Direct Marketing Consultant with Jens

Why I Flew Alan To Switzerland For Direct Marketing Consulting!I couldn't get to England to Alan's office so I asked Alan if I could fly him to Zürich?

I put him and his partner on to a Swiss Air flight, flew them direct into Zürich, met them both at the Airport and then drove them to a stunning hotel overlooking the Swiss Alps and Lake Zürich.

I want to say now - Of course it cost me money. The whole 4 days was paid by myself, it cost Alan not a single penny.

I paid for flights, hotel, time and other expenses. Some will say that is crazy but I can tell you it was worth every single penny, here's why!

It was truly a great Weekend-Business-Breakthrough-Session for me.

I am in multiple businesses, my main business being in the hair and beauty business. Also we have training academy's, new hair products we have developed, books I have written and even more.

I was feeling stuck, looking for new direction but more important I needed to fast-track certain areas of my business.

I knew about Alan, had read a lot about him on his websites and had a strong feeling he could help my business grow fast!

At the moment I decided to fly Alan over to Switzerland I was confident to work out some big points for my salon marketing and success 2012.

I did not get disappointed, Alan was very direct, straight to the point, brutally frank, with huge business experience and important for me, over 20 years of salon experience.

All I needed from the weekend to pay for itself was just one magical moment that would change things for me.

I had many small moments, tips, advice and directions but two big Aha-effects for sure.

Alan taught me and opened my eyes to how much PERCEPTION changes the game for my business. This is a very big moment for me.

Also not just how to create new marketing campaigns but also why it is so important to take yourself the TIME to work out marketing campaigns on a daily basis.

The weekend cost me what some would call a lot of money. Frankly I know the return on investment will be huge for me. I have had changes right away that have more than paid for Alan's advice.

Thank you Alan.

My advice for you is this; If you are stuck, need motivating or really need to know how to get a new business up fast or an older business flying in a new direction fast, you really cannot do any better than meeting Alan for a weekend for what is a truly in-depth direct marketing expert advice.

I did think carefully about this investment but next time I would happily pay ten times more.

Thanks you for an inspiring get together. I'm confident in 2012 we will stay no.1 in Town and make it even better.

If you'd like Alan to work on your business get in touch right now through our contact page.

Alan has consultant with well over 70 types of business, from salons to concrete suppliers to private schools to internet entrepreneurs.