How To Become a Copywriter

It’s incredible the changes you can make in your life in such a short period!Let me share a very quick story with you on how to become a copywriter. As far back as 1998 (maybe before) I got my very first paid job as a copy writer/Ad-Man.

By 2003 I was getting paid ridiculous amounts of cash to write adverts, letters, webpages and more for clients. In life terms, I was pretty rich!

By 2006 the skills I had been building had taken me around the planet on several occasions teaching others how to use these very same skills.

I can share with you, I was creating huge amounts of wealth doing my own thing and getting rich doing it.

By January 2010 I was broke, homeless, divorced and a train wreck of humanity!

Finally just to really kick me in the teeth I was forced into a humiliating bankruptcy that left me with less-than-nothing.

I have to say – it was a low point in my life. The only question I had; ‘how the hell do I get out of this mess?’

After taking time out to THINK I remembered that I had the ability to earn $5,000 a day. I also had the ability to create $10,000 a week.  I also had gathered skills that had seen clients handing over checks for $50,000 on more than one occasion.

I had clients who lives had been transformed working with me. Some had made millions from the skills I had shared with them. Others were making well over six figures from the consulting and works I had done for them. Others had seen increases of 116%, 73%, 54% in 4 weeks and more.

I’d even raised $71,000 on a stage over 3 days and handed that cash over to a rainforest foundation.

HOW? I created a brand-new life by simply using the skills I had collected over 27 years in business. I had also discovered how to become a copywriter.

Sometimes the answers are so simple they are just impossible to see right?

Of course now I have cash, I have a 5 bedroomed farmhouse in the country, I have a new car on my driveway and I have a stunningly beautiful woman that loves and adores me each morning, each afternoon and each night. Life has come back to life again.

Here’s how … Most of the skills that have brought my life back into order and re-building my life at an incredible rate are here for you on this series of DVDs.

I look different (heavier), I have no beard and am wearing glasses however … some of the information you will discover can very easily turn your life, inside out, upside down or help you create a life that most of your peers will only ever dream about.

It’s all here Before I go let me say this… All that attended these classes paid £5,000 per head. You are getting not one £5,000 but two for the price of one. That’s TWO courses worth £10,000

Of course it isn’t all about the money, life never is yet – money in the bank always helps … It’s a short page, right to the point because I think this email pretty much covers the real benefits for you.

So heres how to become a copywriter ... The very best of life to you.

Alan Forrest Smith