How does your customer think?

When I was a hairdresser I discovered this very early. If I asked my clients do they want a cut and blow they would simply say yes. They were never thinking that way at all they were simply going through the process in response to my question.

When I started to say to my clients, ‘when is the last time you changed your hair?’ the response was over whelming to the point that I had to create a while new service, pricing and take on more staff to cope with the huge influx of new clients.

So I discovered something and it was this.

When you think like the client thinks you tap into something very different, more direct and the client then begins to relate to you on a deeper lever.

In modern marketing waffle terms they call this engagement (like it has just happened).

You see when a client is at home they stand and look at the mirror and say to themselves, ‘I really want to change my hair’ but they are nervous of getting into the conversation because they are not sure where that conversation will lead and it could lead to an unexpected outcome. Hair isn’t a disaster for one day it’s a disaster for 2-3 months. So whatever the conversation a client or customer is having with themselves or friends is what you must tap into.

So whatever it is you are selling you have to think like the customer thinks, speak how the customer speaks and slip into the conversation that is already taking place.

How can you know that?

It’s easier than you think.

For example Apple buyers love to have the very latest at all times. They watch the live updates; the launches and they want to know the detail way before anyone else. So the conversation they have is this.

Revolutionary All New iPhone 7 Arrives Midnight April 1st

A headline like that will have a line half a mile long (at least) of fanatics doing anything to get the cash to order a new iPhone 7! Why? Because the conversation is all about the latest gadget and being first to own the next new thing. That is the buyer mindset.

So if you need to sell more you need to also sit down and ask the break through question…

‘Do we think like our buyers think?’

And then ask and write down…

‘How does my customer think?’

  • Create a list of words – I call them buzz words
  • Create a list of paragraphs
  • Crate a list of wants
  • Create a list of needs and then ask the simple question…

Does my customer actually say these things and are these things a want or a need? You need to know they wants and needs of customers as they change in almost every generation. So what you think your clients really need probably isn’t the reality today.

Once you know and tap into how your customer thinks you will see changes that will breakthrough results that maybe you aren’t seeing right now.

If this helped you please leave a comment below.

Love, peace and success.

Alan Forrest Smith