BREXIT EXIT - and Your Business



Oh god the world has ended - really?

Lets look at this from a different angle.

I’m a huge believer that we cannot change the past. The vote has gone and the results are split and appears to have left the UK divided with thoughts of uncertainty. Taxes are sure to rise at some point as are spending cuts also inevitable. But really who knows. Is batman a bat?

I did think one thing: If a lawyer lies he or she is barred from practice yet if a politician lies ... it's just a tool to get a result... hypocrites. Anyway that s another subject.

So some things we know yet we also know they are uncertain.

Yet ... Like a mad wife in a divorce you cannot control her behavior only your own.

So what do you need to do?

First it’s a good time to remember that the British history of survive and thrive in the face of what feels like a disaster is a great track record. Now is the time for you to dig deeper than ever. You can do that right?

The even greater new is this is a perfect time for you to review, ramp up and refine anything you are doing in business at all levels.

Marketing: For example as I was sitting having a coffee this morning opposite the coffee shop is a very old school (what we call in the UK) a hardware shop. I took the photo above this morning to show you.

Direct Marketing

In the two years we have lived here they have the very same routine every morning regardless of the weather.

They take out piles and piles of stock, put it outside and let everyone know they are open for business. We use the shop and frankly they seem unaware of anything happening outside their little world of business.

Maybe that is good and in some economies maybe it's bad but what I do know is this - they have a sign that says established since 1908 (I think) so clearly they have been doing what they do a very long time. Like many businesses they survived, thrived and prospered even through two world wars or other disasters (and pre-EU of course).

How? Well I haven’t asked them but I do know the answer and it is this.

They simply kept their eye on their business NOT on the things they cannot control – like wars, recessions and BREXIT.

It’s always interesting to watch the news to see even in the middle of the Syrian wars there are plenty of people going to work and opening their businesses.

So it is a focus mind set. You can only focus right now on what you can do not on what you cannot alter or change.


So what can you do right now? Here are 25 things to get you focused on this very moment.

  1. Stop and breathe for a minute
  2. Give yourself time to think
  3. Ask what you want from your business in the next 12-months
  4. Ask is what you are doing right now working?
  5. Know some of the old ways and news ways just don’t work – find out which
  6. Take time to review any government changes that will directly affect you
  7. Ask how do your clients see you?
  8. Understand perception in your business
  9. Understand positioning
  10. Look for gaps in your market – ask customers what they want
  11. Look for gaps created by THE BREXIT EXIT
  12. Create some breakthrough plans to overcome them, avoid them or get around them.
  13. Get newly organized
  14. Know your numbers
  15. Create new systems where needed
  16. Be customer focused
  17. Create a distinctive company
  18. Build a leverage and inform campaign to your client base
  19. Create an internal stack campaign – guerilla style (free and low cost marketing done on mass)
  20. Look at old school marketing, as it’s a powerful tool most are now avoiding due to over reliance on the web
  21. Create or review your core message to market - are you saying exactly what the customer wants to hear?
  22. Get expertise so you can focus on what you do best
  23. Pay for priceless advice because the reality is priceless advice costs nothing.
  24. Use web placement campaigns for massive coverage – if you don’t know how now is the time to find out exactly
  25. And …
  26. Does it all feel right to you?

Now I understand not everyone is a genius in business. Some of you want to do your thing and pay others to help you do that.

This isn’t a time for you where you should be over focused on what you cannot handle.

Here’s what you do know.

  • You know changes are coming
  • You don’t know what the changes are
  • You cannot affect those changes

So now is a time for you to review everything from the ground up to make sure you survive and prosper during the changes.

In 1991 I went from a 250 sq. ft. shop to a 2000 sq. ft. shop. At the time people told me I was crazy. I had just had my second baby, moved house and now was investing heavily into a new business.

For everyone watching me and advising me all they could see was a series of shops, businesses and empires closing everyday. They loved to remind me of that. All I could see was my new business being open and being number one at what we were doing. For 17-years after that business was at the top of its tree and worked like crazy!


I took my mind out of anything I couldn’t control but I didn’t know that at the time. I simply wanted super-success and that is what happened.

So can you commit yourself to taking time right now to create

  • New plans if needed
  • New ideas if needed
  • New solutions if needed
  • Solutions designed to thrive
  • Strategies that are proven regardless of the economy
  • And to review, be honest, be open and make a decision on what will be next for your business?


Good advice has no price. Hire experts and get good advice. Even if you don’t hire me go and get someone that can fill in the blanks for you.

You know this economic storm is coming, you are not sure when but you know it’ll arrived it will at some level that we don't know can cannot control - it will arrive!

Now isn’t a time for you to be in decisive. Indecision will only lead one way.

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One More Thing to Exercise The Brexitexit!

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  • Create positioning
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There’s a lot of talk, discussions and more over BREXIT. Will it be cancelled, will it happen for sure, is it really happening, it’ll be Armageddon or more. The point is you and me we cannot control anything outside our own world so now is a time when you have to increase your focus on your business not on what you cannot control.

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Here’s to your huge BREXIT breakthrough success

Breakthrough specialist, Alan Forrest Smith