The Little Black Dress


The Little Black Dress

Recently my wife read an autobiography about a famous designer Diane Von Furstenberg. That is her above.

Despite her owning many businesses and business empires she continually refers to something in her book she calls her little black dress.

This dress is now named the ‘iconic’ wrap over dress.

Here’s what happened.

She designed a small dress that everyone loved. They loved it so much it sold in the millions.

As a creative she gets bored. Every now and then she would ignore the black dress project and do something totally different. When she faced bankruptcy or being broke again she would go back to the dress. the dress project in effect it would save her and always promised stability of income.

That’s not the precise details but it's the rough details all the same.

I also have a little black dress.

That dress is a project I began in 1999. It’s a project I have seen huge success with and ignored continually.

Now and then I come back to it.

It makes me very good money.

Recently we kickstarted the project again. It was idle after my big divorce in 2010. It had sat there broken and ignored for almost 8-years yet it is also a high-demand project.

Around a year ago I decided it would be the right time to re-ignite my little black dress. Since the new start, we have sold literally hundreds upon hundreds of manuals.

The goals are set high.

Our conversions are currently at

Just over 10% on the front/lead end.

Around 15% on the back-end.

We have four major products built into the funnel

Front-end - £1

  • Middle-end £245.00
  • Back-end £1,995
  • High-end £10,000

I don’t mind sharing with you that we are well on target for our first big push which is 2,000 sales (do the math).

Just in case you are not sure my little black dress project is my Hair Salon Owners Company - Salon Punk.

Of course, I’m well qualified - I was a hairdresser from 1982-2003 and an owner of 3-salons.

But how was this done after a project sitting there for so many years doing nothing?

Easier than most will know or think.

There are certain facts that just never change in business. Regardless of what is new or old, there are some things that just don't change.

For example, you might have the greatest marketing team in the world in your office yet if the targeting is perfect the sales will be low or even none.

If the core message doesn't stand inside the mental conversation of the target the conversions will remain very low.

If the presentation doesn't give the eye what the eye expects I can tell you this the visitor will come and then just as fast go!

Yet it really isn't too difficult yet most make it difficult.

Here is why.

Marketing has become a restrained by too many amateur rules set by those with no real experience.

Most rules are rules that will restrict the sales. I know I've seen this time and time again with my clients.

And you might have everything in place yet the reality is you are not getting sales or even decent conversions.

This is usually a targeting issue.

So let me ask you … Do you have a little black dress? Do you have a business or business idea that you know is good but the results are simply not good enough?

Are you unsure what is next?

Do you need more assurance of the next steps?

Do you want to increase your sales yet reduce your risk?

Of course, you do this is normal.

I can help you and help you very quickly.

Here’s what we can do.

  • You can come to my offices.
  • I can come to your offices.
  • I can show you everything that I do with my projects in the smallest details.
  • I can show you my own proven four product system.
  • I can show you what to write.
  • I can show you what to say.
  • I can show you how to target.

And of course there are more but I can show you how to make or break your project quickly after all I’ve been doing this stuff for a long long time and have a track record to prove it.

All you need to do is take one day out of your business to re-ignite your project … as long as you listen and do what I tell you.

Now, of course, these are critical times for business and opportunity. BREXIT and everything else we are fed through the media with its negative opinions.

I can tell you this.

At times like this is when the money is made.

And if your project isn't doing what it should be doing I can help you fix it very quickly.

Here are just some ways we can work together.

  • 1-Day Breakthrough session1-3-6-12 month mentoring
  • 1-3-6-12 month mentoringAlliance partnership
  • Alliance partnershipTotal critique and blueprint service
  • Total critique and blueprint serviceWrite and create powerful best-selling copy
  • Write and create powerful best-selling copy30/60 minute Skype call
  • 30/60 minute Skype call

And more as everything I do is bespoke and built around you, not just my list above.

And more as everything I do is bespoke and built around you, not just my list above.

So do you have a little black dress that you think needs to be pushed out, caressed and brought back to life.?

Let me remind you of something.

I am Alan Forrest Smith.

I fix marketing and deliver sales for business people like you that demand more.

In other words, I make you money.

  • Over the past couple of decades, I’ve generated literally million upon million in new sales for my clients.
  • I’ve written sales copy that has broken every record (83% increase is a record don’t you think?).
  • Saved business from certain closure (turned around one business in 12-hours with a massive cash windfall).
  • Increase sales by the thousands of percents in days, not years.
  • Sold cars going into the millions for mad Phil and his balanced brother Mike.
  • Created sales of over 42k in just 12 hours for a printer.
  • Written emails that have generated sales of well over 7 million in sales for a struggling business.
  • I have taken an unknown business and created perceptive positioning for her that has put her way above her competition - No.1
  • And created results that have left my clients jaws almost touching the floor.
  • I’m good - very good and only work with clients that are hungry , determined, built for endurance or are sick to death with lackluster results.

My AFS METHOD system is fast and prolific.

Like a scientist I will go through all of your business, all of your current results, all of your systems, strategies, tactics and more.

Then I’ll show you how to fix it or I will fix it for you.

I’ll make you good money and sales

You’ll pay me well.

And just to remind you - I am eccentric, think different, look different and am loved by the experts. if you need and want average I am not your man at any level.

It really depends if you want results or not?

Or are you happy to be content with doing just OK?

If OK is good enough you're not my client. I could never settle for just ok when the best is there for the taking.

I am looking forward to sharing with you what I am doing here with my little black dress project because what I am doing with that can be and has been translated into businesses just like yours.

Trump in or out, BREXIT issues or not p- these are very exciting times to be in business.

If it isn't working… Let's fix it before it’s too late.

Text me right now on 07793069486 and let's see where we can take this for you.



PS. And please… I hate writing this but I get these requests - I can not work for nothing or future promises.

I deliver, I am the best at what I do so please show some respect.

How One Client Scooped a Massive £30,000 After Just One BREAKTHROUGH Session I will let her tell you her own result.

“Alan I mean this from the bottom of my heart.

I was introduced to Alan by a friend. My business is based on the creative industries and it took hard work, determination, blood sweat and tears to establish my business, as the leading creative market leader in the UK. I have clients traveling from all over the world for my training courses and it’s amazing to wake up every morning, knowing that I can service my clients from the rich and famous, TV shows, celebrities and billionaires.

Of course bringing in high-end clients take a lot of time and effort and it got to a stage where I needed to get back to my goal of reducing my working hours and increasing my family time and that’s exactly what Alan has helped me to do.

I’ve worked with Alan on his VIP mentoring day on a one to one basis, great lunch and company for sure. From my investment of £10,000 and the amazing copy provided by Alan, I’ve confirmed a £12,000 client, two £7,000 clients in one month, that’s a total £26,000 in one month, so I’ve already got my investment back! And the beauty is I can use the same strategy over and over again to bring in new high-end clients.

Alan is very strategic about packaging and leveraging your existing skills and services. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in business there is always room for growth and expansion. I love the fact Alan is so down to earth, listen, guys, his clients are turning over millions of pounds however Alan is so open and honest with the truth, makes you feel so comfortable, he gives so much thought and care to your business.

If you are ready to grow your business, first you need to step out of your comfort zone about investing money into your business, I can assure you if you follow his recommendations you will not be disappointed. It takes a lot of courage and strength to keep going, however, you can make your journey easier by working with experts and Alan is an expert in his field so go ahead and make your decision to have a chat with Alan today.

Alan, I would like to thank you for being so open and supportive in the next step of my business, it’s going to an even more amazing journey than it has been so far. Thank you again.”

Neelam Meetcha Author, TV Host, Creative Expert

Neelam Meetcha – Fabulous Gift Wrapping Expert TV Host, Author and Speaker, 01902 628014 | 07931 805198 |

NOTE: Permission given to share her name and details. Most of my clients like to remain private.




How does your customer think?

When I was a hairdresser I discovered this very early. If I asked my clients do they want a cut and blow they would simply say yes. They were never thinking that way at all they were simply going through the process in response to my question.

When I started to say to my clients, ‘when is the last time you changed your hair?’ the response was over whelming to the point that I had to create a while new service, pricing and take on more staff to cope with the huge influx of new clients.

So I discovered something and it was this.

When you think like the client thinks you tap into something very different, more direct and the client then begins to relate to you on a deeper lever.

In modern marketing waffle terms they call this engagement (like it has just happened).

You see when a client is at home they stand and look at the mirror and say to themselves, ‘I really want to change my hair’ but they are nervous of getting into the conversation because they are not sure where that conversation will lead and it could lead to an unexpected outcome. Hair isn’t a disaster for one day it’s a disaster for 2-3 months. So whatever the conversation a client or customer is having with themselves or friends is what you must tap into.

So whatever it is you are selling you have to think like the customer thinks, speak how the customer speaks and slip into the conversation that is already taking place.

How can you know that?

It’s easier than you think.

For example Apple buyers love to have the very latest at all times. They watch the live updates; the launches and they want to know the detail way before anyone else. So the conversation they have is this.

Revolutionary All New iPhone 7 Arrives Midnight April 1st

A headline like that will have a line half a mile long (at least) of fanatics doing anything to get the cash to order a new iPhone 7! Why? Because the conversation is all about the latest gadget and being first to own the next new thing. That is the buyer mindset.

So if you need to sell more you need to also sit down and ask the break through question…

‘Do we think like our buyers think?’

And then ask and write down…

‘How does my customer think?’

  • Create a list of words – I call them buzz words
  • Create a list of paragraphs
  • Crate a list of wants
  • Create a list of needs and then ask the simple question…

Does my customer actually say these things and are these things a want or a need? You need to know they wants and needs of customers as they change in almost every generation. So what you think your clients really need probably isn’t the reality today.

Once you know and tap into how your customer thinks you will see changes that will breakthrough results that maybe you aren’t seeing right now.

If this helped you please leave a comment below.

Love, peace and success.

Alan Forrest Smith




4 Things Hairdressing Taught Me


4 Direct Response Marketing Tricks I Learnt From Hairdressing

What can hairdressing teach your business about marketing, copywriting, strategy and good old direct response marketing?

This weekend I was taken back in time when I caught sight of a video of John Paul Dejoria talking about his business, the salon industry and of course how he built his four billion dollar empire. I had the good fortune to meet him and talk with him in 1990 in Buckinghamshire England. That meeting was to change my salon business completely. It was my first encounter with marketing.

Lets go back in time

I was a hairdresser for over 20 years. I started cutting hair when I was around 15-years old. I then trained at twenty years old officially as a hairdresser and then had 3 salons of my own until the year 2003 when I then launched full-time into OrangeBeetle (OB started in 1998).

On the first day of opening my very first salon with my very first employees I also had my first staff walkout from a junior member.  I had no idea what I was doing and frankly I don’t blame her, it was total chaos.

The second week in business it was slow and that carried on until I was around 2-3 months into being a new businessman and desperately counting the cash to see if I could pay staff wages by the weekend.

Then late 1989-90 (I know it’s a long time ago) I saw an advert in the hairdressers journal for a club for hairdressers that was being supported by Paul Mitchell Salon Products.

I saw the advert once, twice and maybe a dozen times after that when I decided to call the number and ask a few questions.

I spoke to a guy named Mike Kemball in Buckinghamshire and before I knew it I was on my way to their Insight meeting.

Marketing Was New To Me

Insight was an understatement. Despite the reality that I started selling things to other people at the age of just 10 year, I hadn’t thought about business the way I was now being shown.

For example; I learnt about how to price services. In those days I simply thought you charged what you were wanted to charge. I certainly never understood perception of a price can affect your business. Mercedes – you never ask the price you simply know this. You can or cannot afford it but you know it’s the best and part of that belief that it is the best is in the price. It’s expensive so it must be – good!

Then there were all the other things I began to discover. Upselling services, products, reception layout, staff wages and just about every single thing you can think about to run a business I discovered fast!.

The nice thing they did that also affected me in a big way was introducing me to something called a book. Yes you read correct I said a BOOK.

You see up until that point in my life I had read NOTHING – not a single thing that was printed onto a page apart from what I was forced to read at school so the thought of reading a book was against my inclination because I associated booms only with school. So I began to read books - business books.

I also bought a cassette (remember them?)  for my car by a guy I had never heard of before named Jay Abraham. I also bought a book by an expert named Zig Ziglar and one more expert named Tom Peters. It was heavy but I was enjoying this new learning the business of business experience.

So in a short period of time I had learnt lots of new things about running a business. How to structure everything, staffing, finances, marketing a lot of new and mind-expanding materials.

Astonishing Results From Hairdressing

The more I discovered especially obeyer direct response marketing, the better the results were for me. I managed to build a huge 5-bedroomed house in its own grounds with my success, had the holidays, the cars and all the other benefits that a successful business gave me. It was hard, really hard but it gave me a foundation that transformed a lot of areas in my life.

But for you reading this I wanted to share something’s that were critical in that business succeeding but any business I have worked on since then and are working on right now.

4 Things I Learnt from Being a Hairdresser

Number one: Feed from others for bigger ideas

There’s nothing wrong in looking at others for ideas. I used to look outside the industry all of the time for ideas on how to build a strong salon. That meant my salons were very different to all of the other salons. The other salon owners all looked inside the industry whilst I was looking at things like how a football club was structured so I could apply those guidelines to my salon business.

For example in 1991 we were the only salon business in a town of 35 salons to sell something I named a ‘season ticket’. In other words they could pay in advance for their appointments at a lower rate. This was something that was only really seen in the football industry and certainly not hairdressing. This was also direct response marketing at its best with everything being tracked and measured.

I saw they were filling their football stadium appointments (seats) up to two years ahead so why couldn’t I by simply copying them. I did and it worked massively. Actually as a side note I have never seen this in a salon ever apart from my own salons.

I have since applied the very same to all my businesses since. For example today I model a lot of my ideas on the film industry. Why? Well if you want to sell a lot and be the best at what you are selling you’d better model a business that turns over literally billions and the movie business does just that. They sell a movie based on a 120 second video and very powerful imagery. I use them as one of my swipe models. Today I read around 5-books a week to feed my mind and write around one million words a year to keep me in full flow.

So how about you who do you look to for idea outside your current industry and how many ideas do you discover, swipe and apply in your business?

Number two: Get the infra-structure and finances right - STRATEGY & SYSTEMS!

This is short and simple… get it right or you are forever hoping and praying.

In the early days of my salons it went like this. I got cash from the clients and then I would put that cash in my pocket, under my bed, in an old sock and then inside my mattress or – I would go and buy something with the cash. Most of the time I would go and buy something.

That led to problems and here was one of the major problems I faced one day. I had received a huge tax bill that I simply couldn’t pay. I missed the payment day time and time again yet I would go home and sit and ask myself this, “I’m taking a ton of cash here in the salon but how is it I can’t pay a bill for £5k?”

Now the answer is really obvious but it wasn’t one I had in place all those years ago. It was this – I was spending far too much and managing nothing.  I quickly discovered that if you are taking £50k yet spending £51k you are in big trouble. I then found out that money should be divided and split apart so that everything is covered. I know its obvious right? Yet I never did it. It took me years to learn cash management.

Not too long ago I knew a guy that bought a post office. The old post office and shop was very old and needed urgent renovations.

So he went and got a big loan. On his loan the first thing he went and bought was a new Range Rover. Then he bought his wife a new Range Rover in white. Then they spent cash on the house attached to the Post Office and lived the good life – for a short while.

Suddenly he realised that he has to pay stock bills, pay staff, and pay invoices and pay and manage the cash in all areas of the post office. He never did and about six months later he finally was forced to close. On a Saturday after my salon had closed with my very young kids at the time for their comic and sweet treat I found out when I went to the shop it had been closed by bailiffs and his cars and home had no been removed.


He simply failed to manage his finances and had no infra-structure in place.

How about you in your business? Are you finances covered and do you know exactly how they should be split? If this is a failure in your business your business will fail. It was a very early lesson I learnt through hairdressing and running three hairdressing salons.

Number three: You are only as good as your service or product

Before you do anything I discovered that the service or the product has to be good enough. For example in those days I would promote a new stylist that came into the salon. The stylist was then sent clients and the clients would expect a service that I was advertising. Unfortunately I had yet to discover that despite all the bells and whistles I was blowing and waving I was not training my staff to support for my marketing was saying. This meant I was saying how great we were but my services and products simply didn’t support that. Of course this lost me clients that I had paid to bring into my business.

It’s like pouring endless water into a bucket with holes. The more you pour in the more that pours out.

This took me to a place where I had to rediscover my salon services and make them work in a way that was a match with what my marketing was saying. Not easy but we did it in the end.

Now as a consultant for the past 15-years and more the first thing I ask is how good are your services. The reply is ALWAYS the same, “ yes really good”.

Once I flew to a salon to create a new strategy and plan for her business. She had already told me her business was the very best, services and skills were the absolute greatest in the area yet her spread sheet numbers were telling a story of clients in – clients out, like the bucket so I decided to fly over and see what was actually going on.

From the moment I walked into the salon the staff clearly hated her, she clearly hated them and it all showed in the work they were doing. Service was poor, skills sets were average and nothing was quite as it should or could be.

The day I sat and spoke to her and her team the phone rang. She jumped up and shouted, “can’t one of the miserable FU&%KERS get the phone”. I was shocked and clearly there was a huge problem with a team that was reflecting in the salon services.

So it was a big lesson for me to be able to support any marketing with solid service and solid products.

And what I have seen in business is the need to sell is stronger than the need to fulfill and deliver. People will sell sub-standard services or product just for the sake of the sale yet it’s a recipe for disaster in business.

Once I realised this we spent thousands in cash and hour upon hour in time training my staff to a level that was unsurpassed in the salon business in the location we were at.

How about you?

Everyone always tells me very blunt that they are the very best at what they do. Are you services and product as good as you think they are? Have you tried them, tested them, read them or even reviewed them? Have you asked your clients for an honest review or opinion on your services or products? Regardless of the industry you are in you need to know the answer to this.

Number four: Marketing is a daily event

After I had been on course in the 1990s I started to apply what I was learning. For example despite there being no real home computers as such in those days or certainly no laser printers for an office unless you spent thousands I began to run direct mail campaigns. Direct mail was personal and as the name suggests it as direct. Every Tuesday was direct mail day. I would send mail to, new clients, birthday clients, Christmas cards, thank you, promotions and literally a long list of ideas for direct mail. There was no email or social media or even text in those days.

The response was crazy at the time. The more mail I sent the busier we became. More marketing meant more promotion and that of course I had less and less time to do my marketing.

The problem then was that when I never did my marketing guess what happened? Business would slowly drop off. So I created a whole system that was a little chaotic at the time but it worked for us. Not every month, not every week but every single day of the week we did active direct marketing. That meant, direct mail, flyers, posters, PR events, promotional events, piggy back promotions and just about every other thing I could think of at the time.

Yes marketing had to be DAILY. It had to be regular and it had to be a system. Even today in my current businesses if we do nothing - nothing comes in and if we do a lot a lot comes in.

I see time and time again that marketing is treated like it isn’t really part of a business. Some businesses treat marketing like its something they have to do now and then because they feel that’s just part of being in business. Yet it is the lifeblood, it’s the part of business that should be prioritized always.

A farmer cannot shift his potatoes if he doesn’t drive over to the market. They will simply lie in the barn and rot. Why? Because of lack of visibility and if you are not seen you won’t sell.

  • A website isn’t marketing it’s a critical business tool. Once you have a site you must have a strategy to send people to that site.
  • A random advert isn’t marketing. It takes at least a dozen shows of an advert before it ever gets read and noticed as long as its well designed and written.
  • A one-off magazine advert isn’t marketing because no one sees it with one hit.
  • A Facebook page definitely isn’t marketing because Facebook is a gossip forum not a place of business and those that tell you millions are being made on Facebook are lying to you.

I learnt in my hairdressing salons that marketing has to be a daily event and when it isn’t we the daily event of taking profits just doesn’t happen.

Today things are even harder because the noise is so loud in the world of capturing people’s attentions.

Messenger, text, email, social media, on the go TV, streaming this, streaming that YouTube and just about every other battle for the attention of your buyer is raging yet what is it you are doing for your business.

I learnt early that marketing is a daily event. It is a strategy that must be stuck to and applied. It’s tactical and well thought out. Its planned over a period of time and there is no let up because once you let up suddenly the guy down the road that you thought was ok takes over you and is getting more sales and more customers than you will ever get.How about you?

Is direct response marketing part of your strategy or is your strategy designed around your service or product?

If that’s the case how are you getting that out to your buyers? You have to fight and battle for attention theses days are you doing that. Are you presenting your very best and are you doing it on a scheduled basis or is it simply random?

Random marketing means random profits. Lots of marketing means lots of profits.

Hairdressing taught me a lot, way more than simply cutting hair.

I hope this article helped you or even enlightened you at some level.

If you have to have the very best advice and cannot afford any more risk - call me on 07793069486

Your ex-hairdresser and hairy marketing genius

Alan Forrest Smith


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The HABIT - Important Read


Bad Habits Hold You (and me) Back

As a business mentor I am adding a warning because if I am correct, you'll resist what you are about to read. How do I know that?

Because that’s what humans, people - YOU and me - that’s what we do, we resist change because change means confronting habits.

It’s about habits, changes, you resisting me and then you finally working with me and rewarding me for ground breaking alliance for the results I will and I can deliver for you.

It’s a long article but one but worth every minute of your time.

If needed you may print and read it later with a coffee or tea or whisky if that’s your thing – just read it because it affects you and your business.

Ok … Here we go…

Every now and then you get an awakening call in life and business that makes you feel uncomfortable to the point that you either change things or lie down and give up. Yet the reality is and has been shown and proven time and time again is that …

  • Everything can change for the better
  • Everything can be put back on track
  • Everything will be OK - it always is

You can survive thrive and prosper into change but only if you haven’t lay down and totally given up yet. Have you lay down and died or am I still getting through to you?

So here's a story, short but true none the less.

I started with a new trainer last December. Frankly he is killing me but killing me in a good way to the point I now have zero-shirts that fit me because the muscle size is so large in relation to how it was previously. Yet we have one conversation weekly and it is about belly fat and body fat generally.

Despite having huge arms, a huge chest, big muscular legs and a well defined back I cannot shift my fat. The problem is the fat of course covers the muscle so despite the reality that there has been a ton of change in my body I cannot get the definition I really would want. I know I need to grow up and lie back and retire gracefully but that isn't for me.

And here is my problem.

H.A.B.I.T. that is compounded with decades of reenforcement.

I was born with a sweet tooth that won't go away and lie down gracefully and despite trying as hard as hell I still have huge cravings for sweet things until I realised this isn't anything special or new it is something I simply have to accept and then confront.

So right now I have not stopped the sweet things but I have adjusted accordingly and replaced sweet things with things like dates, figs, apricots and more. it seems to be working.

Habit can hold anyone back but the real problem is we oversee the habit and try always to blame it on something or someone else.

You changes might be getting stopped but habit - nothing else.

Do you know what you want in your life? Do you know what you want in your business? Are your embedded habits destroying everything? The habit kills, destroys and holds back anything it can hold back.

If I want muscle definition I have to make a change. If you want definition in areas of your life you must make a change.

Life and business: Yes both are absolutely intertwined and if you are in business, they can never be taken apart so if one isn’t right neither will the other be right. When business is bad your life becomes miserable.

That creates unhappy people.

I have another habit in my life that isn’t a drug habit although some will claim I’m on another planet, I’m not a sex addict although sometimes I think I could be or would like to try and be at least and I don’t gamble but this habit has me addicted.

It’s a habit called repetition.

That life repetition leads me down the same paths every now and then and despite the fact I think I am going down another path in a different direction. It’s usually when I am halfway along the path I realise hang on, this looks familiar and it’s at that point I make changes. Progress is made but life can feel like one step forward, two steps back. Thankfully I am aware of it. Thankfully I make the changes.

Some will say well that’s life but I know it isn’t it’s  a habit and it’s a destructive habit that needs to be addressed.

Do you understand that? I know you do and I know maybe you experience it also. Why? Because it’s a very human thing for us to be like that in life and business. To repeat and do the same old thing again.

The problem with this habit is it can make you frustrated, angry, resentful at the lack of change and success and ultimately it can lead to you being frozen to the spot if it’s not addressed.

  • The same route
  • The same path
  • The same ideas
  • and worse - stuck in the same place

They all leave you totally stuck stuck stuck!

I see it all the time and I mean all the time with clients I work with. Of course you’ll feel this isn’t you, how can it be?

Are You Stuck?

Here’s a pattern an embedded habit I see in businesses; A fortune gets spent on the business structure. That means cool office, the best equipment, latest gadgets, and lots of meetings with lots of PowerPoint from experts in dark suits waiting for applause and finally of course … The Car (BMW preferred) …parked outside imperceptibly decomposing and rotting money even as I type. At this stage ZERO marketing or true business building has been done!

I even saw a client once spend almost £30,000 on a freestanding reception desk that could barely hold a computer on it. That was habit of his ego and he replaced the desk a year later as it simply wasn’t practical. Now they have coffee, tea, cookies and lots of circular stains all over the 30k desk in the dark damp back room where his slaves sit and moan.

And then there’s the wages, the costs and just about every other expense in business. Yet the situation always seem to be the same when clients contact me and its this … we have everything our customers want and need we just don’t have enough customers. Our advertising doesn’t work, our marketing team seems clueless and we are getting deeper and deeper into the red or they are simply not getting the growth that would just be perfect for them.

Yet it’s all part of the habit

And that’s the habit of doing things the things that are expected to be habitually done. Crazy right? Yes its so crazy we all do it all of us including me.

Yet every now and then the moment arrives when we have to get serious and be honest and that can be hard for you to face.

One of my millionaire clients has the habit. He has cash pouring through his fingers all the time but is always broke. I have worked on and off with him now for well over twenty years and the habit is always the same.

Big office, big staff, big invoicing, big visions and lots of cars, lots of holidays, lots of wine and women in no particular order yet he is always broke and struggling for more and more yet his outgoings are so huge even great incomings never pay for things. I think he’ll die and get buried in a cardboard box – recycled of course!

He makes me laugh when we meet because the story is always the same yet he never confronts it, waits to go broke and then repeats the habit all over again.

His Habits Always Destroy What He Builds

Recently he went for another medical to see if he was dying again. He has this machine that reads and delivers a 3d image of all of his insides. Once he thought his brains was his kidney and thought that his kidney was so misshapen that he had a week or two to live.

Then once he found out his illness was all stress related he went and bought his 6th sports car to make him feel better yet … he couldn’t pay his staffs wages that same month. I fear he is heading down another total breakdown, closure and then repeat.

And then very predictably just a few years ago he lost over fifty million pounds and this wasn’t the first time. Nuts right?

So Unless You Change Your HABIT Your Habit Will Always Control You

If the habit controls us our life remains the same. If our life remains the same and we are not happy with our current results and then the reality is, it’ll be the same if not worse the older we get because your body and mind simply wont be able to keep fighting all the stresses and strains of the habit. Time to act?

Can you make any changes or maybe the real question is are you humble and wise enough to realise that you have the habit in your life and changes must be forced through? Most people with habits don’t believe they have habits. Go ask a clairvoyant to ask any of rock n rolls famous 27 club (the rock stars that overdosed and died at 27 years of age).

My mother believes in herself in a big way and always has done. She doesn’t like me but I do admire her. She believes that you are weak to ask for advice and you should fight through everything and battle everyone until you find out the answers for yourself. I don’t accept that and I have watched the consequences of that acceptance of the habit in my mother’s business life.

Yet she was one of the very first pioneers of the health food shop on the high street. There was no such thing as a health food shop when she had her shop. People came from miles to get her advice, it was very cool. She knew every working of the body from a holistic view back to front and with her medical training she was just amazing. She always wanted to do it her way and NEVER took advice from anyone. I had to endure garlic tablets each day and go to school stinking of garlic in the classroom. That wasn’t great for a 10 year old Scottish immigrant I can tell you.

In the mid-1980s a now famous health store offered to buy mother out at a high rate just to get her out of the town because her expertise was such a threat to them. She refused any advice and decided she would fight them to the end (think of brave heart in a dress). Mothers shop of course closed and the giant of health foods and supplements have well over 659 stores in the UK today. Where’s mum’s? (I know you’ll be wondering why she doesn’t like me now – that’s a whole other story for another story time)

Why did she lose out? Her habit was so deeply entrenched that change for her now becomes the impossible reality.

I have seen this habit in action so many times yet times have changed and 2014 running a business is very different. The difference is of course the web. When I say the web I don’t just mean having a website but I mean the way connections are now made.

  • You have to connect and stop sitting and waiting
  • You have to be a leader and stop waiting to be led
  • You have to have brains and guts to take action
  • You have to build your cult or tribe around what you are offering
  • You have to make it easy for your buyers you are now know as your friends
  • You have to make sure the like you or they’ll unlike you over night
  • You have to make sure they are follower’s not just passers-by
  • Instant branding
  • Instant ideas
  • Instant memory installations
  • Instant likes
  • Instant everything for a world that is fast and thinking different
  • The need for speed has never been greater
  • Change must become your mantra because change is the mantra

The old ways used to be the best ways but the best ways are now the new ways. Delivery must be fast. People want viral, they want clickable, they want apps, connections, hangouts and everything at light speed. Zooooom!!!!!!!!

Habit Killing Your Business and Preventing a LIFE?

Yet is your habit running your business, running your job or even running your life? And you wont change because you didn’t realise you have to change and because you didn’t realise it you are not even thinking about change. All you are thinking about is what the hell am I going to do to make things better?

  • Change starts as a thought
  • Change is a point to begin
  • Change is a plan
  • Change is a strategy
  • Change is an action

Change has to be done if you need change but habit hates change so it isn’t easy because you love to be habitual and you don’t even know it… YET!

When I started orange beetle in 2000 it was almost impossible to get anyone on email from my old AOL address – even in 2000. I had to call everyone because hardly anyone had an email address.

Today that can sound so ridiculous. Everyone has a connection and is connected at light speed. Nobody wanted an email address but everyone now has an email address. Changed pushed through because of necessity.

I asked all of my four kids what they use to communicate and why and they only use iMESSENGER now. Why? They said its fast and yet I thought email was fast but apparently not as fast as messenger because you can see the other person typing a reply right away in messenger. That’s cool and that’s a change for me.

Beyoncé sold millions of albums overnight using images on Instagram

Radiohead delivered a genius way to sell millions of albums but giving them away or the fan could pay what he felt the album was worth

Prince gave away a double album in a Sunday newspaper


It increased their sales. Do you think the music label wanted to do that? No way, they never wanted in a million years to break their habit but that habit was smashed by change and change changed everything. Of course change in the music business is nothing new just read the book named 'The Grateful Dead on Marketing a band' … very cool!

They all broke the regular habit of doing their marketing the same old way. The habitual way and the unchanged way and nobody liked change and if they don’t like change they soon go back into the habit.

This is the 21st century but are you still living in the habit of the last century?

Why? Because you think it should work because it’s always worked right?

  • People don’t live how they used to live 3 years ago never mind 10 years ago
  • People don’t do business like they did 5 years ago
  • Everything is changing but is your habit holding you back?

HABITS are tough to break but even tougher to recognise and admit.

I understand I absolutely get it - habits can be a killer and I have and still have plenty of them that need changing yet how about you? Are you simply happy to carry on as usual and hope and pray changes will take place? If that's the case the bad news is they never take place on their own. Do you maybe feel like you have tried a lot and still cannot mange that big breakthrough? Are you feeling so stuck that you are really just not sure what direction to take next.


I’d love to work with you, partner with you and guide you into change.

  • I understand how it feels to be trapped by habits
  • I have helped myself and many others move forward fast
  • I have been involved in many changes over the past 30 years in business with some incredible success stories
  • I have mentored many new business overruns and established business owners into more success and change of habit
  • I am tapped into every source that is tuned into change
  • I live and breathe change
  • I study how buyers think and act and finally buy from you
  • I am obsessed with mind triggers and mind directions and all the twists and change that take place in a mind before a purchase is made.
  • I have written, completed strategies and alliances with people like Jay Abraham, Jay Conrad Levinson and many many more giants of business
  • I eat breakthrough information for dinner each day
  • I have been doing just that and smashing habits and creating changes for over 30 years

If your organization needs a habit change that could be holding you back from advancing

If your marketing is like most others embedded with old habits I will see them in a second for you

If your own mind is stuck, trapped and cannot break out I can guide and mentor you into your new change.

Will It Mean More - MORE OF WHAT?

And lets be frank here what does the breaking down of habits that are backed up with change mean for you?

Profits and more of them?

There’s nothing dirty about that word but maybe you need a strategy that is more in tune with a new world and that is ‘giving back’ because your new century customers expect you to be giving back. Do you do that or are you out of the habit?

Are your messages into the media the same old stuff that no one really cares about anymore? Habit!

Are you feeding into a old-mindset that passed away with the last century? Habit!

Are you doing everything you do in your life and your business out of pure habit?

Habit is the death of most things. It creates boredom and prevents change. Habits tells you that you cannot be wrong yet your bottom-line is telling you that something is wrong.

I have helped changed and transformed businesses and lives fast. I have turnaround business, lives and created spectacular changes and sales for my clients.

Just imagine what I could do for you with my 31 years of experiences?

I’ve won with direct mail with insane 47% response rates yet they told me that couldn’t be done. The client had a habit of sending out to 5000 a month regardless of the result. I said stop, cut it back to 100 mailers and made the client over 800k… smashed his habit and created change!

Look …

Shall we talk things over to see if I can actually help you or are you already resisted doing that because your habit tells you that you know best and what could I do for you that you don’t already do?

Maybe you have no bad habits, maybe life is great and maybe you don’t need change of any kind. That’s fine I hope you enjoyed what I shared so far and I didn’t waste your time. Maybe you have enough sales or you love your job and for you it’s not a habit its something you just do because you know you have to do it.

I never used to read. I never read until I was around 46 years of age as a serious way of learning. Today I read maybe five books every week. That was hard for me to get into but it worked.

I read newsletters about marketing that you will probably have never heard of. I am inside inner circles that create billions in sales (not millions) for business and am a student of the human being, the human mind and words that can change everything for you. I’m an early adopter of all things even the stuff that fails bt I love to give it a go and see where it leads.

I even once sat on the street all night long in a big line to buy a new Video 2000 so I could watch movies at home. It was minus 5 on January 2nd 1980. Do you know anyone that has one of those dinosaurs now? Change!

Yet even after reading this far your habit is still probably telling you no to change and here is why.

You are maybe thinking now what will this cost you because your habit tells you that everything has a cost.

Yet my services and alliances have never cost any of my friends and cleints a penny and I will tell you why.

Yes they have paid me and paid me well but here are a few numbers to look at.

  • Paid £5,000 and got a return over well over £200,000
  • Paid £10,000 returns £300,000
  • Paid £15,000 returns £489,000
  • Paid £10,000 returns £1.2 million
  • Paid £35,000 returns of £250,000 a month
  • Paid £15,000 returns £74,500
  • Paid £500 returns £15,400
  • Paid £7,500 returns £2.4 million

Now your habit is telling you that to work with me will cost you but the reality is that it NEVER costs an of my clients money to work with me. Can you see why? The habit says no yet the proof tells another story.

  • Yes an investment has to be made but the returns are always huge.
  • Buying a huge office is not a good investment it’s a massive cost
  • Buying a stack of cars is not a good investment it’s depreciation

The habit has told you what is what but it isn’t. The habit takes you down a path that you have been walkng down for years and will resist change. I can pretty much guarantee your habit is stopping you from taking action and working with me right now yet ask yourself this.

  • What do I need right now?
  • Am I getting what I need right now?
  • What would I pay to get what I need right now?

One client came to me and told me he had to get to five million over 24 months. I worked out everything and realised that 8 million could easily be reached. His business was a new business but he had a habit of telling me I was wrong.

So we talked and talked and exchanged emails and calls.

Finally it came to a fee or as I like to call it a reward. I told him this. “If I can create sales of 8 million for you I would like to be rewarded well” He told me ”fine name your reward” I told him that I would like a reward of £400,000 plus a vintage Triumph motorbike as a bonus” His reply was something like this.. “Are you serious I don’t want to pay more than a few grand and that is outrageous” Maybe you think, “Holy shit Alan that’s outrageous” … do you? OK but now lets think about this.

He had a new business that was going head on into a very strong and established arena with a lot of huge competition in the world of muscles and fitness.

I had ideas for his new product that were current, new, and diverse and put a strategy together that would put him into the top of his market in 7-21-days flat.

At this point all he had to pay me was a monthly residual to cover costs and wages and a small down payment of just £20,000 for us to get started. The £20,000 would barely cover costs from my side but it was a commitment from him.

The rest was to be paid on a deliverable agreement of hitting figures. The first number was £2 million in turnover for him. This would give him lots of sales, lots of profits, and lots of fun buying toys and would help him pay back his Russian investors very comfortably


He was being over ruled by his habit. His habit was telling him contrary to the facts. The facts were I was going to help his new business create sales of £8 million. His habit was telling him I am not paying this stranger for marketing that any monkey could do so he went to an agency… it didn’t end well!

Yet marketing companies and agencies do what they do – create flyers brochures and stick you on Facebook and wouldn’t ever dare promise turnover of £8 million pounds! Of course a promise of a number is hard to keep and cannot be guaranteed but if we never hot that number I never got paid so they were in a win-win.

The client had invested over a million into a deal in Moscow Russia to make this happen. His house was on the line but he drove a very nice Bentley so he would look good in his meetings.

We never worked together his habit stopped him and change wasn’t in his agenda. Two years later his partner emailed me to talk about a new business he was planning. I called, we talked and he told me that the fitness company had folded with huge debts and almost NO sales.

I did say wow but I wasn’t surprised after all this is the 21st century and you can play 20th century games around here.

Why did he fold?

Because the habit over ruled the mind and the mind deceived the man. He believed doing things the way things should be done was always enough and that would pull them through.

NO – not in the 21st century where everything is about

  • Fast
  • Change
  • Smashing old habits
  • Creativity
  • Invention
  • New
  • And being smart

And being smart means doing things different and doing things different means taking action and taking action means taking action against habits and the old ways.

Even kids hardly have habits these days but everything is new new new.

Did you resist me? Have you though this isn’t right? Are you getting bored now? Are you awakening to the reality that embedded habits are killing your business and giving you a life you don’t want?

Shall we talk?

I’m always interested in interesting alliances with interesting people or even boring people that want to do something interesting.

As you might know I am creative and always looking to get rewarded well from my customers. I am open to lots of adventure, motorbike riding across the USA and renting out paradise islands for our business meetings. Are you or are you so restricted by old habits you cant bring yourself to hit reply and speak to me?

I am sat here right now with my feet on the table whilst writing to you and drinking coffee. The coffee is strong Turkish coffee as prepared by my partner Tamuna. It keeps my high and buzzy. I had my first drink of coffee just 3.5 years ago. I decided to change a habit of green tea only because it was utterly boring. The habit still wanted tea but now it’s coffee. Coffee brought me love – literally. Change is good and confronting habit is good.

Soon I shall be finished doing what I am doing so I am ready to break some habits and make some new friends and incomes.

  • Shall that be you and me?
  • Shall we meet in the USA?
  • Shall we meet in my house in Tbilisi Georgia?
  • Shall we meet in London’s best restaurant?

Where shall we meet?

If you are thinking Starbucks forget it. Manchester? OK that’s cool in the right place. Or how about I come to your office or home?

Did you realise I can come and train your marketing team. You know the ones that rent delivering for you right now. I can do lots but that means you breaking a habit.

My mind is thinking big, it’s on big and I am looking for smart entrepreneurs that understand that every now and then you have to do something really different to make an impact and that won’t start in a cheap coffee shop where all the smelly reps look over spread sheets on cheap laptops.

Are you ready to break the habit – your habit? The habit that is holding you down, pinning you to the ground and threating your business and even threating the way you live your life?

If you business folds will you lose you home and all the stuff you love to play with? I am here I am ready and I can’t wait to work with you.

I can even help you start a new business. That works and some of my mentor guys do incredible stuff with their new business.

  • Everything is possible for you
  • Everything can change for you
  • You can be your change for yourself

All you have to do now is take the first very small step and that is hit reply to this email with your number and some information about yourself in there or send me a text to

UK 07793 069 486 OUTSIDE UK 00 44 7793 069 486 All you have to do is put the words… LETS TALK CHANGE

Finally … I am looking forward to talking with you, meeting you and creating change through shifting and removing habits.


Lets do it!

Where shall we meet? I can fly anywhere if I think the reward for helping you is great enough.

I know – it was a long email. Sorry if it wasn’t what you expected but if it wasn’t well I am not right for you. Either way hold in there I have some good stuff always coming up and would love you to be a part of that.

Shall I share a story with you before I go?

It’s a story of change and the breaking down of a restricting habit.

On December 2009 I was alone and pretty broken after a long 5-year war and battle in divorce. It was horrible and close to killed me. I never did anything alone, I was a home bird and loved having family around me.

I thought how do I break this because if I don’t I will be alone forever. So I bought a ticket to New York, flew there for New Years Eve on my own and confronted my habit of hiding away. I was terrified. A new friend named Sam emailed me seeing I was in New York and promised to look after me for a day or so.

The first time we met he asked if I wanted to go out in the evening to a club. I don’t do clubs so I said… YES. I wanted to break the habit. He said can I meet him at the empire state building at midnight? I go to bed at 10pm so I said YES as I wanted to break a habit. He took me to the biggest baddest black mans rappers club in the west side of Manhattan and I can tell you when you are the only white guy there I felt freaked. I dint want to go but I went and I loved it.

One thousand plus hard-core rap fans bouncing to a 50-cent type rapper. I loved every minute – loved it!

Then I walked home alone at 4am through the streets of New York getting approached by prostitutes and almost getting mugged. Why did I do that? So I can reform my mind, break habits and create a new way to do things. That trip changed a lot of life for me – I loved it!

19955_268754881424_3104530_n But I didn’t want to do it. I was worried on the plane thinking what the hell am I doing going to NY all alone. Then 5-days of doing everything I had never done before.

It broke me and smashed my habits. Sometimes you just need to get out of the comfort of your habit and do something so new it changes everything for you.

I’m ready to help you. MENTOR – I am ready to work with you. STRATEGIC ALLIANCE – just ask.

If you read and are ready to change your habits we what the hell are you waiting for … Hit reply and let’s talk

Your man on a Vintage Triumph Motorbike heading to LA from New York

Alan Forrest Smith – The destroyer of Habits!


The 47% response Rate Sales Letter


The 47% Sales Letter

How the hell do you get 47% response rate to conversion from a direct mailer? Especially when the guy had already been mailing every couple of months with a dismal response.

This is a true story.

The story will shock anyone involved in marketing.

The story will also be hard to believe.

The businessman has asked for his name to be protected.

So it started with a cake.

A guy walked into my business one day and asked to speak to me. I walked over introduced myself with a smile and asked what I could do for him.

He handed me a box and said I heard you love Mille Fleur cakes (I do) so I brought a couple for you. He had got my attention right away. The cake wasn’t opened there and then but we drank tea together and shared a cake. His problem was really simple, brutally honest and threatening his marriage.

His problem was this.

He had set up a new company with a partner just around one year previously. The partner was now screaming his brains out and threatening all kinds of actions if more sales weren’t made.

You couldn’t blame the guy because he had pulled together an investment of just under a million to kick-start this project. The project included a mad-scientist from the mountains of Switzerland where he worked in a deep cave where he and other mad scientist were working like crazy to save the world. However …

Almost one year had past and sales were pathetic.

I asked him what he was doing to take this new business to market. He told me the following about his campaign.

“Each month I send direct mail to a list of highly targeted prospects”

“How many pieces do you send out?” I asked him.

“I send around 5,000 a month, sometimes more, sometimes less”

“And you get how much response?”

“Most of the time I get no reply”

“No reply?”

“Yes” he replied with a face that looked grey and surrendered to a battle he now believed he could never win.

“Anything else?” I asked.

“Yes one thing”… he stalled for a moment, looked me in the yes and smiled.

“This is weird but if this doesn’t work now my wife is leaving me with our two kids”

“Wow” I replied.


He then went on to tell me that he had sold her car, sold their small holiday place, and had re-mortgaged his home 3-times to make this dream business happen. The same dream that was now fast becoming a nightmare of nightmares.

So for the sake of getting to the point here is what I did (because this is a long detailed story).

Five thousand direct mail letters a month for this guy was like a King's ransom. So the first thing we did was reduce the volume of mailers. Why? No response after all the mail he had sent proved his targeting was way off.

Second, we hand picked just 100 targets from his list to chase. All were more specific to his product and a higher end client. The list I used was a leverage campaign. This meant they had dealt with him before so this increased the possibility of the sale.

Third, we stopped trying to sell from the direct mail but created an intimate evening where they were all invited to join us, listen to professional advice for the target’s businesses and receive free gifts for from the evening. This allowed the target to get to know my client before making any commitment - trust!

The build-up period for this small gathering was just 4-weeks as time for the client was now very tight. The mailers were packed with good news, urgency and a strong call to action.

One thing I spent a long time persuading my client was to create an offer that was an acquisition offer. This meant rather than make money from the first sale he would actually spend some money to buy his new client. This is a killer strategy that almost no one uses.

All of the one hundred direct mail letters were sent.

Out of the 100 targets, 47% responded and were booked into the open evening. All apart from one arrived on the evening. We used another strategy to ensure all came.

The evening began with a small presentation. The presentation gave the guests more than they could ever have expected.


Finally, at the end of the evening, there was to be a call to action.

It was really simple. I removed ANY profits from the first sale to the client. This removed all risk for the potential new buyer. So a package that was to cost £2,500 was reduced to just £1,100. This was cut-right back to the cost price. This is the acquisition strategy.

So the reality was for everyone that bought on that night it was going to cost my client to buy them. It cost him around £100 per client. Honestly, he didn’t quite get it but trusted me at the time.

Here’s the good news.

His wife never left him.

His partner didn’t fire him.

That evening was had a 12-month value in sales for him of OVER £800,000

All from 100 direct mailers.

All from stripping-back his wasted and thoughtless marketing campaign.

All from a response from a tiny almost microscopic list of just 47 prospects.

And it all started with a cake and a dammed good one at that!

So looking back what went wrong for him?


Really simple, he did what every business I work with has been doing for years before we meet and that is just do marketing with no thought at all.

  • If you get your planning wrong it just won’t work.
  • If you get your strategies wrong it just won’t work.
  • If you use tactics that are just not suited to your targets – it just won’t work.

So when you create your own sales letter you have two things you can do.

Hire an expert copywriter that understand words, paragraphs, openings, closes, body copy, offers, guarantees and more.

Do it yourself and hope and pray to God your wife or husband doesn't leave you in the middle of your hapless efforts. But seriously why take a risk or a chance or waste time trying yourself?

The client above is proof of that and believes me when I tell you 99.9% of clients that come to me despite doing what they have done for years waste fortunes on marketing that will never work in a million-billion years.

Over 30-years in business has taught me one thing … thinking and planning a campaign through is always the key but the most and biggest thing I have learnt in business is this…

Ask for advice and where required a cake offering can help.

If you need help planting a rocket in your marketing systems … you know here to find me but be quick and to the point – I’m a busy man.

I’d love to help you.

Peace and cakes.

Your beard wonder - Alan Forrest Smith

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Mentor Tips For FREE

What do we actually do in MENTOR?

Here's 11 Things You Can Do Today To change Your Life or Business Without Spending a Single Penny From My Business Mentor Program!

I thought it would be interesting for you if I shared today some things we do on MENTOR. Clearly not everything is here as MENTOR is bespoke for each client.

Ready? So here is an initial list I do with my MENTOR guys and of course you can do or should do yourself. OK ready to go?


Remember everything is life and life has a time on it. The real problem is you don’t know when the time stops (it does and will stop).  All you know is the clock is running and at some point it will stop dead.

So think about your life.

  • Are you happy?
  • Is it a struggle?
  • Do you feel like you hate everything?
  • Is it simply a life you no longer want?

The bottom-line is this. MENTOR is built around life not life built around MENTOR. If life isn’t happy you can do as many MENTORS as you want but ultimately happiness isn’t about money or playing the high-flyer, it’s a much deeper and more human thing that I like to address right at the start of MENTOR.

So you can ask yourself these few things right now

  • Am I happy with how my life or business is right now?
  • What changes can I make that'll change things?
  • What is causing the problems with my life and business?
  • Can I fix those problems and create a happier life and business?
  • Can I build a business that will support my new-life choices?


Why stop?

Well if everything was working just fine you wouldn’t be reading this so stop right now - Stop everything you're doing and ask why it isn’t or hasn’t worked for you right now. The reason we do this is to look at the lessons to be learnt. Your life is filled with patterns that you will be repeating. There are some great discoveries come out of this process and it’s pretty amazing that by simply stopping you can see what is happening.

Years ago I drove all the way to Wales in my car with a noise coming from the rear left wheel. It got worse and worse and worse until smoke began to come from the wheel. I then of course drove the fifty miles back home. I carried on until one day the wheel had locked and refused to moved. I called the rescue service, they arrived and told me I need a whole set of new everything for that wheel.

The final bill on this old Mercedes came to £2,100. It all started with a problem that should have cost almost nothing to fix. I finally got rid of the car but it cost me heavily.

If you are having problems with your life or business you need to…

  • Stop
  • Get out look at what the problem is

Only when the problems are fixed … you get back in and start to move again. Business and marketing is no different. Don’t do what most new clients do and that’s keep throwing cash at everything just hoping it will work because it should work. The only way to solve the problem is to be objective and proactive and sometimes that simply means – STOP!


Think about where you are right now with your business and your life.

  • Are you where you want to be or should be?
  • Do you actually ever think that through in your business?

If you jumped in the car this morning and told your wife or husband you are driving somewhere. He or she asked where are you driving? And you replied somewhere that is better than here. Yet if you have no destination to reach or planned how the hell will you get anywhere? You can drive and drive yet if you have no idea where you are driving to you won’t get anywhere. Make sense right?

You think your business is any different? You need to know where you are aiming to get to otherwise you’ll drive around in circles. (I know lots of car analogies – vroom vroom).

  • Look at where you are right now.
  • Find out why you are there because it could be a repeated habit that needs addressing and fixing before you move forward.
  • Look over your history, look at your tools and skillsets and then take corrective action.


Where are you going and how will you get there? You need a destination to aim for. Be realistic. I once had a client say to me they wanted to turnover £1 BILLION in two years selling key fobs that were to retail at just £2. Each. Do you know how many key fobs you actually have to sell I asked her? She replied NO but she felt she could do it. Guess what happened?

So when we plan our destination we don’t simply talk about ‘yes I am going to get rich and do really well’, we plan each specific objective.  What is it for you personally and write it out in absolute tiny detail. Plan your life and the changes you need to make in your life to make your destination a reality. Most never take into account the life changes yet it’s the life changes that will make the changes. If there's no winter there can be no summer - change has to take place.

For example some will say they simply don’t have time to plan yet once we do time management and planning suddenly a lot of wasted time reveals itself. One client was driving his car back and forth for over 15-hours every week with his kids. That’s 15-hours that were wasted because his kids asked for a lift rather than walk or get a bus. Now they get a bus, now he has stolen back his time to build his success and make changes.

So ...

  • Know where you need to go
  • Know how you are going to get there
  • Plan your final outcome
  • Write and detail out everything including exactly how much income is realistic and needed to help you create a new life.


To drive anywhere takes a strategy. Will you drive direct up a never-ending traffic packed 500-mile long road or take the more scenic routes through the countryside? Once you know you must create a strategy to make it happen. If there are no strategies in place (yes more than one) nothing will happen I can promise you that!

When we build strategy we talk about things like seeding, positioning, branding, framing and many other strategic importance that most miss but make a huge difference to business and life.

  • Do you know how to create strategy?
  • Can you find out how to build new skills?
  • You must plan your strategy in detail
  • What is needed to make it happen for you?
  • Can you get what you need from the resources you have?
  • Have you mapped out the strategies in a diary and on wallboards?


You cannot drive a car unless you pass a driving test. To pass the test you must take lessons. Right? The skills that are need for above are bespoke for you – no one else. This means you need to create a skill-set that is carefully chosen to suit you, your personality and your overall plan for your life and business.

The good news is - It’s easier than you might be thinking you just need to get started.

  • This could mean reading a lot to start with doing select and scan fast-track-system
  • This could mean learning new skills – like mastering Microsoft word or excel or a computer if you don’t use one
  • This could mean hiring in staff to do the jobs you really don’t want to do yourself

Once you know what you need go get them and practice until the skin falls off your fingers. You cannot become an F1 driving ace unless you drive each and everyday around that damned killer track! Find out the skills

  • Find out how to learn them
  • Steal back time to learn them
  • Practice the skills until your are a master
  • Anything you need to buy to do this has NO-COST – it’s always an investment for you.


No questions, if you need them to move forward you must go collect exactly what you need to get the job done. I personally paid £270 for one collector’s book on marketing. £190 for another and I have at least 3-5 books arriving into my home every week. I buy a book to read one chapter and even one paragraph. Once I invested $5,000 for a bit of information that transformed one aspect of my business. The investment was worth every last penny.

If you don’t order the tools you need you’re in the wrong mindset. If you are in the wrong mindset nothing will happen for you and you should simply get get another job until you are ready?

  • Need a new computer, order it now (you can get one cheap on eBay and even the returns and refurbished page on Apple's own website)
  • Need software – order and download (stop looking for FREE software - free is what it is - valueless)
  • Need books, order them on eBay for low price (I have one book I pad £7 for I swear returned to me hundreds of thousands of pounds but - you have to read and act on what you read)
  • Need a killer pen, go buy one ( I use a pen that cost me £60 but you can get pens for pennies)
  • Papers and anything else – you need to get it otherwise you won’t move forward


Open the doors, put in the keys, sit on the drivers seat and for Gods sake start driving. It’s amazing how many businesses I see that can spend weeks, months and even years planning and you know what – they still don’t get started. It’s really simple – get started and even if it isn’t quite right or goes a little wrong just get started.

Once you know the above making a start is easier but still hard all the same.

Do you find it hard to get started – why?

Find out the answer. We use a special tool I have developed to find out exactly why that happens but you might be able to find your won way of asking why? Is it fear? Is it something else? If you always struggle to get off the starting block you simply need to get a start.


For those that I MENTOR as writers (as I MENTOR many businesses and consultants) I sat and worked out how many words I write a year and the number was pretty staggering yet I also felt the number I arrived it was under-estimated. I write around one million words a year.

Years ago there was a snooker player whose name is Steve Davis. He was asked how often he would go to the table and practice as he was winning championship after championship. His reply astonished me … 12 hours a day, 7-days a week.

Then in later years David Beckham the soccer player was asked a similar question. His reply was 8-10 hours a day just kicking a ball (I have no idea what you do with a ball for 20 seconds, I thought you kicked it once and that's it).

Recently I fell in love with artist Lucien Freud’s work. His paintings are a work of genius to my eyes. I watched an interview with him and although he never said how much time he spends painting (and gambling and womanising)  his assistant revealed Lucien painted 7-days a week from the moment he climbed out of bed until he had done enough each day.

The lesson is clear – if you want to be good you need to put in the time. To be a good writer you must write daily and if not daily as often as possible. I can always see the massive difference between my MENTOR students that write a lot and those that hardly write at all. So you can ask yourself.

  • How often do I write?
  • How can I get more time to write?
  • Do I realise to get good I have to practice?
  • Can I make a new habit to practice daily?
  • How many words can I write daily?
  • How do I find the time?
  • Can I steal back time?


Being realistic isn’t easy in a world that makes claims of nothing being impossible. Actually there is nothing wrong with admitting that some things are impossible. For example it’s just not possible for me to ever live on Mars. It’s just not possible for me to be 25 years old again. It really isn’t possible for me to do things that I just know I cannot do. So some things aren’t possible and this is what we talk about in MENTOR and that is being realistic. You must ask yourself this same thing!

Over the years I have mentored students that have read the odd book, seen a speaker here and there and have come to believe that they can do great things with little effort. There’s a guy I see around online a lot. He like a lot of his partners sell from stage. This guy in particular sells how to become an expert speaker. So in the audience people will sign up for this at £5,000. They go to the training, get the training and then they are awarded a sheet of paper that tells them they are now a speaker. The problem with that is if you have no business model, no experience, nothing to teach others, and a lot of other critical human elements missing you will never in a million years become a speaker that creates huge sales of millions of pounds.

What the expert on stage never tells you is that he has spent a lot of money and a lot of cash training to become the expert he has become. In lots of cases these experts have spent many many years training to be who and what they are yet they promise others they can be the same in a weekend. In others words – it’s just not realistic.

So in MENTOR we get real ands realistic. We bespoke and create the MENTOR for you and no one else. In other words what could be possible for you? One MENTOR I worked with came to the conclusion that if he did just £18,000 the first year he would be happy as this gave him the option to change his job because he had replaced his wage whilst at the same time given himself a raise.

So ask yourself this…

  • Are your goals realistic?
  • Are they dream based and impossible for you (at this time)
  • How real are you aims for you?
  • How real are the possibility of your outcomes?
  • How real is it that you can actually do this?
  • If they are not realistic how can you create a roadmap to the bigger goal so you can make the unrealistic eventually realistic?

Even if you never sign for MENTOR in a million years has this page helped you today? This is just a tiny part of what I do each week per 90-minute session with my guys. The changes I have seen over the past 9 years MENTORING have been huge.

So there you have it at least 11 things you can do today without spending a penny and all guaranteed to improve your life or business. It's just up to you to make it happen.

If you enjoyed this article and tips from my business mentor program please feel free to leave a comment, I'd be grateful.

You can join MENTOR here and I promise you this it’ll be the very best investment you ever make into your life.

Your MENTOR and man of beard wonderment.

Alan Forrest Smith

Muscles Marketing & Mentor


Direct Marketing Consultant - With Muscles!

See that photo above?

Yes it’s me so don’t click away just yet as there is a point to this story.

I know its a bad picture but its a picture in bad light of me in the gym this week.

The arms and chest are real - Here’s what happened.

At the end of last year I decided for once in my life to takes my own advice and get a mentor, here’s why.

Those that know me know and understand I am untrainable, I listen to no one and rarely take advice unless … The person I am asking knows something I really don’t know despite I think I might know.

So at the end of last year I looked at myself naked in the mirror and frankly didn’t like what I was seeing. I had gained weight, was losing my shape and really wanted things to change.

Now heres the interesting part.

I started using gyms in 2007 and once i started I lost 20-30 pounds in weight. Maybe a year into that I started to gain weight again and couldn’t get the shape I wanted to be.

I have spent a small fortune on

  • Fitness DVDs (stacks)
  • Fitness books (hundreds)
  • Diet books (a whole library)
  • Equipment (everything)
  • Bars (I have them all)
  • Bells (ring-a-ding - yes every weight is here)
  • What looks like a million multi-vitamins and protein shakes and more.

I read them and that’s about it … I just read them.

The pile got higher and higher and higher. In fact I probably have a copy of every Men’s Health magazine from 2007 in my home gym just lying there collecting dust.

I keep buying them like an addict hoping that one day just buying them will be enough for me to lose those extra 14 pounds hanging around my waist.

It never happened. It hasn’t happened and at the end of 2013 I had enough so I decided to go and find myself a MENTOR of my own.

Let me tell you I hate the idea of paying someone to tell me what I think I know yet the mirror was telling me that I clearly didn’t know what I thought I knew.

Meet Lewis My Trainer.

Lewis is a twenty-year-old 5 foot 7 inch trainer at my gym. He’s blonde, looks like he’s just 15 years old he also looks like he’s never shaved and still has spots.

When I met him on the first day I actually said to him are you serious you look around 15!

He laughed, I laughed and we went into the weights room where we sat and talked. He asked me… what do you want from this?

I told him I am not interested in weight I just want to look like Wolverine. He laughed and said lets get on with it.

It’s been hard, really really hard.

Each session is one hour although is passes in what feels like minutes but I can tell you this.

It’s tough, it’s full on and the last 15 minutes almost kills me (especially the Abs work).

At the end of each session I can barely move never mind walk out of the gym and go home. It’s a killer.

Now four weeks on and little by little I am starting to look like a pink version of the incredible hulk (ok that was overkill) but in just 4 weeks I am starting to see results. (even I was shocked at the photo above)

And here’s what’s interesting.

My fitness MENTOR has done in just 4-weeks what I haven’t been able to do in 5-years on my own.

We are training together all the way until May so by the time myself and my warrior woman go to our other home in Tbilisi, Georgia my body transformation will be complete (for now).

And yes …

  • I fall back into crisps
  • I am still addicted to cakes
  • I can eat dozens of Kit Kats
  • And I still get it wrong but I am doing my absolute best to jump if Lewis tells me to jump.

I don’t know about you but I have learnt something really valuable about myself and it’s this.

If someone can help me get somewhere or do something I just couldn’t do for myself the past 5 years well why didn’t I pay for it earlier?

The answer is I don’t know but here’s what I do know. If I had booked a trainer earlier on it would have saved me years of moaning and groaning about not looking as good as I wanted to look.

  • If my trainer tells me to do it - I do it.
  • If he asks me to do something - I do it.
  • If he feels I’d be better jumping around naked to get a result - I will do it.


He knows what I don’t know and what he knows is bringing in a result after all I have already bought everything over 5 years and the results have never looked as good as this.

I really didn’t want to do another 5 years looking and feeling the way I was feeling. Yes FIVE YEARS I failed to take no action apart from order everything I read and equipment i never used and diets I never followed and fads I couldn’t keep.

By the time we go away in May hopefully my goal of looking really the way I want to look will be hit.

So the lesson is clear but how about you or your business?

It’s my experience that most people I speak with and deal with in business are almost the same as I have been with my fitness. They try everything themselves and get zero or mediocre results. Nothing seems too happen quite the way they expect. The marketing team are just doing what they learnt in their marketing degree. Those with no degree just copy those with the degree or even worse they do the marketing themselves.

It’s crazy when you think asking for an experts advice can change everything about your business and hence your life.

Over the years I can boast some crazy results for clients that anyone can be proud of. I have increased businesses by 53.3% in just 4 weeks. I have even generated well over $500,000 in 21 days for one client from zero. I have saved one clients business from bust and generated over £2 million in sales for him. I even magically generated £15,400 for another client in just 3 days.

I can tell you hundreds of stories just like that and more.

ALL had taken the route of trying and hoping yet all were clearly failing and failing fast until they finally got a mentor that would guide them and help them.

That photo above is me after just 4 weeks. I can’t wait for the next photo maybe in another 4 weeks. I just hope I can kill this belly fat :)

Finally - Over the past 9 years mentor has been helping business just like you make massive changes.

A critique can increase your response rates by huge percentages - Just ask me. Consulting can literally turn your whole business around in days - not months - Just hit reply and ask.

Having copy written where every word is carefully crafted can transform everything in your business - Just ask Roy who experienced a 4000% increase after his sales letters were re-written.

Critique - Consulting - Copywriting - Mentor

Don’t do what I did and spend year messing around and not getting results. No one in the climate can afford to do that anymore and you’ll know that,

I’m ready to help you and work with you but - ARE YOU? Contact me right now.

I have to go meet my beardless trainer now at the gym for session 8… It’ll kill me but the results are more than worth it.

Speak soon.

The new Wolverine…

Alan Forrest Smith

Real Price of Marketing


Some business meetings and decisions are like staring out of a window whilst drinking coffee and thinking about the next day of. That has a real measurable price.

The Real Price of Marketing

Businesses complain about the costs of marketing. You want to know how much marketing REALLY costs?

After working with clients for the past 15 years or more there are certain things that remains the very same every time I get a phone call and its this.

Marketing sounds too expensive I can’t afford it.

Then they fly away and start working with what they think is a cheap marketing team that have no idea how to create strong powerful direct marketing. The campaign predictably  then fails so they move on to the next team and do the same again. And then to the next team and do the same again. Then after trying for a year or two they call me again and ask me to review, critiques and then help with a new marketing campaign.

So truthfully what is the REAL price of marketing?

If you are a business owner and  entrepreneur or a marketing guy running a team read this and prepare for some truths.

I am going to base the following article on 5 staff because that isn’t uncommon although its a lot lower that what a lot of my clients have.

Look at this. This is male or female but I have used male for the example.

  • £50,0000 for a Marketing Director
  • £35,000 for his car
  • £1,200 for his mobile phone
  • £20,000 to install his office
  • £1,500 for his MacBookPro
  • £600 for his iPad
  • £20,000 a year for his bonuses
  • £10,000 per year (low) for travel, hotels, overtime and other bits

That is £138,300 per annum so far for one marketing expert.

Then ...

£130,000 for 4 team members

They might have cars and they certainly have offices and equipment.

£150,000 at a very low guess

Total estimate (which is way under) is

£288,300 annually for a team of marketing experts.

Once the team is in place the years of feedback I am getting is this … most of these guys have no idea what they are doing.

  • Adverts don’t work
  • Direct mail campaigns fail to respond
  • Social media flopped
  • Email is a waste of time
  • Billboards irrelevant
  • Database marketing (the most profitable) is never used and if it is used its used badly

The most the marketing experts ever seem to do is book in advertising space and then spend the companies cash on marketing into that empty space.

The ads are mostly developed in-house by graphics guys that have zero idea on what makes the mind of a buyer actually work and the words are usually done by the in house copywriter that rarely writes anything apart from a 10,000 texts a day to everyone and anyone.

They appear to know nothing as judged by their results. Please prove me otherwise!

You know the things like the 16 micro-second mind response to an image and how the beta brain decisions then react. Pros know there are mind triggers or switches and what we do is create powerful words or images designed to flick triggers that are already in place.

Yet strangely enough most marketing geniuses in offices have no idea.

They will create new urls like yet who goes to Facebook to buy a BMW?

Here's the bizarre thing... The owners/directors.CEOs can allow that behaviour to go on for year after year after year.

Recently I got an email from a client asking for his adverts to be reviewed. He runs 300 staff and a huge business yet the business had flatlined over the past two years.

I have to say the adverts were bad, really bad. Everything was slick but what a glass of orange with a straw and a cocktail umbrella had to do with property services is beyond me.

These ads were failing - they had failed!

It was obvious why to me and it was obvious why to the CEO that had contacted me.

I wrote half a dozen new draft ads for his team to use.

He loved them and told me they reminded him of the market that built his empire 25 years before. He then sent them to his director who was getting paid a huge sum to make this company profitable.

Three months later I heard nothing back. Six months later I still heard nothing back. Eventually I got a reply telling me marketing he has the adverts in the review pile. Almost a year later I contacted the client that contacted me in the first place and he said he had almost given up trying to get his director to review them.

God knows if they were ever used but think about the scale here. A business that is flatlined is in decline. The life of that whole business was now in the hands of a few people that couldn't make a decision because the director of marketing had a new baby and he was tired. He actually emailed me personally telling me to stop making demands to his boss as he was very tired and at the time of emailing me drunk! (true)

That's a 25 year empire and 300 jobs or 300 lives on the line because no one can see the value of marketing.

Think about this also.

The lost time, the lost sales and the overall decline of a business that has a far wider reach into the community than just the 300 staff.

If they went bust that means less taxes paid into the economy. That means more unemployed, That means more stress on a fragile economy.

And can you imagine writing a pay check for 300 staff each week when your business is struggling?

That's the real price of marketing yet... It can be fixed easily and the companies out there can stop paying the price for bad un-directional marketing.

Here's the thing in his case...

A new set of adverts could have created a new set of incomes and clients yet... They failed to think through the real cost of marketing.

  • Did you know database marketing can increase almost any business by well over 100% in just 12 months?
  • Did you know sending out lower volumes with more targeting can give you huge rewards?
  • Did you know sometimes it isn't even about the words just one simple image can make or break and advert?
  • Did you know the worst thing you can ever do is buy in a list of any kind?

It doesn't take a lot for a business to tip into the red that's for sure.

Do you need help, reviews, critiques, copy, advice, or a strategy session so you can avoid the real price of marketing?

Contact me here.

Marketing Budgets and Cost


The Price of Marketing How much does it cost to do your marketing? Well I could give you my rather predictable reply that marketing should cost nothing yet the reality is money has to be invested to make marketing really work.

So rather than try and explain this to you from my own thoughts let me look at this from how you are probably thinking about it.

Now the truth is marketing should cost you nothing and the reason for saying that is the return should always outweigh the investment.

For example: I personally need a good strong reliable hardware and software in my office to be able to perform successfully.

In my case that meant at my last upgrade

  • 27 Desktop iMac with every bell and whistle you can think of.
  • MacBookPro fully loaded.
  • IPhone latest always

In total it maybe cost me around £5000 and that doesn’t include extra software I paid for.

My pal said to me Alan you can get computers for less than half the price you paid and of course I am not simple I know that but here’s the thing that makes the investment a second thought not a first thought.

EVERYTHING that is created, written, planned and performed in my business is created on those machines and every year a machine is a major part of my business and marketing process.

I also seem to get a minimum of five years from every computer I have owned so think about this.

That investment returns for me

  • Annual turnover
  • Annual profits
  • Client’s turnover
  • Clients profits And is has clients paying me tens of thousands of pounds on a regular basis for strong returns.

Yet I still have to do an initial outlay yet the returns are so huge the outlay becomes almost irrelevant.

So how much should your marketing cost you? Lets look at an actual campaign.

This campaign involved

  • Direct mail
  • Website
  • Direct mail Unfortunately for a lot of business out there that read marketing books and websites from ‘experts’ that have never experienced marketing in their lives but have read plenty about it they do have a habit of sending business owners just like you down the wrong path.

They can and do tell you things like

“A killer sales letter is what makes the sale”

“Well laid out direct response advert works really well”

And so on.

Yet …

Every target has it’s own mind triggers and mind conclusions and mind experiences that have to be met and if you don’t meet them I don’t care how good your copy is it wont get the sale.

And if you have every done incredibly well but you send your materials to the wrong targets you will have just thrown away your efforts and investment with no return.

So I will explain this in UK pounds for you.

To send 1,000 pieces of direct mail can cost

  • 1,000 stamps will cost you £1,000 to get started
  • 1,000 envelopes with design and copy
  • 1,000 single sheets or multiple sheets
  • 1,000 lift letters
  • Color print
  • A designer’s time
  • A copywriter’s time
  • A strategist’s time


  • Market research
  • Target research
  • Lists

Total at the absolute lowest I have seen is around £10,000 but a realistic price is £15,000

2. WEBSITE Once the direct mail goes out it must be supported by a website. Why? Almost 100% of all buyers search online before they visit or call – FACT!

So even if the direct mail is delivered perfect yet the website hasn’t been strategically put together with strong copy and strong design the direct mailer will come to nothing.

  • Good images
  • Good media
  • Direct call outs
  • Mind-set triggers
  • Good navigation
  • Good layouts
  • Strong copy
  • Strong call to action
  • Easy to follow sales path

A good website alone  (basic) can take around 45 - 100 hours of time to build. Those hours are anything from £25 - £60 per hour.

That build will usually involve two technicians and one consultant. There is also the copy to add to the website.

That is three wages and a copywriter.

A website that is designed to sell will cost around £5,000 minimum.

So to start with for your marketing you now have around £20,000 and that is £20,000 I know you will see as a cost.

And as nothing ever goes as planned you should have a contingency of around £5,000 just in case.

This is a start-up GUESS-TIMATE.

(YES you can get cheaper but I have clients that pay cheaper many times before they come to me. Cheaper means lost sales and lost time. cheap can also means lost businesses. Would you pay for a cheap surgeon or pay for the best?)

Now let me take you through an actual example of a real client that has done exactly that above.

The first step to marketing is not just good idea but filling a demand that already exists.  So research if there is a demand.

Once you find the demand you must then locate where the buyers are and find out exactly how to get in front of them or what tactics should be used to get in front of them.

(At this stage I strongly advise you hire a consultant for expert advise. This will cost you but of course could save you a small fortune. On two occasions I saved clients £100,000 in one case and £60,000 in another – get advice)

So far this will take time – maybe a week or two of your time and possibly longer.

So lets get back to the example I just mentioned above.

He spent around one week researching demand and found a high-demand for his idea. That idea then had to be translated into a huge ecommerce website that took around 8 weeks to build (and was then totally rebuilt after launch).

A copywriter, a designer and a team of web technicians and a marketing consultant. To get everything off the ground and locate associate partners his investment was around £50,000. He then also had to pay for several flights into the USA a couple of times each month to get his project off the ground over a six-month period.

His expenses so far have been around £100,000.

Does £100,000 sound like a lot to you?

His turnover for his brand new business in 10 months was £2.6 million. Let me ask again … does £100,000 into his marketing sound like a lot to you?

So to generate £2,6 million he had to invest £100,000. I think that’s a fair exchange to do?

Now that example might feel a little high but remember the whole page is about this.

To have successful marketing that costs you nothing you must…

Plan it out well

It’s easier than you might be thinking. All you need to do is plan every step of the way from start to finish.

The biggest problem I see most business having these days is this… bad information written simply to sell marketing books, marketing websites or marketing manuals. The problem is most of the stuff out there is now created by sellers of information not sellers of real world experience and the problem with that is marketing must be bespoke and built around a generation that wants everything custom designed.

The old ways still work but only on those that want old ways. The new ways works even better but only on those that demand the new ways.

Here’s the first step I advise everyone … Get advice before you spend a single penny on anything. I once paid $2,500 for 30 minutes of advice. That advice returned me tens of thousands of pounds. Honestly OI had to think about paying it but once I thought about the possibilities that would come from the advice I knew he could share with me the fee became irrelevant.

Do your numbers – if you want to create £100,000 from your campaign what do you need to invest (be real – you won’t make 100,000k investing $100 unless you’re incredibly lucky)

  • Plan everything every steps from start to end
  • Get good advice
  • Work with experienced experts
  • Test with a prelaunch campaign
  • Measure your results

And finally you might find this interesting.

Did you know?

  • Most marketing campaigns fail? It usually takes a few campaigns until you hit a home run and good sales.
  • Direct marketing such as newspapers adverts, magazines adverts, and direct mail needs to be seen on several occasions before you feel a real impact. Send once and the impact and the sales will be as good as zero.
  • Most sales copy fails.
  • Most marketing fails.
  • Most smaller companies write their own sales copy for years before realizing it takes an expert to make it work.
  • On average you should invest 20% - 30% of your total revenue on your marketing
  • Most businesses still have no idea how to use the web to create sales.
  • Most businesses have no idea what marketing actually is.
  • Some businesses believe the hype that good sales copy is enough to build an empire.
  • Some believe that word-of-mouth is all it takes to build a strong business.
  • 80-90% of all new business close within 12 months.

Three things you need to remember

  • Do your research
  • Have a marketing budget
  • Always get expert advice

I hope this little article has helped you.

One last note – If you don’t want to invest in any kind of marketing yet want to build an empire – sadly is a delusion created by marketers that have no idea how to run a business. If that’s the case don’t waste your time, go get a job.

Almost 30 years in direct marketing with multiple million-dollar campaigns under my belt.

Contact me here to arrange a consultation.

Yours in success

Alan Forrest Smith

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Real Price of Marketing

Is it Worth Advertising?



See that photo above? The second to last window on the right was a tiny bedsit house that was to literally save my life from absolute hopelessness.

I’ll explain more in a second.

There’s this guy. On December 25th 2009 he woke on Christmas day on a cheap rollout sofa, which was his bed. In fact it was the only piece of furniture he owned at that moment. He bought it from IKEA. He woke up that day - Christmas day alone, lay there for a while and cried and cried and cried some more.

He cried so much that the tears couldn’t be stopped for at least 20 minutes or so but looking back he will tell you it was a huge pressure release for him.

But first let me take you back just a few weeks before then. The man had found himself doing something he had been doing over the past few months  each and everyday and that was sitting at the back of the old graveyard behind his elderly parents house.

Every night in that freezing cold winter he would walk out alone and then walk just around the corner into the 16th century old graveyard to think about what has happened in his life over the previous few years, where his life was and was this almost the end of what had once been a very happy life but was now a life of a man that had looked like he surrendered to life.

The man never sat at the front of the graveyard because people would walk by and see him and they would think that’s strange or something was wrong with the guy sitting in the graveyard so he always walked to the back and would sit on the old iron bench next to the stone of John Watson 1937 - 2005. John had lived a long life but now was a pile of dust feeding the earth. The man would think about John and who John could have been. Now John was just a stone and a memory.

As the man sat there for one hour, two hours and three hours until the cold finally reached him he would spend that time sitting back so his face was pointing into the pitch black diamond lit sky and asked himself question after question after question after question.

His life had not turned out as he wanted it to turn out and right at this point right now he had, no home to live in, no wages or cash to spend and no woman to wrap her arms around him, to love him back to life and comfort him with sweet words of tenderness, love and strength. He missed the stroke of a woman's fingers slowly across his chest, he missed the soft lips of a woman on his face. He really was alone.

He actually believes that a man needs a woman but a woman needs to be a woman to keep her man until the final day. The days she stops being a woman is the day he stops acting like a real man. Anyway I digress so lets get back to the story.

One night as he looked up into the sky the man realised that if he allows things to remain the same as they are now, broke, alone, lost and living at his parents at 47 – he is as good as dead! His kids had lost all respect for him. His first wife wanted him destroyed. His family had all but rejected him. In fact one member of his family had tried on more than one occasion to try and kill the man. No wonder the man would cry.


With that thought he realised that where he was wasn’t new, it had happened to many before him and would carry on happening to others after him. Maybe even old John Watson 1937 – 2005 had been through the same yet his outcome was also the same for him as it was for all men.

The man made a decision. If things were to change for him he had to do get out of the graveyard, stop surrounding himself with death, get generating an income again, find a home to live and finally search for a woman that could get someone as complicated as himself (others would say he was complicated so the man had started to believe he himself was complicated but actually he was just a man).

He left the graveyard feeling different. He told John Watson 1937 - 2005 that he was going, he is alive and he won't be back to sit with him.

Today that man lives a very different life.

I should know - I am that man. I wanted to share this story to encourage you and give you courage at the same time that you can overcome anything in life but only if you want to. How do you know you want to? You'll just know.

And if you are facing total loss like I have been through I want to share with you that recovery and resurrection and creation of a new life is very, very possible for you as long as you understand this six letter word.

CHANGE. Change is an action so to create change action has to be taken.

Here’s what I personally did.

After I finally came to my senses I set a vision of three reachable outcomes.

1. Income – restart and increase so I could fund a new life

2. Home – find a place of my own for privacy and my own self-pride

3. Woman – I knew what I needed and now I had to find her only only she would do

Why did I do that?

Because I sat and worked out what I needed right now to kick-start a brand new life that I was going to design from the ground up. I had to have a plan.

I had no income yet needed an income to get a home to live in (the photo above) and get out of the 80 square foot room I was currently living in at my parents and I needed a place of my own if I was to tempt a beautiful woman a little less crazy than myself to join me in a new life by design.

Let me take you back a moment so you understand  how I got here; a divorce and all the destruction that came with it. It was full on, vicious, destructive and left myself with no home, no work, and no access to my kids, no family and frankly no nothing. At the point I write about above I had not worked for well over 6 months and had not a single penny to my name. I was back at year zero where it was stand up and walk or lie down and die.

That night I left the graveyard full of life and had shaken off the death of the past and left it behind. I went back to my parent’s house where I was living and planned everything out. Not in detail but just a bigger picture of what was needed.

I decided that I must be in my own place for Christmas even though it was just a few weeks away but to do that I also needed to be able to pay for a home with 12-months rent in advance. Within 4 weeks I had the cash to pay 12 months rent. Within five weeks I had moved into my new tiny little home and then of course like I said at the start of this letter I awoke on Christmas day lying on a roll-out bed alone and crying but happy that I was alive again.

The tears were not for me being alone but they were mourning for the death of an old life that had passed away and the relief that my new life had now started. It was now up to me, it was to be my own choices that would now make a difference.


CHANGE and the… actions behind the word!

You can recover, you will be ok, it’ll all be fine for you only if you allow it to be and take action to make it happen. You can change everything as long as the action is mapped out according to you and your circumstances.

No map - no directions, no direction and you'll get and go nowhere.

Now we are in 2014.

Just a few years later I will wake up in our large detached old Cheshire house on Christmas morning. My bed is no longer a rollout it’s a massive 7-foot wide luxury bed made from Mahogany. I won’t be alone this Christmas because lying across my chest in the morning is my darling woman, the love of my life. She’ll have her soft olive skinned arms and her long thick dark chestnut brown hair curled around me. She is my Georgian woman Tamuna whom I met just 3 months after I set my vision of three I mentioned earlier.

And today my new life is going really well. It’s built by design. It’s a life no longer built around things or even money. It’s a life designed to be lived and to be full to be enjoy and not to be controlled by a love of money or a love of consumption.

Why am I sharing this with you?

Because I understand that if you are alone over Christmas and New Year you feel that your life is as good as done the good news is your life isn’t done in fact it is just about to begin but that really depends on you and the actions you take?

Let me say this to you – you’re not the first to be going through whatever you’re going through and you won’t be the last.

The outcome for life is the same for all men – you are no different so grab your life by the neck and take action of some kind right now

If you are alone take the time to think, to re-evaluate and to design what your needs in life really are. Don’t forget needs are things you cannot live without.

How do you do that?



We write use or say the word change on the basis of what we were or are doing no longer works.

Imagine if you could change everything that no longer works for you?

If you did... How would that change manifest itself?

2014 is a big year of change for me... I'm restructuring, simplifying and fine tuning a life by design so I can focus on even more writing and word mastery.


I discovered many years ago if it doesn't work... Change is the only option because if we don't change nothing... No-thing takes place. I don't want to get to the end of my life

I had a client come to me after 8 years of trying the same things that just didn't work. It led to chaos in her business and her private life.

She made huge changes and the visioned outcome manifested itself perfectly after fine-tuning and changes.

Your life is connected to many working parts. Some of those parts may need to be changed, refined or overhauled.

For example if you have a business right now and it’s just not working that part of your life affects your private life due to the stress and an outcome that you are unsure about.

Maybe it’s …

Your job and the dislike or even hate you have for it. You feel under paid, trapped and are working longer hours than ever.

Maybe its simply your lifestyle and it really isn’t what you need to thrive and come to life with.

Imagine if you could change the problems you have right now... Would that make you happier?

Over 30 years I've seen and been involved in many many changes in life and in business. I have told you a little change above.

That story above about what happened to me doesn’t tell you everything.

It doesn’t tell you about the bankruptcy I was forced through.

It doesn’t tell you how it feels to have your car repossessed and the bailiff saying “tough luck get a bus!” after I told him I need it to see my kids.

It doesn’t share the details of having absolutely zero of anything and yet still rebuilding a more than full life that most admire and would die for.

And I never told you about all the stories of success I have created for clients and MENTOR students of mine and myself over the past 30 years that total into million upon million in sales for them and new lives and lifestyle created through good mentoring, strategies and planning.

ALL had to go through CHANGE. Some resisted, some changed because the other option just wasn't acceptable.

Dramatic changes have brought dramatic results but even simple changes have brought huge results.

Remember this … Good advice carries no price!

And now looking back over life I wish I'd been taught to ask for advice. Good advice and mentoring would have saved me heartache and money and given me a faster route to successes.

MENTOR 2014 is all about CHANGE Here’s a fact that cannot be denied.

If you don’t make CHANGES and take actions guess what?

NOTHING happens, not a single thing will happen.

You can sit and pray and hope and wish and dream but if no action follows – your finished.

Do you recognize your need for change this year?

Mentor 2014 is more bespoke than ever

Your MENTOR has to have life experience, business experience, wisdom, smart and savvy thoughts and of course be a good visionary.

Here's some areas I specialize in and can help you make CHANGE with in 2014 (in case you don’t know)

  • Marketing precision tuning
  • Strategic and tactical overhaul
  • Turnaround strategies
  • Low investment high Return marketing
  • Training consultants
  • Training copywriters
  • Training writers
  • Lifestyle design and mentoring
  • I can come to your business
  • I can fly to your business
  • You can visit my office
  • You can hire me for a whole year
  • You can hire me for 3,6 or 9 months
  • You can hire me for one day

And much more

I proudly boast almost 30 years as an entrepreneur that has successfully helped many others in many industries or situations just like yours to thrive and prosper through real change.

Be honest with yourself ... Have your past few years been the same old and the same old situation and frankly this new year looks like going nowhere? Do you need change?

Here’s what you can do (and what most do) …NOTHING… but nothing will give you NOTHING as far as change goes.

Or you can be mentored through it carefully, slowly and following a path that has already been tested and proven?

I Will Work With You For Lasting CHANGE Mentor change 2014 has had improvement tweaks and fine-tuning. Absolutely bespoke to you your life your experience and circumstances.

Here are some options I am offering this year.


For the first time you can pay for just one months mentoring from as low as $2,000

Pay as you go mentoring from as low as $500

Alliance mentoring (terms and deal to be agreed)

3-6-9 or 12 months mentoring

Face to face mentoring weekly in my office

Or you might prefer

NEW MENTOR ELITE I have just two places for this.

MENTORSHIP is for one year and built around a bespoke flexible package designed around you. I have designed it to give you exactly what you need with a reward built in for myself.

Each place has an investment of £50,000 per head for 12 months.

Details to be discussed during an initial consultation over the telephone.

You have ONE-LIFE how are you living it?

Are you happy with the way it is right now? Are you happy with 2013, 2012, 2011 and the years before then?

How long can you put up with the same old stuff or are you resigned to being another one of those that will get to the end of their life and say what many others say which is

“’If only!” MENTOR for CHANGE 2014 is open for business … Will you make the changes you need in your life and business?

First we should talk to...

See if I can help and serve you and if I can create a deal that suits us both.

Mentor is built around serving you. I know if I give you results I also get rewarded.

However I DO NOT take on any mentoring with no payment or on future sales only unless in exceptional circumstances

If you need change I suggests this.

Contact me

  • Let's talk about your needs
  • Let's discuss your changes
  • Let's see if I can serve you

And then I'll get back to you after a little thought to let you know if I feel I can help you make the change you need. I’m ready to help you make 2014 a year of CHANGE. Join me on new MENTOR. Yours in change Alan Forrest Smith Important P.s Just so I don't waste your time and I cannot reply to the following. I don't work with... No cash start-ups No get-rich-quick schemes No business without a marketing budget Clients looking for free everything



Are you committing Googlecide? Martin emailed me to arrange a call. We had the call and he told me the following. 20 months ago we invested time, energy and cash into our new website business selling equipment to the —— trade. Our business has grown so fast through organic search and made very good money. It’s just busy and we never stop.


Google sent a penguin to overhaul everything and since then we went from most of our pages listing on page one to three to just our index page listing on page 11 of Google. Not only has it affected our business but it stopped our business dead in its tracks”

“Martin what other marketing do you do?”


“So you rely 100% on Google organic searches?”

After a brief silence Martin replied,


Its alarming to hear so many calls saying the same thing.

An alarm will go off to let you know there is a problem and frankly if you are investing all of your time and efforts into GOOGLE and GOOGLE only you are in big trouble and here is why.

If you rely solely on Google (and more and more do) you are actually placing your business in the hands of a controller that is now in control of the flow of your business.

  • They say when you are busy.
  • They say when you are quiet.
  • They can disrupt your business in one action.
  • They can cut your income to zero (even we had this with one of our websites)
  • They can drop all of your positions overnight.
  • They can restrict access to your websites
  • They can destroy your business to the extent you may have to sell your home.

And to add insult to injury they even take data from everything you are doing so they can not just control your business but take make-or-break choices about your business without even asking you.

It’s complicated (like most relationships are).

So if Google have cut you down in your prime what can you do?

Well it’s not just about what you can do but more about what have you been doing so let me fire this at you (and write the replies down on a sheet of paper on your desk)

Can you write down 12 tactics you use weekly in your marketing? (most can rarely scribble more than 2 so don’t worry - just do it)

Can you write down you actual strategy for the next 12 months and detail the marketing plan to fulfill your strategy?

Can you write 10 tactics you use that don’t involve Google?

That was tough right? And that’s because the mainstream feed us endlessly that the only way to take your business into the marketplace is through Google. Non experts playing at being real marketing experts say this to you …

  • We can get you Google listings
  • You need a strong social media strategy

Yet when Google drop you - what they tell you and what they do for you means nothing.

Now don’t get me wrong marketing has changed and changed big time. The reactions and the reasons people take action are very different to what they have ever been. The time you have to get across your message has changed.

Take this for example.

Go to YouTube and look at a video. You’ll see at the start of the video there is an advert. The ad tells you in 5 seconds you can skip that ad. Yet I would say almost 100% of those doing video marketing STILL create video adverts that are 30-60 seconds. Let me ask you; do you watch the ad or skip it after 5 seconds? I always skip!

So those days have gone and the reality is the ad should be created to suit the habit. The habit of the user is to skip the ad. So you either change the way you do ads or you tell them everything in 5 seconds - believe me - that is possible when done right!

So habits have changed and the way people react has changed and even if you are creating powerful marketing and not creating it with the habits of the new way people look and feel you are stuffed.

Even worse if you are totally relying on Google as your main source of leads, customers, sales or getting seen you have a major problem looming or happened already.

Let me step back a little.

In the 90s when Madonna was the queen of pop I still had to keep my hairdressing salons packed with paying customers.

There was NO google and intact as far as I was concerned there was NO internet until 1998 and even then dial-up could barely dial-up never mind show things like images.

If I did one thing to get clients it was nothing of any impact (what all salons were doing).

If I did two things it hardly had any effect.

If I did more than 4-5 things the affect would start to show.

Yet eventually one thing I discovered was if I did a magic 12 things DAILY to market my salons with NO Google well within 18 months not only did we rarely have a slow day we quickly became the number one salon out of 35 salons in that town.

Even with my OrangeBeetle company in the early days I quickly worked out how to maintain a steady flow of leads, business and sales without Google (because Google had not been invented) only to be quickly recognised as an expert in my field.

Everytime I work with a client like you the first thing I need to know is how reliant on Google are you?

The second thing we work on is how to we become less reliant on Google and Google alone?

Why? So you have a steady a stable and a consistently profitable business. If everything is going through Google right now you are in big trouble at some point.

Here’s a couple of things you can chew over.

  • Direct Mail - Do you do it and if you do is it effective?
  • Email Opted Lists - Do you do it, do you know how to do it, is it effective?
  • Magazine or Newspaper Ads  - you do them but do they work?
  • PR Marketing, flyers, social media, tactical marketing, referral and actually there are hundreds of ways you can take your business to market effectively.

Here’s one thing I know working as a direct marketing consultant for the past 15 years most business try marketing, are not sure why they are marketing and don’t get the results from the marketing they do.

How about you? If you are reliant solely on Google you have a problem that will drive at some point.

If you are solely reliant on organic search for your sales well frankly your screwed or will be at some point... it's


Here’s what I can do for you.

  • Listen to the problems you have
  • Look over all of your current marketing materials
  • Create a strategic marketing strategy
  • Build tactical campaigns for sales
  • Grow your business fast with or without Google
  • Create powerful ads and copy that sells
  • Build your brand and perceptions

And so much more - just ask. Here’s one thing I do know and it’s this. If you keep relying on Google to create a steady, happy, profitable business at some point soon you’ll be in trouble.

 Just ask me here for help. From the desk of the Googlecide prevention squad.

What If?


Imagine this … You - It’s April 2014 You had your best Christmas your business has ever seen? You sold more You made more You relaxed more There was no time to worry about being busy There was no time to freak out over lack of turnover There wasn’t enough enough time to check your cash flow All you knew was this … It was the busiest time you’d ever had in your business during a Christmas period. And after Christmas came the hopes (or the fears). Yet it carried on and on and on.

Business by April 2014 is incredible. it’s never been better, you’ve never been happier, everything is more than good.

So good in fact you are taking yourself and those close to you on a holiday of a lifetime this summer.

What changed?

  •  2013 was hard
  • 2012 was difficult
  • The years before then were just uphill

This is what changed …

You knew you had to do marketing but had no idea how to do it You did marketing and just tried everything and hoped it worked

You spent on marketing but had almost zero response despite what the guy at the magazine, newspaper or so-called social media expert told you otherwise

And you began to see marketing as an expense that you could no longer support

Yet the weird thing is … You still knew you had to do it.

After all…

If you don’t take the potatoes to the market - no one buys your potatoes!

WHAT IF You had a ‘brilliant marketing mind’ creating all of that for you? What if you had ads that convert like crazy What if you found ways to increase your business without increasing your clients? What if you had a strategy in place that just WORKS! What if you had tactics planned out that are low-investment, higher-return sales machines What if you had an expert on-demand that could guide you into

An expert with almost 30-year track record in

  • Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Advising
  • Consulting

And generating huge sales and campaigns for clients An expert that has created powerful direct mails An expert that has written higher response adverts An expert that has created flyers that have blown the phone off the hook And an expert that understands that buyers HAVE CHANGED. The buying process has changed The way ALL buyers buy has now changed The way buyers think has now changed The buyers mind set and mind process has now changed And this affects your sales, your business and your life.

WHAT IF … You had an expert on demand making sure you are kept on track, day in, day out and advising you the way forward?

WHAT IF … You could have that?

I am looking for one client to work with… WHAT IF … it is you? Would you like to have your best Christmas ever? Would you like to have the best start to your 2014 ever?

Would you like me to guide you and take control of your marketing in ways you’d only ever dreamt of?

WHAT IF … I can do that for you and more? This is an EXCLUSIVE deal. ONE client only... you? I want to plan your marketing for the next 12 months so I can make a ton of money with you. Yes I know I mentioned ME but I also mentioned YOU. I know if I make you good sales and profits I will also make good money from you. I am looking for a client that is … Open minded to new marketing ideas Is willing to give me full control of what works and what doesn’t work Has a great product Has a great system Has a track record Has bad (and knows it’s bad) marketing To make this happen you need to contact me and also know this. My £25,000 advance from future sales gets you this … Strategic marketing plan designed to double, triple or even quadruple your business. If I take your business from 100k to 500k is it worth doing this? If I help you hit your first million is it worth the risk? If I guide you into new sales, new profits and your best Christmas ever is it worth the investment?

You need to be able to …

  •  Make the advance of £25,000
  • Have money for a marketing budget
  • Trust me that what I do is designed to get you more sales

And understand of course that you could hire a Marketing guy in-house to do this.

He or she will cost you money. Look at this real story.

I recently spoke to a guy over the phone and via email about making sweeping changes to his companies marketing. He is the big boss but he also hires a big boss in the marketing department to make all the decisions on what is next.

To cut a long story short I re-wrote a ton of adverts for them to get started but they had to be approved by the marketing head and the marketing heads people and the people behind the people of the head of marketing (complicated as always even to read ;)

One week later I heard nothing.

Two weeks later no reply.

Four weeks later nothing.

I emailed them to see if a decision had been taken. I got a reply that  said, “How dare you email me do you understand how much pressure I am under?”

Two months nothing Three months nothing Four months I thought ok I will meal them again to see what is happening.

I got a reply from the big boss.

Apparently the marketing guy has a lot on his mind right now but has my new adverts in his pile on his big desk next to his big pay check of over well over £128,000 per year ( I knew his wage as the big boss had already told me).

Apparently this head of marketing and head of the marketing team and the man behind the massive sales slump at this company was suffering from stress to the same things in life that we all go through and some cope better than others. His wages and company Aston Martin has now become just part of his job and leading the marketing into sales were now not ever secondary but god knows how far down the line of priority.

Personally I’d fire him but that’s another story!

I contacted them recently. It’s now 14 months since I last dealt with them. Apparently he has yet to decide whilst the company has not only flat lined but is slipping very dangerously into the red.

I did say he is YET TO DECIDE!... That's CRAZY!

WHAT IF… What if you didn’t have to deal with that? What if I could come into your team and motivate, inspire and direct them? What if I helped you create powerful advertising that makes sales ethically and powerfully for you?

What if we could make this happen right away in your business so by April 2014 maybe we are both sat together somewhere cool discussing our next steps?


 You and me really making this happen for your business and your life.

How much would that be worth to you?

Not in terms of just wealth after all wealth comes and goes as i have seen with businesses so many times of the years when it didn’t have to happen.

How much is it worth in terms of health, peace and calmness in your life to know that it’s now being handled by an expert?


 You got in touch with me

We worked out a deal And we made it happen? NOTE: Please DO NOT contact me if … You cannot make an advance from future sales to get this started You have no money for marketing You fear change with your brand or image You cannot allow me to control (with approval) Please don’t ask because … I don’t work for free for months on a promise for anyone.

WHAT IF … It’s worth a conversation that we can both always so no to? And what if you can offer me something even better than I can write here now in return for a brilliant marketing campaign that changes everything for you?


 Get in touch right away.

 Tell me about your business?

  • Tell me your thoughts?
  • Tell me exactly what you need?
  • Have a budget in place for marketing?
  • Can pay an advance?

And then lets talk

Or if you want to tell me that over the phone send me your number and I will call you.

This is an offer for those that are

  • Serious about business
  • Serious about profits
  • Serious about creating a happier life (if business is and - life is bad)
  • This offer is not for anyone looking to be saved (if you now feel offended - that’s probably you)
  • This offer is not for the get-rich-quick (yes really)
  •  This offer is for those that understand the principles of business and understand a good investment for a good return.

This offer is also 100% ethical and 100% AFS … Rather full on but then again action is action.

I’m here, you’re there … lets make it happen.

This is EXCLUSIVE for you ... Get in touch right now and lets talk.

Yours The WHAT IF Marketing Man - Alan Forrest Smith

Change Marketing


God I feel as though I have lived two dramatically different lives. The death of my first life was so dramatic it changed everything. Change was needed and if I had not made the changes I would have died inside. I did resist it for years. Once the change was made, my life changed forever.

Your marketing is no different.

Lets talk business but in a frank way from a bearded master of marketing! Delete me at any point if I annoy you or touch a nerve or do yourself a favour and keep reading (I'm done caring)!

I’m getting fed up with people like you that think you know best. Yet you complain and main and cry about lack of sales. You ask for advice, I give advice and you ignore it. If you think doing the same old thing you’ve always done but with a new coat of paint will save or grow your business - you are deluded. (you really think people sit around the TV like the photo above waiting for your messages?)

Here’s why.

There are those that believe they need to change but their engrained thinking and habits stops them from change. Empires are built helping people change habits - it is a problem, we stick to what we know and fear what we don’t know or understand.

I spoke to a client just the other day. When I say a client - he isn’t a client and I don’t think will be a client but lets say client for the sake of this letter.

He told me how his industry is struggling (like most).

His marketing has looked almost the same for the past 9 years.

Messages - the same! Words - the same! Images - The same!

Yet has his audience changed?

His marketing is created by his genius and his genius creates old black and white marketing that no one cares about, no one reads and no one remembers - this was reflected in his massively dropped sales

So this client told me he had invested in copy - more copy - more ads and more messages yet it was no longer converting. He wanted change but resisted change. He wanted new but resisted new. He wanted image but resisted image.

No more sales, no more leads just a bunch of me-too business doing the same old stuff, chasing the same old customers yet he understood the need to change but resists change.

This is not a unique problem and here’s why.

If you think you can do the same old stuff that you’ve always done - you are deluding yourself.

Last night on Aljazera there was a program about war. Not exactly about war but about how images are winning wars in Syria. The image they should was a rebel raising a flag but what it didn’t show was how the rebels were also losing.

Yet that one moment, that one image was so powerful it creates horde of new followers for the rebel alliance all over the world.

Here’s what takes place.

The image is captured. That image then passes into the eye. It then gets processed in the brain. The brain creates a story behind that image that is acceptable to the person. A decision is made whether to store that image or forget it.

Depending on the power or strength of the imagery you are remembered or forgotten.

Now of course famously the Nazis were the first to use mass media marketing for war yet the truth is their images are hard to forget.

Red, black, symbols. In fact just the sight of one of their symbols could strike fear into the hearts of people and even whole continents were left scared on the sight of a single image. Others followed and created powerful instant images.

Yet that was then and now is now.

Certainly we had periods where words became more important then imagery yet imagery has always been the one thing that captures the moment and embeds the lasting thought.

Its also interesting relationship experts that advise broken hearted to get over a relationship ask the heartbroken to write down the images that captured the perfect moment during the relationship. They ask them to describe them in detail and then work with them to remove that image from their mind.

Facebook images posted daily are now at 350 million Instagram images posed daily are now at 55 million

Right now we are an image driven society that see and needs less depth but are driven by what we see in a fleeting moment on images.

Are you still thinking images are not that important?

So you’d better get your images right.

If you are selling cool make sure your images are cool If you are selling rich make sure your images look rich If you are selling speed make sure your images look fast

Because if you don’t … you are stuffed.

Like it or not right now image has never been more important. Getting right to the point has never been so critical. Saying everything in one or two lines has never been so important.

This means if you are still playing around with your old ways yet your not happy with your old results … you are heading for a fall but still have choices.

Choice one is get expert advice so you can get the edge. Once you get that advice resist the temptation to override that advice with your own un-expert opinion. Ask yourself what can happen if I take a risk? Ask yourself what can happen if I don’t take a risk?

Listen and trust me…

This is the fast society and has never been faster and will only get faster. Just 12 months ago and new term was created that of ‘double-screening’ you know TV on and smart phone on at the same time.

Now it’s triple, quadruple screening. Instant everything.

You no longer have control of your marketing - not like in the old days where you could maybe sell them what you wanted to sell them. This is the share and review generation, they decided what gets bought and what fails.

So the bottom line for you is if you resist change and continually go back to what was you are heading for a failure.

Even my 79 year old dad uses iPad and text! He is an instant everything guy. My kids are like people from another universe, pressing and touching as they go. I know you’ve seen the same in your home or in your life so why would you assume your customers want the same old stuff that …

They won’t read They refuse to read They turn their backs on

I used to say you have 3 seconds to grab a client. Today I’d stake my reputation on it’s now ONE SECOND.

So do yourself a favour …

Stop resisting change Pursue change Create powerful imagery Create headlines with 1, 2, 3 or no more than 5 words

Give them what they should know in short, sharp, powerful copy. Use one word that conveys the power of a red-hot branding experience.

But most of all pay for good advice and don’t override your chosen expert after all … they are the expert you asked advice for - you are simplyy a person in business wanting to thrive.

Listen your not the only one in your market place and frankly theres a lot of people chasing your tail so can you get your finger out and make changes.

Your 15 year old marketing no longer works Your ten year old marketing no longer works Your 3 year old marketing no longer works What you did last year I doubt works this year.

STOP resisting change, you don’t know what is best - ask an expert - get an expert - call me and lets make it happen.

Your Bearded Marketing Warrior

Alan Forrest Smith

P.s Name 12 business that were ICONIC that have now vanished. Why? They recognised change but resisted changed. They deserved to vanish. How about you?

Call me…


Jay Conrad Levinson RIP


Dedicated to my mentor - Jay Conrad Levinson

A Light Goes out

Around 2:30pm March 2008 I had just come off the stage at an event called Big Seminar in Atlanta Georgia, USA.

I was wearing a kilt and all the usual scottish regalia for the American crowd and clearly it added to the impact as always.

So I walked off the stage after my 90 minute talk only to be greeted by a rather small man with a rather big smile across his face. He and his wife came racing up to me but in a slow paced manner. He wore camouflage trousers and t-shirt. He was bald with a long thin pony tail in a braid running down his back.

"Excuse me" he said to me.

I turned and smiled at him but I didn't recognise him (despite knowing all about him).

He said to me

"Sir I love your kilt, I loved your talk will you please have dinner with me and my wife tonight?" I almost said no until I saw his name badge. It said… Jay Conrad Levinson

My eyes popped and I froze. He didn't know it but this was the man that had single handedly built my hairdressing businesses in the 90s through his book Guerrilla Marketing.

I had no idea about marketing in those days. I had no idea about business. I had no idea about anything apart from cutting hair until that is I saw a book called ... 'Guerilla Marketing' by Jay Conrad Levinson

I learnt everything about marketing and messages from Jay but he never knew it until I revealed everything to him later that evening.

I said to him…

"You're Jay Conrad Levinson" He stood and smiled the way he did with his large smile. I like a fool stood there totally starstruck and repeated myself like a bumbling idiot time and time again.

In the end he said…

"OK so I will meet you for dinner this evening at 8pm" I stood there in my kilt frozen and said "yes" like a star struck teen at a Justin Bieber concert. As he walked away I just wanted to tell him everything about how his work had changed my life years before.

At dinner that evening we met along with his wonderful happy-hippy smiling and hugging wife Jeannie.

We talk for hours and hours and hours, he shared so much about his life, his adventures, his family and gave and gave and gave to me. I still think it's incredible I stumble into a man that had help me build 3 hairdressing salons on the other side of the planet over a decade earlier and now I was having dinner with him.

That was a magic moment in my life having dinner with a real mentor that was and had been capable of real magic. He was a old-style genius in his field.

Not long after I got home to England Jay called to let me know he would be in England and would I meet him for dinner. I booked them into a real English country lodge in Cheshire England just 5 minutes from my home, we met, we had a wonderful dinner and talked until we were both too tired to carry on talking.

What a man. What a hero. What a giant of a human being.

You know theres no real surprise in death, it comes to us all but the sky goes a little bit darker when a real luminary goes out. Sadly most of the world haven't noticed and will never notice this light going out but Jay Conrad Levinson you were a man that moved mountains for me. Your were a mentor, a friend of mine and a friend of humanity.

I loved the story you shared with me about your adventures in Europe and the hero status they honoured you with a presidential cavalcade and more.

You might be missed, some may be sad, some will cry, some will weep and tears and wailing of hearts will be taking place right now for your passing.

Yet one thing is for sure. Your memory is written in stone, chiselled into rock and I for one am a grateful man that you passed my way and shared so much with me.

Life you birth us into death Death you cheat us out of life Yet there are some amongst men you can never silence Jay Conrad Levinson was one of those men. I'm so happy to have met you. Sleep well my friend.

Direct Marketing Mentor


Why Is My Marketing NOT Working?And how can you make it work? That’s my room of creation.

Recently I spent 7 weeks writing ONE small advert with just 1000 words and images. A long time of course but it had to be perfect. (It’s still not complete 100% but neither is Gaudies cathedral)

I write around 2,000 pages of something each year. Some of it is poetry. Other bits are short stories and lots of it is direct marketing for my clients.

I also buy around 5 books a week. My delivery today is Friedrich Nietzsche. I have just ordered a vintage direct mail book. Last week I found a very old book on direct marketing. I have seen a new book I want and will order today. I devour books.

Each day I go into my room and like a surgeon I meticulously plan and create strategies and words that sell stuff for my clients.

Why am I sharing that almost useless information with you?

To let you know you need to study - read - devour and practice to become a master and frankly if you don't have time to do that you can do two things.

Let your office monkey play games with your business by creating money like marketing!

Or hire a Gorilla strength expert like myself (although I feel confident in saying I look nothing like a Gorilla not even in my pants!).

I can tell you this. Things have changed with the minds of buyers. The world of business has changed, its fast and instant.

Messages are not getting read if they bore the prospect to death or dare I say it … TOO LONG!

The noise is hard to cut through and with everything screaming for attention through endless advertising feeds, brilliant marketing has never been so needed.

This story is very typical.

John decided to set up his new business from scratch. He got a loan, he found an investor and had a great idea that he felt would sell truck-loads of the services and products he had spent years thinking about and months creating. John then got started.

He could have bought computers but decided to spend more and bought Apple computers after all they looked cool despite being more than three times the price (he spent a lot of time on Facebook after all it looks really cool on a MAC … DURBO).

He bought his desk and office furniture and could have had a cheaper desk and furniture but decided a real oak desk would look and feel more impressive not only to him but to his staff and too his impending customers.

He could have started with a small office – even from home – but decided to hit the ground running and lease a huge office in the city that would require a signature, a down payment and a hefty rent each and every month for the next seven years of the new lease (I could have shown him how to get that for almost ZERO).

He was ready to go … new logo, new letter heads, new cards (really expensive ones) and a state-of-the-art telephone system that would be able to successfully handle the huge amount of business that would clearly arrive from the day he opened the doors (hell there was so much stuff it look like mission control over in NASA).

The day arrived, the doors opened, his staff arrived, he welcomed them all and they sat at their desks, on their backsides wondering what to do. One newspaper advertisement went into the local paper the week they opened and they sat and waited. They waiting for phone calls – they never arrived. They waited for customers to walk in – they never arrived – they checked their emails – they never arrived.

So the staff spend day after day posting selfies on Instagram, on Facebook and using NIKE running App to measure how many feet and calories they would burn whilst walking back and forth to each others desks liking each others posts of photos of sandwiches with and without butter!

John just paid the wages and prayed! Just three months after everything started John had spent all of his available funds (well the funds loaned to him by investors and the banks) and was now in the business of sitting and waiting for something to happen.

Nothing did happen apart from two broken computers, lots of coffee had been drunk, lots of staring at his empty books and lots of sleepless night worried to death about what if it doesn’t pick up?’

John recalled the first morning walking into his new office, it felt really great. Head high, proud and a feeling of ‘I have made it’ would overcome him as he parked up his newly leased Range Rover, walked into his new leased office and switched on his newly leased Apple Mac Pro before taking off his new suite jacket and hanging it from his newly leased office furniture.

What went wrong he asked? As his Mac loaded he went back into his office to see how his staff were doing. All eight of them looked busy but he wasn’t sure with what as at this point NO customers had been nabbed. Two were chatting, the others were glazed into their screens … ‘Facebook he said to himself, that bloody Facebook!’

All John knew was he had to turnover around £17,300 each week to stay afloat in the city in his new leased office and his new leased life. John knew and felt in his heart everyone would need his services so marketing was something that never even crossed his mind – he felt people would just come.

One advert in the newspaper would be fine – it works! And of course a business page on Facebook. John had noticed that most of the big boys would now advertise – or what ever their logo or brand name was. so he did the same. ‘No point creating a website when I can get a Facebook page for free’. According to the experts (apparently apparently apparently)

John thought a stack of business would be coming in through social media. So John set his social media up (that now had 19 likes … 7 were from his new office) and also ran with his one newspaper advert.

Now it was a case of waiting for the buying hoards to simply arrive, take the orders, sell the product, push out the services and bang – ‘I’m rich’ The customers didn’t come! Week one was a huge loss… yet lots of new posts on Instagram with toast, cleavage and putting lips Week two was a bigger loss. Week three was a total loss he felt he couldn’t recover from. Week four he couldn’t pay his staff or any of his leases.

With his heart palpitating, John needed help and needed help fast. It turned out that John had asked everyone he had interviewed if they knew about marketing. All of them had replied that they did know about marketing (what they say and what they do … Oh for the world of truth and hype). Susan had written letters for a bank (have you ever actually read one of those things?). Steven had created a small advert for a small local garage. Tom had written webpages for his previous employer (the local council) and most of them had done tiny bits and pieces with marketing from their previous jobs. Now had studied the art and science of Direct Marketing. He concluded if they know about marketing – they’ll do the marketing. Of course it’s never that easy!

John decided to call a direct marketing consultant for some advice. The consultant asked John a direct question.

“Do you have a marketing team?” “No, hmm, maybe, I think so” “Do you have a marketing plan?” “Well yes we ran an ad and we have almost 20 likes on Facebook …No then maybe” “What marketing have you done?” “We have created everything that the clients needs so they will come” “Have they come during this first five weeks?” “No but I thick the marketing worked and the messages are getting through” And the questions went on. No vision No outcome in mind No brand No tagline No uniqueness No edge No strategy No marketing budget No seeding No positioning No framing

No idea about anything and the money (someone else's cash) had been spent on making every looking so damned good! You see John had created what looked an amazing business from the outside and now he was a king over his own newly created empire.

The problem was this. NOT A SOUL was seeing his new business – no one! That meant No buyers

No customers No clients No cash flow

No money to pay for anything after just  weeks. Yet one thing is certain in business. You must have people or traffic that passes through your company and you must be able to convert that traffic. If you don’t have traffic and conversion – at some point you’ll be going out for a job and then have to carry the debts with you until they are paid over the next tens years or even more. Traffic means people on the street, people on the web, people via smartphones (73% of first contact is now via smartphone)… it means buyers!

And John well … He had his big car. He also had his big office. He even had his big team go experts. He even had a service that he thought would simply sell like crazy because – he thought it would. In total John had invested (someone else’s) £137,000 of loans and investors cash.

Unless he made changes – you know what would happen!

Nothing New In This Story! Over the past 14 years as a direct marketing consultant I have seen and heard this story so many times I have lost count. It’s a failure repeat and a failure pattern that most new businesses STILL fall into.

In todays marketplace you simply cannot afford mistakes as your competition are smart, savvy, switched on and ready to eat your back! It appears that MOST new entrepreneurs rarely create any kind of marketing plan never mind a big vision.

New and even established businesses come to me for advice in the same position as John above and are desperate for results.

The Man and His XK Jaguar . One guy came to me after spending an investors – £4.5 MILLION pounds to build a business. It was failing at all levels. He had even been out and bought a new XK Jaguar car to park outside his dying office yet he was trading in a loss month after month, year after year for nearly five years. When I asked him who was doing his marketing he told me a girl in the office that helps with everything threw together his advertising. (He ignored all of my advice – his business is now closed)

The Man and His Holidays. Another guy called me to share with me his business problems. He had been in business for just 7 months and had been on holiday 3 times in that seven months. His investor had given him just under £50,000 and expected a return. At that point his sales had been around £1,300 – AFTER SEVEN MONTHS – Yes I know what you’re thinking! He had invested zero into marketing. (He said he couldn’t afford to invest and didn’t want to close – his business is now folded and history)

I see this time and time again … One John after another John.

And one thing is a dead cert … If you have no big vision If you have NO strategy If you have NO angle If you have NO I.D Tag If you have NO branding or positioning If you have NO systems in place to serve your clients If you have NO perceptive value If you have NO marketing If you have NO real vision If you have NO budget built-in for marketing

You are dead, dying or wasting away until your business closes. You might scrape through but you’ll just scrape through, it’ll always be a struggle. Yet there are those that ask for advice, take advice and make changes.

Here’s a few results from some of my struggling clients – of course these are AFTER results.

  • £2.4 Million in one campaign for a printing Co.
  • $300,000 in a weekend for one property investor Co.
  • £800,000 in 12 months for a company in the beauty business
  • $100,000 in six weeks for an events organiser
  • £15,400 in 3 days for a carpet shop £24,500 in one week for an online training company
  • £1.2 Million a year for a trader 18 new cars sold in a single weekend
  • Orders worth over £250,000 per month for a TV company
  • 21 new clients worth tens of thousands of pounds for a letting agent
  • 47 new clients worth over one million sales for a new start-up
  • 400 new clients in four weeks for a hairdressing salon
  • 53.4% growth from almost bankrupt in just 4 weeks
  • 116% annual new growth

ALL OF THE ABOVE had been making the same mistakes as John in the story – All turned everything around by simply asking for help and investing into that help. One client recently invested $240 into one online strategy to make sales of just over $10,000!

Another clients recently had sales of five million in one month alone with an investment of just under $100,000 into marketing. The truth is you really don’t have to sit and wonder and scratch your head and cry and moan and struggle when it comes to marketing. It might be working for you but not well enough.

It might still be working for you but you still can’t get it all to the next level. It might not be working fort you at all and frankly you need help or you need to get a grip and go get a job.

You are NOT a Marketing Specialist So STOP Pretending You Are (get over it Mr.!)! Let me tell you about MENTOR PRO – It could be just what you are looking for. I believe it is. MENTOR PRO is 100% bespoke for you and your business. I come to you or you come to visit me at my office in Cheshire.

PROBLEMS: Find out what problems you have and need urgently solved RESULTS: I go over your current results CRITIQUES: Critique and review all of your marketing TEAM ADJUSTMENTS: Critique, review and train your teams to increase sales and response TAGS and MEME: Review and create if needed new MEMES and TAGS for your business NEEDS: I analyze your needs. DIRECTIONS: I tell you exactly what you should be doing. PROVEN: Everything I help you with is based on 30 years of business and decades of incredible results. In other words – we sit around my old large table and fix your problem… no need for guesswork anymore! For Gods sake grow up and get a grip - your wife will love you more for it (or your husband or your partner or whatever arrangement you have - they will love you more)

READ THIS… Stop playing games with your life and business … do what you do best and leave the marketing to ME! Benefits for your company - MARS ATTACK!.

  • MORE sales
  • MORE profits
  • Measurable growth
  • Brilliant teams in place
  • Shortcuts – No More Guesswork
  • Fast track To More Response
  • Reduce Sales Team and Cost Reduce
  • Company Cars Cost
  • Reduce Mobile Phone Costs
  • Reduce Commissions
  • Reduce time loss
  • Eradicate Hapless Marketing – Try-Everything-Anything-Waste

I have a beard. My beard gives me special powers to help you. The 2000 pages of words and 5 new books a week just help thats all.

I can give you...

  • Site visits
  • Marketing Autopsy
  • Team Talks
  • Potential Sales Presentations to Teams
  • Inspiring Your Teams
  • Motivating Your Team
  • Campaign Overview and Analysis
  • 37 Point Hammerhead Checklist
  • OrangeJuiceBox Fact Finder
  • One-on-one Marketing
  • Segregation Campaign
  • Balance and Allocation
  • Data Harvesting and Management
  • Leverage for Instant Sales
  • Plugging The Holes
  • Innovation and Invention
  • Offline Models for Sales
  • Online models for Sales
  • Positioning
  • Branding
  • Tagline and meme
  • Seeding
  • Copywriting Sales Messages
  • Perception
  • Positioning
  • Customer Retention and Returns Customer
  • Loyalty and Profits
  • Teams on Track Campaign Setting
  • Message To Market Goal and Targets

And so much more from my bearded face of nearly 30 years in business. Shall we work together (I don't sleep with you on the first date)

This will work for you ...

  • ANYONE in business – companies – large or small
  • ANYONE wanting to get a new business fast-tracked into profit
  • ANYONE that wants to over-haul and transform their marketing from the ground up
  • ANYONE that wants their marketing to have more edge
  • ANYONE that can see the need for a more coherent and powerful message Is MENTOR PRO for you? I

know for a fact you DON’T want to be one of the people that go bankrupt in the UK every minute otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this page. I know for a fact you have a marketing problem that needs solving fast or again – you wouldn’t be reading his page. I know also you won’t want to be another John at the top of this page and again that’s why you kept reading this page.

You really don’t have to be.

SURVIVE: You’ll discover how to survive and turn around your business by at least 54% in 4 weeks or less (or how about how to create a cash windfall of £15,400 in hours?). I can share with you those very same strategies that created extremely fast turn-rounds.

THRIVE: I’ll show you how to go beyond survival and teach you and your team how to thrive despite a desperate economy ( If you like the idea of realistic, fast and rock-solid growth – I’ll show you how it’s never been more possible).

LEVERAGE: I’ll reveal for you real-world business tactics and strategies that can increase any failing business using the simple power of leverage.

CREATE: You’ll discover many new ways to generate new services or products ( and if you have the capability of more, I’ll show you more)

GROW: Despite the huge loss of businesses in this roulette market place you’ll discover how to grow in ways you will probably never see yourself (like a business person that came to me recently and we created 5 new products from one product)

If you want me to train your team … (beards are not a requirement for any of them) Your team will discover how to:

  • THINK ABOUT MARKETING DIFFERENT Your team will discover how to:
  • THINK ABOUT BUSINESS DIFFERENT Your team will discover how to:
  • THINK ABOUT COPY WRITING DIFFERENT Your team will discover how to:
  • THINK ABOUT SUCCESS DIFFERENT And of course, why should you listen to me?

One of the World’s most respected direct marketing writers and experts said this about me

Alan … you bring to the marketing landscape one of the most brilliant, sensible and realistic minds on this planet. You live in the present and your advice is so practical and helpful that you wonder why you didn’t think of it yourself. But the truth is that few people have the marketing insight that you demonstrate on a regular basis… Jay Conrad Levinson, And …

I started my first business when I was just ten years old I had successful (and sometime not so) brick and mortar businesses for nearly twenty years I have had great success with real online adventures for over thirteen years I have made many of my clients MILLIONS in new sales I have created massive client rushes for clients I eat, breathe and study EVERYTHING about marketing and people I am a recognised expert (not a instant online wanna-be)

Today I charge £1,200 for one hour consulting and rising (my clients pay for premium information and mentoring) I take NO-RISKS with your business, margins or profits.

Would you like to have a FREE 20 minute strategy meeting with myself at my office or over Skype?

Do you qualify? If you can say yes to …

  • YES We have a marketing budget we would like to optimize
  • YES we are open to new ideas and new directions
  • YES we will trust you as an expert to innovate and invent for our company
  • YES we are open to commission with an advance payment
  • YES we are willing to have full, open and frank discussions
  • YES we know what we want but are not sure how to get there
  • YES we have marketing teams in place but frankly we are not sure they know exactly what they are doing
  • YES we have done a lot of marketing but feel it isn’t working
  • YES we’d love to come over and spend 30 minutes talking about possibility
  • YES we have all of our business in place, are trading right now and are ready to make changes If you said
  • YES to most of the above MENTOR PRO is for you.


Here’s what you need to do next. It's easy … Click here and send me some details about you, your business and your needs or problems that you need solved. Don't forget a phone number I can get you on.

YOU The One?


I'd like to work with you and you only. A beard is not a requirement but this email will explain what is. If you are the ONE … Your business and life are about to change.

Shall we work together for 12-months?

During that time I promise to transform  ALL of your marketing results beyond your wildest dreams by replicating some of the highest response campaigns I have ever delivered in your business... and lots of new stuff as well!

I am looking to work with ONE CLIENT/PARTNER ONLY over the next 12-months - is that YOU?

I am waiting to

  • Review all of your marketing systems from A-to-Z - Everything
  • Create new message-to-target direct response advertising where needed
  • Create new laser targeted sales letters with killer angles
  • Create new higher response sizzling scripts that convert
  • Build in mental sales triggers that connect, engage and drive response
  • Build in hot buzz words that set your customer on fire
  • Review all of your social media but not as you might think
  • Create strong and unique positioning
  • Create new angles and branding
  • Create new designs, strategies and tactics

ULTIMATELY - Grow your business by 40/60/100/1200% or even more! I know that because I've done it time and time again for clients. Now I will do it just for you and YOU only.

If you feel this could be YOU do not hesitate to contact me right now.

  • Tele: 0161 928 8328
  • Text: 07793 069 486 (add the words THEONE)
  • Email:

The photo above. That's me and my manly beard in Tbilisi, Georgia where my wife and myself have our second home. Yes, I do speak Georgian which is one of the world's rarewst and most unique langauges (ქართული ენა) after a lot of learning. Georgia is my second home.

Now don't be distracted though, this is not about beards it's about YOU and YOUR success if you are ... THE ONE ... I'm looking for right now?

I'd like to work with you and you only over the next 12-months but only if thats what you'd like?. A beard is not a requirement but this post will explain what is a requirement.

When I say work with you, I actually man transform your business in ways you'd never imagine poaaible. But this is just for ONE and ONE client only - YOU!

And if you are the ONE … Your business and life are about to improve for the better but only if it is YOU!


Yes really!

Just read, devour, digest and respond as you see fit after reading this page.


First here's a 20-minute video that explains everything. Or simply read this page.

First a small ramble about a small project I did for a small client. He wasn't small as in 3-foot tall yet he was small in business in fact he was new in business so I say... he was small.

How did I create sales of $462,198 for

  • One client
  • One campaign
  • Over just 3-weeks

Here's the secret.

Actually here's what most direct marketing consultants and especially copywriters never tell you … it really isn't just about the copy or a good sales letter.

So here is how I/he did it (and yes he spent £10,000+ on the direct sales letter and advice).

This was a new client that wanted to work with me for a long time but, I kept saying no as he wanted to pay me from future sales. I really don't do anything without an advance of some kind.

Anyway, eventually we met after he sent me another endless email (he was getting on my nerves now). The email said …"Alan, I have the cash to pay you for a sales letter, can we now talk?

I didn't believe him so I sent him this email - and I didn't believe him because he had said this before, he was actually homeless at the time living in a squat and I can be stubborn so I found it hard to believe him.

I sent him this.

Can you answer the following with yes?

  • You have researched demand for your product?
  • You have a list of hungry buyers?
  • You have a great product that won't demand refunds?
  • Does it look good, packaged and packed well?
  • Is it well made?
  • You have your sales systems in place?
  • You have a support system in place?
  • You have well planned strategies in place?
  • You have at least half a dozen ready-to-go tactics?
  • Can you back-up great copy with great service?
  • Assuming you have done that and you have all of that in place I will work with you!

That day he transferred his only (and borrowed) £10,000 into my bank and I got to work for him on his new sales letter.

Finally when he was ready to roll-out his campaign. We rolled it out and I'll tell you quickly his turnover was a massive £462,198 over just three weeks.


Well like I said at the start of this it takes a little more than great sales letters and copy to create big sales numbers.

Can you do this right now so you get my meaning?

I want you to imagine a car.

The car has been built, painted, has wheels, has seats and has everything it needs to be a car. Yet there is one things missing and it's this …The Engine.

No engine and that car is going nowhere right?

That's exactly what scientifically crafted sales copy is like, it's part of the car but not all of the car. An engine cannot move anywhere without wheels and a car cannot move anywhere without an engine. The sales copy is the powerhouse that drives everything.

It's all one cohesive machine that has to work together one without the other is zero.

Yet you might have everything in the above bullet points, you might have just half of the above in the bullet points or you might not even be sure what you have or what you need but I bet you know this.

  • You need more sales
  • You need more customers
  • You need more profits
  • You need the edge
  • You need a stronger angle
  • You need MORE
  • You need some advice that is going to bring you a return on your investment.

And lets face it …

The client above that turned-over $462,198 for an investment of approximately $15,000, that's not bad is it?

Would you hand over £15,000 in exchange for £485,000?

OK Alan - that's a stupid question I know.

What I didn't tell you above was the client had already tried two previous campaigns for 12-weeks and sold almost no product (around 10-units in fact). I can also share with you it almost was his cut-off point as he was in heavy debt and very short of time to make things work.

And its always interesting for me that so many clients have those cut-off points where they just give up even after just 12-weeks because lets face it 12-weeks in the cycle of any business isn't a great deal of time.

I spent six-long months just getting launched and started with my early businesses. I still believe it takes around 18-months to get almost any new business set-in-stone on a firm foundation and built to last.

You Have The Car But Your Engine is Missing?

Yet what if you have almost everything you already need?

  • Great product
  • Well researched marketplace
  • Great team ready to go
  • Expensive offices that are not busy enough
  • Decent successes but nothing jaw-dropping
  • You know you are NOT getting the results that you know and feel you can get or should new getting?

You also know this …

"I have everything in place but my message is mis-matched, has no power, has nothing unique, it says nothing and is generally is weak" because you allow staff in your office rather than a direct marketing scientist (it really is a science I have spent 27 years mastering) or you go for cheap marketing specialists (yes specialists that are cheap - is that possible?) to deliver the engine for you yet - your car is still not up and running!

So what do you do?

Do you allow your business to slow down, flatline, go into the red, try and recover in absolute panic and finally end up like the global brand Nicole Farahi only to close your doors to years ands years of blood sweat and hair raising moments?

How many times have you seen a business close its doors and then read about it only to say, "I'm not surprised"

Yet you know what's really funny… the owners of that business always act like they were surprised!

They saw the signs, they ignored the signs yet they could have easily stopped the rot and literally 'replaced the engine' very easily. They invest in their cars in the car park but not in marketing - makes no sense but maybe thats where the word nonsense comes from because spending without investing in any business is just nonsense.

You read above what I did for one client (thats just one client from my 31-years as a direct marketing consultant and copywriter). It was powerful writing, words and ideas that paid me well and paid him very, very well (he went on to generate over £7 million pounds).

I worked on many of his campaigns and the little client grew into a big client after that initial $485,000 success over just 3-weeks.

It all started for him with a failure and then an email to myself - actually many emails, many phone calls and many times cornering me in hotels where he knew i was speaking) and then a small investment in relation to his returns and then a huge windfall of sales!

Sounds very easy-peasy right?

Yet it's seem to be all so very hard for some businesses to swallow their pride and make some changes.

That of course does not have to be you!

I'd love to work with you… maybe?

Right now I am looking for one big client I can super-focus on all year around. I am looking to make you huge profits, turn your marketing around and create stronger, more targeted, mental trigger based messages to your hungry marketplace that will change your fortunes.

This is proven, time-tested direct marketing that works.


  • I WILL review everything you are doing right now so we start on track
  • I WILL critique everything you have already created to improve or destroy it forever
  • I WILL help train your team or show you who you need to hire for more impact
  • I WILL guide your writers that can turn words into gold
  • I WILL mentor your marketing team so they do more marketing and drink less coffee and post pictures on Facebook
  • I WILL take out your old engine and fix in a turbo-charged direct marketing engine that will make your sales, your profits and your fortune turnaround fast

Would you like me to do that for you and with you?

How much will that cost you?

Actually it won't cost you a penny because strong, proven and tested direct marketing never does.

  • The client above spent $15,000 on his new marketing
  • The client above had a return of $485,000 from his new marketing

Let me ask you… does that look like a cost?

How would you like me to…

  • Review all of your marketing systems from A-to-Z
  • Create new message-to-target direct response advertising
  • Create new laser targeted sales letters
  • Create new higher response sizzling scripts
  • Build in mental sales triggers that get pulled
  • Build in hot buzz words that set your customer on fire


  • Web strategies built around massive traffic and high conversion
  • Social media strategies that don't waste time and money
  • SMS strategies that are cheap and highly effective
  • PR campaigns
  • Branding
  • Positioning
  • Memes


  • Out with the-same-old-stuff thinking
  • Unique angles that are designed to be remembered and sell
  • Memorable memes that embed themselves instantly


Here's what else I can give you?

  • Nearly 31 years of my direct response and sales and real business marketing experience
  • My specialist copywriting skills that have created millions on sales over 15 years
  • My unique approach to direct marketing that gives you the edge
  • Over 250 Guerrilla marketing tactics ready-to-roll-out-now
  • And incredible tea making skills (as long as it's black tea with leaves)!

Of course this isn't for everyone but is it for YOU and YOUR business?

  • It's not for you if you have already given up and are looking for a saviour (ask Jesus)
  • It's not for you if you don't believe you have to invest to get a return
  • It's not for you if you think I should do this for nothing based on hope and possibility (that just doesn't pay my bills)
  • It's not for you if your ego is bigger than your reality

It is for you if you can say yes to this…

  • I love investing as long as there is higher than average possibility on my returns
  • I love to reward brilliant work
  • I love to leave a creative to create magic for me
  • I can trust you to deliver incredible direct marketing that does what it says it does
  • I know your work and want some of those results in my life and business
  • I am willing to speak to you and create a deal where we are both happy
  • I understand an initial investment is required

So ...

  • If I give you what you need in your business right now what will you give me?
  • If I give you an EXTRA ONE MILLION POUNDS in turnover the next 12 months what will you give me?
  • If I double, triple, quadruple or break every record you've ever made, what will you give me?
  • If I give you the extra branches in town and numbers you really need to hit, what will you give me?
  • If I give you so many new clients you'll never know what to do with them, what will you give me?

Now I ask what you will give me because actually most of my clients I know once we have spoken and I have reviewed everything what I can give them - YOU.

And you see I know I can give you those results with powerful direct response marketing because I have done it many times over the past 30 years in my own businesses and also in my clients businesses. So if I give you a result that will change your business and change your life and remove pressure and make you smile in the morning and smile at night - I think it's fair that if I give that to you I ask what will you give me.

Here's What The Bearded Genius Marketing Man Is Currently Looking For obviously that's me) …

I'm looking for YOU but only if you are the kind of client that has a car already built and needs to now add the finely tuned engine. In other words you need an expert that specialises in turnaround direct marketing strategies that will grow your business fast.

Is that you?

If you think it is when you get in touch in a moment you MUST (or I won't reply)

  • Tell me what you have right now with your business
  • Tell me what you need to have as far as your results go
  • Tell me (if you know) what you want from me
  • Tell me what you'll reward me with if I deliver for you?

And please don't insult me by asking me to do everything for nothing with a 'possible' payment at the end, I think with my long, proven and even acclaimed track record it's just not honourable or fair and even slightly offensive.

So lets do this.

If you have a small marketing investment (Around £20,000 or to be agreed - depends on the work)

We should first talk.

  • If we like each other we should then agree a deal.
  • Once we agree we should sign a contract that suits us both.
  • Create a master plan that suits us both.
  • I will commit to what I will do for you.
  • You will commit to what you will do for me.

I'm looking for life-partners here not one-off hit clients (long term relationships - no sex please I'm British).

I have space for ONE BRILLIANT and DEDICATED CLIENT ONLY. In other words if you want this I only have space for YOU - no one else!

Let me tell you something true and really funny. You'd be amazed how many people say NO to an incredible offer like this. Strange, hard-to-believe and hard to fathom but yes it's true - THEY ACTUALLY SAY no… Quite ridiculous and deserving of failure

Maybe because they are jealous of my manly beard and motorbike skills or maybe they are simply plain beaten by life, given-up and ready to go back and get a job again (oh god no!

So I'm a sitting, waiting, singing and looking at my inbox for your reply. Don't be one of those hard to believe types that sink and sink and sink and then vanish.

Your very bearded marketing warrior

Alan Forrest Smith

P.s I say bearded because did you realise shaving is a relatively modern phenomena? At one time all men wore beards so maybe I am time-traveller from the past! Another bearded fact - Beards are banned in China as I type unless you are over forty! I PROTESTETH!

P.p.s When clients fall in love with me - like I would love a young Sophia Loren to - I insist they shower me with gifts for thanking me for my successful success story I have built for them. You will be no different - shower me with gifts and I ail shower you with success… A Custom built Triumph or Harley Davidson is a good start!

SPECIAL NOTES: If you reply asking me for dozens of free tips, free advice, free calls and free downloads clearly you never read the message in full and frankly I cannot reply to those kind of emails. If you can't respect my skills you won't respect your own. An initial investment is required once a deal has been agreed. If we speak on the phone and you turn out to be someone looking for FREE tips I will end the call immediately. Please show respect to the bearded one!

Stupid World Stupid Marketing


Innocent or guilty I shouted, 'guilty' she replied.And god was she guilty. I felt like saying to her…

"You madam are guilty of the crime of marketing stupidity.

  • Your crime has cost 17 jobs.
  • Your crime has cost the loss of property.
  • Your crime has created loss of income.
  • Your crime has made you two children homeless.

And your crime - the crime of stupidity - has caused you to lose your home, your husband, your own income and your business.

I sentence you to be an employee for the rest of your natural life."

That's actually what I wanted to say to her after I got her email. I didn't say that though and let me tell you why. The beginning is always a good place to start so lets travel back in time to May 2011.

I got a call following an email from a company in London that wanted to know about Marketing.

"Hello is this Alan at orange Beetle?" "Yes how can I help you?" "I am about to open a very large holistic center in London and I would like to know how to do my marketing and copy" "Sure can you tell me a little more?"

So she did, she told me more and more and everything she could about her new business adventure.

In total she would employ 17 staff to run all five floors. This included a beautiful organic cafe, yoga rooms, massage areas and various levels of consultants doing different things and differing advices.

She had also gone against her husbands advice because in her own words, "he didn't want to put all the business onto the mortgage as he felt the risk was too great" and that is why she called me.

She took consulting advice to start with, just one hour and it was more like a Q&A session.

She would ask about her fliers and other adverts. I would tell her how to create them and how to make them work. She would reply, "hmmm"

She would then ask about her website, her cards and just about everything and anything she could throw into the mix. I gave her my time-tested advice that my clients rave about and she again would simply reply, "hmmmm"

I started to get the feeling that whatever she asked and whatever I replied she would simply say, "hmmmm"

"So you are telling me I should be doing things this way then?" "Yes if you want to reduce your risk and fill your studio fast" "And you are telling me my materials should be written in a way that it's direct and sells?" "Yes but it will be created according to your target marketplace" And one hour later the client asked me if I would send over a brief and a quote to go with it. "Of course" And then I closed Skype to start thinking about her actual needs rather her wants.

You see she had a vision of things being done a very particular way.

  • She didn't want to sell
  • She didn't want to use many words
  • She didn't agree with calls to action
  • She thought asking for payment was crass and cheap
  • She just never felt it would work for her in her business.

So of course I thought about it and thought about all the marketing i had studied over the past 30 years, I thought about all the similar projects I had been involved with and created really great sales with like the one holistic business I wrote sales copy for and built a strategy for that generated over $100,000 in sale from scratch!

Like the other holistic businesses I had worked with that had packed out their treatment rooms with paying clients. And like others I had written for, consulted with and worked with over the past 15 years or so.

Now this new clients had some particular problem that had to be dealt with and it was this. She was surrounded with business almost identical to hers. When I say surrounded we worked out there were around 43 business doing what appeared to be almost the same as she was doing. They weren't of course but as far as the public are concerned unit they know you they are mostly the same.

So not only did she need a

  • Unique angle
  • Strong positioning
  • Meme branding
  • Cohesive seeding
  • Heavy framing
  • Solid strategy

In fact she would also need a water tight strategy that would make her target see her as the only option.

I wrote her a brief, sent her a quote and it came to just under £27,400 in total.

  • Her rent was £8,000 per month
  • Her wage bill for 17 staff was well - can you just imagine!
  • Her bank loan was heavyweight
  • Her mortgage was now bursting at the seams
  • And in total she had borrowed well over £200,000 just to open her doors.

She emailed me back and actually said something a bit like this.

"Hi Alan, despite it being a great price for everything you quoted I really don't want to sell or look like I am selling. We are holistic here and the universe will send us clients if it is meant to be"

"Pray as you may but the universe rarely saves the day"

I have to say I almost swallowed my tongue but at the same time I have seen this many times before.

  • Like the fitness client that invested borrowings of over £2 million and ignored my advice and after years of preparations sunk on their first outing
  • Like the womens toys (not scrabble bzzzzz) that changed everything we did for them and got zero sales
  • Like the seminar company that ignored all the years of advice i have had in seminars and went away only to vanish from the face of the Earth

So what I was hearing and seeing wasn't new, I'd seen it all before!

Lets move forward to today and tell you about an email I got from her just last week. "Dear Alan it is with great sadness I have to announce the closure of our wonderful retreat. From our first day we have always struggled to be a financial success and sadly we can continue to go no further"

The email went on and got more depressing by the paragraph.

Of course I felt sad for her because she also sent me a note that told me a little more that I can't reveal here as she reads these emails (so I have changed a few details).

  • Yes her debts were monstrous
  • Yes she was losing her home
  • Yes her husband decided he wanted no more part of the relationship
  • Yes her sons lost the crazy, quirky bedrooms they loved to fill with stuff
  • Yes she would now have to go live with mum as her bankruptcy went through and nailed her down for the next few years.

You know why I wanted to share this with you? Because we are in the stupid world of stupid marketing - here's what I mean!

  • The stupid world tells us that we know better than an expert
  • The stupid world tells us to go with our heart and it'll all be fine
  • The stupid world says things like, "we don't really need to do any advertising"
  • The stupid world of stupid marketing does nothing that an expert would do

Here's what I do know from being self-employed businessman since 1985 and working with literally hundreds and hundreds of businesses in that time.

  • If you do no marketing you goer no business
  • If you do a little marketing you get a little business
  • If you do quite a bit of marketing you get quite a bit of business
  • If you do a ton of marketing you get a ton of business

And …

If you invest nothing into marketing you will get nothing back Scales have to always be balanced. Natural laws prove to us that balance, cause and affect, invest to return is never changed.

  • Do nothing get nothing
  • Do lots get lots

The plan I created four this client was 12 month plan at an investment of £27,400

The first 4-8 weeks of that plan are always signed to get most or all or more of that initial investment back.

I had created for her a system that was proven and almost as good as guaranteed to have her place packed to the hilt despite being surrounded by plenty of other very similar business.


She never saw through her stupidity to take expert advice and lost her risk and her husband and all her worldly goods.

Let me tell you this.

You don’t have to take risks with your marketing.

Once the strategy is in place. Once the tactics are worked out. Once everything is actioned and measured marketing should always be the best investment you ever make into your business whether it's old or new.

  • Old businesses can be resurrected
  • Ageing businesses can be revived
  • New business can be launched into the stratosphere much easier than you might think.

Now the one thing that always goes through my mind with businesses when they say to me, "we don't want to appear to be selling anything"

I know it sounds like a contradiction after all how can you not try and sell when you need sales to survive, thrive and prosper?

So let me explain how not so stupid selling actually works.

First of all you only have to try and sell when you try and do impulse selling to impulse buyers.

Generally most buying decisions are made months before the purchase takes place. So if someone buys from you they already decided ages ago to spend and buy so the truth is that part of the job is already done for you.

So in reality you never have to create selling anything.

Alan what is it I create then?

Simple you just have to give the clients a good enough reason to buy from you and not a competitor.

That means for you selling has just become a lot easier.

You see the client above that has lost everything she didn't get that and in fact ignored that fact.

Research showed that her location was perfect; the targets were abundant yet she never gave them a reason to spend money with her and allowed her competition to swallow her up.

Your business really doesn't have to suffer and you don't have to lose everything. If you like to talk to book some premium consulting time with myself I charge from £700 per hour. For that you get 60 minutes plus of fast problem solving and solid direct response marketing business solutions.

If you'd like to book business consulting time with my partner Tamara her fee starts at £200 per hour. Tamara is also highly experienced as a business marketing consultant with a good track record.

If you need your marketing and business critiqued we can come to your business premises for the day.

  • I charge from £4,995 for a full day
  • Tamara charges from £1,995 for a full day

Did you know also …

We can put together a strategy for you based on time-tested direct response marketing? From £1,495

We can write some of the best sales copy you'll ever use From £1,495 (price on asking)

We can MENTOR you and your business from as low as £1,995 per month

And let me tell you about prices.

All our prices are designed to be an investment not a fee.

That simply means the first thing we do is make sure that our fist calls are designed for you to get double your initial investment back or save you double your investment.

All you have to do is ask us for an initial 10 minute chat and we will try and find out exactly what you need from there.

There's no commitment from the call.

Don't end up with a life of loss when it could have so easily been prevent. The client above is now on her own with two kids and living at her mums while she waits her her bankruptcy to come through while another client that had a same business I worked with took over $100,000 from a single campaign.

It's a stupid world and an even more stupid world when we take risks with stuff marketing that has just failure written all over it.

I can save you a ton of cash I can make you a ton of cash.

All you have to do is get in touch

Here’s how.

Text: 07793 069 486 or call and leave a message and we will call right back Email: Website:

OK I'm out of here. Enjoy whatever is left of your day. Love and peace Your bearded marketing genius

Alan Forrest Smith

P.s: I should have introduced Tamara more formally to you. She has marketing credentials coming out of her pockets but likes to keep it quiet here. She deals with clients all the time here and frankly gets incredible results. She is a red-hot consultant you can trust 100%

Fat Cat Marketing


Today I had lunch with a fat cat. Not real cat with soft hair and sharp teeth and penetrating claws and truthfully not that fat - a little overweight in fact - but actually a real man that has generated a million or two or three or even more in sales through his 5 year old business. Yet sales are not profits and profits are not net profits so hence the meeting today with the fat cat.

So this is a tiny story about big profits lost, about stubbornness of the fat cat that eventually led to the breakdown of a large business and the really easy way that breakdown could have been avoided.

We decided to meet in the airport in Manchester, which I don’t mind because as I wait I still sit there drinking Starbucks coffee whilst staring out of the window at the A380 in a hypnotized fashion asking that same question, “how the hell does that thing get off the ground?” I love airports.

I love watching fat cats running around for their short Manchester to London flights carrying their small black case pretending to be the best most expensive leather when actually it was around £47.95 from Marks and Spencer’s, wearing their badly fitted, un-cleaned, off-the-peg suits whilst pacing back and forth doing a deal on their iPhone 4 (I’ll get an iPhone 5 if I get the sale they say to themselves in silence).

I love watching all the beautiful women walk past, back and forth looking sexy, looking quirky, looking and just being women. (I know I can sound like sexist pig by modern day language but actually I am just a man looking at the women arrest me!) And of course the families with 3 kids, 4 kids and the kids that cannot be controlled by any father, mother or therapist.

So back to the fat cat He tells me right away he’s 37 minutes late as he couldn’t find a good enough spot to park his Bentley (New flying spur – how cool). Once he said that I was almost embarrassed to tell him I arrived in a Mini so I quickly changed the subject (but really I am not a car person so what’s the problem Alan!.) Lets call this Fat Cat Edward just for the sake of this story.

Edward and I did the very English thing of shaking hands, smiling as we spoke and sat down. I sat down into the molding that by backside had already made on the leather chair, Edward sat down like a large lump bring dropped from a height only to make a huge fart like noise from the inflated cushion underneath his backside.

We both laughed but actually I think he farted as well!

“So Edward, what’s up, what can I do for you?” “I brought the papers for you to look at Alan”, and then opened his case in a fumbling fashion only to spill everything all over Starbucks floor. “Damn” he said, picked up everything and then handed me his advertising and results all in perfect 2013 Microsoft excel sheets for me to go over with him. “Edward give me a moment to review these again please” "I’ll go and grab a coffee while you do that, would you like one?" “ Yes please, soya cappuccino please (I discovered a girl that does Yoga and she insist I drink soya not cows milk. I like to let her think I am trying to stay fit and save the world so I drink Soya and be a hippy).

The first thing I noticed on Edwards’s strategy is he has no strategy

The second thing I notice on his excel sheet is his advertising and marketing is sporadic, one month big gap, one week, no marketing and frankly it’s a little all over the place.

The third thing I notice is his adverts are terrible and digging into my 30 years experience I know for a fact that no one in a million years would read them unless it was the only words on paper available to a stranded man on a desert Island and even then the first option might be for toilet paper not reading material.

Edward came back carrying one Americano, one soya cappuccino, and three different cakes. No wonder Edward looks like a waist size 38-40 plus!

“Ed I have to say – you don’t mind me calling you Ed?” “No Ed is good” “Well Ed, the adverts are bad and I can’t make out any kind of strategy from what I am reading, do you have one?” “Yes and no and kind of. When we are slow we advertise but even when we are busy we are never busy enough to make a good enough profit. Last year we turned over 2.9 million pounds and the net profit wasn’t enough to give me a holiday despite all my staff got one”

I was thinking ‘yes Ed but you got the Bentley and the 3 million pound house but of course I never said that after all this is business not my insights into life and death!

“When is the last time you went away?" “Let me tell you this Alan. I have a massive house that I spend no time in. I work ridiculous hours. I have a pool I haven’t actually used now for nearly 3 years I think. It feels like the last time I saw my kids was years ago but obviously I see them for a minute or two a day but sometimes no days! And the profits or lack of profits from this business are just not good enough” “OK Ed tell me a couple of things. Who does the copy for your adverts now?” “We all have a go but the girl that does the mail is better than most of us. She writes it and then the other 7 of us make tweaks, changes and add the odd words here and there” “So these adverts are written by 8 people then?” “Yes” “What about strategy, do you have one?” “Yes we advertise when it’s quiet”

OK but looking at this excel sheet it looks like you ran seven adverts this past year and four of them were in May?”

“Ah really, I didn’t know that!”

This isn’t unusual so I told him, “what we need to do here is … discover exactly what your buyers needs are, create an almost flawless strategy for your marketing, create a marketing system that grows your business”

From that he sat in silence, asked on or two questions and we went through everything. One hour became four hours and finally Edward left. We shook hands, we agreed on lots of things and I drove home in my Mini but first waiting to go to my car until Ed had left in his new Bentley.

After everything had been created the critical piece was to create strong direct response adverts. Good headlines, good calls to action and written with the mindset of the buyer and written and created by one expert mind not 8 amateurs that don’t understand the art and science of copywriting (that’s me of course and after almost 30 years writing copy don’t argue with me because I always win apart from when I argue with my mother).

The master plan was to take his profits up and take them up fast. Everything was in place and a set of strong adverts that tied in with a strategy had been created. The first advert went over to Edwards Company for feedback.

It looked nothing like he had ever run before with advertising. It sounded like nothing he had ever run before. It had headlines, which he never had before. It had a strong story and graphics like he had never used before. It had a very simple and strong call to action like he had never run before. His feedback came back.

“Hi Alan I love the advert but everyone in the office has added their comments and want to know can we make them a little like the old adverts?”

I stopped, stalled and thought for 24 hours before I replied.

“Edward the last adverts all 8 of you wrote failed at every level. You need to run with this campaign and frankly I don’t care what the receptionist, the coffee maker, the tele sales people and any other amateur copywriters have to say – trust me and run this campaign”

“OK I trust” And he ran the first advert. The results were bad in fact no existent. “Alan that advert didn’t work write another” “Send me the advert as it appeared in the magazine please” “He sent it and it was part my advert and part 8 other peoples advert. So now the adverts had gone from 8 writers to nine writers and frankly it was a mess”

I’ve seen this before so I didn’t get to excited (I just wanted to kill them if I am honest but maybe that’s over the top maybe I just wanted to fire them all or even better lock them in the toilets whilst I took over!

"Edward who changed this?" “We all did we think it looks better” “You mean the same guys that created failed adverts in the past?” “Yes I’m afraid so”

He’d better be afraid because it had started to look like two months hard work on everything was about to go out of the window.

Lets jump forward.

I had to fire Edward. His sales slumped, he sold his company and he probably drives a Mini like me although probably a better Mini than mine!

Why did I fire him?

Time and time again I have seen businesses at so many levels falling to pieces at a most basic level. They spend a fortune on the office. The boss has the big car and turns into a fat cat. The staff are running riot, have too much control and dilute everything that is powerful so it becomes weak. They don’t care (well they do care but only about their wages, their holidays and their sick pay). The boss realizes something is going sadly wrong but he has lost is lust for success now he has his car and loves being the fat cat.

Yet it only ends one way … no profits means it’s a dead cat not a living cat, not a cheetah, not a tiger and certainly no longer a lion.

Yet that is all so simple to change. Business can change. Circumstance does change. Life changes like the seasons and we either run or go with it or we freeze to death because we dress for summer in the middle of winter. How about your business? In profit? Selling enough? Adverts working? Gives you rewards you want? Last holiday? Losing time when time is life?

Yet when it comes to changes you ask everyone what is happening, how to put things right – you ask everyone apart from the experts?

Is that you – be honest – is it?

Edward – well Edward or Ed is probably in Starbucks as I type reading through the jobs section in his local newspaper whilst his company has either been sold on to smart savvy entrepreneurs or has vanished like the ice caps during global warming.

Business has never been tougher. Changes have never moved so fast. If you don’t change and mold and bend – you are playing a game that you can’t and wont win. Are you online optimized? Do you understand traffic and conversion? Do you understand that almost 100% of your clients search for you online before they look elsewhere – are you optimized?

If you need help I can help you. You don’t even have to buy me a cake, a yoga cappuccino or meet me in airports where we can talk and watch the world go by.

Call me for a unique and premium consultation. My fee are more than worth it and I promise to show you how to more quadruple the price you pay. I can come to your office and train your team. I can train your copywriters. I can hire and fire your deadbeats and superstars. I can help you build a powerful strategy that has made some of my clients multi millions in sales.

All you have to do is ask me or one of the other consultants here.

Our consultancy starts at just £200 - £1,200 per hour On site visits price on asking. Critiques, copywriting, sales letters, strategy and tactical advice and more… Can you afford to wait any longer? Text: WENEEDYOU TO 07793069486 Call: 07793 069 486 and leave a message Or go to the contact page at Contact

Yours in peace, love and powerful profit pulling marketing

Alan Forrest Smith

Ps: I know I am good and feel even better when the God father of direct response marketing himself told me over lunch that I am a “brilliant marketing mind” (That was my friend and mentor Jay Conrad Levinson)

P.p.s: By the way if we work together and I make you a ton of new sales you will have to buy me a custom Triumph motorbike or a Harley Davidson to keep me happy. I am a man of simple pleasures but I will give you exactly what you need to thrive.