Just Too Busy


Are You Just To Busy To Get More Business?

There’s a man that’s always busy, his name is Tom.

Tom’s business isn’t great in fact it’s struggling but he’s busy.

His phone never rings but he has no time to get new clients, he’s busy, his is always busy.

He moans about how bad his business is now and tells everyone how it used to be when it was really busy. When asked about why doesn’t he fix it he simply replies he is far too busy. Nuts!

I meet busy people all the time.

To busy to talk, too busy to solve even too busy to love.

They chaotically accept the mantra they repeat.

“Business is bad but I can’t talk now I’m just too busy”

And there lies the problem.

Last week I spoke to a guy that starts work at 2am (I did say 2am) and gets home at 8pm every single day of the week, even Sunday. He had lost weight since I last saw him, a lot of weight. He looks ill, he look fed-up, he looks depressed. He's busy, very busy.

When we spoke he talked about some really cool ideas and things he had on his mind to get new businesses going. I agreed with him and asked him when is he going to get them done?

He replied, “Right now I am just too busy”. Life's like that if we allow life to be like that!

I believe more people are busy than happy, what do you think?

How busy are you?

Do you have business problems but you are too busy being busy to fix them?

Do you have financial problems but you are just far too busy staying busy to put them right?

I have four kids. The youngest is 16 and the eldest is 26. When they were young they were all the same as every other kid on the planet. They were all so busy running around at 200 mile per hour they would sometimes just drop where they stood or sat out of exhaustion.

Busy doing what though?

You could see exactly where they had all been. It was one long endless chaotic trail that only stopped once they stopped.

Are you so busy you tell yourself you cannot stop? Do you now believe that you have repeated to yourself so many times that you so incredibly busy that if you stop for a moment everything will be even worse? Yet the truth is this. There are just two ways of stopping.

You stop yourself and take some time to think things through.

You drop dead - that one is permanent!

So if you are one of the busy ones that are is so busy you no longer have time for anything including putting things right I want to share with you from my own 30 plus successful years in business that you are heading for a stop of some kind.

But you can do this. What I am going to tell you is something you will resist. Busy people always resist this kind of advice.

Are you ready for it?

A list for busy people

I will number them to make things really easy.

1. Stop for a period of time and reflect of what is actually going on 2. Visualise the outcome if you don’t stop right now and take some action 3. Get clear on what you feel the problems are for your business 4. Find the solutions and find them fast 5. Get good solid and experienced advice 6. Write down a plan that you will stick to but tweak when you need to 7. Commit to this and don’t get so busy it all falls apart again 8. Trust what you are now doing is the best thing to do 9. Stick to it and if you have to battle through tough times - battle through 10. Take time out everyday to check on your progress

And of course there is something else about busy people also and it’s this. They have taught themselves to think they have less time than anyone else when the reality is they have exactly the same time as anyone else.

The worlds most famous entrepreneur Richard Branson has 24 hours a day - the same as you! Do you think he is busy? Do you think he has a lot of things going on?

He does these things.

1. Manages his time 2. Pays for advice 3. Has a team 4. Stops and thinks a lot about everything 5. Invests time into the things that make him happy

How about you or even after reading the above are you too busy?

Think about it and think about it carefully as your results will always reveal your own personal actions.

Or are you just too busy?

Do you like the idea of a proven MENTOR with a long track record of success? Would you like good advice from a marketing and business veteran of over 30 years top-flight experience?

Just ask for help!

In your service.

Mentor Alan Forrest Smith