Salon Punk Breakthrough


A Personal Breakthrough Project

I thought you’d like to share some insider business today about a project I have been working with since 1999. Yes I did say 1999 - endurance!

It is and has always been 100% online.

Online traffic, online sales, online everything.

The Quick History Behind This Project

If you don't know I was a hairdresser for over twenty years. In fact I began my hairdressing career in 1982 but i actually started cutting hair when I was just 15-years old. I had three salons and understood everything about running a salons. EVERYTHING.

When I started hearing about the internet I thought it would be a good idea to create a website all about running, managing and marketing hairdressing salons.

Now over 17-years later, literally thousands of products sold all over the world the time came to rebuild the whole project and rebrand everything. I desperately needed a breakthrough last year with this project.

You see last year it began to dry up a little. I did a ton of tweaks and changes but we still couldn’t get a breakthrough I wanted. So towards the end of last year I decided to do a some major changes.

If I go through everything this will take too long to share so I will share just some of the more critical changes.


Despite what you might read online these days about branding not being overly important, a brand is critical to the bigger success of any project. Branding has never been so important as it is today. This is due to the incredible amount of over-informing on everything. The importance of branding is critical.


A meme has never been so important EVER in the building of business. They are designed to be read at speed and often  with no words. I wanted a meme that would be current and instant. I created just that. You have to be patient with this stuff as it takes a while to embed into the mind of society as does a brand.


For the first time ever (apart from one large speaking gig in Latvia) I decided to take this project offline as all the marketing had always been done online. So we created a new offline strategy with direct mail, trade shows and other guerrilla strategies that are low-cost and high-return.


Put into place at least five new and powerful tactics that we haven’t used before. One is a tactic I use with almost all of my clients. it's powerful and proven in this marketplace.

New website:

Updated and rebuilt the website from the ground up. All of our websites are built using Wordpress as a foundation but heavily customised at many levels including the coding. I design the layout, colours etc. while my designers create the website. I also handle small changes from there. I utilise many plugins but spent  lot of time manipulating code in Wordpress for a more powerful website.


This isn't instant yet the best results ALWAYS come from organic search rather than forced marketing as long as it is ultra specific. We spend months on this side of things. The man hours, testing, researching etc is huge. The weekly maintenance is handled by my team here. It can take six months of initial testing to get this side of things right but is worth it.

Trade show:

Live trade show with tens of thousands of salon owners. Now we never expect to take a ton of sales at a trade show we go to collect leads. Our system is strictly tested, proven, carefully designed and in place long before we go. We have our outcomes, targets and sales goals listed. We have the system in place to make it extremely easy for the client to buy and receive invoices after they buy - all online using iPhones only.

Data capture:

We have a 3-option data capture in place - one using a simple scanner on our iPhones - this transfers everything on a card in a second direct into the database.

Follow-up system:

We have our follow-up system in place because we don’t really expect huge sales from the trade show but we do expect sales in the follow up once the relationship is built with our prospects. Sales are expected to start arriving from new leads after 7-10 post event contacts are made.

There is more of course after all this has taken almost a year to get the new project live.

I have attached a few photos for you to look at.

The new brand.

The new meme.

Link to the website.

Trade banners.

Just a peak.

Now this new ‘upgrade’ has taken around 8-10-months in total after testing, research and a lot of other strategic planning and so on.

Of course there is another huge campaign on the back of this campaign which is mostly old school direct mail, emails and SMS. That is all ready to roll out after the trade show. We have a list from the trade show (as agreed) of over 7000 salon owners that we will market to.

Now do some math.

The main product we sell is £195

How many sales does it take to hit £500,000 (c’mon do some math I’m not doing it all here)

Nice right?

Do We Do This Alone?

Now do we do all of this ourselves?

No, we pay technicians, printers and anyone else we feel can help.

I do all of the design work and copy - that includes the brand and meme and all of the tactics and copy.

Tamuna does all of the communications and office side of things brilliantly well.

Now we are ready to launch our new website and new 400 page manual.

How Long Does This Take?

You might have read online by ‘experts’ that anyone can do this overnight. That’s utter B.S.! and here’s why.


I started collecting and testing ideas for my manuals when I opened my first salon - 1989.

I wrote my first manual in 1999.

I started this website in 1999.

There are around 15 manuals created over those years. This new manual has been created recently and has a very different approach to any business manual I have written before.

So it isn’t an overnight success as you can see.

It takes hard work, time effort and raw energy to put this all together. I spent 8 week flat out and full on writing the manual alone. Each month is has new updates added and again that takes time.

Yet is is a business a real business and that takes real investment of time and cash.

So once it goes live,  maybe in a few months I’ll show you how it is doing after the launch.

Now here’s the thing.

Once this website is live and running full out I expect too spend around 2-hours each week absolute maximum on it. The rest is absolutely automatic.

Yes we have to watch traffic.

Yes we have to innovate.

Yes we have to promote.

Yes we have to do the things we need to do in any REAL business.

And yes even my own projects now and then need breakthroughs. This has been a big one that almost saw the website simply closing down. We did what we do and made it work and now its working brilliantly well!

I hope you found that interesting?

So when I write on my websites about BREAKTHROUGHS - I get it, I understand and I know where you are right now. Ive done this long enough to see my children being born to becoming grown adults in their own right.

If you need help too create a huge breakthrough in your business or start a new business all you have to do is get in touch. One client got in touch recently after one of my emails and increased business by over £30,000 after a breakthrough session with myself. That £30,000 arrived after just a couple of weeks of working with myself on her breakthrough.

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I’ll let you know any news on my project above in the future but in the meantime I look forward to creating some magic with you.

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