Think Big


From Desk Of: Best Direct Marketing Consultant, Alan Forrest Smith

Do You Think Big - Bigger Than Most?

What you are about to read might just be for you.

This page isn't written to persuade you. If you are of the right mind, you think big and demand results, you will know in seconds if you should keep reading.


This is best suited for you if …

Entrepreneur already hitting £500k but want to hit their first few million plus!

Organisation that needs their team to be kicked up the backside and sued into a direction that delivers results!

Can you answer YES to the following?

Do you understand that marketing is a process NOT an instant fix? Yes/No?Have you researched demand for your product? Yes/No?

  • Have you researched demand for your product? Yes/No?
  • Have you a list of hungry buyers? Yes/No?You have a great product that won’t demand refunds? Yes/No?
  • You have a great product that won’t demand refunds? Yes/No?Does it look good, packaged and packed well? Yes/No?
  • Does it look good, packaged and packed well? Yes/No?Is it well made? Yes/No?
  • Is it well made? Yes/No?Have you your sales systems in place? Yes/No?
  • Have you your sales systems in place? Yes/No?Have you a support system in place? Yes/No?
  • Have you a support system in place? Yes/No?You have well-planned strategies in place? Yes/No?
  • You have well-planned strategies in place? Yes/No?Have you at least half a dozen ready-to-go tactics? Yes/No?
  • Have you at least half a dozen ready-to-go tactics? Yes/No?Can you
  • Can you back-up great copy with great service? Yes/No?Assuming you have done that and you have all of that in place I will work with you! Yes/No?
  • Assuming you have done that and you have all of that in place I will work with you! Yes/No?
  • Do you need You need more sales Yes/No?You need more customers Yes/No?
  • You need more customers Yes/No?You need more profits Yes/No?
  • You need more profits Yes/No?You need some advice that is going to bring you a return on your investment. Yes/No?
  • You need some advice that is going to bring you a return on your investment. Yes/No?Are you happy to work on a 12-month contract? Yes/No?
  • Are you happy to work on a 12-month contract? Yes/No?


Work with me over 12-months on any project you need to be a success

  • Faster
  • Easier
  • Low-risk
  • Proven strategies
  • 100% results measured and driven

You get a recognised world-class thinker.

World class strategist.

World class writer.

And a world-class consultant that is regarded as the consultant to consultants.


  • I've outperformed full blown marketing teams time and again on strategy and results.
  • Written copy from scratch with literally jaw-dropping conversions (as high as 63%).
  • Created email campaigns that have blown phones off the hook (from one call a day to 17 an hour)
  • Built from scratch online strategies, sales funnels and leads going into the Millions (Just under seven million for one client from start-up).
  • Delivered performance numbers that have been nothing short of miraculous for clients (I'd call a 2,300% increase not bad).

And some numbers from the past few decades have looked like this

  • From 0 to 47% response.
  • In increase of 2,300 in sales
  • 53.4% turnaround in 4-weeks
  • £90,000 in sales from a single email
  • £1.2 million in sales of cars from a very simple direct mail strategy
  • £42,000 in sales overnight for another client after tweaking a sales message
  • And
  • Creating direct mail since 1991
  • Ad campaigns since 1989
  • Web marketing since 1998
  • Email marketing since 1999
  • Training others since 1996



Experts like Jay Conrad Levinson thought I was the best at what I do... brilliant ideas, brilliant results!

If your marketing team are driving you crazy, costing you a fortune because of a lack of results.

If your copywriters are failing to convert and persuade with weak writing.

If your numbers are way shorter than you'd ever have wanted in a perfect world.


This offer could be perfect for your company.

And according to my track record, it'll probably be the

Most creatively profitable move you'll ever make with your direct marketing and results.

Work with me personally over a 12-month period on any project you need true expertise on.


The investment is simple and a round figure.

£100,000 gives you 12-months with me at your side.

  • 50% down
  • 50% monthly over 12-months

Keep reading ...


What do you get?

You get my higher direct response marketing mind a proven expertise in things like conversions, fine tuning for results and even more.

Any day, any hour, anytime you need an expert like myself to get things fixed.

Any travel has to be covered.

First class travel.

First class hotel only.

Now is that a lot of investment?

No, and I'll explain why and why you know it isn't a lot.


First unlike staff, I don't need to be babysat and goaded to work.

When I'm in I'm in. I give it what you deserve and I deserve and if that means 24 hours a day of sweating blood sweat and tears that's what I do. I do that now for

Myself and will do the same for you.

And it might sound like a lot of cash yet if you have read this far I know your team right now that are costing you a fortune are not delivering the results you want.

I work on some very simple dynamics that I'll happily explain over a phone call but not on this page.

This is what I call THE AFS METHOD.

The first thing I will work on is getting back your initial investment with myself. This way the pressure of off for you and of course it's off for me also.

Once you have your initial investment back we work on the next parts that are designed in a pure and simple way to create a dramatic increase in conversions, sales, campaigns, leads or the outcomes that we agree on.

I think you'll find working with me at your side will be a very different, very direct and very profitable experience for both of us.

  • I make you feel good.
  • I make you happier with your results.
  • I give you the numbers you want.

And this way you'll not only want to look after me but you'll never want to let me go at the end of our first contract together.

Now I know this isn't a message full of the smaller details but if you are the right partner you'll get that because I don't tell any of my clients what I do unless we speak over the phone or face to face.

Once we speak we can cover all the details.

And of course, you might not want to work with me and frankly, I might not want to work with you so let's talk first.

The first chat over the phone is free. The next meeting will be more depth and face to face. Probably it'll last the day. I do charge for this time but the fee comes off any future Invoice.

And if you pay this fee and we don't work together you'll get enough from my mind on the day that you'll be able to use and profit from I guarantee that.

Should we talk?

All you need to do is call me at my office In the UK, Manchester 0161 928 8328 or text this number with this word... GENIUS... and we will arrange a call back asap.

Now I'm going to close this with some honesty. Clients can drive me crazy these days. More and more want dramatic results for nothing. Honestly, my track record, my 31-years of knowledge, my sharp insights, my response is driven skills and my all round genius are worth millions upon millions in sales to the right client.

I'm too old and too wise to play negotiation games. I won't be treated as an employee and you will have to do as I request otherwise I might fire you!

This is strictly only for you if you absolutely refuse to settle for any less than the results you demand.

And look at this

As an external expert, you don't have to

  • Get me a car
  • Get me a phone
  • Get me this
  • Get me that
  • And hope and pray I'll deliver.

With me, you are hiring a cutting edge, a breakthrough business experience that could very easily change your results.


Conversions, turnarounds, numbers... if there is a way I will find it and put it on a silver plate for you guaranteed!

Again should we talk?

Do not get in touch if you want to negotiate me down or feel you can persuade me on future profits.

If you feel deeper inside that I am the right person but are not quite sure, I am probably the right person and we should talk.

If you feel I am far too in your face, over the top and arrogant- you are correct but I won't be the man for you.

This is for a serious business player only that has the ability to think big.

Only that is looking to dominate their market built on the back of real results!


Should we talk?

  • Tele: 01619288328
  • Text: 07793069486 - send word GENIUS

I'm not sat by the phone so will probably not answer it right away.

Let's talk soon.

Time served results-proven direct marketing expert and consultant.

Alan Forrest Smith

ps. this post isn't meant to try and persuade you in any way whatsoever. It is for the right person the demands results. If you need to know more about I do your homework online. you'll see I am well respected and well known in many areas of direct marketing.

Pps: More results and what others say can be read here