See that photo above? The second to last window on the right was a tiny bedsit house that was to literally save my life from absolute hopelessness.

I’ll explain more in a second.

There’s this guy. On December 25th 2009 he woke on Christmas day on a cheap rollout sofa, which was his bed. In fact it was the only piece of furniture he owned at that moment. He bought it from IKEA. He woke up that day - Christmas day alone, lay there for a while and cried and cried and cried some more.

He cried so much that the tears couldn’t be stopped for at least 20 minutes or so but looking back he will tell you it was a huge pressure release for him.

But first let me take you back just a few weeks before then. The man had found himself doing something he had been doing over the past few months  each and everyday and that was sitting at the back of the old graveyard behind his elderly parents house.

Every night in that freezing cold winter he would walk out alone and then walk just around the corner into the 16th century old graveyard to think about what has happened in his life over the previous few years, where his life was and was this almost the end of what had once been a very happy life but was now a life of a man that had looked like he surrendered to life.

The man never sat at the front of the graveyard because people would walk by and see him and they would think that’s strange or something was wrong with the guy sitting in the graveyard so he always walked to the back and would sit on the old iron bench next to the stone of John Watson 1937 - 2005. John had lived a long life but now was a pile of dust feeding the earth. The man would think about John and who John could have been. Now John was just a stone and a memory.

As the man sat there for one hour, two hours and three hours until the cold finally reached him he would spend that time sitting back so his face was pointing into the pitch black diamond lit sky and asked himself question after question after question after question.

His life had not turned out as he wanted it to turn out and right at this point right now he had, no home to live in, no wages or cash to spend and no woman to wrap her arms around him, to love him back to life and comfort him with sweet words of tenderness, love and strength. He missed the stroke of a woman's fingers slowly across his chest, he missed the soft lips of a woman on his face. He really was alone.

He actually believes that a man needs a woman but a woman needs to be a woman to keep her man until the final day. The days she stops being a woman is the day he stops acting like a real man. Anyway I digress so lets get back to the story.

One night as he looked up into the sky the man realised that if he allows things to remain the same as they are now, broke, alone, lost and living at his parents at 47 – he is as good as dead! His kids had lost all respect for him. His first wife wanted him destroyed. His family had all but rejected him. In fact one member of his family had tried on more than one occasion to try and kill the man. No wonder the man would cry.


With that thought he realised that where he was wasn’t new, it had happened to many before him and would carry on happening to others after him. Maybe even old John Watson 1937 – 2005 had been through the same yet his outcome was also the same for him as it was for all men.

The man made a decision. If things were to change for him he had to do get out of the graveyard, stop surrounding himself with death, get generating an income again, find a home to live and finally search for a woman that could get someone as complicated as himself (others would say he was complicated so the man had started to believe he himself was complicated but actually he was just a man).

He left the graveyard feeling different. He told John Watson 1937 - 2005 that he was going, he is alive and he won't be back to sit with him.

Today that man lives a very different life.

I should know - I am that man. I wanted to share this story to encourage you and give you courage at the same time that you can overcome anything in life but only if you want to. How do you know you want to? You'll just know.

And if you are facing total loss like I have been through I want to share with you that recovery and resurrection and creation of a new life is very, very possible for you as long as you understand this six letter word.

CHANGE. Change is an action so to create change action has to be taken.

Here’s what I personally did.

After I finally came to my senses I set a vision of three reachable outcomes.

1. Income – restart and increase so I could fund a new life

2. Home – find a place of my own for privacy and my own self-pride

3. Woman – I knew what I needed and now I had to find her only only she would do

Why did I do that?

Because I sat and worked out what I needed right now to kick-start a brand new life that I was going to design from the ground up. I had to have a plan.

I had no income yet needed an income to get a home to live in (the photo above) and get out of the 80 square foot room I was currently living in at my parents and I needed a place of my own if I was to tempt a beautiful woman a little less crazy than myself to join me in a new life by design.

Let me take you back a moment so you understand  how I got here; a divorce and all the destruction that came with it. It was full on, vicious, destructive and left myself with no home, no work, and no access to my kids, no family and frankly no nothing. At the point I write about above I had not worked for well over 6 months and had not a single penny to my name. I was back at year zero where it was stand up and walk or lie down and die.

That night I left the graveyard full of life and had shaken off the death of the past and left it behind. I went back to my parent’s house where I was living and planned everything out. Not in detail but just a bigger picture of what was needed.

I decided that I must be in my own place for Christmas even though it was just a few weeks away but to do that I also needed to be able to pay for a home with 12-months rent in advance. Within 4 weeks I had the cash to pay 12 months rent. Within five weeks I had moved into my new tiny little home and then of course like I said at the start of this letter I awoke on Christmas day lying on a roll-out bed alone and crying but happy that I was alive again.

The tears were not for me being alone but they were mourning for the death of an old life that had passed away and the relief that my new life had now started. It was now up to me, it was to be my own choices that would now make a difference.


CHANGE and the… actions behind the word!

You can recover, you will be ok, it’ll all be fine for you only if you allow it to be and take action to make it happen. You can change everything as long as the action is mapped out according to you and your circumstances.

No map - no directions, no direction and you'll get and go nowhere.

Now we are in 2014.

Just a few years later I will wake up in our large detached old Cheshire house on Christmas morning. My bed is no longer a rollout it’s a massive 7-foot wide luxury bed made from Mahogany. I won’t be alone this Christmas because lying across my chest in the morning is my darling woman, the love of my life. She’ll have her soft olive skinned arms and her long thick dark chestnut brown hair curled around me. She is my Georgian woman Tamuna whom I met just 3 months after I set my vision of three I mentioned earlier.

And today my new life is going really well. It’s built by design. It’s a life no longer built around things or even money. It’s a life designed to be lived and to be full to be enjoy and not to be controlled by a love of money or a love of consumption.

Why am I sharing this with you?

Because I understand that if you are alone over Christmas and New Year you feel that your life is as good as done the good news is your life isn’t done in fact it is just about to begin but that really depends on you and the actions you take?

Let me say this to you – you’re not the first to be going through whatever you’re going through and you won’t be the last.

The outcome for life is the same for all men – you are no different so grab your life by the neck and take action of some kind right now

If you are alone take the time to think, to re-evaluate and to design what your needs in life really are. Don’t forget needs are things you cannot live without.

How do you do that?



We write use or say the word change on the basis of what we were or are doing no longer works.

Imagine if you could change everything that no longer works for you?

If you did... How would that change manifest itself?

2014 is a big year of change for me... I'm restructuring, simplifying and fine tuning a life by design so I can focus on even more writing and word mastery.


I discovered many years ago if it doesn't work... Change is the only option because if we don't change nothing... No-thing takes place. I don't want to get to the end of my life

I had a client come to me after 8 years of trying the same things that just didn't work. It led to chaos in her business and her private life.

She made huge changes and the visioned outcome manifested itself perfectly after fine-tuning and changes.

Your life is connected to many working parts. Some of those parts may need to be changed, refined or overhauled.

For example if you have a business right now and it’s just not working that part of your life affects your private life due to the stress and an outcome that you are unsure about.

Maybe it’s …

Your job and the dislike or even hate you have for it. You feel under paid, trapped and are working longer hours than ever.

Maybe its simply your lifestyle and it really isn’t what you need to thrive and come to life with.

Imagine if you could change the problems you have right now... Would that make you happier?

Over 30 years I've seen and been involved in many many changes in life and in business. I have told you a little change above.

That story above about what happened to me doesn’t tell you everything.

It doesn’t tell you about the bankruptcy I was forced through.

It doesn’t tell you how it feels to have your car repossessed and the bailiff saying “tough luck get a bus!” after I told him I need it to see my kids.

It doesn’t share the details of having absolutely zero of anything and yet still rebuilding a more than full life that most admire and would die for.

And I never told you about all the stories of success I have created for clients and MENTOR students of mine and myself over the past 30 years that total into million upon million in sales for them and new lives and lifestyle created through good mentoring, strategies and planning.

ALL had to go through CHANGE. Some resisted, some changed because the other option just wasn't acceptable.

Dramatic changes have brought dramatic results but even simple changes have brought huge results.

Remember this … Good advice carries no price!

And now looking back over life I wish I'd been taught to ask for advice. Good advice and mentoring would have saved me heartache and money and given me a faster route to successes.

MENTOR 2014 is all about CHANGE Here’s a fact that cannot be denied.

If you don’t make CHANGES and take actions guess what?

NOTHING happens, not a single thing will happen.

You can sit and pray and hope and wish and dream but if no action follows – your finished.

Do you recognize your need for change this year?

Mentor 2014 is more bespoke than ever

Your MENTOR has to have life experience, business experience, wisdom, smart and savvy thoughts and of course be a good visionary.

Here's some areas I specialize in and can help you make CHANGE with in 2014 (in case you don’t know)

  • Marketing precision tuning
  • Strategic and tactical overhaul
  • Turnaround strategies
  • Low investment high Return marketing
  • Training consultants
  • Training copywriters
  • Training writers
  • Lifestyle design and mentoring
  • I can come to your business
  • I can fly to your business
  • You can visit my office
  • You can hire me for a whole year
  • You can hire me for 3,6 or 9 months
  • You can hire me for one day

And much more

I proudly boast almost 30 years as an entrepreneur that has successfully helped many others in many industries or situations just like yours to thrive and prosper through real change.

Be honest with yourself ... Have your past few years been the same old and the same old situation and frankly this new year looks like going nowhere? Do you need change?

Here’s what you can do (and what most do) …NOTHING… but nothing will give you NOTHING as far as change goes.

Or you can be mentored through it carefully, slowly and following a path that has already been tested and proven?

I Will Work With You For Lasting CHANGE Mentor change 2014 has had improvement tweaks and fine-tuning. Absolutely bespoke to you your life your experience and circumstances.

Here are some options I am offering this year.


For the first time you can pay for just one months mentoring from as low as $2,000

Pay as you go mentoring from as low as $500

Alliance mentoring (terms and deal to be agreed)

3-6-9 or 12 months mentoring

Face to face mentoring weekly in my office

Or you might prefer

NEW MENTOR ELITE I have just two places for this.

MENTORSHIP is for one year and built around a bespoke flexible package designed around you. I have designed it to give you exactly what you need with a reward built in for myself.

Each place has an investment of £50,000 per head for 12 months.

Details to be discussed during an initial consultation over the telephone.

You have ONE-LIFE how are you living it?

Are you happy with the way it is right now? Are you happy with 2013, 2012, 2011 and the years before then?

How long can you put up with the same old stuff or are you resigned to being another one of those that will get to the end of their life and say what many others say which is

“’If only!” MENTOR for CHANGE 2014 is open for business … Will you make the changes you need in your life and business?

First we should talk to...

See if I can help and serve you and if I can create a deal that suits us both.

Mentor is built around serving you. I know if I give you results I also get rewarded.

However I DO NOT take on any mentoring with no payment or on future sales only unless in exceptional circumstances

If you need change I suggests this.

Contact me

  • Let's talk about your needs
  • Let's discuss your changes
  • Let's see if I can serve you

And then I'll get back to you after a little thought to let you know if I feel I can help you make the change you need. I’m ready to help you make 2014 a year of CHANGE. Join me on new MENTOR. Yours in change Alan Forrest Smith Important P.s Just so I don't waste your time and I cannot reply to the following. I don't work with... No cash start-ups No get-rich-quick schemes No business without a marketing budget Clients looking for free everything