Direct Response Mindsets and Triggers

John's a client, he rang for advice. Basically he wanted an Ad critiqued. The story went like this. We spent over a year creating this advert, we ran it 6 times with almost no response.

I said ... 'over a year?'

He replied 'Yes'

He then went on to tell me over 7 people had worked on the advert. From Susan that does the accounting to Steve that does the stock and of course the client himself - they have all and more inputted the Advert.

So I asked the question I always ask clients... 'Are any of them specialists in words, mindsets and response triggers?'

The answer was... 'Mmmm I don't think so why?'

The fact he asked me why said more than anything else. I mean... would you allow the hospital porter to take out your appendix?

Creating advertising for most clients can feel almost like a matter of life and death!

You see to become an expert in anything you need to do something in particular do you know what that is?

PRACTICE An expert has to practice around 8 hours daily to be an expert. It's no accident that a creator of a successful advert is an expert with in words, mindsets and response triggers.

He is an expert because he or she has spent hours, days, weeks months and even years finding out the response difference with single words.

For example. When you say... 'Can you?' ...

You are raising a question in the buyers mind. But ...

You are also raising doubt When when you say ... 'You can...'

The reader or buyer can nod whilst reading and agree by saying inside their heads... 'yes I can'

See the difference? That's one example of thousands that an expert will know and an amateur cannot know.

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