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Did you realise you are living your life in Zoomanity?

Did you realise you are living your life in Zoomanity?


Did you realise you are living your life in Zoomanity?

At the age of 45 I was wondering what the hell was going on?

I had gone from stable into a tumultuous life almost over night. This was eventually to lead to divorce and a breakdown of almost everything from my own past.

I decided to go away into the mountains of California and try to work out why this had happened? The thinking the reasoning and the working out brought me the conclusion that my life like the lives of most and is simply a construct of embedding, repeating and of course a zoomanic mantra that has never been stronger.

This is life in Zoomanity.

Some are trapped in its grips forever. Others will never escape.

 Here’s what I discovered and here is what everyone needs to know about life in Zoomanity.

 Will you escape?

 A simple, easy to read, fast paced book that you’ll find hard to put down I gaurantee it.

An absolute inspiration. Should be left in hotel rooms all over the planet.

I read this in one 2-hour session this morning and my first thought was that I wished I'd discovered it years ago. I've been reading similar books over the past decade but Alan's blend of autobiography, moral philosophy and laser-focused observation really gets his message across. He has lived an incredibly interesting and varied life with plenty of highs and lows, and this experience has given him the raw materials and tools to fashion his best life possible, which he has achieved. This book is a real inspiration and will help you wake up to the truth - which is that the vast majority are living a life dictated to and designed by others - not ourselves. And the sooner you can put yourself in charge, the better life will be for yourself and everyone who genuinely has your best interests at heart. Highly recommended.

Andy M, Amazon review.

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Readers Reviews


This review is from: Escape From Zoomanity: 1 (Paperback)I have to admit I am not the most compulsive of readers of any type of book but I was recommended this one by a friend. I found it a fascinating insight in to all facets of life and mirrored so much of my own. I am sure the thousands of people that will also read this will feel the same. What is important to me in a book of this type is the honesty and integrity of the writing and there is no doubt that this is a extremely honest and intelligent read. Harsh and to the point throughout but also humorous, delicate and charming. The author should be credited highly for a thought provoking book that goes a long way to not only inspiring and motivating the human mind but bringing home important truths about life.

Highly recommended!

Amazon reviewer



This review is from: Escape From Zoomanity: 1 (Paperback)I have just finished this book today, after reading almost non stop since its arrival yesterday. It was utterly charming, funny, passionate and inspirational. Definitely one for those wanting to change their lives, think about life, change their outlook or just confirm what they were always thinking. There IS more to life….alan illustrates this beautifully. Really enjoyed it and would recommend to anyone. Thought provoking and compelling.

Read it.



“This review is from: Escape From Zoomanity: 1 (Kindle Edition)If you can only make time to read one book this year, read this one. As you immerse yourself in Alan’s story, things that have happened – pointers- in your life will start to make sense to you. In this way, instead of reading about another person’s escape from a humdrum existence, you can begin to plan your own exit.

An exit that probably entails more risk, although risk is a relative term. risk of going back to an ordinary so so life, or stepping forward to live the life you promised yourself. treat this book as the catalyst to get there.

By Robert Bridge “robbwindow” (UK)


“Escape from Zoomanity in its simplicity is opening the lid on global information”

This review is from: Escape From Zoomanity: 1 (Paperback)

Escape from New York was a good film from the eighties, Escape from Zoomanity is a story directed at an audience of today. The brand of this book is the testimony of what Alan Forrest Smith can do and does do. So many books these days go on the direction and guidance of having a personna and an image. The shift on offer in Zoomanity text is something more different and original. Every system and every business thought has already been published but none has yet ventured into the far corners of the world that actually need the leverage of the Internet to utilise the streams of income available online. So many books make the mistake of directing theirs books at the locality of their audience, Zoomanity is more suited for recommendation to neighbours and friends and reads as such.

The thing I like about this book is the shift between whats actually going on and what is being said, how we interpret this is difficult to articulate because we do live in a world of metaphors and preambles that reference the same information, Escape form Zoomanity: 1 swerves all this and guides the reader straight through the distractions that occur these days.

I know this book will do well here on Amazon because I hope to read the next Escape from Zoomanity: 1, any negative reviews here on Amazon or made simply to distract readers from the truth. Escape from Zoomanity in its simplicity is opening the lid on global information. This gateway should be embraced and translated as such, a story is a story and finding our own story is a key thing to extract from the wonderful world of Zoomanity, Escape from Zoomanity is a gateway glossary of navigating around these new fields of information.

Concluding I recommend this book because I am interested in most of the topics this books addresses, the impact of this book is short sited since it is so new but I like the information that I have learned, rather than give the game away I just point you guys in the right direction, this is a good book, it is a good read and I am sure you agree if you know a little or a lot about Alan he has a great message and a hive of information to share with the visually reading world. The orchestration of this book is as hyped up as Star Wars trilogy or Jaws, the reason why I mention this is well they have stood the test of time, I predict this will also stand the test of time and you to can take action and cultivate these future mindsets by getting a nice fresh copy of this book.

It is a sort of matrix out there the demographics of the world, and we do have choices we all need to take, to take action based on the premise ‘you want to succeed more’ , the comforts are inside but you will learn from the ventures and explorations unsealed in the pages of this book its going to take courage, action and other things too. All I know is Alan is a highly sort well trained copy writer and should be treated as such when reading the words put together in this first edition of Escape Zoomanity: 1 .

Amazon reviewer




This review is from: Escape From Zoomanity: 1 (Paperback)I read it overnight. Although the book is a reflection of authors own life, I could relate instantly. You will see how humans are kept in constant conditioning, that drives our lives, almost pre-determined by the society. Through one man’s extraordinary life journey you will see how to break through in your own life and live it on your terms. You’ll be moved and inspired.

“MASTERPIECE” First I would like to encourage all those who are not aware of Alan to spend some time going through his website and reading the ton of testimonials of the life’s he has transformed. He did have a profound impact on my life and when I use the word “profound”

I mean it in a big way… Zoomanity is Alan’s best work. Three decades of baggage and frustration will drop of in less than an hour once you immerse yourself in this masterpiece. Alan is a rare jewel in the world of creative and inspired thinking and Zoomanity is what you might be missing today Sri Vishwanath author of the bestseller Zero Effort &the Secret of Bhagavad Gita


“COMPELLING READ” With a down-to-earth style, the will to tackle the big issues with bold questions, the ability to spin an argument on its head, and the instinct to pin-point just where you are emotionally, Alan Forrest Smith has created a created a hypnotic, page-turning masterpiece.In Escape to Zoomanity, Forrest Smith says what you may already feel, but haven’t yet formed into words. He articulates it brilliantly and just when you might get jittery, he puts the finger on you. From Leith in Edinburgh, to Rain Forest Shaman, Forrest Smith uses his own life story as a journey and spells out how Zoomanity can trap us; and… thank God, he also offers us a way out – an escape from Zoomanity! Escape to Zoomanity is a compelling read and a must for anyone looking for a deeper understanding and a will to escape from the chains of life. Read it now and make your escape… while there is still time Neil Fellowes


“POWERFUL” Alan is not only a friend and colleague, but also a mentor. In over a decade of working together, he has continually fascinated me with his unique grasp of the human condition, the power of self-transformation, and the desperate need to rise above today’s fast-paced, self-absorbed, confusing world, which he unabashedly (and appropriately) coins as Zoomanity. His ability to tell stories that captivate and enlighten, and drive home potent lessons about life and people, is a powerful tool he uses to awaken both your mind and soul to a new level of curiosity, appreciation, and purpose. Read this book and, once you’re done, you will not only discover the world of Alan Forrest Smith, but also the very world you live in yourself — and how to rise above it. Writer, Michel Fortin



Escape from Zoomanity is pure truth, there were moments I was laughing, moments I was crying, moments I was nervous, moments I was disappointed, moments I was happy. Pure emotions, pure life, pure truth… What a great adventure through life.

Author of Cult Classic Kommando, writer, Madlen Namro



Alan Forrest Smith has challenged society and mankind to examine everything – to create a revolution to restore the lost art of humanity. It is a MUST READ if you ever want to be free.

Tracy Repchuk, Bestselling Author of 31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles


“BRILLIANT”” If you are looking for a way to master your life instead of letting your life master you, Alan hit the nail on the head with Escape from Zoomanity. He takes ‘thought provoking’ to a whole new level. ‘Brilliant’ is the word that comes to mind.

Best Selling Author, Jim Britt, Author of “Rings of Truth” and “Cracking the Rich Code”