YOU The One?


I'd like to work with you and you only. A beard is not a requirement but this email will explain what is. If you are the ONE … Your business and life are about to change.

Shall we work together for 12-months?

During that time I promise to transform  ALL of your marketing results beyond your wildest dreams by replicating some of the highest response campaigns I have ever delivered in your business... and lots of new stuff as well!

I am looking to work with ONE CLIENT/PARTNER ONLY over the next 12-months - is that YOU?

I am waiting to

  • Review all of your marketing systems from A-to-Z - Everything
  • Create new message-to-target direct response advertising where needed
  • Create new laser targeted sales letters with killer angles
  • Create new higher response sizzling scripts that convert
  • Build in mental sales triggers that connect, engage and drive response
  • Build in hot buzz words that set your customer on fire
  • Review all of your social media but not as you might think
  • Create strong and unique positioning
  • Create new angles and branding
  • Create new designs, strategies and tactics

ULTIMATELY - Grow your business by 40/60/100/1200% or even more! I know that because I've done it time and time again for clients. Now I will do it just for you and YOU only.

If you feel this could be YOU do not hesitate to contact me right now.

  • Tele: 0161 928 8328
  • Text: 07793 069 486 (add the words THEONE)
  • Email:

The photo above. That's me and my manly beard in Tbilisi, Georgia where my wife and myself have our second home. Yes, I do speak Georgian which is one of the world's rarewst and most unique langauges (ქართული ენა) after a lot of learning. Georgia is my second home.

Now don't be distracted though, this is not about beards it's about YOU and YOUR success if you are ... THE ONE ... I'm looking for right now?

I'd like to work with you and you only over the next 12-months but only if thats what you'd like?. A beard is not a requirement but this post will explain what is a requirement.

When I say work with you, I actually man transform your business in ways you'd never imagine poaaible. But this is just for ONE and ONE client only - YOU!

And if you are the ONE … Your business and life are about to improve for the better but only if it is YOU!


Yes really!

Just read, devour, digest and respond as you see fit after reading this page.


First here's a 20-minute video that explains everything. Or simply read this page.

First a small ramble about a small project I did for a small client. He wasn't small as in 3-foot tall yet he was small in business in fact he was new in business so I say... he was small.

How did I create sales of $462,198 for

  • One client
  • One campaign
  • Over just 3-weeks

Here's the secret.

Actually here's what most direct marketing consultants and especially copywriters never tell you … it really isn't just about the copy or a good sales letter.

So here is how I/he did it (and yes he spent £10,000+ on the direct sales letter and advice).

This was a new client that wanted to work with me for a long time but, I kept saying no as he wanted to pay me from future sales. I really don't do anything without an advance of some kind.

Anyway, eventually we met after he sent me another endless email (he was getting on my nerves now). The email said …"Alan, I have the cash to pay you for a sales letter, can we now talk?

I didn't believe him so I sent him this email - and I didn't believe him because he had said this before, he was actually homeless at the time living in a squat and I can be stubborn so I found it hard to believe him.

I sent him this.

Can you answer the following with yes?

  • You have researched demand for your product?
  • You have a list of hungry buyers?
  • You have a great product that won't demand refunds?
  • Does it look good, packaged and packed well?
  • Is it well made?
  • You have your sales systems in place?
  • You have a support system in place?
  • You have well planned strategies in place?
  • You have at least half a dozen ready-to-go tactics?
  • Can you back-up great copy with great service?
  • Assuming you have done that and you have all of that in place I will work with you!

That day he transferred his only (and borrowed) £10,000 into my bank and I got to work for him on his new sales letter.

Finally when he was ready to roll-out his campaign. We rolled it out and I'll tell you quickly his turnover was a massive £462,198 over just three weeks.


Well like I said at the start of this it takes a little more than great sales letters and copy to create big sales numbers.

Can you do this right now so you get my meaning?

I want you to imagine a car.

The car has been built, painted, has wheels, has seats and has everything it needs to be a car. Yet there is one things missing and it's this …The Engine.

No engine and that car is going nowhere right?

That's exactly what scientifically crafted sales copy is like, it's part of the car but not all of the car. An engine cannot move anywhere without wheels and a car cannot move anywhere without an engine. The sales copy is the powerhouse that drives everything.

It's all one cohesive machine that has to work together one without the other is zero.

Yet you might have everything in the above bullet points, you might have just half of the above in the bullet points or you might not even be sure what you have or what you need but I bet you know this.

  • You need more sales
  • You need more customers
  • You need more profits
  • You need the edge
  • You need a stronger angle
  • You need MORE
  • You need some advice that is going to bring you a return on your investment.

And lets face it …

The client above that turned-over $462,198 for an investment of approximately $15,000, that's not bad is it?

Would you hand over £15,000 in exchange for £485,000?

OK Alan - that's a stupid question I know.

What I didn't tell you above was the client had already tried two previous campaigns for 12-weeks and sold almost no product (around 10-units in fact). I can also share with you it almost was his cut-off point as he was in heavy debt and very short of time to make things work.

And its always interesting for me that so many clients have those cut-off points where they just give up even after just 12-weeks because lets face it 12-weeks in the cycle of any business isn't a great deal of time.

I spent six-long months just getting launched and started with my early businesses. I still believe it takes around 18-months to get almost any new business set-in-stone on a firm foundation and built to last.

You Have The Car But Your Engine is Missing?

Yet what if you have almost everything you already need?

  • Great product
  • Well researched marketplace
  • Great team ready to go
  • Expensive offices that are not busy enough
  • Decent successes but nothing jaw-dropping
  • You know you are NOT getting the results that you know and feel you can get or should new getting?

You also know this …

"I have everything in place but my message is mis-matched, has no power, has nothing unique, it says nothing and is generally is weak" because you allow staff in your office rather than a direct marketing scientist (it really is a science I have spent 27 years mastering) or you go for cheap marketing specialists (yes specialists that are cheap - is that possible?) to deliver the engine for you yet - your car is still not up and running!

So what do you do?

Do you allow your business to slow down, flatline, go into the red, try and recover in absolute panic and finally end up like the global brand Nicole Farahi only to close your doors to years ands years of blood sweat and hair raising moments?

How many times have you seen a business close its doors and then read about it only to say, "I'm not surprised"

Yet you know what's really funny… the owners of that business always act like they were surprised!

They saw the signs, they ignored the signs yet they could have easily stopped the rot and literally 'replaced the engine' very easily. They invest in their cars in the car park but not in marketing - makes no sense but maybe thats where the word nonsense comes from because spending without investing in any business is just nonsense.

You read above what I did for one client (thats just one client from my 31-years as a direct marketing consultant and copywriter). It was powerful writing, words and ideas that paid me well and paid him very, very well (he went on to generate over £7 million pounds).

I worked on many of his campaigns and the little client grew into a big client after that initial $485,000 success over just 3-weeks.

It all started for him with a failure and then an email to myself - actually many emails, many phone calls and many times cornering me in hotels where he knew i was speaking) and then a small investment in relation to his returns and then a huge windfall of sales!

Sounds very easy-peasy right?

Yet it's seem to be all so very hard for some businesses to swallow their pride and make some changes.

That of course does not have to be you!

I'd love to work with you… maybe?

Right now I am looking for one big client I can super-focus on all year around. I am looking to make you huge profits, turn your marketing around and create stronger, more targeted, mental trigger based messages to your hungry marketplace that will change your fortunes.

This is proven, time-tested direct marketing that works.


  • I WILL review everything you are doing right now so we start on track
  • I WILL critique everything you have already created to improve or destroy it forever
  • I WILL help train your team or show you who you need to hire for more impact
  • I WILL guide your writers that can turn words into gold
  • I WILL mentor your marketing team so they do more marketing and drink less coffee and post pictures on Facebook
  • I WILL take out your old engine and fix in a turbo-charged direct marketing engine that will make your sales, your profits and your fortune turnaround fast

Would you like me to do that for you and with you?

How much will that cost you?

Actually it won't cost you a penny because strong, proven and tested direct marketing never does.

  • The client above spent $15,000 on his new marketing
  • The client above had a return of $485,000 from his new marketing

Let me ask you… does that look like a cost?

How would you like me to…

  • Review all of your marketing systems from A-to-Z
  • Create new message-to-target direct response advertising
  • Create new laser targeted sales letters
  • Create new higher response sizzling scripts
  • Build in mental sales triggers that get pulled
  • Build in hot buzz words that set your customer on fire


  • Web strategies built around massive traffic and high conversion
  • Social media strategies that don't waste time and money
  • SMS strategies that are cheap and highly effective
  • PR campaigns
  • Branding
  • Positioning
  • Memes


  • Out with the-same-old-stuff thinking
  • Unique angles that are designed to be remembered and sell
  • Memorable memes that embed themselves instantly


Here's what else I can give you?

  • Nearly 31 years of my direct response and sales and real business marketing experience
  • My specialist copywriting skills that have created millions on sales over 15 years
  • My unique approach to direct marketing that gives you the edge
  • Over 250 Guerrilla marketing tactics ready-to-roll-out-now
  • And incredible tea making skills (as long as it's black tea with leaves)!

Of course this isn't for everyone but is it for YOU and YOUR business?

  • It's not for you if you have already given up and are looking for a saviour (ask Jesus)
  • It's not for you if you don't believe you have to invest to get a return
  • It's not for you if you think I should do this for nothing based on hope and possibility (that just doesn't pay my bills)
  • It's not for you if your ego is bigger than your reality

It is for you if you can say yes to this…

  • I love investing as long as there is higher than average possibility on my returns
  • I love to reward brilliant work
  • I love to leave a creative to create magic for me
  • I can trust you to deliver incredible direct marketing that does what it says it does
  • I know your work and want some of those results in my life and business
  • I am willing to speak to you and create a deal where we are both happy
  • I understand an initial investment is required

So ...

  • If I give you what you need in your business right now what will you give me?
  • If I give you an EXTRA ONE MILLION POUNDS in turnover the next 12 months what will you give me?
  • If I double, triple, quadruple or break every record you've ever made, what will you give me?
  • If I give you the extra branches in town and numbers you really need to hit, what will you give me?
  • If I give you so many new clients you'll never know what to do with them, what will you give me?

Now I ask what you will give me because actually most of my clients I know once we have spoken and I have reviewed everything what I can give them - YOU.

And you see I know I can give you those results with powerful direct response marketing because I have done it many times over the past 30 years in my own businesses and also in my clients businesses. So if I give you a result that will change your business and change your life and remove pressure and make you smile in the morning and smile at night - I think it's fair that if I give that to you I ask what will you give me.

Here's What The Bearded Genius Marketing Man Is Currently Looking For obviously that's me) …

I'm looking for YOU but only if you are the kind of client that has a car already built and needs to now add the finely tuned engine. In other words you need an expert that specialises in turnaround direct marketing strategies that will grow your business fast.

Is that you?

If you think it is when you get in touch in a moment you MUST (or I won't reply)

  • Tell me what you have right now with your business
  • Tell me what you need to have as far as your results go
  • Tell me (if you know) what you want from me
  • Tell me what you'll reward me with if I deliver for you?

And please don't insult me by asking me to do everything for nothing with a 'possible' payment at the end, I think with my long, proven and even acclaimed track record it's just not honourable or fair and even slightly offensive.

So lets do this.

If you have a small marketing investment (Around £20,000 or to be agreed - depends on the work)

We should first talk.

  • If we like each other we should then agree a deal.
  • Once we agree we should sign a contract that suits us both.
  • Create a master plan that suits us both.
  • I will commit to what I will do for you.
  • You will commit to what you will do for me.

I'm looking for life-partners here not one-off hit clients (long term relationships - no sex please I'm British).

I have space for ONE BRILLIANT and DEDICATED CLIENT ONLY. In other words if you want this I only have space for YOU - no one else!

Let me tell you something true and really funny. You'd be amazed how many people say NO to an incredible offer like this. Strange, hard-to-believe and hard to fathom but yes it's true - THEY ACTUALLY SAY no… Quite ridiculous and deserving of failure

Maybe because they are jealous of my manly beard and motorbike skills or maybe they are simply plain beaten by life, given-up and ready to go back and get a job again (oh god no!

So I'm a sitting, waiting, singing and looking at my inbox for your reply. Don't be one of those hard to believe types that sink and sink and sink and then vanish.

Your very bearded marketing warrior

Alan Forrest Smith

P.s I say bearded because did you realise shaving is a relatively modern phenomena? At one time all men wore beards so maybe I am time-traveller from the past! Another bearded fact - Beards are banned in China as I type unless you are over forty! I PROTESTETH!

P.p.s When clients fall in love with me - like I would love a young Sophia Loren to - I insist they shower me with gifts for thanking me for my successful success story I have built for them. You will be no different - shower me with gifts and I ail shower you with success… A Custom built Triumph or Harley Davidson is a good start!

SPECIAL NOTES: If you reply asking me for dozens of free tips, free advice, free calls and free downloads clearly you never read the message in full and frankly I cannot reply to those kind of emails. If you can't respect my skills you won't respect your own. An initial investment is required once a deal has been agreed. If we speak on the phone and you turn out to be someone looking for FREE tips I will end the call immediately. Please show respect to the bearded one!