11.3% Conversion Rate


11.3% Webpage Conversion Is Huge

I thought today I would share part of a personal successful project with you.

First here are some numbers to chew over.

  • 40.7% open rate
  • 16.9% click through
  • 11.3% page converts to sale
  • Marketing to cold lists!

What does the above mean?

It means it’s a hugely successful start to a launching a new product. This is a soft launch which is in track and test right now. This means we are testing all variables before a fuller launch.

First let me give you some background.

I have been working within the hairdressing industry as a salon consultant and expert since 1995 when I did my first training session for Lanza Hair. This is just one of the business including OrangeBeetle that I own.

From 1989-2003 I owned three hairdressing salons. In my own 3-salons I had to discover, create and solve business problems including all of the marketing.

I wrote and started selling my first training manual into the industry in 1999. Those manuals have been some of the best selling training manuals ever in the hairdressing industry.

During a divorce I had to take a forced break from this business which meant the list went cold and the website was as good as dead. During that period my manuals were ripped off and copied ‘word-for-word’ by many people even claiming they had written this stuff.

The Resurrection of An Old Business

So this year I decided to write and create the world’s best salon marketing manual (again). After sometime we now have a 400-page-training manual that is the best I have created.

Now the problem we have to overcome is this – Our lists are cold. That means no relationship has continued over the past few years so when there is no relationship trust has also gone and once that trust and contact has gone - sales are as good as impossible!

This really means – starting it all from scratch despite having lists here. So that is what we did we started from scratch and the results so far are pretty strong.

The Key

  • The information in this manual has to be hugely valuable to our ‘target’ marketplace.
  • The creation of the ‘information’ product has to be well done. This can mean months not days of writing. My new manual is around 40,000+ words.
  • A campaign has to be very specific and highly targeted to those looking for your information.
  • A detailed plan has to be created with an outcome in mind. We have created a 12-month plan and have also a very detailed final outcome in mind.

So far we are way ahead since we did a soft launch last week.

I’ll repeat the numbers above once more.

Our open rate so far is 40.7%

Open rates in this industry are on average 19%

Our click through rate is 16.9%

Click through rates for our industry average around 2.25%

Our page conversion rate to a sale is 11.3%

The average conversion to sale rate is just under 1%

These numbers might not mean a lot to you but what they reveal is a very successful campaign so far.

We will continue to test, track and measure until we get the detail maximised and then go for a fuller launch.

So if you absolutely must have the very best results and nothing else will do I work only with the very best, I deliver only the very best and I have over 30-years deep marketing priceless experience that is built around results.

I can help you.

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Alan Forrest Smith