Direct Marketing Partners


He Went From NO Leads To Over 300 Leads Worth Hundreds of Thousands Of Pounds Each and Every Month Over 3-Years

In fact so successful was this breakthrough campaign my client went out and bought himself a Rolls Royce!

Some of what you are about to read might not sound true yet everything you read is true. These are direct marketing business breakthroughs that are built on the back of proven, tested and highly tested strategies that rarely fail!

The client above had been in business for 20-years. He spent many years trying to get his business online with zero success (long story).

When he came to me he asked about the possibility. He wanted to know if I could create sales and lead machine for him online. I did. After the structure had been created I delivered 30, 60, 90. 12 and eventually 300-plus leads each month. Even more; I gave him a consistent conversion from his online ads of 49.2%.

I lied about his first treat being a Rolls Royce it wasn't. It was  new Red Ferrari 924. He exchanged that for his Rolls Royce.

Everything I did for that client, the results, the testing, the tracking, the direct response, the adverts, the script and everything else we used I can do for you.

Your Sales - Your Business - Your Results!

I would love to increase your sales dramatically using my 31-years of proven, trusted, tested, acclaimed and skilful direct response marketing skills.

That means you do what you do best and I will use my long hard earned years of successful marketing experience to create the proven systems, the powerful strategies, write highly converting copy and make sure everything you need for more sales is in place. You make money - I make money - Is this something you'd like?

  • I will do all the testing
  • I will do all the copy
  • I will make sure your messages are perfect
  • I will make sure your systems are in place
  • I will make sure your tactics are in place
  • And ultimately I will make sure what you have worked, gets results and builds your empire.
  • You might have a team that are not delivering right now (that's common)
  • You might be trying to do everything yourself including your marketing

You might be trying, hoping and praying that your latest new experts are going to give you the results you really need (but you've been down that road already and are not sure if it's going to happen this time).

Here's another short story.

I worked for a large national company that had a marketing team whose annual wages came to around £230,000 per annum. For £230,000 per annum they still struggle to get phone calls to convert, couldn't get an email to work, had as good as zero response from adverts and wrote copy like a bank manager would write to another bank manager.

I spent 9-months working with them. The first campaign I created for them did this. They had gotten used to ONE enquiry per day. That's right I said one single call per day.

The first campaign I ran for them blew the phone off the hook. In the first hour of opening, they had a massive seventeen enquiries over the phone.

Maybe you are wondering why on earth were they spending £230,000 on a team? So was I!

I could do those results for you.

Just very recently I dealt with another campaign that had failed. The client had six days to fill an event. Zero tickets had been sold. I had six days to fill the event or it was off. The investment had already been great so the loss would be huge. In just 6-days the clients event was filled.

I could use those same direct marketing secrets for your business.

Not too long ago another client approached me. His sales letter at the front of his marketing campaign had sold zero. I rewrote the letter and tweaked his campaign. His sales hit a new high in 21-days of just under HALF A MILLION and then finished the campaign with sales of just over one million.

I can create that kind of powerful results pulling letters for you if that is what you need?

  • And branding
  • And positioning
  • And perception
  • And venturing
  • And creating everything and anything direct response for your business.

Would you like that?

I am searching for an alliance partner over the next 12 or so months

That means I will be working almost exclusively on your business. Sales copy, marketing strategies - everything or in really simple talk - making your sales go through the roof!

It should be a no-brainer decision. Ask yourself...

  • Are your sales pouring in or trickling in (or stopped dead)?
  • Would you like 49.2% conversions?
  • Could you handle 300 more leads?
  • Do you have marketing systems in place that actually work?
  • Is your phone ringing non-stop?
  • Are email leads coming in every time you check your email?
  • Are sales and enquiries being closed 100% every time?
  • Are you positioned as the best and only option in your industry?
  • Do you just hope your marketing will work or is it failing?
  • Do you have no idea on marketing but know you need a more direct marketing?
  • Would you love to conquer the web and get sales online?
  • Do you need direct mailers to sell like crazy for you?
  • Do you need systems that are proven to sell?
  • Do you want strategies that are low cost and higher return?
  • And more.

Yet right now you have everything in place for the perfect business. Your office is great,  you have all the staff needed, a great product, polished services and more, it's all there.

You know you just don't have the skills to bring in the customers, the leads, the sales and the profits.

I do.

In fact not only can I boast sales going into the tens of millions I can boast almost 31-years at the top end of direct response marketing. That's marketing that actually works, gets measured and will get you results.

Some of My Credentials ...

Here’s some of what you can get from a very established direct response marketing expert like myself.

  • Established expert with over 31-years of front-line direct response marketing experience
  • Sales copy expert with way-above-average conversions (83% HIGHEST EVER)
  • Sales letter expert that has written millions in sales for clients
  • Conversion expert that is currently giving one client  49.2% conversion
  • Expert in converting high-end buyers
  • Web Conversion to buyer expert with one conversion racing at 83%
  • Email sales expert systems creating cash-on-tap
  • Webpage sales expert taking no sales to 30k in a single month for new start-up
  • Strategy expert transforming positioning and branding
  • Systems expert that created a 1.8 million system for one client
  • Message to market expert that has premium targets opening and responding
  • Positioning & USP expert
  • and so much more as you can imagine

What can these profit building direct response marketing skills mean to you?

It means you get what Jay Conrad Levinson called a 'marketing genius' that will train and direct your team (if you have one) or will build you a team or systems or strategies from start-to-finish.

It means you get an expert other experts come to for advice when they get stuck and need a breakthrough.

It means you get an expert that will give you blood sweat, tears and sleepless nights so you get a result because your result is my result.

You won't have to guess what works and what doesn’t work with your marketing anymore. I will take control of that and tell you the best way to move forward yet only ways that remove any guesswork and deliver proven skilled and precise marketing.

If you make money - I make money!

If it is a direct mail campaign you need that is what I will design for you. If it is an online campaign I will also design and put that together for you. If it is a positioning and presence campaign I will also do that. I can because as you may have read and know me already I've been doing this successfully for over three decades now

The bottom-line is you get someone that has had some pretty outrageous and phenomenal  results working in your business.

The following are all real figures from a real business just like yours. Some are hard to believe - they are real!

  • 83% conversion
  • 49.2% conversion
  • 53.4% turnaround
  • 116% increases
  • 2,400% increases
  • 47% response
  • £5 million sales months
  • £90k emails
  • $117,000 sales pages
  • £1.2 million triple sales system
  • From zero to hero positioning systems
  • No leads a week to 17 in one hour

I think you’re seeing a pattern here.

  • SOLD: £1.2 million in cars
  • SOLD: £800K of cosmetics
  • SOLD: Half a million manuals
  • SOLD: Millions in sales from websites
  • SOLD-OUT: A full batch of five thousand pound training manual
  • SOLD-OUT: Live training events
  • SOLD: Film companies £250k services
  • SOLD: Property expert services
  • SOLD: Water filters
  • SOLD: Global security services
  • SOLD: Millions in services for stock exchange trader
  • SOLD: Yoga training in Bali

Need I go on about my direct response marketing skill-sets?

And it isn’t all about selling. I have saved my clients from certain closure on many occasions only to turn their business around.

So if this is your business right now...

  • Are you getting beat or caught up by your competition?
  • Are you still using marketing that fails to deliver sales, new records, response, leads or enquiries?
  • Are you just not selling enough product or services?
  • Are your still thinking you can do it all yourself yet know deep down you just cannot because the results prove it?
  • Are you at the edge of failure and need a fast-turnaround (I've done turnarounds in 7-days to prevent closure)?
  • Are you as good as given up but have a feeling you can still try and hope something will work?
  • Are you just a me-too company but have an out-of-this-world product but admit you have no idea how to make the changes?
  • And just losing ground or standing still because your message just isn’t getting out there and you’re not sure why you just know it isn’t working.

Could you be my perfect partner? You do what you do best and I do what I do best - bring in your sales!

Let me be direct and tell you roughly (detail to be discussed) what I need from you…

  • Are you an Established company that needs more results
  • Doing OK but not good enough
  • Cash in the bank but not enough cash in the bank
  • Not in the red with debt
  • Good product that is in demand
  • Good team in place that is willing to do what it takes
  • Good service that clients love you just doesn't have enough clients
  • Good fulfilment but simply don't sell enough
  • Self-belief and faith in your business
  • But unhappy with your marketing or lack of results
  • Unhappy with your growth as it is slow and almost stopped
  • Unhappy with conversions and would love 49.2% if possible
  • Unhappy with your sales as they are simply not high enough
  • Unhappy with your marketing team as they have not delivered you the edge you need
  • Marketing budget in place and can go up and even down with your budget

You sound like you could be a perfect alliance partner for me. We should talk.

There is just one alliance place right now.

I need you to tell me what you need from me? I need you to be honest with me? I need you to allow me as much a freedom as possible to build your empire

What do you want from an alliance with me?

  • Do you want specific results?
  • Results that are tracked?
  • Results that are measured?
  • Results that are accountable?
  • Numbers that you can actually see in the bank?
  • Increased growth?
  • Even more sales and new sales?
  • Increased profits?

And you want a stronger more powerful business that can take things to the next level.

And if you need help to go public into the stock exchange I can help you hit the critical numbers so you can do that.

If you need to go from 500k to 5 million I can help you do that using some very powerful trick, secrets and direct response marketing I've learnt over 31-years!

What do I want from an alliance with you?

Lets put it this way… If I give you what you want with marketing that delivers on its promise what would you want to give me?

I am searching for a project that will deliver me a minimum of £250k - £1 million over a 12-month period. For you to give me that you are going to need sales in balance with that. That means we have to sit and talk numbers. Once the numbers are in place we need to start building a strong strategy designed to give you the sales you need and give me the results I need.

You win I win.

I win you win.

It's a perfect alliance.

How We Get Started As Alliance Partners

  • Clearly, a conversation needs to take place.
  • We can quickly determine if we are a good fit with each other.
  • A rough outline plan can be discussed.
  • Numbers can also be talked along with possibility.
  • If we both feel good about moving forward we should take the next step.
  • Details of any campaign should be agreed via a brief from me.
  • To get started a single advance has to be agreed between us.
  • A monthly residual has to be agreed
  • Contracts were drawn up and I will get my team and myself started.

And I can guarantee without fail whatever the numbers are it’ll be cheaper than the amount of cash you

  • Waste on staff that just doesn’t deliver
  • Waste on marketing that isn’t working
  • Lose over the year due to missed opportunity and unsolved deals.

As you can see this will only work for you if you really want bigger success without endless guesswork.

Just so you know I take my alliance partnerships very seriously yet I want it to be fun, interesting, exciting and massively rewarding for us both.

As far as doing my side you have no worries ...

  • I will take the lead with marketing strategy etc
  • I will tell you what is needed to create a very quick and instant result
  • I will show you what works but take that responsibility from you so you stay focused and I bring in your sales
  • I will make sure you know exactly what is going on at all times during any process
  • You will have access to me 24 hours during the process and vice-versa.

Because when I work on partner projects I go to bed reading your materials, wake up in the night scribbling ideas, spend day after day compiling notes, doing research until I find out the perfect strategies

Once they are found, discussed and put into place I will track and measure absolutely everything for you - for us! You make money - I make money!

If you get results I also get results. If you make money I make money. It’s a really simple value exchange.

But this is only for you if you can say everything on this page is right for you.

Because incredibly I see business all the time that are more than happy to keep trying, hoping and praying the same old stuff that doesn’t work might work one day.

I still see companies that hire experts that haven’t got a clue, cost the companies huge amounts in wages, cars and laptops but they still insist on doing things that way because they are supposed to do things that way.

I am looking for a client that wants results and wants big results.

Do you want that?

Do you realise that now more than ever you must have changed because it is finally hitting you that carrying on the same old way will do one thing and one thing only – lead to eventual failure.

And frankly business has changed over the past few years. Engagement marketing is critical and I am not talking about just Facebook ads!

Clever distinctive marketing is now key but the one thing that has never changed and is never a fad is the message to market and feeding the minds of your prospects from the start of their buying journey until beyond that journey.

Of course, if you get these things we are a perfect match – if you don’t and are interested in the latest greatest fad from another pseudo expert we are the worst match ever.

So should we at least talk or does a success partnership based my  proven track record not appeal to you?

Keep this in mind. I am strictly for the entrepreneur that wants results and is willing to allow a recognised expert to deliver those results. If you have everything in a place apart from results we should talk.

If you have the infrastructure, the staff, services, products and everything in place but just are not hitting your numbers we really should talk.

I have something you need and want.

You might have something I need and want.

Ultimately I am looking for a client where I can deliver huge numbers and you will reward me well for that.

If you feel you could be the perfect partner please read this email a couple of times.

Read my wants again in this message and list your wants and then – let's do a deal the old way.

As always here is a reminder on my part:

  • Only contact me if you not only agree that I am the kind of expert partner you want but also
  • Have everything in place and are ready to go
  • You are missing the power element that gives you sales
  • You have a budget for marketing
  • You are open-minded
  • You have payment for an agreed advance
  • You can agree to a monthly residual
  • You can agree on a deal to suit yourself and me

Finally …

I don’t think – I know you’ll find my ideas intriguing, interesting, compelling and strong enough for your business.

Again my services vary hugely so I won’t list them all here but just know I will give you exactly what you need at this time so you get the success and rewards you deserve.

Are you ready to talk with me? Give me a call and let's talk about business, life and happy things we can create as alliance partners.

And when we are finally pulling together your results we can meet in Monaco, watch the cars, look at the girls (or guys), play some casino and laugh at our first conversation based around will this or won’t this work!

So if you have to have the very best. If low results and failure just cannot be an option and if you need the best of the best minds working on your projects – I am that man. If you have tried a tonne options already and simply cannot take a chance on the next campaign. If you demand excellence and don’t mind eccentricity as long as you get what you need I could be your guy.

Text me right now on 07793 069 496 with the word ALLIANCE if this email resonates with you. I am here right now waiting to speak with you.

I will email you a reminder again this week but please act quickly as I will take the first and best offer as it arrives. After that, you will have to wait for at least 12-months for us to become partners again.

I can’t wait to build an empire together.

Alan Forrest Smith

Ps... Please make sure you read this page in detail before contacting me.