NEWS: May 2016 Iconoclast Collective & Breakthrough



Getting asked to feature on a Canadian TV show. Enquiries and ventures with the biggest property experts in the UK. First ever direct mail campaign with astonishing results. Over 37 new people through Iconoclast Collective

This month we have had

  • Sellers of the finest Indian Silk garments outside of India
  • A large cosmetic company
  • A writer
  • A Journalist
  • Hair salon owners
  • Data Management Company
  • Consultants
  • Copywriters
  • Business management teams and more


They arrived by plane and some spent 21 hours from start to finish on Breakthrough. Others by train and car.

Photos are on the Orange Beetle Facebook Page - Link below.

They came from the top of Scotland to the very bottom of England. Yorkshire, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Devon, London, The midlands and more. In total 37 Breakthroughs have taken place in our new space in May alone with a couple more still to arrive.

We have had people just walking in to talk. We have had the phone ringing time and again and yesterday we had an enquiry from one of the UKs’ biggest in their field on training programs. So what we thought would be a slow start has been pretty explosive to say the least and tomorrow we have another 12 guests into our training rooms for a full day of change and breakthroughs.

One breakthrough entrepreneur has transformed her business habits and actions in 24-hours only to continue her new habits. Her results are coming in. After a long time trying and getting nowhere she now has her first major enquiry after her breakthrough day. That might not sound much but this is her first in well over a year!


Another breakthrough entrepreneur that was chasing new customers has now discovered how to increase his business this week by creating a breakthrough-marketing stack. This can be started right away and frankly I’m dying to see their results!

And one more has discovered a way to increase her business by 30% in a single week (yes you read right) and then with a target of 50% over the following four weeks. Now after seeing 37 clients (strange as 37 is a number that is always in my life) not only did they learn a thing or two but I also learnt a ton of stuff about the marketplace today.

One is a major and disruptive problem you will face, are facing and might be involved with right this minute.


The No.1 problem I am seeing in my offices is misinformation or overloaded minds that are taking in so much information they are no longer able to make any progress forward. This is a massive problem and I will tell you why.

Misinformation stops results It slows business right down It costs a fortune in loss and missed sales It kills marketing results It deflates business leaders It stagnates and even ends businesses

Here’s how.

Online it is more than easy to sound like an expert. It is even easier to look like an expert. An incredible website can be created in less than a couple of hours using a cheap online service. Words are easily copy and pasted from books or other websites and then presented to look like their own. You really can look a million dollars very easily and very quickly yet think about this.

They might look and feel and sound like an expert but once they have passed over to you their very limited expertise it usually stops there. Follow up support and changes are usually based on guesswork as this is outside what they know. For your business this is dangerous and when your home and family are being supported by your business is it worth the risk?

Cheap advice makes about as much sense as cheap medicine.

This is interesting: If I had to put a number on it I would say 95% of new entrepreneurs that come to me have already seen or spoken to at least FIVE ‘experts’! Most of them go to the experts based on one of two things. 1. Persuasion. 2. Price. Yet both results are the same and that is a lack of results.

I find that interesting reflection on the age we are in. You see as a man in business myself I have my own priorities. Those priorities being that there has to be cash in the drawer every week otherwise why am I in business? My business has to bring me happiness otherwise why am I in business?

I spoke to a client during a breakthrough. She had invested over £2 million into the fixtures and fittings of her business over the years. The past year and a half she had taken on expert after expert after expert to help her grow her business. Her results were not only a huge drop in business for that year but a huge spend in cash on useless expertise. This isn’t uncommon and this past month has made me super aware of the rampant-ness of misinformation.

So I am going to be blunt and explain why you should come and visit myself at Iconoclastic Collective.


First I am an expert with all the medals real experts carry. I started in business at 10-years old. I have faced and fixed every business problem ever thrown at me. I have been in the grown up business for over 31 years. I am also the choice of experts for EXPERTS. A huge portion of my expert clients are seen as experts in their fields.

They come to me not for more expertise but for breakthroughs based on what works not on what might work! That might be fine tuning and adjustments rather than a business rebuild. I have been flown around the world fully paid first class to help experts build the business. In fact once a Jewelers flew me all the way to Melbourne in Australia to advise and direct him with a breakthrough. While I was in the first class lounge waiting to fly home he called me to let me know his breakthrough had netted his business over $30,000 over night and this was the start of a new venture. It wasn’t new it was simply his breakthrough moment.

How does breakthrough work?


Once you arrive at my offices we sit in my studio and talk about you, your life and what you need for your business right now. We look over scenarios like, problems you have and the fastest most effective way to smash through them carefully and quickly using my proven 31-years of experience and my powerful AFS methodology. This includes things like things like leverage, stability, growth and innovation. All are clearly based on more sales for your business. All are also based on bringing in more cash fast so you can have the business you truly deserve.


I just wanted to say a massive thank you for today, my mind is buzzing and I can't wait to take it back to the salon, I know the girls will love it and get on bored as soon as they know they can get what they want too :) it's a win win! You were both great and really helped me figure out what I needed to do to get to where I want, thank you very much again and I look forward to May 2017!

Many thanks Carrie

I have crossed many mentors but there was something magical about you---both my partner and I share the same thoughts-- I honestly did more work in the last 5 days -- got more clarity and focus --- I worked from my brain as you told me---that advice changed everything kept me focus.... They say the only regret is not trying--- for somewhat reason you were the icing on top of the cake! I am proud today because I tried to put things together --regret that I didn't find you earlier but I guess things happen for a reason.

“Alan I mean this from the bottom of my heart. I was introduced to Alan by a friend. My business is based within the creative industries and it took hard work, determination, blood sweat and tears to establish my business, as the leading creative market leader in the UK. I have clients travelling from all over the world for my training courses and it’s amazing to wake up every morning, knowing that I can service my clients from the rich and famous, TV shows, celebrities and billionaires. Of course bringing in high end clients take a lot of time and effort and it got to a stage where I needed to get back to my goal of reducing my working hours and increasing my family time and that’s exactly what Alan has helped me to do. I’ve worked with Alan on his VIP mentoring day on a one to one basis, great lunch and company for sure. From my investment of £10,000 and amazing copy provided by Alan, I’ve confirmed a £12,000 client, two £7,000 clients in one month, that’s a total £26,000 in one month, so I’ve already got my investment back!

And the beauty is I can use the same strategy over and over again to bring in new high end clients. Alan is very strategic about packaging and leveraging your existing skills and services. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in business there is always room for growth and expansion. I love the fact Alan is so down to earth, listen guys his clients are turning over millions of pounds however Alan is so open and honest with the truth, makes you feel so comfortable, he gives so much thought and care to your business. If you are ready to grow your business, first you need to step out of your comfort zone about investing money into your business, I can assure you if you follow his recommendations you will not be disappointed. It takes a lot of courage and strength to keep going however you can make your journey easier by working with experts and Alan is an expert in his field so go ahead and make your decision to have a chat with Alan today. Alan, I would like to thank you for being so open and supportive in the next step of my business, it’s going to an even more amazing journey than it has been so far. Thank you again.”

Neelam Meetcha Author, TV Host, Creative Expert Neelam Meetcha – Fabulous Gift Wrapping Expert TV Host, Author and Speaker

"I have been working in and for a number of desparate businesses over the past few years without having any specific or clearly defined goals or strategies and Alan helped me to find my focus. Following the session, it became apparent to me that bringing together my prime contacts in the fields of media, property and self-development to their mutual benefit would be the best way forward. I can now see that providing compelling reasons for people working across different business genres to work with each other is what networking is really all about, rather than 40 individuals awkwardly swapping business cards across an impromptu breakfast table as they wipe the croissant crumbs off their collective chins. In short, Alan has provided me with the clarity and coherence I need to be a facilitator and my mind has been uncluttered as a result. You can't put a price on that."

Andre Mcinnes, Consultant and Writer

Some More Powerful and Business Changing BREAKTHROUGHS

  • Sales of 5 million in a single month – Previous campaign failed to deliver anything
  • Sales of 15,400 on 3-days – 5 weeks of previous marketing and no sales – £15,400 rose over a week to sales of around £60,000
  • Sales of 1.2 million of cars from one direct mail campaign – marketing costs slashed, sales went through the roof – new stock sold-out! Sales of 485k from a single campaign – huge edit and critique of a webpage that had previously sold NOTHING!
  • From no leads to 17 paying per hour – breakthrough phone script and email funnel system put in place
  • From no new clients to over 400 from one campaign – The client had to stop this campaign due to massive volume of enquiries
  • Sales of just over 800k from one simple system – This breakthrough actually saved the clients marriage yet built an empire!
  • Sales of £7,300 from one letter – had never used direct in the past! This results came the day after the mailer went out Sales of £90,000 from a single email – This was just 3 sales of a high-end product to a tiny database
  • Sales of 2.1 million – This guy was desperate and on the verge of bankruptcy when we met. His initial results was £17k in 12 hours!

And I could go on and on but I won’t otherwise this letter will be the size of War and Peace! Yet all of the above had one thing in common and it was this…. All had tried a lot of different marketing, tactics, strategies and advices All were desperate for a a transforming BREAKTHROUGH

Most despite knowing me for years tried the cheap options. Those cheap options proved to be the most expensive options All realised very quickly I was the lowest investment and yet highest return on investment they had for their business from the day after their BREAKTHROUGH - See more at: Some More

If You have had enough and are ready for a breakthrough contact me right now.

If you’ve ready this far you have an issue that isn’t being solved and hasn’t been solved yet. It could be many things, marketing, message to market, positioning, direct marketing, how to do this or do that in a way that works?

I am yet to come across a business problem that I haven’t been able to solve and solve fast. So the chances of not being able to solve the issue you have right now is almost zero. So just before you book your time we will speak over the phone and if I feel I can’t help you I will honestly let you know it isn’t what I can help you with.

How much will a BREAKTHROUGH cost?

Breakthrough costs NOTHING – Not SINGLE PENNY.

My number one priority is to return back to you any penny you spend on BREAKTHROUGH through the new sales or breakthroughs you have. Your investment back fast as goal has never once failed and only fails if you do nothing with the breakthrough I give you. Not only will I make sure your breakthrough works I will make sure you see returns that you will only ever have dreamt about.

Like the client that came to me with 3 leads per month and finally hit over 300 leads each month. Or like the client who had endless failed campaigns only to run a campaign that pulled in over £485,000 in just under 3-weeks after his breakthrough. Or yet another client that was total unknown in her city to becoming the number one choice in the city through some incredible smart positioning again after her breakthrough.

  • Full day BREAKTHROUGH - £5,000
  • Half day BREAKTHROUGH £3,000
  • One hour BREAKTHROUGH £1,200

All BREAKTHROUGHS are 100% bespoke to you and your business. I can offer quotes for breakthroughs for any period of time required from one hour to one month or more.

Payment terms are flexible including barter exchange and partner alliances in profit. I do not work with anyone without cash advance so please do not ask for free work based on future profits only.

What will you do?

Life is a choice. What we eat today is a choice. The car we drive is a choice. Success or failure is a choice. Misinformation is absolutely the number one killer in business today. It arrives through emails, through Facebook, through social media, in seminars and a ton of other places. It is not only running rampant it is killing businesses.

If you’ve had enough, if you feel you need to fast track your success, if you feel you can push things out but are not sure how call me right now.

Breakthrough works.

I have seen it so many times with my own eyes; it really can work for you, your company, your team and your business sales as a whole. Not only do you need more sales and success you probably deserve it after all you are the on that has invested so much. Now you can take a day out, visit my ion my HQ in the very prestigious Hale in Cheshire where it isn’t uncommon to see a handful of the rich and famous from TV and certainly the highest amount of famous premiership football players you’ll ever see in one area. Rooney and his wife were being hounded by the paparazzi just the other day here.

We have 3 meeting rooms, all are private and any information you share is confidential o Clients have come to see me for breakthroughs from as far as Namibia, Auckland, New Zealand, Singapore, Los Angeles, Switzerland, Ireland, Scotland, Melbourne, Sydney and many more places. Maybe they know something you don’t, maybe this is the perfect time for you to get in touch with me and lets get your business a breakthrough that will change things. I am now taking breakthrough bookings for June and July.

May has been booked out solid and it’s looking like the next two minths are heading the same way. I do have spece with your name on it. Get in touch now and lets change things for the better for you.

Thanks for reading.

Your breakthrough expert

Alan Forrest Smith

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