!)

Email no longer works – sales are as good as impossible.

We post in LinkedIn.

We post daily on Facebook.

We run Google Adwords.

We’d never advertise in a newspaper.

We tried direct once and got no response.

I leave all the marketing to my marketing team (the guys that do all the above for no results)

Now of course not all marketing teams are bad but here is what I do know.

EVERYONE is doing he above and everyone is fighting for the same amount of attention in a world that has never been noisier – EVER!

Social media marketing mostly doesn’t work due to information overload and choice. Get over it – it isn’t working!

And frankly, if you are doing the same route that everyone else in your area is taking you are going to have to fight like crazy to get results. Do you think your marketing team is fighting like crazy for you?

Big change is coming for your marketing trends 2017!

I started marketing in 1985. In the early days of doing my own marketing, it was pretty easy. Easy because most people didn’t really do a lot of marketing so I was almost like a voice in the wilderness. In the early days of the web, I built lists of 4-50,000 very easily. Today building lists is very difficult.

SEO brought a wave of new SEO saviors that made (and still make) promises of page one yet page one rarely means more sales. They fell away as results rarely appeared and became more and more difficult.

Social media is a re-run of SEO in different clothes. Another new wave of experts (digital agencies) promise LIKES and even deliver likes but it’s been more than apparent for a long time that likes rarely equal sales.

And now the age of attention deficit in marketing.

This is the killer.

You have ONE SECOND to grab attention. You have the scroll of a thumb to stop. You have the despite for new and the overloaded mind to deal with.


Even those in the age of collective deficit of information still buy and have never bought more than they are buying today.


Remember this at the start of this article

What is marketing in its most pure form?

Find a demand.

Supply the demand

An exchange takes place – usually of money!

That rarely changes.

What has now changed is this.

You have to be able to

  • Target buyers – no more try and hope someone will buy – find them and give them what you want.
  • Capture their attention – Mindset images and single words that tell everything.
  • Get creative with your marketing and go out into the marketplace to find, uncover, reveal and relate to your buyers in ways you’ve never done before.
  • Create sexy, alluring, provocative, new mindset creative ideas that hit the target right where the triggers are.
  • Social media probably isn’t working for you and frankly disengaging in a smart way will give you more results than engaging.
  • Create anti-social social media that runs against the grain.
  • Be aware that the USP is dead and distinction is the new black.
  • Of course, there is more that I can discuss with you along with my historical results based on rock-solid strategies.

2017 Marketing Trends and Your Business

I believe that marketing, as you and I know it will no longer exist by 2020. I don’t think that’s a marketing thing from me I think it’s a reality based on trends I’ve seen for years and what is taking place now especially with human integration into technology.

You are going to have to get smart. Most businesses and maybe yours still do what most do and that is take the usual marketing route or no marketing route at all.

Hiring a team can be expensive from the wages and costs angle but even more so for the massive amount of sales lost by sales and marketing teams.

I have seen sales teams of over a dozen consistently bring in as good as zero sales despite them having everything needed to make it happen. Lost sales are a huge factor in business going bust.

Those old ways are dead and won’t be coming back unless the world starts all over again.

Yet 2017 can be a pivotal point for anyone involved in the world of business because this can be a year where your marketing takes a leap of acres beyond your closest competition and it can also be a year where you take your business into a whole new level.

Sadly my pal never got that. I’m still a little surprised he never asked for my advice. I could have helped him that’s for sure. Maybe it was too late. I’m not sure but either way you have the opportunity to avoid that outcome.

Now all you have to ask yourself is this.

Does my marketing bring in the results I want it to bring in?

If you said NO ask yourself this.

What am I going to do about it?

I have yet to consult and advise a business where I haven’t been able to solve their problem. Despite the fact we have never spoken I am sure your business is exactly the same.

Don’t sit around and hope things will change – the changes are they won't.

2017 will be a pivotal year for anyone in business.

I show you at least 14 of the most powerful ways to kick-start your conversions, results and systems so fast you’d never believe it.

You know where I am.

Call me now

TEXT: 07793069486

TELE: 0161 928 8328


Alan Forrest Smith



A.D.2020 The Age of Marketing EXTINCTION Part one

Marketing as you know it will no longer exist by 2020. And despite that 2020 sounds like a year from a space movie, it’s only 3-years away from right now.

Let me explain.

I started real marketing in the years 1989-91. Then it was all about getting people through the door, getting the place busy and making money. With fewer distractions it was easier yet strangely it never felt easy at the time.

By the time the web arrived I jumped online pretty early with my first business computer in 1991. It was on MS-DOS system and frankly it was tough to use so I put in the bottom of my wardrobe until I sold it many years later.

Around 95-96 I got a computer for my desktop. It changed everything for me because I now had the ability to print on demand. Despite the fact, it took a full day to print a couple of hundred flyers or letters I now had the freedom to execute a simple idea fast (in the early years I had to have everything printed at the local printers. They could take 3-4 weeks to print anything).

By 1997/98 I had created a website for my business. All I had to do was create it and then send my clients to it. The problem was most clients didn’t have computers or even emails then. I stuck at it. By the late 90s, something called SEO arrived.

SEO mastery in those days was very easy. I had page one of every search engine like Alta Vista, Northern light, Yahoo and many others.

My first online shop sold Nintendo games until I built a business I still have that supports the hair salon industry.

By the mid-2000s get rich quick marketers realised if you could get page one easily they could sell the mystery and magic of the web. This created a breed of ‘new’ experts in all kinds of things especially SEO. The problem was most expert’s had no expertise in most thing the expertise was needed. In those days it was still pretty easy to get past search engine rules.

This was one of the first times I remember in business when anyone with a mouse and computer could proclaim themselves as an expert in business.

I can't really speak for others but I can share with you the results from these guys I have personally seen in my office was disastrous in more than one case. Disastrous as in the investment and time put into a trend that would clearly change very fast and become harder and more difficult to manage.

Then arrived social media. A lot of the new ‘experts’ in SEO marketing either went and got a job or redressed themselves as Social Media experts. This has now peaked but has been catastrophic for many businesses. When I say catastrophic I am talking about from the perspective of real results.

I have seen literally dozen upon dozens of business come to the point of almost collapse on the back of advice from Social Media experts.

Today is 2016 and we are on the edge of the start of 2017.

What a year in marketing, marketing techniques and most important what is and is no longer working in marketing.

I think you’ll be shocked by some parts of what you read because some of what I will share is still held in the highest parts of marketing with ‘the experts’.

What I mentioned at the start of this white paper was how experts became experts on the back of grabbing hold of something new and creating mystery in the new and then selling that to others as a fix.

The real problem was no one what the solutions offered were really offered on the back of science. They were offered on the back of opinions that would feed needs and emotions for those that simply wanted a better life or business.

That has changed. Everything marketing has changed and reading this report hopefully be the start of your changes.

First let me be clear why you should listen to me.

I don’t believe in trends I believe in results.

When I first started my businesses in 1985 my reality was it paid or it didn’t pay. I never had big budgets for anything so every penny I spent had to bring in a much bigger reward otherwise, my mortgage would not be getting paid.

I had been fired again at this point so I had to create my own income – it was that simple. Since then I have created my own income and since then my core principle of marketing as a way to get busy has never changed.

If I spend a pound on my own marketing I always – without fail – expect £100 back. In my early days of business, I could never afford a mentor or guide so I would buy and read books. The problem was I am not a reader unless I am interested in the writer. I have one book on my shelf that is covered in brown tea and coffee rings that I paid £5 for in the late 90s. That single book was a small investment. The return has gone into the hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of pounds over the years.

My core belief has never once changed.

To spend any money on marketing it has to deliver a return. Over the years I have probably worked with well over 400 industries. The advice I have given to my clients has gone into the tens of millions very easily.

And I never take risks.

And I never ride on the back of new trends.

And I never move away from my original core of business.

I do what works, I do what works as fast as it can and I put measurable results first and foremost.


Because that is what you want and anyone wants when running a business that is stressful enough without even more stress from failed strategic thinking.

There Are Huge Changes Coming (they are here already it’s just most haven’t noticed)

The following is simply a round-up of what I am seeing and what I can see coming. Knowing this is your opportunity to do something about it. It is your sounding to take action, take control and make sure you have what you should have in place to keep your investment into marketing strong.

Also, I want you to know what I am sharing with you is based on science NOT trends. It is all fully supported through measurements and actual experiments of years with human interactions at many levels with businesses. Also, some of what I am about to share is based on my own intuitive observation of what I see based on what I see with clients, clients results and feedback from clients.

Also, I read some of the most in-depth social, scientific and deeper level of marketing science you maybe won't have heard of or see on bookshelves.

The change

I started to notice subtle changes and big changes at first by simply observing people and their habits.

When I say people, I mean people in business first of all.

Most business people are driven by a desire to succeed and a fear of failure. They are also driven by the influence of the masses. Mass thought and mass movement.

Example; when Facebook marketing really started to become more and more apparent it wasn’t uncommon for big brands and other businesses to start advertising like this … rather than like this … .

Doing this started with the few until the big brands started doing it. I am not sure when I noticed it but it was years ago and it was for If you go to that link above at this moment of typing this they have 25,758,785 likes. That is a lot of likes.

The real question is this – do likes provide sales or an increase in sales?

If I went into the full science of this right now I would have to spend a week writing this so let me share what I know very quickly.

I am yet to see any highly liked pages create more sales, leads or enquiries. We have also had enough time to run, test and measure this now and the results are all suggesting that likes don’t increase sales.

So when I spoke above about mass thought and mass movement you can now see that despite the lack of results businesses still invest heavily on social media.

This isn’t the only problem facing anyone marketing. I say problem because most marketing being done today is still based on marketing that was taught as a process in colleges and universities decades ago.

So this year I have been studying the marketplace more than ever. I have tried to pull together thoughts in simple bullet points. If you read and digest what I am saying this will help you.

See Part Two


Alan Forrest Smith

Think Big


From Desk Of: Best Direct Marketing Consultant, Alan Forrest Smith

Do You Think Big - Bigger Than Most?

What you are about to read might just be for you.

This page isn't written to persuade you. If you are of the right mind, you think big and demand results, you will know in seconds if you should keep reading.


This is best suited for you if …

Entrepreneur already hitting £500k but want to hit their first few million plus!

Organisation that needs their team to be kicked up the backside and sued into a direction that delivers results!

Can you answer YES to the following?

Do you understand that marketing is a process NOT an instant fix? Yes/No?Have you researched demand for your product? Yes/No?

  • Have you researched demand for your product? Yes/No?
  • Have you a list of hungry buyers? Yes/No?You have a great product that won’t demand refunds? Yes/No?
  • You have a great product that won’t demand refunds? Yes/No?Does it look good, packaged and packed well? Yes/No?
  • Does it look good, packaged and packed well? Yes/No?Is it well made? Yes/No?
  • Is it well made? Yes/No?Have you your sales systems in place? Yes/No?
  • Have you your sales systems in place? Yes/No?Have you a support system in place? Yes/No?
  • Have you a support system in place? Yes/No?You have well-planned strategies in place? Yes/No?
  • You have well-planned strategies in place? Yes/No?Have you at least half a dozen ready-to-go tactics? Yes/No?
  • Have you at least half a dozen ready-to-go tactics? Yes/No?Can you
  • Can you back-up great copy with great service? Yes/No?Assuming you have done that and you have all of that in place I will work with you! Yes/No?
  • Assuming you have done that and you have all of that in place I will work with you! Yes/No?
  • Do you need You need more sales Yes/No?You need more customers Yes/No?
  • You need more customers Yes/No?You need more profits Yes/No?
  • You need more profits Yes/No?You need some advice that is going to bring you a return on your investment. Yes/No?
  • You need some advice that is going to bring you a return on your investment. Yes/No?Are you happy to work on a 12-month contract? Yes/No?
  • Are you happy to work on a 12-month contract? Yes/No?


Work with me over 12-months on any project you need to be a success

  • Faster
  • Easier
  • Low-risk
  • Proven strategies
  • 100% results measured and driven

You get a recognised world-class thinker.

World class strategist.

World class writer.

And a world-class consultant that is regarded as the consultant to consultants.


  • I've outperformed full blown marketing teams time and again on strategy and results.
  • Written copy from scratch with literally jaw-dropping conversions (as high as 63%).
  • Created email campaigns that have blown phones off the hook (from one call a day to 17 an hour)
  • Built from scratch online strategies, sales funnels and leads going into the Millions (Just under seven million for one client from start-up).
  • Delivered performance numbers that have been nothing short of miraculous for clients (I'd call a 2,300% increase not bad).

And some numbers from the past few decades have looked like this

  • From 0 to 47% response.
  • In increase of 2,300 in sales
  • 53.4% turnaround in 4-weeks
  • £90,000 in sales from a single email
  • £1.2 million in sales of cars from a very simple direct mail strategy
  • £42,000 in sales overnight for another client after tweaking a sales message
  • And
  • Creating direct mail since 1991
  • Ad campaigns since 1989
  • Web marketing since 1998
  • Email marketing since 1999
  • Training others since 1996



Experts like Jay Conrad Levinson thought I was the best at what I do... brilliant ideas, brilliant results!

If your marketing team are driving you crazy, costing you a fortune because of a lack of results.

If your copywriters are failing to convert and persuade with weak writing.

If your numbers are way shorter than you'd ever have wanted in a perfect world.


This offer could be perfect for your company.

And according to my track record, it'll probably be the

Most creatively profitable move you'll ever make with your direct marketing and results.

Work with me personally over a 12-month period on any project you need true expertise on.


The investment is simple and a round figure.

£100,000 gives you 12-months with me at your side.

  • 50% down
  • 50% monthly over 12-months

Keep reading ...


What do you get?

You get my higher direct response marketing mind a proven expertise in things like conversions, fine tuning for results and even more.

Any day, any hour, anytime you need an expert like myself to get things fixed.

Any travel has to be covered.

First class travel.

First class hotel only.

Now is that a lot of investment?

No, and I'll explain why and why you know it isn't a lot.


First unlike staff, I don't need to be babysat and goaded to work.

When I'm in I'm in. I give it what you deserve and I deserve and if that means 24 hours a day of sweating blood sweat and tears that's what I do. I do that now for

Myself and will do the same for you.

And it might sound like a lot of cash yet if you have read this far I know your team right now that are costing you a fortune are not delivering the results you want.

I work on some very simple dynamics that I'll happily explain over a phone call but not on this page.

This is what I call THE AFS METHOD.

The first thing I will work on is getting back your initial investment with myself. This way the pressure of off for you and of course it's off for me also.

Once you have your initial investment back we work on the next parts that are designed in a pure and simple way to create a dramatic increase in conversions, sales, campaigns, leads or the outcomes that we agree on.

I think you'll find working with me at your side will be a very different, very direct and very profitable experience for both of us.

  • I make you feel good.
  • I make you happier with your results.
  • I give you the numbers you want.

And this way you'll not only want to look after me but you'll never want to let me go at the end of our first contract together.

Now I know this isn't a message full of the smaller details but if you are the right partner you'll get that because I don't tell any of my clients what I do unless we speak over the phone or face to face.

Once we speak we can cover all the details.

And of course, you might not want to work with me and frankly, I might not want to work with you so let's talk first.

The first chat over the phone is free. The next meeting will be more depth and face to face. Probably it'll last the day. I do charge for this time but the fee comes off any future Invoice.

And if you pay this fee and we don't work together you'll get enough from my mind on the day that you'll be able to use and profit from I guarantee that.

Should we talk?

All you need to do is call me at my office In the UK, Manchester 0161 928 8328 or text this number with this word... GENIUS... and we will arrange a call back asap.

Now I'm going to close this with some honesty. Clients can drive me crazy these days. More and more want dramatic results for nothing. Honestly, my track record, my 31-years of knowledge, my sharp insights, my response is driven skills and my all round genius are worth millions upon millions in sales to the right client.

I'm too old and too wise to play negotiation games. I won't be treated as an employee and you will have to do as I request otherwise I might fire you!

This is strictly only for you if you absolutely refuse to settle for any less than the results you demand.

And look at this

As an external expert, you don't have to

  • Get me a car
  • Get me a phone
  • Get me this
  • Get me that
  • And hope and pray I'll deliver.

With me, you are hiring a cutting edge, a breakthrough business experience that could very easily change your results.


Conversions, turnarounds, numbers... if there is a way I will find it and put it on a silver plate for you guaranteed!

Again should we talk?

Do not get in touch if you want to negotiate me down or feel you can persuade me on future profits.

If you feel deeper inside that I am the right person but are not quite sure, I am probably the right person and we should talk.

If you feel I am far too in your face, over the top and arrogant- you are correct but I won't be the man for you.

This is for a serious business player only that has the ability to think big.

Only that is looking to dominate their market built on the back of real results!


Should we talk?

  • Tele: 01619288328
  • Text: 07793069486 - send word GENIUS

I'm not sat by the phone so will probably not answer it right away.

Let's talk soon.

Time served results-proven direct marketing expert and consultant.

Alan Forrest Smith

ps. this post isn't meant to try and persuade you in any way whatsoever. It is for the right person the demands results. If you need to know more about I do your homework online. you'll see I am well respected and well known in many areas of direct marketing.

Pps: More results and what others say can be read here

The Little Black Dress


The Little Black Dress

Recently my wife read an autobiography about a famous designer Diane Von Furstenberg. That is her above.

Despite her owning many businesses and business empires she continually refers to something in her book she calls her little black dress.

This dress is now named the ‘iconic’ wrap over dress.

Here’s what happened.

She designed a small dress that everyone loved. They loved it so much it sold in the millions.

As a creative she gets bored. Every now and then she would ignore the black dress project and do something totally different. When she faced bankruptcy or being broke again she would go back to the dress. the dress project in effect it would save her and always promised stability of income.

That’s not the precise details but it's the rough details all the same.

I also have a little black dress.

That dress is a project I began in 1999. It’s a project I have seen huge success with and ignored continually.

Now and then I come back to it.

It makes me very good money.

Recently we kickstarted the project again. It was idle after my big divorce in 2010. It had sat there broken and ignored for almost 8-years yet it is also a high-demand project.

Around a year ago I decided it would be the right time to re-ignite my little black dress. Since the new start, we have sold literally hundreds upon hundreds of manuals.

The goals are set high.

Our conversions are currently at

Just over 10% on the front/lead end.

Around 15% on the back-end.

We have four major products built into the funnel

Front-end - £1

  • Middle-end £245.00
  • Back-end £1,995
  • High-end £10,000

I don’t mind sharing with you that we are well on target for our first big push which is 2,000 sales (do the math).

Just in case you are not sure my little black dress project is my Hair Salon Owners Company - Salon Punk.

Of course, I’m well qualified - I was a hairdresser from 1982-2003 and an owner of 3-salons.

But how was this done after a project sitting there for so many years doing nothing?

Easier than most will know or think.

There are certain facts that just never change in business. Regardless of what is new or old, there are some things that just don't change.

For example, you might have the greatest marketing team in the world in your office yet if the targeting is perfect the sales will be low or even none.

If the core message doesn't stand inside the mental conversation of the target the conversions will remain very low.

If the presentation doesn't give the eye what the eye expects I can tell you this the visitor will come and then just as fast go!

Yet it really isn't too difficult yet most make it difficult.

Here is why.

Marketing has become a restrained by too many amateur rules set by those with no real experience.

Most rules are rules that will restrict the sales. I know I've seen this time and time again with my clients.

And you might have everything in place yet the reality is you are not getting sales or even decent conversions.

This is usually a targeting issue.

So let me ask you … Do you have a little black dress? Do you have a business or business idea that you know is good but the results are simply not good enough?

Are you unsure what is next?

Do you need more assurance of the next steps?

Do you want to increase your sales yet reduce your risk?

Of course, you do this is normal.

I can help you and help you very quickly.

Here’s what we can do.

  • You can come to my offices.
  • I can come to your offices.
  • I can show you everything that I do with my projects in the smallest details.
  • I can show you my own proven four product system.
  • I can show you what to write.
  • I can show you what to say.
  • I can show you how to target.

And of course there are more but I can show you how to make or break your project quickly after all I’ve been doing this stuff for a long long time and have a track record to prove it.

All you need to do is take one day out of your business to re-ignite your project … as long as you listen and do what I tell you.

Now, of course, these are critical times for business and opportunity. BREXIT and everything else we are fed through the media with its negative opinions.

I can tell you this.

At times like this is when the money is made.

And if your project isn't doing what it should be doing I can help you fix it very quickly.

Here are just some ways we can work together.

  • 1-Day Breakthrough session1-3-6-12 month mentoring
  • 1-3-6-12 month mentoringAlliance partnership
  • Alliance partnershipTotal critique and blueprint service
  • Total critique and blueprint serviceWrite and create powerful best-selling copy
  • Write and create powerful best-selling copy30/60 minute Skype call
  • 30/60 minute Skype call

And more as everything I do is bespoke and built around you, not just my list above.

And more as everything I do is bespoke and built around you, not just my list above.

So do you have a little black dress that you think needs to be pushed out, caressed and brought back to life.?

Let me remind you of something.

I am Alan Forrest Smith.

I fix marketing and deliver sales for business people like you that demand more.

In other words, I make you money.

  • Over the past couple of decades, I’ve generated literally million upon million in new sales for my clients.
  • I’ve written sales copy that has broken every record (83% increase is a record don’t you think?).
  • Saved business from certain closure (turned around one business in 12-hours with a massive cash windfall).
  • Increase sales by the thousands of percents in days, not years.
  • Sold cars going into the millions for mad Phil and his balanced brother Mike.
  • Created sales of over 42k in just 12 hours for a printer.
  • Written emails that have generated sales of well over 7 million in sales for a struggling business.
  • I have taken an unknown business and created perceptive positioning for her that has put her way above her competition - No.1
  • And created results that have left my clients jaws almost touching the floor.
  • I’m good - very good and only work with clients that are hungry , determined, built for endurance or are sick to death with lackluster results.

My AFS METHOD system is fast and prolific.

Like a scientist I will go through all of your business, all of your current results, all of your systems, strategies, tactics and more.

Then I’ll show you how to fix it or I will fix it for you.

I’ll make you good money and sales

You’ll pay me well.

And just to remind you - I am eccentric, think different, look different and am loved by the experts. if you need and want average I am not your man at any level.

It really depends if you want results or not?

Or are you happy to be content with doing just OK?

If OK is good enough you're not my client. I could never settle for just ok when the best is there for the taking.

I am looking forward to sharing with you what I am doing here with my little black dress project because what I am doing with that can be and has been translated into businesses just like yours.

Trump in or out, BREXIT issues or not p- these are very exciting times to be in business.

If it isn't working… Let's fix it before it’s too late.

Text me right now on 07793069486 and let's see where we can take this for you.



PS. And please… I hate writing this but I get these requests - I can not work for nothing or future promises.

I deliver, I am the best at what I do so please show some respect.

How One Client Scooped a Massive £30,000 After Just One BREAKTHROUGH Session I will let her tell you her own result.

“Alan I mean this from the bottom of my heart.

I was introduced to Alan by a friend. My business is based on the creative industries and it took hard work, determination, blood sweat and tears to establish my business, as the leading creative market leader in the UK. I have clients traveling from all over the world for my training courses and it’s amazing to wake up every morning, knowing that I can service my clients from the rich and famous, TV shows, celebrities and billionaires.

Of course bringing in high-end clients take a lot of time and effort and it got to a stage where I needed to get back to my goal of reducing my working hours and increasing my family time and that’s exactly what Alan has helped me to do.

I’ve worked with Alan on his VIP mentoring day on a one to one basis, great lunch and company for sure. From my investment of £10,000 and the amazing copy provided by Alan, I’ve confirmed a £12,000 client, two £7,000 clients in one month, that’s a total £26,000 in one month, so I’ve already got my investment back! And the beauty is I can use the same strategy over and over again to bring in new high-end clients.

Alan is very strategic about packaging and leveraging your existing skills and services. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in business there is always room for growth and expansion. I love the fact Alan is so down to earth, listen, guys, his clients are turning over millions of pounds however Alan is so open and honest with the truth, makes you feel so comfortable, he gives so much thought and care to your business.

If you are ready to grow your business, first you need to step out of your comfort zone about investing money into your business, I can assure you if you follow his recommendations you will not be disappointed. It takes a lot of courage and strength to keep going, however, you can make your journey easier by working with experts and Alan is an expert in his field so go ahead and make your decision to have a chat with Alan today.

Alan, I would like to thank you for being so open and supportive in the next step of my business, it’s going to an even more amazing journey than it has been so far. Thank you again.”

Neelam Meetcha Author, TV Host, Creative Expert

Neelam Meetcha – Fabulous Gift Wrapping Expert TV Host, Author and Speaker, 01902 628014 | 07931 805198 |

NOTE: Permission given to share her name and details. Most of my clients like to remain private.

I Love Email Marketing


Does Email Still Work?

I’ve never shared this story before. It is, of course, all true but some details might be hazy.

It is a story of thousands of pounds - hundreds of thousands of pounds in sales from - EMAIL!

I first started using email around 1997.

My first email account was with a company called Listserve and then AOL.

AOL what happened?

Anyway, this was when I was still a hairdresser with salons.

I wasn't sure but email as I had been doing direct mail for around 7 years at that point and it was working very well for my business.

But I liked the idea of email. It was new, novelty and was sure that more people like my clients would eventually take up an email address.

By 1998 I had spent a little time asking clients if they had an email.

Some said yes but they were few.

Some replied they would never have one.

Others told me the email would never take off! (absolutely true)

So with the few email addresses I had, I started to email my salon clients about appointments and offers from my AOL address which was AFORRSMITH2916@AOL.COM - slick right!

The emails I had sent were around 50 if I remember right. Out of that 50 emails, almost ALL replied. Almost all booked or at least responded. That was, of course, the novelty factor.

By 1998 I had my first website. I thought if theses guys are online and they have an email they will want to look at my website if I had one so I created one.

I’m the first to admit I had no idea what I was doing and of course in other days you certainly couldn’t send images, video or anything that had any kind of movement in an email.

By the year 1999, my salons were all working very very well. They were packed from open until the minute we closed yet I was bored and loved the idea of being online more.

So I created a website called and started to sell all of the successes in a system format all wrapped up in eBooks.

For me, it was very easy then.

  • Have a website.
  • Build email lists (it was very easy then).
  • Tell the people on the email lists what I was selling and how it could help solve their problems.

Within a short period of time, I was selling around $1,500 eBooks daily from my small office above my hairdressing salons.

But …

It did take me almost two years to get the very first sale - or to get the system for selling right!

Since those days I still do 95% of my communications into the salon industry by email. I still sell manuals every single day of every single week - without fail!

My biggest manual of 500 pages sells for around £300. I also sell courses and training.

And get invited to speak at salon events on a regular basis.

It’s a cliche to say but I am seen as an expert in this area.

As of typing to you, I have around 5,000 active salon owners subscribers on my email list.

  • I have sold tens of thousands of products and more via email.
  • I have created emails that have converted at 100%
  • I have written emails that have pulled in a whopping £90,000 in under 10 minutes of being sent
  • Last year I raised cash overnight to pay for our New York wedding via email
  • For one client I took his one a day enquiry to seventeen enquiries in a single hour all via email
  • I got one client the deal of her life with one small email series

And I have now been emailing clients like yourself for a long NINETEEN YEARS with some incredible results to show for it.

And frankly, email is still my number one tool despite all the bad things you might read about email these days.

Yes, I still do direct mail and yes we even do trade shows yet… email is our killer tool.

  • I’ve learnt a lot of stuff
  • HTML Vs. Text
  • Video in emai
  • Long or short emails
  • How many links to go in emails.
  • Where to send people in emails
  • The best things to write in emails
  • The worst things you can do with emails
  • How often should emails be sent?
  • What to do with unsubscribes
  • The perfect email strategies
  • The worst things to do with emails
  • How to ask for payments
  • How to sell like crazy
  • How to grow email lists
  • How many images should be used?
  • Should you stick with text only?Does email actually work?
  • The ten step process for perfect emails
  • I helped a client generate over £117,000 via email

I helped another client build a lead germination tool using email

I have built my whole business around email

I created a £7,000,000 business for one client using email

I have filled massive seminars using email

I have sold security services for the world's 2nd biggest security company using email

I have built a landscaping business for one client using email

I have helped a client sell his diamonds using email

I even helped a client take £42,000 in 12 hours using a tiny email list

I have even helped clients sell technology, data, education and even PlayStation games all using email

I could go on after all you can learn a lot over 19-years of emailing.

Yet the talk about email is always so bad.

Not for me.

Not for my clients

Here’s why.

  • I test my emails
  • I track my emails
  • I target my emails
  • I take days writing emails
  • I know if it should be HTML or text
  • I know the best day (and hour) of the week to send emails
  • I understand the system.
  • I understand the strategy
  • I understand when not to send
  • I know what to say
  • And I know exactly how an email should read and why it should read that way.

Yet incredibly I still see teams in small and large businesses spending weeks (I have seen even months) preparing campaigns for emails and I mean ONE SINGLE EMAIL.

Listen to this. It is true.

It is so true you’ll think it can’t be true but it is and it is pretty outrageous that staff can get away with this. These staffs are called marketing experts or marketing directors.

A client spends time with me during a breakthrough session. Now breakthrough, as you know, isn’t a cheap service yet it is powerful in itself.

So we went over systems, tactics, strategies and more. This was all about using email and email only.

His marketing guru back at his business wasn’t happy he had taken external advice despite the marketing guys advice and delivery not working.

So after he got back he asked if I would be happy to deal directly with the marketing director.

That's what I did.

But the marketing director despite having a failed track record of sales, response and conversions in email failed to reply to me.

After about two months I finally got an email from the client (not his marketing expert). He told me everything is in hand for the BIG email they were sending and his guy had everything under control.

After 6-months I finally got an email from the client with an update.

Not only had it taken a massive five months for his internal marketing expert to get this email done. They finally sent it - once - and guess what? They put a reply to the email in the campaign that hadn’t been set up.

In other words, if any clients wanted to use his services their replies went nowhere so no business was built.

Now the client told me that it was worth trying and nothing was lost.


This marketing expert is getting paid £138,000 per year and he has just spent six months doing an email that was a disaster.


It cost my client half a years wages and losses of the new business.

This isn’t unusual even in 2016. In my experience, most businesses that are trying to get online still have no idea what to do with email to create sales and build empires.

How about you or your business?

To work with me is less than the price of any marketing director yet hundreds of times more effective. Why? I have been marketing with email for one year short of twenty years now.

Of course not just email - I have been doing email marketing over 19-years as I write to you.

  • The system
  • The strategies
  • The tactics
  • The tools

And a huge mix of over 250 fusion marketing programs that can create new sales, new conversions, average, growth and innovation into your business whether it be old or brand new.


I am looking for clients just like you that I can spend a minimum of 6-months working with to build or rebuild your approach to marketing. Or it could simply be to fine tune your campaigns.

This means for you…

  • I will review and critique everything
  • I will fine tune everything
  • I will share what I know about email marketing if that is what is needed
  • I will help you increase conversions
  • Open rates
  • Lead generation
  • And more.

I can even help you to reconfigure your whole email campaigns if that is what is needed.

I can tell you this.

For myself and my businesses, email marketing has never been so powerful despite what you might read or hear. It is still my own personal number one tool for profits yet it has to be used properly.

This means in ways that have already been tested so the maximum result is gained for yourself.

There’s no point trying to do what the marketing guy did above and that is reinventing the wheel. That just loses sales.

Everything and anything emails. I can tell you this (but not the exact numbers for obvious reasons) email has germinated literally hundreds of thousands in sales for myself over the years. That is into many different marketplaces.

How about you?

If you have everything in place and you need to start seeing results from your emails or even simply getting it right from day one we should talk.

  • I can go through everything you are doing right now and put you on the right path.
  • I can create and set everything up for you
  • I can edit and critique everything
  • I can help you put into place a year long camping that will increase your sales

Listen I learnt a lot over the past 19-years.

And of course … Not only email.

I didn’t tell you because I wanted to focus on email but I will say this.

We are currently using ONE tool online that is bringing in hundreds of sales and leads every week. most know about it yet most haven’t worked out how to use it perfectly. We have and it is powerful. So powerful in fact one client generates over $800,000 in sales from this single tool after my direct advice and strategies.

It is powerful!

Should we be talking or are you happy to carry on hoping something is going to change?

Should we speak or are you happy to fumble your way through email , trying new things and hoping one of those things hits a home run?

Should we talk or are you thinking you can do this yourself?

That is what the client that handed his marketing expert above thought.

  • You probably are missing a ton of sales.
  • You are probably missing easy income
  • You are maybe losing lots of profits
  • You are probably missing the growth you really need right now simply because you are not quite sure what to do or how to do it.

Email is still the King of the direct marketing show right now.

If you have a business that is healthy and doing well I am extremely interested in sharing my 19-years of extensive experiences with you right away.

Yes, of course, there’s a fee to pay but we can talk about that over the phone.

But put it this way.

If you have a feeling that your list could work with expert advice I can promise you this paying me anything will feel like the best investment you’ve ever made.

I’m not sure if that is why direct marketing godfather Jay Conrad Levinson called me a ‘brilliant marketing genius’ but I am sure it has some truth, of course, I say so myself.

If 2016 hasn’t been the year you wanted so far this could change everything. Here are a few ways we can work together.

  • As your consultant for a fixed period of time
  • As your breakthrough advisor
  • As your mentor
  • As you trainer for your team
  • And more creative ways

I will focus on this for you - Getting you that initial return on investment as fast as possible.

And of course, everything we do will be bespoke for you.

We can create your masterplan here in my HQ in Cheshire or I can also travel to you.

Imagine just yourself and me working at a table for a day. Can you image what could actually be done for you?

These are all details that can be confirmed.

I’m ready to help you end 2016 with a huge bang - are you?

Call me right now

  • Telephone: 0161 928 8328
  • Text me: 07793 069 486 (0044 international code)
  • Email to

Now just so you know.

I know there are a ton of experts out there that work with a stack of clients at any one time. I don't. I work with a maximum of three clients per year. This allows me to give you maximum focus over maximum time.

If you'd like to be one of those clients and partners for life - get in touch right now.

Call me right away.

Your mentor and email expert


Alan Forrest Smith

Notes & Coffee August 26th


Notes & Coffee from Orange Beetle. August 26th 2016


It's sunny here.

I'm having a coffee with my wife (us above during this moment). It's a cheat day (again) so we're having a croissant.

I'm writing on my iPhone 6 plus as per always! I love the big screen.

I like the sun but it makes me lazy. It's overrated- being very  lazy that is.


I've started two new projects.

One is a challenge but easily doable. It's a restaurant and food, lots Of food. They want the place packed on opening night and beyond. Time for some magic.

The second is a new membership website I'm building. Actually, I'm building three but I'm working and scripting the videos for the first one.


I have to say building the site made me realise one thing once again. The noise - so many noises out there on what does and doesn't work.

I'll tell you this.



This new site offers just one and the most effective way of building any business I have ever seen in all of my 31-years.

It's not that it's new or just discovered it's just that this year for my clients and myself I really focused on stripping back everything and getting back to the core.

It's interesting in the gym and body work there is so much emphasis on making sure the core is strong. No core means despite the muscles the body is weak.

And some of the stuff I'm doing right now is right in the core.

I think this project should be ready to go in a month. I know you'll be wondering so, this is for the hair and beauty salon owners marketplace. Something I've been involved in now since 1982!

After this coffee, I'm heading to my studio with Tamuna. Tamuna has spent 2-days sitting on the floor in her office doing admin! Grunt!

It's important to have good space to create in. I love the space here. It's big and feels good to walk into. It's been too hot in the summer so it'll be freezing in the winter.


I was just reading about Trump. I like nothing that comes from his mouth but I understand it.

This is the age of distrust, an age where leaders are seen as liars, liars are portrayed as good guys and where injustice has never been greater. People are not stupid and have had enough. Enough to take a risk on an idiot running the show after all were the previous few especially since the Bush dynasty! So I get trump. He is a result of what the media has poured into the minds for decades now. He is the result of dumbing down medias like big brother where sex on screen is the producer's dream, where the more Gordon Ramsay swears the better the show, where the faith of most kind has been rejected by the mass but rejected due to the vile behaviours of those that claim faith.

Anyway, Trump is a fool but he is a product of a very modern time.


The nations complain about Syria yet do they ever ask who makes and sells the bullets?

I cry for Syria, do you? I can sit and drink and eat in the warmth and silence of my home while this happens.

The PKK overrun ISIS while the Russians bomb the PKK alongside the Turkish. The Russians want Assad to stay while the Americans want Assad to go so are more than happy to bomb and support as the wind blows. It's a mess. So many fronts being battled. This is a War that history has already revealed the ending. No one can win.

Yet more children, more mothers, more fathers and more of a country are destroyed one very in careful step at a time.

And even those that run for their lives and seen as people to be feared by the media. Have we really become so cold and heartless?

It's a war of no winners and all losers. I wish we could all go and scoop up those people and take them to safety.


I know that was heavy but just a thought. So back to my office and my day.

I'm tidying up my blogs and have been doing a lot of housekeeping on OrangeBeetle over the summer.  A lot of changes with a lot of things but it's worth remembering for you that there are OVER 500 pages of strong helpful materials on my sites that I spend around 2-hours each writing. Now for someone that can get laid £1,200 per hour consulting that is a lot of time per penny on my sites. Do you take advantage of that?

I'm making changes at OrangeBeetle very soon. One of the changes will be a limited access to my blogs so now is the time to take full advantage of their open availability.


So Georgia soon and home to Tbilisi. Our 3-apartments have been booked up all year and over 7 million visitors into Georgia this year it's looking like a sound investment. Right now we have Israelites, Ukrainians and Americans in them. It's so cool and the types attracted are very eclectic. I have to say Georgia is so unique in my travels I don't want it spooky but I love the guests. Here's the link if you are interested.


I've had two coffees now so my mind and heart is buzzing over actively.

There been a lot of things I'm proud of. Helping business like yours grows and even survive the darkest of times. And others to change careers and get. Paid to do more of what they love.

I love that.

Now my eldest son is starting his new entrepreneur route and I'm so happy to help him.

So I'm heading back. Tamuna is itchy to go back now. I odour here she gets me and looks after me. I'm a complex pile of biology so it takes a woman like here to get me.


It's a bank holiday here this weekend.

My parents have always done something strange on bank holiday weekend. They are still in the mindset where on bank holiday they go and buy around 10-loaves of bread and ten bottles of milk because they still think the shops are all closed over the holiday - although they know they are not - habits are hard to crush right!

That's it.

Enjoy your weekend.

Alan Forrest Smith

Eccentric Rule Breaking Marketing


Alan - thanks - your approach is too eccentric for me - I don't think I can sell it internally

Thank you anyway

Best wishes"


Since I began working with clients in all kinds of business world's corporations are the most difficult and self-destructive.


The email above began with a call.

"Alan, we love your stuff, love your website and love what we can see.

The man went on to tell me he is the CEO of a large London corporation. He told me his team needed more edge. He told me they needed more creative ideas, thoughts and tools. He told me after going through everything he would speak with his marketing director and then arrange for myself to head over to their headquarters to spend a day or two with their team.

Everything ended great over the phone.

Now me being me my brain dropped into gear right away. I had ideas based on what he told me, ideas for leverage, stability, growth, innovation and how to give them distinctive capability fast!

I heard nothing back.

I waited.

I heard nothing back.

Finally, I emailed him.

His reply was as above…

"Alan - thanks - your approach is too eccentric for me - I don't think I can sell it internally

Thank you anyway

Best wishes"

He felt he couldn’t sell me internally due to my eccentric look and creative approach.

Now, what does that mean?

Let's think about this and learn from this.

The average salary for a marketing director is £86,165 according to figures online.

A really good marketing director can easily earn as much as £140,000 and even more.

His boss (the man I spoke with) is paying him and his team more than well.

Yet, his boss has had to go outside his team and ask for expert advice.


Because his highly paid team are not delivering results.

Now this marketing director that isn’t delivering results has told the CEO he does not want to deal with an expert outside the company due to the fact I look too creative, eccentric and different.

So in others words, the employee has taken a decision for the future of a large corporation based on the look of an external expert rather than his outstanding reputation. And by the way, if you don’t know about my reputation over the past 20-years with clients read more on this website.

Interesting right?

Here’s the problem.

Marketing isn’t as hard as marketing are men telling you they are simply covering their own lack of abilities. Yet marketing men that are trained and defined through the formality of expectation of how things should work – according to their training – training that was laid down in marketing manuals in the fifties!

Yet the world has changed and frankly so has the world of marketing.

The changes in the marketing process are profound. So profound in fact that I believe that over the past 3-years marketing has taken a quantum leap of epic proportions never seen before. I also believe that it will take ten years or more for companies and their internal teams to catch up unless they fast track through external expertise.

Do you think a marketing manager goes home and reads the very latest of what works and doesn't work in the minds of the consumer in bed at night? No of course not it's simply a job to him or her. External experts do - I do!

Yet when decisions are taken by marketing dinosaurs that are locked into restrictions, boundaries and fixed rules of how things should and shouldn’t be this is a danger for all companies – your company.

That is why marketing in most companies only supports the infrastructure, the ages and survival and rarely the vision of the company – if they even have a vision.

I am happy to be called eccentric. I am happy to be called too creative. I am happy to be told the marketing chief freaked out when he realised I have a tattoo or two.

Unless you take a leap of faith into the new world of marketing I want to tell you this. On the basis of a decision made by an employee, you could lose your business. I know because time and time again I have seen this over the years.

Marketing chaos isn’t just a blog post it is a reality for corporations. Throwing endless cash at a wall and praying it’ll stick isn’t going to cut it anymore. Posting endless on social media won't and probably doesn’t work for you. Does it?

We are moving into the marketing age of distinctiveness and transformation.

We are moving into the marketing age of distinctiveness and transformation. If you are stuck in the past you will know it yet who are you allowing to take the final decisions on what happens next?

I once dealt with a huge corporation that could take 10-weeks to reply to an email. I once worked with a corporation that had to have a team of six on every Skype call. I once saw a great company fail because the marketing director failed and failed the hard built company on her decisions.

If you need creative, eccentric, rule breaking, company defining marketing that works. If you understand investment is needed to grow, expand, innovate and create a vision. If you have had enough of listening to the same old endless excuses from marketing dinosaurs – you know where I am.

But if you do get in touch expect the unexpected, prepare for rules to be broken, accept the changes and enjoy the ride because I am in this for results.

You get what you want.

I get what I want

I think you deserve more.

Don’t you?

Peace from your ever eccentric, non-conforming, rule breaking, boundary smashing thinker, and creative advisor.

Alan Forrest Smith

Ps … seriously if you need a yes man, a conformist and someone that ticks all the boxes like any good marketing drone please do not get in touch as I refuse to bend on what delivers results for my clients and frankly that trained behaviour rarely delivers.

You know where I am.

Let's play together.