Marketing Stopped Working? Here’s Why!

13 Reasons Your Marketing Isn’t Working …

And if you carry on doing them it’ll only get worse!

If you are marketing like everyone else you could and probably have a huge problem and here is why.

In a recent study (link below) to try and find out what the hell is going on some of the numbers that came back were just startling and most of what you are about to read will definitely affect your business.

First, think about this.

The web has obliterated over half of Fortune 500 companies over the past few years. The reason for this was they were trying to do thing the same old way whilst the world has moved on.

The high streets have seen some huge historical brand names disappear regardless of their history. Why? Because they failed to move on.

It isn’t that marketing has really changed because the core hasn’t. What has changed is the way people’s thinking, reacting, doing and not doing has been reshaped by new habits.

New habits that involve screening, scrolling, distractions, speed, info overload, hypnotic patterns and an urge to see the next thing as fast as possible.

The research reveals some pretty shocking facts but facts all the same and here they are. My advice to you is for every fact you read ask the question of your own company and how it performs in relation to the fact.

Here’s the reality …

1. 81% asked say they do not trust businesses to be honest

2. 55% do not trust companies

3. 65% do not believe PR

4. 65% do not trust advertisements

5. 71% ignore and do not trust social media ads

6. 82% will say you have bad service if you do not reply within 10 minutes online it rises to 90% will not use you again if it is support

7. 51% of the public are happy to name and shame you for ONE bad service

8. Marketing costs are up online by a huge 51%

9. Google snippets are costing click through in a huge way

10. A paid strategy is costing more than ever as the monopoly rises

11. 52% of web search starts in Amazon

12. The past 3-years response rates have dropped by over 40%

13. In a top twenty lists of most disliked… marketing men come 18th out of twenty just about politicians

Source: HubSpot:

How does this affect you and your business online and offline?

Let me share some personal things I see with you.

We have gone through a huge marketing shift over the past five years in particular that I really don’t think many have noticed or seen.

You can tell those that haven’t seen by the way they are doing the same old stuff they have always done.

Run an ad because we run ads. Do AdWords because we do AdWords. Create content and post content because that is what we should do. And so on.

I have seen so many companies doing this I have literally lost count and written about it many times.

I had a client that finally folded his business. His problem was this. His marketing team of eleven insisted on spending day after day, week after week posting endless content into social media. They insisted this would give them mass coverage. It didn’t. The business folded in the end and resisted my advice every step of the way.


Because businesses and people are habitual creatures. Like all things in life they want to do what is easy, what they know and what is the path of least resistance.

Another company I spoke with insisted ion running magazine ads that never delivered any calls. When I suggested they stop them or change them they resisted and we never worked together.

Yet these companies all have one common theme and that is going from expert to expert ins search of more results.

This year I increased turnover for a business in the high street by a huge 223.7% in just 23-days.

23-days is more significant because than the huge percentage increase because they had one month to save the business and after that, the funds had gone.

I can tell you they were already doing everything that everyone was doing so there was nothing I could add. Apart from this.

We got creative, thought about new ideas that were already in the conversation of their buyers and then created creative ways to harness and utilise the creative conversation. The results were using ‘marketing’ that no one was doing and creating new ideas, new strategies and new thoughts for a bigger, better and stronger business.

Because …

If you carry on doing the same old stuff I want to be blunt with you-you are going to be screwed!

In a time when companies talk about cutting back or even having no marketing budget as you can see spending on customer acquisition has risen. It isn’t going down it's going up and still rising.

And of course, you can spend all you want on SEO as you get told here is how to dominate Google but the reality is Google have now created what is called Google Snippets that are designed to KEEP your buyers on Google and avoid you leaving Google by clicking links. All the big guys are starting to use the same strategies.

Is there a way you can win this game of marketing in a world where instant replies and a 10-minute cut off point is now being used by 80% of customers that no longer trust businesses or marketers?

See the business above that increased their turnover by 223.7%?

Here is what they said after working with my creative mind.

Salon turnover up by 233.7% in just 23-days

Salon average bills UP by 586.3%

Colour up over 700%

Stylist recruitment, management and columns issues solved in under 5-days

New salon bursting with clients from opening day

Sales of Olaplex and Balayage from UP A MASSIVE 2750%

Graduates increasing their columns by 101.3% (one new graduate now takes over £1,700 per week)

Stylist increasing their turnover by 465.21%

New clients UP by an INCREDIBLE 2633.3%

SAGE HAIR in Wickham, UK began SALON MENTOR EXTREME Jan 2nd, 2018. Here is what has happened in just 23-days so far.

TURNOVER: more than Doubled

NEW CLIENTS: up to 30 plus per week

COLOUR SALES: Up over 100%


NEW STAFF: found and started


BEST WEEKS EVER: despite it being January – their 3-best weeks ever and still increasing every week.

NEW MARKETING STRATEGY: fast, proven, bespoke, effective and working like crazy

The following has been done WITHOUT ANY ONLINE marketing. The following is part of a very precise, detailed, tested and focused 12-week plan. What you are about to read is part one. Part one is about stabilising the business.

During this period my SALON MENTOR EXTREME clients have open access to my 33-years experience. They can text, call, email, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, face-to-face as often as needed. One day I have had around 50 plus texts from just one mentor client. ALL clients get a direct reply from me within seconds.

Read what the salon sent to me after just 3-weeks and 2 days in SALON MENTOR EXTREME 2018 …


Well, what can I say!!

We had a salon, a team, a business – Or so we thought!!

We were taking on average £2-3000 a week, it covered the bills… just! We spent A LOT of nights worrying about how we were going to pay the staff if there was money in the bank to pay for the product company…. We didn’t take a wage, we didn’t have any spare cash, we thought we were doing everything as we should but we were still not seeing any increase….until we called Alan.

We spent many more nights wondering whether we should take the risk, it was a lot of money that we certainly didn’t have.

We made the jump… and it was honestly THE BEST THING WE HAVE EVER DONE!!!!

Alan ripped our business apart and showed us it in a completely different light….

In 4 weeks he has refocused our attention on stabilising and building a BUSINESS.

He has almost DOUBLED our turnover in 4 weeks…….at the quietest time of the year!!

He has opened our eyes to everything about our business and what we were doing and has flipped it on its head!!


We are 4 weeks in…..we can’t for the results after 12.

Alan is fantastic, he is supportive, encouraging and he knows what he’s talking about! He is ALWAYS at the end of the phone, he keeps us focused and he gets results…… it ’s just simply amazing!

I can’t wait to write about our journey after the next 4 weeks!


Rich and Steph, Sage Hair Wickham

Let me share this with you …

But either way all of the results above are 100% verifiable, documented and a credit to the hard work of the salon owner and the proven, tested and transforming systems I use with you during mentor.

This is cool and I want to share it with you.

Almost every result I have had with have been done without doing what the industry advises. You know stuff like

  • NO: Google domination

  • NO: SEO management

  • NO: Facebook ads

  • NO: Twitter or Instagram

  • NO: big push on websites

In other words, I decided that the only way I can save and build this business in just 23-days was simple. I had to break every fixed rule and do things that no one was used to doing or seeing (like the huge draped banner over the railway bridge that every car had to drive under daily).

In other words … getting smart, clever, savvy, sharp, creative and even dare I say it … OFFLINE … about getting business seen, heard and taken notice of.

Now let’s get back on track.

If you have to re-read the numbers above you should. These numbers are the reason you must reshape and rethink the way you take tour business into the marketplace, the way your business is seen by those that want your products. This means you must start taking a different route, you have to think and do different knowing that this can bring greater results on marketing budgets that are slashed.

I want to round off this little page by saying to you this.

EVERYTHING in marketing has changed …

and if you fail to change and make the changes according to the new mindset you will start to see and maybe are seeing a loss in sales, response, conversions and more.

Support can no longer be days to reply but must be under 10-minutes. Service has to be instant. Salespeople have to sell less to sell more. Marketing has become kind of crazy and confusing to the point that I don’t know of one marketing company that is truly tuned into where the mind of the human is right now.

How about you?

Here’s your litmus test.

How does your business stand against the big list of 13 at the start of this article?

It really is this simple … Is your marketing working?

The god Father of Guerrilla Marketing publicly said this about me… “Alan, you have the most brilliant marketing mind most would die for”. I’ll take that one and so should you.

Would you like me to give you so many new ways to get seen, heard and increase sales that your head will hurt?

I’d love to speak with you and help you make changes create new directions

The tactics, the strategies and the big ideas that will transform your business?

Let’s talk right now.

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