I Love Email Marketing


Does Email Still Work?

I’ve never shared this story before. It is, of course, all true but some details might be hazy.

It is a story of thousands of pounds - hundreds of thousands of pounds in sales from - EMAIL!

I first started using email around 1997.

My first email account was with a company called Listserve and then AOL.

AOL what happened?

Anyway, this was when I was still a hairdresser with salons.

I wasn't sure but email as I had been doing direct mail for around 7 years at that point and it was working very well for my business.

But I liked the idea of email. It was new, novelty and was sure that more people like my clients would eventually take up an email address.

By 1998 I had spent a little time asking clients if they had an email.

Some said yes but they were few.

Some replied they would never have one.

Others told me the email would never take off! (absolutely true)

So with the few email addresses I had, I started to email my salon clients about appointments and offers from my AOL address which was AFORRSMITH2916@AOL.COM - slick right!

The emails I had sent were around 50 if I remember right. Out of that 50 emails, almost ALL replied. Almost all booked or at least responded. That was, of course, the novelty factor.

By 1998 I had my first website. I thought if theses guys are online and they have an email they will want to look at my website if I had one so I created one.

I’m the first to admit I had no idea what I was doing and of course in other days you certainly couldn’t send images, video or anything that had any kind of movement in an email.

By the year 1999, my salons were all working very very well. They were packed from open until the minute we closed yet I was bored and loved the idea of being online more.

So I created a website called Hairee.com and started to sell all of the successes in a system format all wrapped up in eBooks.

For me, it was very easy then.

  • Have a website.
  • Build email lists (it was very easy then).
  • Tell the people on the email lists what I was selling and how it could help solve their problems.

Within a short period of time, I was selling around $1,500 eBooks daily from my small office above my hairdressing salons.

But …

It did take me almost two years to get the very first sale - or to get the system for selling right!

Since those days I still do 95% of my communications into the salon industry by email. I still sell manuals every single day of every single week - without fail!

My biggest manual of 500 pages sells for around £300. I also sell courses and training.

And get invited to speak at salon events on a regular basis.

It’s a cliche to say but I am seen as an expert in this area.

As of typing to you, I have around 5,000 active salon owners subscribers on my email list.

  • I have sold tens of thousands of products and more via email.
  • I have created emails that have converted at 100%
  • I have written emails that have pulled in a whopping £90,000 in under 10 minutes of being sent
  • Last year I raised cash overnight to pay for our New York wedding via email
  • For one client I took his one a day enquiry to seventeen enquiries in a single hour all via email
  • I got one client the deal of her life with one small email series

And I have now been emailing clients like yourself for a long NINETEEN YEARS with some incredible results to show for it.

And frankly, email is still my number one tool despite all the bad things you might read about email these days.

Yes, I still do direct mail and yes we even do trade shows yet… email is our killer tool.

  • I’ve learnt a lot of stuff
  • HTML Vs. Text
  • Video in emai
  • Long or short emails
  • How many links to go in emails.
  • Where to send people in emails
  • The best things to write in emails
  • The worst things you can do with emails
  • How often should emails be sent?
  • What to do with unsubscribes
  • The perfect email strategies
  • The worst things to do with emails
  • How to ask for payments
  • How to sell like crazy
  • How to grow email lists
  • How many images should be used?
  • Should you stick with text only?Does email actually work?
  • The ten step process for perfect emails
  • I helped a client generate over £117,000 via email

I helped another client build a lead germination tool using email

I have built my whole business around email

I created a £7,000,000 business for one client using email

I have filled massive seminars using email

I have sold security services for the world's 2nd biggest security company using email

I have built a landscaping business for one client using email

I have helped a client sell his diamonds using email

I even helped a client take £42,000 in 12 hours using a tiny email list

I have even helped clients sell technology, data, education and even PlayStation games all using email

I could go on after all you can learn a lot over 19-years of emailing.

Yet the talk about email is always so bad.

Not for me.

Not for my clients

Here’s why.

  • I test my emails
  • I track my emails
  • I target my emails
  • I take days writing emails
  • I know if it should be HTML or text
  • I know the best day (and hour) of the week to send emails
  • I understand the system.
  • I understand the strategy
  • I understand when not to send
  • I know what to say
  • And I know exactly how an email should read and why it should read that way.

Yet incredibly I still see teams in small and large businesses spending weeks (I have seen even months) preparing campaigns for emails and I mean ONE SINGLE EMAIL.

Listen to this. It is true.

It is so true you’ll think it can’t be true but it is and it is pretty outrageous that staff can get away with this. These staffs are called marketing experts or marketing directors.

A client spends time with me during a breakthrough session. Now breakthrough, as you know, isn’t a cheap service yet it is powerful in itself.

So we went over systems, tactics, strategies and more. This was all about using email and email only.

His marketing guru back at his business wasn’t happy he had taken external advice despite the marketing guys advice and delivery not working.

So after he got back he asked if I would be happy to deal directly with the marketing director.

That's what I did.

But the marketing director despite having a failed track record of sales, response and conversions in email failed to reply to me.

After about two months I finally got an email from the client (not his marketing expert). He told me everything is in hand for the BIG email they were sending and his guy had everything under control.

After 6-months I finally got an email from the client with an update.

Not only had it taken a massive five months for his internal marketing expert to get this email done. They finally sent it - once - and guess what? They put a reply to the email in the campaign that hadn’t been set up.

In other words, if any clients wanted to use his services their replies went nowhere so no business was built.

Now the client told me that it was worth trying and nothing was lost.


This marketing expert is getting paid £138,000 per year and he has just spent six months doing an email that was a disaster.


It cost my client half a years wages and losses of the new business.

This isn’t unusual even in 2016. In my experience, most businesses that are trying to get online still have no idea what to do with email to create sales and build empires.

How about you or your business?

To work with me is less than the price of any marketing director yet hundreds of times more effective. Why? I have been marketing with email for one year short of twenty years now.

Of course not just email - I have been doing email marketing over 19-years as I write to you.

  • The system
  • The strategies
  • The tactics
  • The tools

And a huge mix of over 250 fusion marketing programs that can create new sales, new conversions, average, growth and innovation into your business whether it be old or brand new.


I am looking for clients just like you that I can spend a minimum of 6-months working with to build or rebuild your approach to marketing. Or it could simply be to fine tune your campaigns.

This means for you…

  • I will review and critique everything
  • I will fine tune everything
  • I will share what I know about email marketing if that is what is needed
  • I will help you increase conversions
  • Open rates
  • Lead generation
  • And more.

I can even help you to reconfigure your whole email campaigns if that is what is needed.

I can tell you this.

For myself and my businesses, email marketing has never been so powerful despite what you might read or hear. It is still my own personal number one tool for profits yet it has to be used properly.

This means in ways that have already been tested so the maximum result is gained for yourself.

There’s no point trying to do what the marketing guy did above and that is reinventing the wheel. That just loses sales.

Everything and anything emails. I can tell you this (but not the exact numbers for obvious reasons) email has germinated literally hundreds of thousands in sales for myself over the years. That is into many different marketplaces.

How about you?

If you have everything in place and you need to start seeing results from your emails or even simply getting it right from day one we should talk.

  • I can go through everything you are doing right now and put you on the right path.
  • I can create and set everything up for you
  • I can edit and critique everything
  • I can help you put into place a year long camping that will increase your sales

Listen I learnt a lot over the past 19-years.

And of course … Not only email.

I didn’t tell you because I wanted to focus on email but I will say this.

We are currently using ONE tool online that is bringing in hundreds of sales and leads every week. most know about it yet most haven’t worked out how to use it perfectly. We have and it is powerful. So powerful in fact one client generates over $800,000 in sales from this single tool after my direct advice and strategies.

It is powerful!

Should we be talking or are you happy to carry on hoping something is going to change?

Should we speak or are you happy to fumble your way through email , trying new things and hoping one of those things hits a home run?

Should we talk or are you thinking you can do this yourself?

That is what the client that handed his marketing expert above thought.

  • You probably are missing a ton of sales.
  • You are probably missing easy income
  • You are maybe losing lots of profits
  • You are probably missing the growth you really need right now simply because you are not quite sure what to do or how to do it.

Email is still the King of the direct marketing show right now.

If you have a business that is healthy and doing well I am extremely interested in sharing my 19-years of extensive experiences with you right away.

Yes, of course, there’s a fee to pay but we can talk about that over the phone.

But put it this way.

If you have a feeling that your list could work with expert advice I can promise you this paying me anything will feel like the best investment you’ve ever made.

I’m not sure if that is why direct marketing godfather Jay Conrad Levinson called me a ‘brilliant marketing genius’ but I am sure it has some truth, of course, I say so myself.

If 2016 hasn’t been the year you wanted so far this could change everything. Here are a few ways we can work together.

  • As your consultant for a fixed period of time
  • As your breakthrough advisor
  • As your mentor
  • As you trainer for your team
  • And more creative ways

I will focus on this for you - Getting you that initial return on investment as fast as possible.

And of course, everything we do will be bespoke for you.

We can create your masterplan here in my HQ in Cheshire or I can also travel to you.

Imagine just yourself and me working at a table for a day. Can you image what could actually be done for you?

These are all details that can be confirmed.

I’m ready to help you end 2016 with a huge bang - are you?

Call me right now

  • Telephone: 0161 928 8328
  • Text me: 07793 069 486 (0044 international code)
  • Email to alan@orangebeetle.com

Now just so you know.

I know there are a ton of experts out there that work with a stack of clients at any one time. I don't. I work with a maximum of three clients per year. This allows me to give you maximum focus over maximum time.

If you'd like to be one of those clients and partners for life - get in touch right now.

Call me right away.

Your mentor and email expert


Alan Forrest Smith