A Bag of Dog Shit


A Bag of Dog Shit Filled With Opportunity As I drove along the country road from my home to where one of my sons live I saw a guy with no hair a pot belly, over sized jeans and a dog almost the size of a horse. The dog was a bullmastiff but a big bullmastiff, cream with a huge tongue hanging out that slavered everywhere. They say dogs take on the look of their owners – in this case I had to agree.

In his left hand the dogs leash was bound very tightly around his master’s wrist and in his right hand was what I would describe as a very big bag full of dog shit. Maybe still hot and surely stinking. Now before you take any offence of any kind the bag got my brain ticking.

You see not only was the man carrying a bag full of dog shit he was also carrying that same brown matter in a bag that had gone from being called a carrier bag to a sandwich bag to a doggy poop bag.

So the problem was simple.

Dog owners could no longer take their dogs for a walk on the school sports field and allow the dog to shit all over the field like in the past. This meant that kids would no longer end up with that same dog waste on the school schools and even hands when sitting on the grass. This wouldn’t prevent diseases that can cause blindness. Hence the bag of dog shit was born.


Well did you know there are over 11 million dogs in the UK alone? Every dog has to well you know … shit … which in simple numbers means this… Trixie sell dog poop bags on Amazon at £5 for 20 If 11 million people bought their poop bags that means sales of £55,000,000 selling bags to fill with dog shit!

Sometimes business doesn’t have to be complicated at all. All it takes is initiative and taking some action. Who would have thought you could become a millionaire filling bags with dog shit?

Can you see simple problems around you? Solve them. Just one thing though – why do some owners put the bags once filled in their pockets? Yuk!

I’m over dogs. I love life. I create words that make magic happen. Let me love your business? Your ever-eccentric genius Alan Forrest Smith