Alan's Notes June 23rd



Today I’m doing my own thing.

That means doing what I want to do.

The day began with a hug and a kiss with my darling wife Tamuna.


I’ve been doing this new regime with a TV gladiator called Hunter. Over the past few years I have got pretty fit but I want to look in the mirror and look my very best. It feeds the vanity in me yet makes me feel good to look good.

Breakfast was the big change. I’ve been a toast and porridge eater most of my life. This morning and for the past 8 weeks I’ve eaten turkey, chicken, salmon and plenty greens.

The difference is amazing. After zero bread for a couple of weeks the bloating went down pretty considerably. I am not at the stage where I have dimples rather than a ton of fat around my waist. Waiting this kind of protein has made a huge difference to me. I feel better, stronger and of course the vanity in me looks better in the mirror.

Once I get my ripped look I’ll share a photo with you guys. J

I have to say it was a hard habit to change moving away from a ton of carbs daily but it has been worth it. Just 8 weeks down the line the thought of bread isn’t a great thought.

Lesson? The mind can be re-trained.


We start everyday with a coffee outside our home and outside our office. No set time, no set anything just a moment in the rain or a moment in the sunshine. Today is was sunshine and plenty of it.

In the coffee shop in front of me was a man wearing a very loose and pretty grim pale grey suit. He looked around 55-years old but was probably around 45-years old. His hair had gone apart from a few strands. His moustache looked outdated and his glasses looked like something a child would wear. Under his arm his essential work item his tablet. Over his should a laptop bug over filled with paper and a sandwich. His shoes were scuffed and he looked in his face as if his life had ended years ago.

The Spanish barista took his order. She always has a big smile but he had no smile for her in return. He paid and stood rigid and silent as he waited for his drink. Not once did I see him raise his eyes. He started at the floor and stared and stared. Maybe worried about his next meeting as he went from his watch to the floor to the floor to his watch and finally to get his drink. Black coffee, no milk, no sugar, and no happiness sprinkled in. He sat close to where we sat outside but he was in the shade. Each sip of coffee was supplemented by another look at the time.

It made me ask; why do we do that to humans? Train them, restrain them and turn them into machines until they die. Isn’t that abuse?

Tamuna and myself sat until we left. No fixed time just coffee, observations, a kiss or two and then over to the studio.


What is work? I’m sitting at the window of my main studio. Outside there are people walking back and forth along the street going to wherever they are going. Two things are noticeable right now.

A beggar arrived in the bus stop. He sleeps there or at least I thought he did. Where does he go to the toilet? Anyway for weeks now he has been sleeping g in the bust shelter. He looks filthy and thin. I have always given to anyone on distress but this time I haven’t. No judgments I just haven’t but I will try and explain why.

He appears to be over loaded with donations of food. He sits on cardboard surrounded by foodstuffs. One day I walked past and watched him get up. He traded places with a woman that looks remarkably like him. Later that same day I saw him stationed outside the local train station entrance doing exactly the same thing. Then later again I saw him and the woman both on their smartphones counting what looked like a ton of cash at a table outside a coffee house. He still sleeps outside in the bus shelter.

One thing I have learnt in life is regardless of where we are right now we have created it. We create every situation, we are about to create situations and once created we can either accept or do something about it. Every now and then I feel it’s a good thing to question life – your life – and make changes where they are needed. This world really gives us everything we need. There are no bad cards and no group of gods around an oracle making decisions on your life.

We create what we have we create our life.


Last night on TV we had a shocking debate on the IN or LEAVE reasons for Britain and the EU. Jeremy Paxman is a fraction of the man he used to be when it comes to handling debates. Some people run their course.

I don’t feel qualified to offer an opinion on anything because for me the complexities of a membership like this are far to tangled for me to give time to untangle and then decide.

What I do know is this.

I create my own life regardless of the outcome and whatever the outcome is everything will still be fine. Yes there are a lot of blatant lies spoken that is clear and obvious. The immigration lie is absolutely the biggest and you only have to spend 20-minutes researching facts to see that. Yet the minds of those that are followers would not only not see the facts but are pre-trained to follow on mass.

The mass of humanity always follows because of what they are fed and allow into their minds. The mind direct the actions and the actions are usually to follow.

The lesson for me is clear, create your own life regardless of conditions. Politicians will never have our lives at hear but are directed towards their own power. Boris Johnson proved that!


It was hard getting used to working in a new space as at first I felt confined. I love it now. I love people like you coming here. I love my clients coming over and I love the days where I can sit in peace while watching the world pass by.

It’s been a change but so far has created a ton of interest. The other thing of course is it is a change. Change is good and keeps the mind healthy. When is the last time you made any real changes in your life?


I’m finishing this note with thoughts of Georgia. As a write Georgia inspires me at some many levels. It’s raw; it’s a very different way of life. I love how they missed out on the 20th century and have jumped right into the 21st century. Its advanced and does so many things better than we do yet it still has that old feel where men are men and women are women. We are heading over there in July or August for a few weeks.

The sun will be blazing, the heat is exhausting, the food is incredible and the culture always embraces me with many hands. Grapes, bread (I know Im not eating but I will there) and all of the fresh produce that is easy to buy in Tbilisi.


I am working on two courses at the moment.

The first is for you if you want to write a book – the proper way – and then know how to get that book listed everywhere and selling. I thought I’d do this because it’s taken me a long time to work out how to get my books into the marketplace. I only started writing seriously in 2012 and already had one best seller on Amazon.

I am also working on another training designed to share and help you create the perfect life through understanding your own life.

OK I have to get something done.

Enjoy your day and remember everything will work out exactly as you want it to work out.

Here’s something I write yesterday.


Waiting for God

There's a man outside waiting for God. I can see him each and everyday from my window. Each and everyday he appears to grow weaker.

He looks older than his years. His frame is light, his clothes look over sized, his white hair sticks out from under his hat, his faced is cracked and filled with lines of pain and impending death.

He can still walk but only with the help of the woman.

I don't think she lives there. She comes and goes and goes and comes to look after the man waiting for God.

Today she did what she does everyday. Brought him into his luxurious yard, made him comfortable in or out the shade. She brings him drinks. She brings him food. Today she brought him some love and kisses from her large friendly Labrador dog. The dog walked up to the man with his happy tail waving back and forth only to lick him on his face as the man sat up.

I've watched him now for 8 weeks. He has grown weaker and weaker. He moves less and less. Today he is almost motionless but alive. When we arrived here his garden was untidy. In a single week they created something beautiful for the man to enjoy in his last days. It does look beautiful it does look luxurious. I can tell he enjoys and appreciates it.

Yet his days seem short. I can see his life leaving him. I can see his helper understanding while making sure he just is as he is.

It's sad yet it's life. It's part of life yet it's sad. He can't see watching him and I can't resist watching him. I know soon the garden will be empty. I know soon the man will never come into his garden again. Where has he gone once he does? What will he be when he dies? Will he be anywhere when he dies.

I'm not sure. He's a bag on bones in thin skin right now. He's fading and fading. Soon he'll be gone.

I want to ask him what he's thinking.

There's a man outside waiting for God.


Alan Forrest Smith