Slash Advertising Budget

This week we had some great news from a client. He listened to the advice I gave him, acted on it and the result was simple ... A saving of over 60% on his annual marketing budget. I did say ... SIXTY PERCENT SAVING!

How? Really easy. Did you know most magazines or other advertising media have an unwritten policy of NOT refusing any advertising revenue?

What does this mean for you? It means the 'deal' is negotiable big time. In other words ... you don't have to pay what they ask you for any media.

I'm not talking about having a few dollars knocked off, I'm talking about a titanic amount of cash!

Next time you get offered or go in search of advertising here's some simple rules that'll save you money and slash your advertising budget by over 60%!

1. They need your cash. 2. Things are tight for them right now. 3. They cannot afford to turn away revenue. 4. You have control, they need you more than you need them. 5. Negotiate, negotiate, negotiate like crazy.

Best of all ... I shared with my private client above how to almost obliterate his regular monthly budget on advertising by OVER 60%!

Of course that's a secret I keep for my paying clients. If you need to know how to create your own advertising that sells like crazy...

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