A Brief History Of Marketing


Here’s why your marketing no longer works.

The following note might take more than one read. Read slowly and digest what you read because it could very easily affect your future results from today forward.

Here’s why your marketing no longer works.

First a brief history of marketing (very)

The people want potatoes.

A smart farmer grows potatoes.

The people go to the market looking for potatoes.

The farmer plants, grows, picks and drives 50 miles to the market and before lunchtime has sold all of his potatoes.

Too simple?

The word of God had to be spread. (stick with this)

The people wanted truth.

Ministers began huge campaigns to fill places with Salvationist messages.

The people arrived.

Need more current?

In the 1920s a new medium called Radio arrived. It was believed it wouldn’t catch on. By the 1935 a huge 55% of people listened to and owned a radio.

Business saw an opportunity… called marketing.

By the 1950s TV ads really got started and flooded the minds of the consumer. By the 1970 telemarketing was the big thing.

Now Alan I want now.

Moving ahead 1995-97 search marketing had arrived and was harnessed by the marketing men.

Today the web is overused and abused like previous mediums and has become a huge pot of endless advertising and pretentious social medias.

It was once scientifically worked out that it took at least 3-seconds for the eye to make a decision on what it saw to then take further action or no action at all.

In todays thumb scroll society I would guess it’s less than one second and less if less is possible.

So I’m making a guess here.

Your marketing doesn’t work?

Your team is still doing what everyone else is doing and that is the kind of marketing that fails to get noticed.

Here’s why.

  • The Ad man is redundant.
  • The age of creativity is here.
  • The great age of marketing distinction has arrived.
  • Everything’s the same not all distinct.
  • Distinct is perceptive.
  • Perceptive is intuitive.
  • Intuitive is another dimension.
  • Dimension is a truth seeker.
  • Distinct creates loyalty.
  • Loyal demands engagement.
  • Loyal wants one to one.
  • Buyer feels like part of the family.


  • This all starts in the mind.
  • And your buyers mind has a path.
  • The path starts with a single idea.
  • The idea could be a problem.
  • It could be a want.
  • It could be a need.
  • Yet it still starts with a single moment that is an idea.
  • That thought then takes a mental journey.
  • That journey will end when the idea of the want or need is finally filled.

In other words …

You finally get your sales and your buyers get what they wanted.

So just posting everything and anything on social media or filling a website with content just isn’t enough.

Is it?

The old way is hoping someone will see what you have to offer and take some action.

Do they see you?

The old way relies on copywriters, ad men, endless meetings and ancient ways of building business.

How did that work out?

New distinct marketing hopes for nothing, it simply attracts buyers. It isn’t disruptive, its part of the flow.

If the above makes perfect sense ... you get it.

If it didn't my advice is read and read again until you do get it.

Most of what you are being told isn't going to work in 2017 or beyond. The market place change is too huge a shift.


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