The Marketing Paradox




The Online Marketing Paradox

How is it possible to increase a business turnover by 223.7% in just 23-days – without the use of the web?

No email. No website. No lead capture. No social media. No LinkedIn. No Adwords. 


I will share this with you. Almost every business I deal with in 2018 makes the same mistake. It is this; they are almost 100% reliant on the web for driving business. They run it, use it, do it, follow the guidance and pay for it. Yet the results they experience when they finally come to me are usually the same.

Not enough.

How about you?

Are you using everything you can think of online to get your business busier, more results and more leads yet nothings happening? If that’s the case read every word that is about to come your way.

I started working online in 1997. It was harder to get customers on board because they simply didn’t have emails.

By the time 2001 arrived almost everyone had this new thing called email and everyone loved their email and sharing their new email with everyone and anyone. By the mid-2000s people had realised the more you hand out your email the more spam you get into your inbox. 

Then arrived the social media scene. Your customers signed up and started using it. All of a sudden over one billion people are now attached to Facebook and the like. That’s’ a lot of people.

Today, not only are your customer protective about using their emails but the web created a strange disengaged ‘engagement’ with an almost addictive hypnotic effect on the user.

It detached a sense of reality and replaces it with an assured sense of unreality. In other words, it gives us something that really isn’t what it appears to be.

Maybe you feel because everyone walks around with a phone that is connected, had a Facebook account, uses LinkedIn or is doing soothing online this is the best way to connect with your buyers?

It can be. It probably isn’t. If done well it could be.

This is the online marketing paradox.

Do you use it?

Do you not use it?

Let me share some things I think you’ll find more than interesting.

ALL of the clients that come to me for advice are already using almost everything online yet – the results aren’t there.

A client came to me with a real shop that wanted to sell everything online. He was now on his 3rd website redesign. He had used 3-4 SEO companies. His social media was being filled with content from a content agency every week. His Adwords were sky-high each month. He would spend days and even weeks searching for the best way to drive more traffic online.

His guys told him endlessly that traffic was up ye his own reality was that sales weren’t moving.

Another client recently had invested a ton of cash into Facebook campaigns. His results could never justify the investments.

And the client about had also been doing everything you can think about doing online with results so bad their business was about to die.

And here is the marketing paradox.

All three businesses above made a shift from being addicted to doing everything online and heading back to where their customers really were.  The results for all three of the above clients were astonishing. All three businesses experienced a turnaround.

Most companies, business owners like yourself get stuck into staring at the screen believing this is where all the action is. You might believe everyone is online yet my reality working with clients like yourself is very different.

For example, how do you increase a business that is 100% online marketing by a huge ... 

...233.7% in 23-days?

Easy you create a mass visibility and mass coverage campaign that goes exactly where the customer is. That’s what we did and the results were astonishing to the point not only did it save their business it exploded their business over a 12-week period and beyond. We did most of this with a hugely successful offline campaign.

What does this actually mean?

It means the assumption that every customer knows you are there is the wrong assumption – most people don’t know you are there and if they do it has never been easier for them to forget who you are.

And this is another part of the paradox. Just because there are millions upon millions online it doesn’t mean that they are there to buy. When you online do this means you are looking to buy. 

The online marketing paradox has created a lazy disengaged generation of marketing advisors that are not only losing clients results but are also so disengaged, so disconnected they are delivering results for people like yourself that are failing your businesses.

They want the ability to do everything from behind a screen, with an App or even SMS or other online placements such as Adwords.

Your marketing results?

Yet the reality of what I see time and time again if this doesn't bring the results I know you want.

And this again is part of the paradox because despite the fact I see a lot of time, money, energy and ideas wasted online I also see results and good results at that.

A legal company I worked with some time ago were getting no results from their online campaign. With good testing and measuring advice, they managed to increase their conversion rates as high as 49.2%. This was all through a Facebook campaign only.

A florist I worked with that had been doing endless Adwords, SEO and social media and never yet experienced a single sale online. After just one week of adjusting, advising, fixing and directing they not only had their first online sales but the sale continued to grow. NONE came from Adwords or what they were doing before.

And one more company I am working with right now has seen their sales go through the roof with a refined use of online and offline.

So here is the paradox in a nutshell and it is this.

Marketing is marketing as long as you understand and know what marketing really truly is.

Marketing isn’t a label or a procedure. It is the blood of your company. Without that blood, you just cannot exist. It should flow but be part of a continuous strategy that has been designed for you and your business. Use the wrong blood and your business is dead.

The rules are ... There can be no rules

You are different, your business is different and your customer base is different. Social media fails for most but could work for you. SEO is a game of lies and deceit and rarely works well for anyone. Twitter and LinkedIn could be the most expensive timewasters you are using right now despite the volume of uses.

One of my client’s customers is all ex-army. They think very different to ex-hairdressers. They think very differently to a financial expert and so on.

The messages have to be clear but engaging. The look and feel have to be authentic and connected.

Sitting and hiding behind a screen day in, day out does more damage than good I most cases I have come across.

Yet, online marketing can also be the most powerful tool you have in your business.

That is the paradox but a paradox that is easily solved once you truly understand the conversation of your customer. That’s a whole other conversation for another writing.

Ultimately surely there is just one way to measure this.

Are you getting results that you really want?

Your answer reveals everything.


Alan Forrest Smith

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