Notes & Coffee August 26th


Notes & Coffee from Orange Beetle. August 26th 2016


It's sunny here.

I'm having a coffee with my wife (us above during this moment). It's a cheat day (again) so we're having a croissant.

I'm writing on my iPhone 6 plus as per always! I love the big screen.

I like the sun but it makes me lazy. It's overrated- being very  lazy that is.


I've started two new projects.

One is a challenge but easily doable. It's a restaurant and food, lots Of food. They want the place packed on opening night and beyond. Time for some magic.

The second is a new membership website I'm building. Actually, I'm building three but I'm working and scripting the videos for the first one.


I have to say building the site made me realise one thing once again. The noise - so many noises out there on what does and doesn't work.

I'll tell you this.



This new site offers just one and the most effective way of building any business I have ever seen in all of my 31-years.

It's not that it's new or just discovered it's just that this year for my clients and myself I really focused on stripping back everything and getting back to the core.

It's interesting in the gym and body work there is so much emphasis on making sure the core is strong. No core means despite the muscles the body is weak.

And some of the stuff I'm doing right now is right in the core.

I think this project should be ready to go in a month. I know you'll be wondering so, this is for the hair and beauty salon owners marketplace. Something I've been involved in now since 1982!

After this coffee, I'm heading to my studio with Tamuna. Tamuna has spent 2-days sitting on the floor in her office doing admin! Grunt!

It's important to have good space to create in. I love the space here. It's big and feels good to walk into. It's been too hot in the summer so it'll be freezing in the winter.


I was just reading about Trump. I like nothing that comes from his mouth but I understand it.

This is the age of distrust, an age where leaders are seen as liars, liars are portrayed as good guys and where injustice has never been greater. People are not stupid and have had enough. Enough to take a risk on an idiot running the show after all were the previous few especially since the Bush dynasty! So I get trump. He is a result of what the media has poured into the minds for decades now. He is the result of dumbing down medias like big brother where sex on screen is the producer's dream, where the more Gordon Ramsay swears the better the show, where the faith of most kind has been rejected by the mass but rejected due to the vile behaviours of those that claim faith.

Anyway, Trump is a fool but he is a product of a very modern time.


The nations complain about Syria yet do they ever ask who makes and sells the bullets?

I cry for Syria, do you? I can sit and drink and eat in the warmth and silence of my home while this happens.

The PKK overrun ISIS while the Russians bomb the PKK alongside the Turkish. The Russians want Assad to stay while the Americans want Assad to go so are more than happy to bomb and support as the wind blows. It's a mess. So many fronts being battled. This is a War that history has already revealed the ending. No one can win.

Yet more children, more mothers, more fathers and more of a country are destroyed one very in careful step at a time.

And even those that run for their lives and seen as people to be feared by the media. Have we really become so cold and heartless?

It's a war of no winners and all losers. I wish we could all go and scoop up those people and take them to safety.


I know that was heavy but just a thought. So back to my office and my day.

I'm tidying up my blogs and have been doing a lot of housekeeping on OrangeBeetle over the summer.  A lot of changes with a lot of things but it's worth remembering for you that there are OVER 500 pages of strong helpful materials on my sites that I spend around 2-hours each writing. Now for someone that can get laid £1,200 per hour consulting that is a lot of time per penny on my sites. Do you take advantage of that?

I'm making changes at OrangeBeetle very soon. One of the changes will be a limited access to my blogs so now is the time to take full advantage of their open availability.


So Georgia soon and home to Tbilisi. Our 3-apartments have been booked up all year and over 7 million visitors into Georgia this year it's looking like a sound investment. Right now we have Israelites, Ukrainians and Americans in them. It's so cool and the types attracted are very eclectic. I have to say Georgia is so unique in my travels I don't want it spooky but I love the guests. Here's the link if you are interested.


I've had two coffees now so my mind and heart is buzzing over actively.

There been a lot of things I'm proud of. Helping business like yours grows and even survive the darkest of times. And others to change careers and get. Paid to do more of what they love.

I love that.

Now my eldest son is starting his new entrepreneur route and I'm so happy to help him.

So I'm heading back. Tamuna is itchy to go back now. I odour here she gets me and looks after me. I'm a complex pile of biology so it takes a woman like here to get me.


It's a bank holiday here this weekend.

My parents have always done something strange on bank holiday weekend. They are still in the mindset where on bank holiday they go and buy around 10-loaves of bread and ten bottles of milk because they still think the shops are all closed over the holiday - although they know they are not - habits are hard to crush right!

That's it.

Enjoy your weekend.

Alan Forrest Smith