How To Start a Business


How to start a business

  • Successfully

  • On the right foot

  • With low-risk

Starting a new business isn't easy. If it was 8-10 wouldn't fail.

Even harder if you survive - keeping in profit and thriving.

There's a lot of articles online about how to start a business. I purposely write this in the simplest of words based on what i have seen and experienced over 32-years of business.

How To Start a Business - My Quick Story

I started my first business when I was 10-years old.

I painted my old Raleigh Chopper bike with some old spray paints.

I’m not sure how but friend’s parents started asking me to paint their kids old bikes. I got paid around 50 pence per bike.

I had started my very first business. I was a rich 1-year old.

Today I am totally unemployable and can and have only worked for myself since my teenage years. Yes I tried jobs but got fired from all of them.

I had brick and mortar businesses from 1989 to 2003. Today all of my business is done via the web through multiple websites.

(There are many more)

I work hard.

I get paid WELL.

I buy most things in cash.

I am my own boss.

I take time off when I want.

I start my days when I want

I finish my days when I want

I even eat my breakfast out everyday or stay at home – if I want.

Today I sell stuff online including services and products.

I’ve been doing that since the late 1990s but fulltime since I sold my last hairdressing salon in 2003 when I made another transition into another new career.

I’ve made tons of mistakes and learnt from them – even bankruptcy.

So - How To start a Business?

Here’s what you should know on how to start a business from a businessman that has started many businesses and has run his own business for done for decades.

  1. Grab your idea with both hands

  2. Research that people actually are buying what you are selling

  3. Know your numbers to the penny where possible

  4. Locate your product

  5. Know your service

  6. Find out how to get what your selling in front of buyers eyes

  7. Just do it

  8. Mistakes are standard get over them and accept the lesson

  9. Pay for very good advice

  10. Model a company doing what you do but do it better

  11. Model companies outside your industry

  12. Buy the best or make the best of what you can afford

  13. Get your marketing right

  14. Find an angle for your business

  15. Get a cool name no one will forget and make it mean something

  16. Be predictable but take risks

  17. Develop a sales system that converts

  18. Scale it up

  19. Keep up the momentum

  20. Never assume its all good

  21. Don’t go and buy a luxury car in the first year

  22. Build your cash

  23. Pay taxes because if you are paying them you’re making them

  24. Never rely on staff just accept their best but when it isn’t their best fire them

  25. Nothing is bad in business it is all just business.

  26. The slow times, the bad times, the terrible times and the great times… it’s all just business.

When I am asked how to start a business I think a lot of what I say above is valid. So many people think that starting a business is easy – it isn’t but when it goes well it is worth every minute of effort.

Here are more than a few mistakes I have seen from my own clients businesses.

  • Spending a fortune in infrastructure and nothing on planning.

  • Ordering new cars to sit outside their offices before they make any money.

  • Ordering a Rolex before building a business.

  • Trying to make success happen on the cheap.

  • Failing to create marketing systems that work.

  • Creating marketing systems that work but failing to upscale them

  • Trying to do everything they are not qualified to do

  • Trying to do everything on their own.

  • Not asking for advice.

  • Asking for advice failing to act on that advice.

  • Thinking marketing is a single event rather than daily part of the fabric of the business

  • Sitting and waiting for something to happen

  • Expanding too fast

  • Ignoring the web

  • Working with amateurs

The truth is to the answer how do you build a business is just get started and do it. Take as much advice as you can get and run with it as long as there are buyers.

One or two personal things I will add on how to start a business.

  • Aim the highest you can

  • Reach even higher

  • Believe you are what you want to become

  • Treat yourself regular when business is doing well. It makes it all worth it.

  • Buy the best of everything – even something as small as your pen. This will empower you to be your best.

  • Work for as long as you need to everyday you need to. If you need to do 30-minuts today that’s good.

  • If you need to work 18-hours to make things work – stop moaning and work 18-hours – when it has to be done – it’s always worth it.

  • Make your yes mean yes and your no mean no

  • Don’t fall in love with your business – it is a business that supports your life not the other way around.

  • Stop flogging a dead horse – if it isn’t going to work – close it down and move forward on the lessons you’ve discovered.

  • Keep learning.

  • Stay interested.

  • Get excited.

  • Stay in control but let go of control where you need an expert.

I have had some serious setbacks in business. Like when I lost £91,000 to one single client. Like when I had to go through bankruptcy or like when county court bailiffs came to take away my car.

But the reality is this is how you build a business. You learn from the lessons and move forward all of the time. That is the only way I have managed to stay in business for myself over the past 32-years.

The uncertainty in everything is a time when I am thankful that I control my own business. I rarely know what is taking place in the news with politicians because my own truth is that politics has rarely affected what I do. Yes it will affect others depending on the marketplace but I can say it rarely affected me.

I have lived and thrived through three major recessions and am still here thriving right now.

I don’t believe there has ever been a better time in history to learn how to build a business. The web has opened so many new doors and created so many opportunists. Yet so have the emergence of the new artisan and the rise of the marketplace. This is an exciting time to be in business but it still has its pitfalls that are all to easy to fall in to.

My own mentor program has now been running and refined with my AFS METHOD for over 12-years although I began mentoring people for business in 1989. My very first metro student was a girl named Kerry Dawson. She was my hair salon junior. By the time I had finished mentoring her she had become a really great salon owner herself.

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