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Cars Jobs & Change At 7:40am today I was driving my car. Not that unusual you might say but actually it is because at 7:40am I am usually in bed or eating toast or drinking strong tea followed by strong coffee (ritual) or making love with my darling beautiful Caucasian woman.

At 7:40am I am never, ever, ever on a road driving a car.

Today my son (my big soft 6'4" son) got up late, went out late, left the house late and came back home asking his dad for a lift to work. So being a good dad I jumped in the car and took him to work. To drive six miles took just under ONE HOUR. Heading to the roundabout in front of my little Mini were car after car after car after car. Red cars, green cars, black cars, silver cars. Cars with angry people, cars with maniac drivers, cars with fixed stare, drone like robots just doing what they've always done.

The routine and the daily ritual of many (does this sound like you?)

  • I awake.
  • I eat breakfast.
  • I shower.
  • I get dressed.
  • I say goodbye if I am not alone (lucky you).
  • I travel to work.
  • I ask no questions.

All I know is I hate it. I arrive and can't wait for the end of the day. I hate the 10 hours ahead of me. I work like a slave, get told what to do like a slave and like a slave even have to ask to go to the toilet.

  • I drive home.
  • I moan.
  • I eat.
  • I watch TV.
  • I go to bed and dread the same old thing the next day.

Of course not all drivers are crazy and not everyone heated their job but I do wonder if anyone questions anything about what they do?

Can life changes be made at a level where your life actually starts to look and feel like someone else's life?

The simple answer to that is YES it's very possible. I'm not talking about copying someone else's life I'm not talking about you trying even remotely to be another person

  • Or copy them
  • Or look like them
  • Or walk, talk and work like them

I am talking about

Your life Your work

The things you do each day and support your lifestyle.

So it works like this. First you need to be happy. Think about those people in their cars asking no questions. They believe that happiness is based at the root of … The more success and money and wealth and cash and things I have through hard work, the happier I am going to become.

They listen, they follow but the truth is do they look really happy at 7:40am rushing to work so they can wait for the day to end and do it all over again?

So the real question is this...

  • Are you really happy with your life and work?
  • Does your work support your life or does your life support your work?

Lets step back to New years eve 2012.

Did you make promises about how things will change? Did you? Have they? Or were you still in your car at 7:40am today struggling through the angry drivers trying to get to work on time?

Your income hasn't increased and your lifestyle hasn't changed. And let me say this … A great life doesn't have to mean millions of pounds or dollars. It doesn't have to mean incredible wealth.

It can just mean you have worked out a balance that gives you the things in life you really need to create happiness.

For example...

I have a home in Tbilisi Georgia. It's wild but suits my eccentric approach to life. The coffee is good, the food is amazing, the nature is breathtaking but here is the interesting thing. I can spend more money in a day in England (I did on my return) than I can in two months in Georgia. Incredible right?

  • I can buy what I want
  • I can live how I like to live
  • I can work as much as I like to work

And of course this might not be how you like to work but what it shows is a better way of life for you is possible.

  • Jonny Drover came to that conclusion and joined MENTOR
  • Dilys Stokes came to that conclusion and joined MENTOR
  • Troy Steine came to that conclusion and joined MENTOR
  • Vincent Wong also came to that conclusion and joined MENTOR

And since 2004 there have been many people just like you that used to drive their cars to work at 7:40am through the craziness and haze who have also changed their life and businesses with MENTOR I wonder why?

The answer is easy.

At 50 years of age (me) you develop something called hindsight. Hindsight is always there but is stronger at 50 than ever before.

  • You become more aware of time
  • You see mistakes coming
  • You see long routes taken
  • You know how to solve things fast
  • You know how to avoid pain and trouble
  • You look before you leap
  • You rarely repeat the same mistakes

And with business … you know how to get the job done fast!

  • You give everything plenty of thought
  • You don't mind asking for solutions

You've said it … "I wish I knew then what I know now"… Am I right?

And here's another problem. Some of us are so wrapped up in life we don't get time to think. I met a client just the other day. He works around 70 hours a week and 90 plus on some weeks. If I had to work those hours I would just drop-dead!

His business is absolutely booming and he has all the gadgets, gizmos, toys and homes and cars and more. Yet …

  • He has no time with his kids
  • He has no time with his wife
  • He has no time to sit and think about anything

And the problem with that is on his deathbed he'll be asking, "Life, where did it all go?" So there is a way to live a life like everyone is told repeatedly to live their life


This is a way to be alive in your life and create a life that suits you. In my experience that takes the following …

New way to think and look at things A plan of action Cash in your bank

A MENTOR that can fast-track you and help you avoid more time wasted or pain created or sitting frustrated in a car at 7:40am in the morning whilst trying to get to a job that you hate and is devouring you.

MENTOR with me … really?

Why do people choose to work with me then? Really simple

  • I have a ton of business experience (nearly 30 years)
  • I have successful businesses I have created and written powerful marketing for myself and my clients
  • I can charge £1,200 per hour (and can show you how-to) I get paid £10,000 for writing sales copy
  • I get flown to different countries to give advice
  • Clients fly to me from as far as Auckland New Zealand, Sydney, Perth and the Gold Coast Australia, Namibia in Africa, San Francisco USA, Zurich in Switzerland and more to work with me.


To fast track their life and business, to get results quicker.

MENTOR works for …

  • You if you need to get your business to the next level
  • You if you want more success from your campaigns
  • You if you need to know how to charge more as a copywriter
  • You if you're sick-to-death of the thought of your life being the same until the day you drop-dead!
  • You if you can't spend the rest of this year doing the same old stuff, day in, day out

Marketing men join MENTOR Entrepreneurs join MENTOR Regular employees join MENTOR Copywriters JOIN mentor Students join MENTOR MENTOR is for anyone looking for change and willing to make those changes.

Finally … Summer is such a last time for everyone but it's also a time when I changed my own life. I had my hair salons for nearly 20 years at this point and frankly it was a summer where we had to stay at home because despite how busy our salons were this was a year we just couldn't afford to take four kids away because of the expense. The reason went beyond cash it was about…

  • Bad habits that had become entrenched into my life
  • Priorities had become completely lost
  • Money was baldy managed
  • Life management was non-existent

That meant less holidays (some times no holidays) with my kids and when all the other kids are going away and your kids are not - it felt bad!

Of course there's been a few hiccups.

  • Like a monstrous divorce after 27 years
  • Like the bankruptcy I was forced into
  • Like having the home I built taken from me
  • Like watching my business crumble before my eyes
  • Like losing every possession and even every photograph I had
  • Like getting to 47 years old and having to live in the spare bedroom with my elderly parents
  • Like having not a single penny in the bank
  • Like being very alone with no wife, no lover, no nothing

HOW DO YOU recover from that ... And more? So… I know how it feels and I also know how it feels to be able to solve those problems very fast.

Within 12 weeks after moving into my parents with nothing I had

  • Built a solid business
  • Making more in a month than the average person makes in a year
  • Managed to get a home despite having ZERO credit
  • Moved into my home alone and rebuilt from the ground up
  • Designed a life that would make me happy From my new home I erased most of my historical mistakes and did EVERYTHING different.

Within 12 months I had …

  • Large home with six bedrooms
  • A home in another country (Tbilisi Georgia)
  • Lots of travel (around 8 weeks this year so far)
  • Everything I need in a simplified life
  • A wondrous relationship with a strong woman I know would die for me if she had to

Using my life and experience and knowledge all of that took place over a period of 12-18 months. In my first life it had taken me 27 years to achieve the same!

So MENTOR works and can work for you, your business and even your life. My MENTOR fees are really simple. £7,500 a quarter or £30,000 for 12 months. Arrangements discussed privately.

Lets go all the back to the car. When I drove out with my son the other day it really got me thinking.

  • Thinking about why most just don't question what they do
  • Thinking why most just keep on doing the same old thing time and time again until they retire and die
  • Thinking why most do what that are told and then keep on doing it
  • Thinking why most don't realize that the lie of slaving for more doesn't really equal happiness

And of course the contradiction which is… YOU CAN create whatever you want as long as you know how to get there. And the car … well we got stuck in heavy traffic and most of the drivers don't live in my village so they don't know the shortcuts … I do.

We got off the main road, drove through the country lanes and got to my sons workplace on time.

If you need shortcuts… I am ready to work with you. Hit reply and tell me what you need? Text (00 44) 7793 069 486 with the word MENTOR. I hope to help you create some magic here. If you are ready, I'm ready to help. Yours in endless eccentric service.

Alan Forrest Smith

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