Direct Marketing Training


We Offer The Very Best Specialist - Advanced - Premium Direct Marketing Training Anywhere in The U.K.

Bespoke - Day Rate - Specialist - Advanced - Guaranteed

We only offer Direct Marketing Training to entrepreneurs and business that demand EVERYTHING and refuse to settle for OK. We do not offer OK training at OK prices.

  • Are you happy with your team results or now demanding more?
  • Are you happy with conversions or just know you can hit higher?
  • Are they getting the leads and sales you urgently need or do you feel they are missing something?
  • Have you had enough of just ‘OK’ marketing and now want everything from your efforts?

Orange Beetle Trainers (including myself) are now visiting teams like yourself and offering advanced, conversion, lead-generating, copywriting, positioning training, online training, offline training and more.

It’s the kind of Direct Marketing Training you won’t get elsewhere and I will tell you why.

We don’t just share ideas, we only share what we have been using in our own businesses to make our own businesses work.

I don’t accept OK here at Orange Beetle. If it fails we don’t use it. If it works we run with it like crazy.

So it’s tested and tested to death until we see a work or fail. I don’t accept OK.

For example you might have been told to simply start posting all kinds of stuff on Social Media because that content will bring your business. Your team is doing that but the results don’t show.

10-Minute Video Gives You Almost The Same Detail On The Page -YES That is the ever eccentric "brilliant" Alan - We do everything different here and it reflects in our results.

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We don’t and would never advise such bad, cheap, haphazard marketing.

We advised one client to stop all of his social media until we set up tests.

We tested two images against each other.

One image got four clicks.

The second image got over 240 clicks.

The result went from no bookings for his event to over 300 bookings - in just ten days!

Guess which image we advised they use?

We will show your team how to fine tune all of your Direct Marketing Training, test everything, refine everything or in other words… throw ‘OK’ marketing out of the window and start delivering you results.

And me personally; I started marketing 32-years ago. Today I love online everything and have tested just about every online system you can think of from Apps, to iPhone marketing to websites, SEO and just about everything else.

I break every rule because every rule is already broken - most just don’t realise it.


I’ve added a few numbers below for you. They are all numbers from real clients. They are also numbers we can certainly help you or your team to hit.

First, here is just a small part of what we can offer you or your team.

  • Specialist Direct Response Training for Higher Response Direct Mail Mastery
  • Specialist in email or online marketing
  • App training
  • Advanced iPhone marketing
  • Higher conversion training specialists
  • Online mastery training (NOT JUST SEO)
  • Hundreds of ways to grow your business faster using proven strategies
  • Specialist Copywriters program - writing for higher and direct response
  • Positioning a company from A-Z in crowded marketplaces
  • Onsite training available - I will come to you
  • Powerful direct marketing retreats available in our training centre
  • Unique up close and very personal training centre in Hale, Cheshire
  • Bespoke direct marketing programs available
  • Powerful direct response marketing training for struggling marketing teams
  • Over 31-Years Experience
  • Loved by experts and those that want faster growth
  • Everything shared is field tested and proven to work
  • And more...

Far More Cost-Effective Than Hiring Another Marketing Expert (Min £63k per annum) That Yet Again Fails To Deliver

We can now offer team your marketing team or staff specialist training on higher response direct response marketing?

You can send your marketing guys, copywriters, strategists, managers or anyone that has any control on parts of your business for specialist higher response training.

We Can Come To You Or You To Us!

When you see results like this it becomes pretty obvious.

  • Sales letter still not working? I will fix it. One letter I created a BREAKTHROUGH that went from zero to sales of £1.2 million
  • Direct mailer getting zero response? I took a miserable campaign, reduced the costs, reduced the mailers and created a 47% response rate.
  • Web pages not converting? I helped one client hit over £5 million in sales in a single month from his website after his sales were locked into a cycle of no increase.
  • Can’t you get your offer right? I changed just 12 words on an offer. Despite the previous, campaign not selling the client went on to sell just under $84,000 in new sales.
  • You’ve no idea how to position yourself as the best and only option? One client, I worked with in Scotland on positioning went from unknown to the number one in her field.
  • Is your strategy no-strategy? That’s fine almost no business I have ever worked with has come to me with a strategy … that’s why you come to me.
  • Your lead funnel is none existent? Last year I worked with a client in the legal business that went from 3 leads a month to over 250 each month.
  • None of your media appears to be working? Again this is common. I have fixed so many campaigns that it’s impossible for me to list them all here for you.
  • BREAKTHROUGH: Like the salon owner that increased her salon turnover by 53.4% in just 4 weeks (but actually increased her cash in her drawer the day after we met)
  • BREAKTHROUGH: Like the printer that generated over £42,000 in sales from a single email after we re-wrote his email messages to his list ( this guy was almost bankrupt – after our breakthrough, he generated over £2 Million in sales over a year)
  • BREAKTHROUGH: Like the promoter that struggled to sell seats and slashed over £100,000 from his marketing budget only to increase his sales by over £800,000
  • BREAKTHROUGH: Like the security company that went from 1 lead a day to over 17 leads per hour. The phone line went so crazy they called and asked me to switch off what I had switched on.
  • BREAKTHROUGH: Like the lawyer that increased his leads from 3 a month to over 330 per month! (He then went out and got himself a Rolls Royce as his reward for his new breakthrough.
  • BREAKTHROUGH: Like the consultant that went from as good as no sales to sales of over £74,000 in sales after her breakthrough. She also went from £20 per hour to £250 per hour
  • BREAKTHROUGH: Like the Yoga teacher who’s sales messages couldn’t sell a thing to selling out classes with one class taking in over $117,000 from one campaign

We can help you to transform current campaigns or plan new campaigns . Everything your team learn is time-tested and always built with proven direct response strategies over the past three decades and more.

And We Show Your How To - Test Everything DIRECT RESPONSE MARKETING

Again a handful of bullets on subjects we think you'll want to know.

  • Direct response marketing training intensives
  • Online direct response strategies
  • Social media direct response strategies that turn into sales
  • Lead generation building using stealth strategies
  • Brand impact and placement tactics
  • Targeted message-to-market
  • Powerful core messages
  • Masterful direct response copywriting that works
  • Keyword-driven direct response words
  • How to create perfect offers that get the click
  • How to build direct mail campaigns that really do work
  • How to closes sales the direct response way
  • Web pages that sell the direct response way
  • How to create irresistible sales letters that sizzle (and sell)
  • How to create funnels with webinars
  • Everything guerilla marketing
  • And so much more from my 31-years of direct response marketing
  • AND...
  • We can train up to 30 of your team in our large writer’s room
  • We can train a dozen in our Pompeii room
  • We can offer mastermind and brainstorming intensives
  • We can offer one-on-one mastermind sessions
  • We can offer writing for sales intensives
  • You can hire our rooms and resident experts and myself to train your customers
  • We can offer any kind of bespoke direct response specialist trainings for your guys.
  • You can send one person for a day.
  • You can send 7-people for 7-days.
  • You can even work one-on-one with me for the duration of any campaign or for a longer period as long as 12-months

We Are Waiting To Train Your Team

Alan himself has over three decades of specialist experience and training experience offline and online. He has also worked very closely with some of the world's very best in direct response marketing.

Our team of experts also have decades of proven experiences in the world of direct response marketing.

In recent years I have created and been involved in literally dozen upon dozens of web breakthroughs with some clients sales going into the millions, leads going from zero to well over 300, sales of hundreds of thousands of email campaigns and strategic positioning and campaigns all from the web.

I have similar numbers for offline campaigns especially direct mail.

In other words – I/We at Orange Beetle have more to offer than most because most just don’t have the business experience, direct marketing experience or life experience.

We are NOT trained to be trainers - we are direct response marketers ourselves with some huge numbers under our belts.

How Much Is Our Direct Marketing Training?

  • For Alan: £14,000 Per day for a team of between 3-12. I can do more at an increase rate.
  • For Orange Beetle Trainer: £6,995 Per day for a team of between 3-12. I can do more at an increase rate.
  • Extra day rates can be agreed at a reduced rate.
  • Date to be agreed.
  • A 50% deposit books your place
  • Payment must be made in full a minimum of 7-days before your training.
  • We offer no money back guarantee
  • We do offer some of the very best, most advanced, most results driven Direct Response Marketing training in the U.K.

Is it really worth the money?

This is an investment based on a value exchange return on your investment. I expect your results to reveal the outlay is a fraction of your results.

Well you can hire myself for the whole year at a feee of £150,000 plus royalties or you can hire myself or my team per day?

The big benefit of hiring us on a one-off fee is this. You pay once and get skills for life. It's a no-brainer for anyone that takes their business results serious. I think you are one of those otherwise you wouldn't have read this far.

All of my team are trained by myself and are experienced marketers. I do not use interns, newbies or anyone that has no business experience.


You can come to us. We hire training space for the training. Manchester or locations within manchester to be agreed.

We can come to you anywhere in the U.K. Travel, food and accommodations costs to be met. First class trainers like us always require first class travel, food and accommodations if required. To be invoiced (and agreed).

Are You Ready To Start Ramping Up Your Results With a Stronger Approach Direct Marketing Training?

Is this an opportunity staring you in the face right now? Can you afford to miss it? You send your people and I will give them the skills they need to create huge sales for you. It's that simple.

I know you’ll want to know how much and more detail. All of my work is bespoke and built around your budget and business problems that need to be solved so it is best we talk first with no obligation and then let's see what we can do together.

Here's What To Do

  • Tell us what you think you need from Direct Marketing Training?
  • Tell us your number one problem?
  • Tell us your current strengths in marketing?
  • Tell us your weaknesses?

Send an email or call us direct (details below)

Let’s talk with no obligation and see if we are a fit. If we are we can start working out a deal that suits us both as well as strategy, tactics and a way forward to fix your results, conversions and your business.

  • Tele: 00 44 (0) 1619296902
  • Text: 00 44 (0) 7793069486 With the word TALK
  • What’sApp: 07793069486
  • Viber: 07793069486
  • Email:
  • Skype: orangebeetle

After this we will create a bespoke training package for you built around real-time direct response, current thinking, results driven and tested solutions.

I guarantee your team will be blown away with our training.

I also guarantee it'll be the best investment you make into your business. I can say that because that is what my own clarinets tell me time and time again.

To your success through our advanced direct response marketing training.

To even greater success through better, stronger and proven Direct Marketing Training at it's best.

Alan Forrest smith