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ALL-NEW Premium Copywriters Masterclass EVOLUTION from Master and 30-year Veteran Copywriter Alan Forrest Smith!

This two-day copywriters master class is for ...

Copywriters: You'll discover how to make words sell and how to build a powerful business that gives you a life you'd love to live. How to get clients coming to you and paying you very well for months and even years after you created a campaign for the client.

Agency copywriters: You need to get the 'control' or you need your copywriters to create masterful controls that create more sales for your agency clients or increased sales response generally. You will find out how to get more edge in your work and deliver incredible results for your agency using time proven direct marketing formulas.

Marketing teams and copywriters: You need your guys in the back-room to have more edge, more ideas, more tools in their sales box. You will walk away with your mind exploding with new ideas based on proven direct marketing for the 21st century.

Entrepreneurs: You need to be able to create your own letters, adverts and materials but cannot afford to lose time trying everything. This class will give you exactly what you need to hit home runs without all the time and pain wasted. You'll discover how to write, what kind of things to write and how to pull the whole thing together in days not months!

Everything I have practiced, learnt, discovered and made great success over 27 years within in the world of copywriting and marketing I will show you (all the fast-track). I will review all of the materials you bring to the class and show you how to tweak, correct or re-write them for super-success.

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