Email Secrets


If you are a copywriter, want to be a copywriter or write emails for your business you'll find this interesting, exciting and hugely valuable. Seriously if you can't see the value you are in the wrong job! Read very carefully, every word is true!

Not too long ago I started a project that I wanted to really just keep under the radar. It’s a copywriters project that I actually emailed you about. Finally I took on MENTOR Protoge that I can nourish and grow and expand in any directions.

The finances behind this project are to take this average copywriter into the multiple hundreds of thousands.

It feels the difference here is everything and anything I tell him - he does exactly as I say! If he doesn’t I kick his ass and then he does.

The first week he worked under my wing I taught him how to DOUBLE his invoicing and use positioning to do that. That first job he took on the rule was simple - charge DOUBLE what you usually charge.

How and why? Well the how is our secret for now but the why is all about value, perception and vision.

Right now his identity remains a secret but we will reveal him as time goes on along with his results.

Today I simply wanted to share his email to you (with his permission) that he sent today.

Let me set the scene.

He has an email he always sends to new clients or fresh leads.

I asked him before he sends anything always send to me and I will show him in-depth how to and why to re-write his emails for response.

By the way my track record for response emails is still and has been for years at around 100%.

So he sent me his email that he sends.

We re-wrote that email from the ground up and as always I asked him to explain to me the difference between his and mine.

If you are a copywriter or someone that writes and sends out emails I think you’ll find his reply extremely revealing (as did I).

The value in his reply to you as a reader cannot be over estimated. Don’t just read it devour it.

Now before I sent this to you I have to admit I asked myself does this reveal a bit about my thechniques and persuasion as I know you are possibly a client or a possible client. That made me feel a little uneasy about sending it because I wondered would you feel I am persuading the sale rather than just talking in logic and service.

Then I thought about it and realised well this is what I do because it is what I have always done for my clients. No persuasion just a service offer of the highest calibre in mind.

So with that in mind,


------------------------- Hi Alan

Here are my observations on the re-write, as requested:

Why this is better than original proposed reply:

You thank them for getting in touch but also remind them of what they got in touch about - their project - so they know what you’re replying and referring to.

You are reaffirming that THEY have a choice of copywriter and that they have made a great choice in you (me)…. this is a way of reassuring them they are making a good decision. Psychologically that will make them feel good.

You set out your position as an expert straight away through…. saying you are “highly sought after” (which, even if they don’t know you, implies you must be good. People don’t like to feel they are missing out so it also seeds a “I want what those people are getting” idea in the mind) making reference to the work you’ve already done in THEIR field of work. Positioning yourself not just as an in-demand copywriter but one who knows this business really well (“working deep inside..”) you can offer them an inside track on what works and what doesn’t (which is always appealing because it infers that you can save them time and money by doing it right first time round).

My reply is quite general and does not position myself either as expert or specialist in NLP/coaching field

You place some doubt in their mind (“what most people think does work can be the worst thing for your business”) about whether what they think is right IS right…then reassure them it’s OK because YOU know how to get results.

You use a bit of flattery… “This is where you’ve made a smart choice”, which will make them feel good

You refer specifically to things they mentioned in their enquiry (funnels, commerce, etc) and you reassure them “it’s not a problem”… then back it up by saying you are a specialist in these areas… and get results (“sells your products like crazy”)

You move away from they have some ideas I can review (my approach) to saying “I can take care of this for you” (with the hint of… just leave it to me)

You set up arranging a call as the VERY NEXT step. You are leading the client on action. You explain why (you need to know main issues) the call is needed and what that will help with (“a solution as fast as possible”)

You set the scene for the call. There will be some questions for them to answer (powerful and proven questions)…. it’s a system you use. And you say what you need from the prospective client (“open and honest as possible”)…. to get a BETTER result for them.

You direct them about the call… give just TWO time slots… specific dates/times reinforce the image that you are BUSY and SUCCESSFUL. Your time is limited.

You also create “scarcity”. You are a busy, in-demand copywriter and YOU get to choose who you work with (this is positioning - you are not one of those general copywriters who feels they have to take on every project just because they need the money. You’re doing so well that you can pick and choose the work you do and the people you work with.

You refer to their website - shows you’ve done some research or “homework” on the prospect/client.

You state specifically how you’d like to help (funnel and conversions) and create intrigue (you have at least 9 critical areas to change now). So, the prospect is now thinking (a) you’ve looked closely at what they already have (b) there are some things not quite right which need changing (c) there’s some urgency to get things done and (d) YOU are the one with the answers.

You soften this with a bit more flattery… “saying that, great website…”. So they don’t think what they have is rubbish. But they are now hearing that it’s not good enough and you know exactly what to do.

You’re positioning yourself as the “I know what to do” expert - I’m in demand, I know this business, I have the answers, I can do some stuff to help straight away, I can pick and choose so it’s up to you if you want THAT kind of level working for you and your business.

You repeat the NEXT action step (the call) and offer the two dates/times for them to choose from (puts you in control of when you have the conversation)

You show that you’d love to work with them and you can see the possibilities for their business (makes them feel good). You phrase it in a way which suggests the decision is already made (“I’m excited to work with you…”)

You close with a thank you (closing the “circle” of your reply - you started with thank you and finish with thank you.

You use the PS to explain the need for a call (effectively the THIRD time in your message that you’ve said “we need to talk asap”) before talking about a quote…. you’re not providing a “rushed” job or a “menu” price. This is bespoke (“carefully worked out and detailed” the quote will be)…

And a final thank you and sign off to complete the PS and the reply.

  • In summary, Your reply is about:
  • Positioning yourself as the expert
  • Demonstrating you understand their business/field/industry
  • Taking the lead
  • Reassuring the prospect that you are a safe pair of hands (without giving away any specifics in terms of results)
  • Guiding the prospect to take the next step - have a call with you
  • A little bit of flattery in pointing out they’ve done a good job AND highlighting that there are things that they’re missing or haven’t done which means their results are not as good as they could be..
  • You are the solution - the best choice

This is PRECISELY why I have invested in you.

I could have wasted that kind of money on a “mastermind” with someone else in the past and it would not have been the right time to invest.

Now IS the right time for me.

I know we’re still learning about each other but you will find me a willing student. I will listen. I will do what you tell me (to guide me). I’ll keep asking questions.

The difference between you and, say, XXX is gulf-like.

I’ve already got value from the process.

I know I’ve got potential. I’m in a good starting position and I’d love in 12-24 months time to have a “success story” that would form one of your most powerful EVER testimonials.

Thanks G ---------------------------------- I know this guy is in for one hell of a ride and a stepping stone to bigger things.

You know since my very first brick and mortar business I had to master one thing (in 1985) to get a sale and it was my messages or writing.

Since then the foundation of all of my business has been the words I write to my prospects.

I am at a stage where I can write myself almost anything. I know that because I have. I written myself a home a car and so much more. i even wrote love letters to the woman that is to become my wife this September 17th.

This is a skill that can change everything for you.

It will for the secret guy above. It has for myself and it has for many previous mentor students of mine.

You want change... you'll find it here. If you deserve change ... it's here

I hope this helped you and if it did hit reply and let me know why?

Love, peace, success should be yours.

In your service always.

MENTOR Alan Forrest Smith