Headless Chicken Marketing

Headless Chicken Marketing For the past 22 years I have experienced and seen this.

When you cut off the head of a chicken (I had this dubious and outrageous dishonor last summer in California) the chicken runs around like crazy.

Yet the fact is... it's really dead! Time and time again I see businesses creating, scheming , planning this kind of marketing.

They meet and talk and discuss and drink wine and eat well and run around like headless chickens.

When the much anticipated campaign finally goes live and no sales come in ... the headless chicken runs like crazy but the fact is... it's dead.

There is a solution. Marketing is of course a well tested science. This was done decade and decade ago. Science is the art of testing and proving things do what they say.

Marketing doesn't have to be re-invented around big Oak tables

Marketing doesn't have to be talked about over fine wine and the prospect of another big dinner in a plush hotel. Marketing doesn't have to be tried and hoped in.

The solution is simple. Stop wasting cash, avoid the chickens head being removed and take advice from those that know the facts and can guide you.

There that was easy right?

Despite reading that most businesses carry on like headless chickens.

Crazy! Need solid-as-a-rock-advice? Contact us right now we're here to help you build a power-house business in weeks not years!

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