What If?


Imagine this … You - It’s April 2014 You had your best Christmas your business has ever seen? You sold more You made more You relaxed more There was no time to worry about being busy There was no time to freak out over lack of turnover There wasn’t enough enough time to check your cash flow All you knew was this … It was the busiest time you’d ever had in your business during a Christmas period. And after Christmas came the hopes (or the fears). Yet it carried on and on and on.

Business by April 2014 is incredible. it’s never been better, you’ve never been happier, everything is more than good.

So good in fact you are taking yourself and those close to you on a holiday of a lifetime this summer.

What changed?

  •  2013 was hard
  • 2012 was difficult
  • The years before then were just uphill

This is what changed …

You knew you had to do marketing but had no idea how to do it You did marketing and just tried everything and hoped it worked

You spent on marketing but had almost zero response despite what the guy at the magazine, newspaper or so-called social media expert told you otherwise

And you began to see marketing as an expense that you could no longer support

Yet the weird thing is … You still knew you had to do it.

After all…

If you don’t take the potatoes to the market - no one buys your potatoes!

WHAT IF You had a ‘brilliant marketing mind’ creating all of that for you? What if you had ads that convert like crazy What if you found ways to increase your business without increasing your clients? What if you had a strategy in place that just WORKS! What if you had tactics planned out that are low-investment, higher-return sales machines What if you had an expert on-demand that could guide you into

An expert with almost 30-year track record in

  • Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Advising
  • Consulting

And generating huge sales and campaigns for clients An expert that has created powerful direct mails An expert that has written higher response adverts An expert that has created flyers that have blown the phone off the hook And an expert that understands that buyers HAVE CHANGED. The buying process has changed The way ALL buyers buy has now changed The way buyers think has now changed The buyers mind set and mind process has now changed And this affects your sales, your business and your life.

WHAT IF … You had an expert on demand making sure you are kept on track, day in, day out and advising you the way forward?

WHAT IF … You could have that?

I am looking for one client to work with… WHAT IF … it is you? Would you like to have your best Christmas ever? Would you like to have the best start to your 2014 ever?

Would you like me to guide you and take control of your marketing in ways you’d only ever dreamt of?

WHAT IF … I can do that for you and more? This is an EXCLUSIVE deal. ONE client only... you? I want to plan your marketing for the next 12 months so I can make a ton of money with you. Yes I know I mentioned ME but I also mentioned YOU. I know if I make you good sales and profits I will also make good money from you. I am looking for a client that is … Open minded to new marketing ideas Is willing to give me full control of what works and what doesn’t work Has a great product Has a great system Has a track record Has bad (and knows it’s bad) marketing To make this happen you need to contact me and also know this. My £25,000 advance from future sales gets you this … Strategic marketing plan designed to double, triple or even quadruple your business. If I take your business from 100k to 500k is it worth doing this? If I help you hit your first million is it worth the risk? If I guide you into new sales, new profits and your best Christmas ever is it worth the investment?

You need to be able to …

  •  Make the advance of £25,000
  • Have money for a marketing budget
  • Trust me that what I do is designed to get you more sales

And understand of course that you could hire a Marketing guy in-house to do this.

He or she will cost you money. Look at this real story.

I recently spoke to a guy over the phone and via email about making sweeping changes to his companies marketing. He is the big boss but he also hires a big boss in the marketing department to make all the decisions on what is next.

To cut a long story short I re-wrote a ton of adverts for them to get started but they had to be approved by the marketing head and the marketing heads people and the people behind the people of the head of marketing (complicated as always even to read ;)

One week later I heard nothing.

Two weeks later no reply.

Four weeks later nothing.

I emailed them to see if a decision had been taken. I got a reply that  said, “How dare you email me do you understand how much pressure I am under?”

Two months nothing Three months nothing Four months I thought ok I will meal them again to see what is happening.

I got a reply from the big boss.

Apparently the marketing guy has a lot on his mind right now but has my new adverts in his pile on his big desk next to his big pay check of over well over £128,000 per year ( I knew his wage as the big boss had already told me).

Apparently this head of marketing and head of the marketing team and the man behind the massive sales slump at this company was suffering from stress to the same things in life that we all go through and some cope better than others. His wages and company Aston Martin has now become just part of his job and leading the marketing into sales were now not ever secondary but god knows how far down the line of priority.

Personally I’d fire him but that’s another story!

I contacted them recently. It’s now 14 months since I last dealt with them. Apparently he has yet to decide whilst the company has not only flat lined but is slipping very dangerously into the red.

I did say he is YET TO DECIDE!... That's CRAZY!

WHAT IF… What if you didn’t have to deal with that? What if I could come into your team and motivate, inspire and direct them? What if I helped you create powerful advertising that makes sales ethically and powerfully for you?

What if we could make this happen right away in your business so by April 2014 maybe we are both sat together somewhere cool discussing our next steps?


 You and me really making this happen for your business and your life.

How much would that be worth to you?

Not in terms of just wealth after all wealth comes and goes as i have seen with businesses so many times of the years when it didn’t have to happen.

How much is it worth in terms of health, peace and calmness in your life to know that it’s now being handled by an expert?


 You got in touch with me

We worked out a deal And we made it happen? NOTE: Please DO NOT contact me if … You cannot make an advance from future sales to get this started You have no money for marketing You fear change with your brand or image You cannot allow me to control (with approval) Please don’t ask because … I don’t work for free for months on a promise for anyone.

WHAT IF … It’s worth a conversation that we can both always so no to? And what if you can offer me something even better than I can write here now in return for a brilliant marketing campaign that changes everything for you?


 Get in touch right away.

 Tell me about your business?

  • Tell me your thoughts?
  • Tell me exactly what you need?
  • Have a budget in place for marketing?
  • Can pay an advance?

And then lets talk

Or if you want to tell me that over the phone send me your number and I will call you.

This is an offer for those that are

  • Serious about business
  • Serious about profits
  • Serious about creating a happier life (if business is and - life is bad)
  • This offer is not for anyone looking to be saved (if you now feel offended - that’s probably you)
  • This offer is not for the get-rich-quick (yes really)
  •  This offer is for those that understand the principles of business and understand a good investment for a good return.

This offer is also 100% ethical and 100% AFS … Rather full on but then again action is action.

I’m here, you’re there … lets make it happen.

This is EXCLUSIVE for you ... Get in touch right now and lets talk.

Yours The WHAT IF Marketing Man - Alan Forrest Smith