Marketing Lesson from Banksy

In case you missed it, this is a must-see piece of publicity that you can learn from. It was huge.

One of his most popular pieces was shredded as a bidder secured it for one million. Read more yourself online.

Every new media covered it. TV, web, send in a text, shared on Instagram, it was a classic piece of PR and worth more than any piece of advertising can ever give you or your business.

Let’s look at this.

First, the biggest issue I hear all the time from a business like yours is this…

Alan our marketing isn’t working

Of course, it isn’t and there is a reason for this.

Over saturated of media that looks the same, reads the same, presented the same and honestly is the same.

Let’s be really honest here.

Every expert advises social media… pack it and load it with content.

Every expert goes crazy for SEO… I have been doing and working close to SEO for decades and believe me you need a full-time TEAM to stay on top of SEO.

Every expert tells you to build content and push the content out… But who sees and who reads or listen to this stuff? I have a friend that keeps making videos for his business for YouTube yet his hits on the videos can be literally half a dozen.

And then the same old same old stuff that no one reads or looks at because it’s the same old stuff.

Same looks, same feel, same ways of doing things that everyone is doing creates invisibility.

For example.

This year I had a client with exactly the same issue. They were doing everything that the experts had been telling them (and charging them) for. Since paying an expert 2k every month to build their business their business had dropped 3k per month. Shocking but true’. after looking at what his competition was doing and then creating comparisons I decided to do a decade's old strategy or two and they worked.

Business climbed after an exhaustive campaign by just over 90% in 12-weeks.


The same as Banksy – we did the opposite to what everyone else and grabbed a ton of attention – and sales – in the process.

Do you think BANKSY will be forgotten or remembered for doing this?

It was fresh and new yet at the same time, it was stripped back attention demanding marketing that demanded to be read.

There has been a huge shift in marketing. I’ve spoken about it before. That shift will continue to grow as traditional marketing or what is now known as digital marketing continues to under-deliver in real results.

So, what is the lesson from Banksy?

Well, apart from the total absurdity of the price of what is essentially a spray painting he has shown us this.

Find the audience and do whatever it takes to get their attention and get them talking about your business or product.

He would never had done that posting on Social Media – everyone else did it for him AFTER the stunt!

How about you?


Alan Forrest Smith