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See that photo above?

Yes it’s me so don’t click away just yet as there is a point to this story.

I know its a bad picture but its a picture in bad light of me in the gym this week.

The arms and chest are real - Here’s what happened.

At the end of last year I decided for once in my life to takes my own advice and get a mentor, here’s why.

Those that know me know and understand I am untrainable, I listen to no one and rarely take advice unless … The person I am asking knows something I really don’t know despite I think I might know.

So at the end of last year I looked at myself naked in the mirror and frankly didn’t like what I was seeing. I had gained weight, was losing my shape and really wanted things to change.

Now heres the interesting part.

I started using gyms in 2007 and once i started I lost 20-30 pounds in weight. Maybe a year into that I started to gain weight again and couldn’t get the shape I wanted to be.

I have spent a small fortune on

  • Fitness DVDs (stacks)
  • Fitness books (hundreds)
  • Diet books (a whole library)
  • Equipment (everything)
  • Bars (I have them all)
  • Bells (ring-a-ding - yes every weight is here)
  • What looks like a million multi-vitamins and protein shakes and more.

I read them and that’s about it … I just read them.

The pile got higher and higher and higher. In fact I probably have a copy of every Men’s Health magazine from 2007 in my home gym just lying there collecting dust.

I keep buying them like an addict hoping that one day just buying them will be enough for me to lose those extra 14 pounds hanging around my waist.

It never happened. It hasn’t happened and at the end of 2013 I had enough so I decided to go and find myself a MENTOR of my own.

Let me tell you I hate the idea of paying someone to tell me what I think I know yet the mirror was telling me that I clearly didn’t know what I thought I knew.

Meet Lewis My Trainer.

Lewis is a twenty-year-old 5 foot 7 inch trainer at my gym. He’s blonde, looks like he’s just 15 years old he also looks like he’s never shaved and still has spots.

When I met him on the first day I actually said to him are you serious you look around 15!

He laughed, I laughed and we went into the weights room where we sat and talked. He asked me… what do you want from this?

I told him I am not interested in weight I just want to look like Wolverine. He laughed and said lets get on with it.

It’s been hard, really really hard.

Each session is one hour although is passes in what feels like minutes but I can tell you this.

It’s tough, it’s full on and the last 15 minutes almost kills me (especially the Abs work).

At the end of each session I can barely move never mind walk out of the gym and go home. It’s a killer.

Now four weeks on and little by little I am starting to look like a pink version of the incredible hulk (ok that was overkill) but in just 4 weeks I am starting to see results. (even I was shocked at the photo above)

And here’s what’s interesting.

My fitness MENTOR has done in just 4-weeks what I haven’t been able to do in 5-years on my own.

We are training together all the way until May so by the time myself and my warrior woman go to our other home in Tbilisi, Georgia my body transformation will be complete (for now).

And yes …

  • I fall back into crisps
  • I am still addicted to cakes
  • I can eat dozens of Kit Kats
  • And I still get it wrong but I am doing my absolute best to jump if Lewis tells me to jump.

I don’t know about you but I have learnt something really valuable about myself and it’s this.

If someone can help me get somewhere or do something I just couldn’t do for myself the past 5 years well why didn’t I pay for it earlier?

The answer is I don’t know but here’s what I do know. If I had booked a trainer earlier on it would have saved me years of moaning and groaning about not looking as good as I wanted to look.

  • If my trainer tells me to do it - I do it.
  • If he asks me to do something - I do it.
  • If he feels I’d be better jumping around naked to get a result - I will do it.


He knows what I don’t know and what he knows is bringing in a result after all I have already bought everything over 5 years and the results have never looked as good as this.

I really didn’t want to do another 5 years looking and feeling the way I was feeling. Yes FIVE YEARS I failed to take no action apart from order everything I read and equipment i never used and diets I never followed and fads I couldn’t keep.

By the time we go away in May hopefully my goal of looking really the way I want to look will be hit.

So the lesson is clear but how about you or your business?

It’s my experience that most people I speak with and deal with in business are almost the same as I have been with my fitness. They try everything themselves and get zero or mediocre results. Nothing seems too happen quite the way they expect. The marketing team are just doing what they learnt in their marketing degree. Those with no degree just copy those with the degree or even worse they do the marketing themselves.

It’s crazy when you think asking for an experts advice can change everything about your business and hence your life.

Over the years I can boast some crazy results for clients that anyone can be proud of. I have increased businesses by 53.3% in just 4 weeks. I have even generated well over $500,000 in 21 days for one client from zero. I have saved one clients business from bust and generated over £2 million in sales for him. I even magically generated £15,400 for another client in just 3 days.

I can tell you hundreds of stories just like that and more.

ALL had taken the route of trying and hoping yet all were clearly failing and failing fast until they finally got a mentor that would guide them and help them.

That photo above is me after just 4 weeks. I can’t wait for the next photo maybe in another 4 weeks. I just hope I can kill this belly fat :)

Finally - Over the past 9 years mentor has been helping business just like you make massive changes.

A critique can increase your response rates by huge percentages - Just ask me. Consulting can literally turn your whole business around in days - not months - Just hit reply and ask.

Having copy written where every word is carefully crafted can transform everything in your business - Just ask Roy who experienced a 4000% increase after his sales letters were re-written.

Critique - Consulting - Copywriting - Mentor

Don’t do what I did and spend year messing around and not getting results. No one in the climate can afford to do that anymore and you’ll know that,

I’m ready to help you and work with you but - ARE YOU? Contact me right now.

I have to go meet my beardless trainer now at the gym for session 8… It’ll kill me but the results are more than worth it.

Speak soon.

The new Wolverine…

Alan Forrest Smith