Breakthrough Review 2016 Offer



QUESTION: How Many Sales, How Many Conversions, How Much Cash In The Bank, How Much Growth Are You Missing Out On?

One client that came to me recently was under constant threat of bankruptcy. I took her from closure to 53.4% new sales in 4-weeks. I took her to 116% in 11-months! Now she has three businesses thriving and generating into the millions!

Would you like results like that?

Is you business broke?

Here's The Solution!

  • STRATEGIES: Dozens of low-risk, higher return strategies as demanded by my expert clients
  • TACTICS: Higher response tactics with astronomical numbers like 47%, 63% and sales of over £7 million from zero for one client
  • CURRENT THINKING: Tested, proven and up to the minute marketing that has delivered time and again for clients
  • IDEAS: Ideas that will give you the edge, the angle, the perception and presence in front of your clients
  • DIRECT MAIL: Breakthroughs from zero to £800,000
  • LEADS ONLINE: From zero to over 330 during one campaign
  • OLD SCHOOL FLYERS: Over £60,000 from a single drop
  • START-UPS: Start fast, start right - from new to over £1 million in sales
  • TURN-AROUND: From doors about to close to sales of over £42,000 in 12-hours!

No wonder Jay Conrad Levinson and others call my mind 'BRILLIANT!'

If you like the idea of your results, sales, conversions and your stock or services flying out the door I am more than happy to help you do that as fast as humanly possible.

Here's one way you can quickly change your results but before you read this page it does come with a warning: I have very limited space so if it is for you please act quickly!

BREAKTHROUGH - - Full Marketing Strategy, Tactics, Media Materials Intensive Breakthrough Critique

Why do businesspeople keep doing what doesn't work and hoping the results will change? If that sounds like you that pattern can change!

I am happy to review, critique, advise consult and ramp up all of your marketing or strategies to help the rest of this year to be your best breakthrough year ever.

It works like this...

  • We speak
  • You book your place with me
  • We invoice you as agreed - to be paid in advance
  • I will send you a detailed questionnaire
  • We arrange a face-to-face meeting
  • We plan goals, visions, and more and expectations
  • We talk very openly and confidentially about profits, loss and your current and perfect turnover
  • I collect and review all of your marketing materials so far
  • I find and destroy your marketing problem
  • I solve your marketing problem
  • I research everything about your buyer so we think as they think
  • I create lists of keywords, buzz words, triggers that create response and reaction
  • I find out your buyers buying journey from the moment they think about your product or service until the moment they order
  • I check everything related to that journey - even the way you answer the phone
  • I then check your message is a match to your buyer to make sure we are saying what they want to hear not what we want them to hear
  • Breakthrough strategies in harmony with your buyer's thoughts are created
  • Tactics are offered and advised for speed, leverage and response
  • Proven, tested and prolific improvements and suggestions are offered
  • Strong response grabbing headlines are suggested
  • Your offer is checked for clarity and benefits
  • Your call to action is checked for power and impact
  • Your systems for successful campaigns is checked
  • NO writing or technical work is included in this offer. I can, of course, do them for you at an extra cost to be quoted
  • You get support for 30-days beyond the works done
  • You get follow-up and support calls during the period
  • You can call me anytime
  • You can email me anytime
  • I reply to everything within 8 hours unless otherwise stated
  • And more to be individually agreed

I am some businesses last hope after trying many things

100% of new clients that come to me have all tried many companies, agencies, marketing experts, gurus etc to help with their marketing over many years before they finally find me. One client spent £22,000 on a website that never sold a thing. Another had spent $17,000 on sales copy that couldn't sell water to a man dying of thirst in the desert.

Every one of them knew me for years before they got in touch with me. When I ask them why they are in touch now and why they didn't earlier ... here's the third funny thing... They all tell me the exact same thing... Too expensive but now they are desperate.

400k plus a month

Three years ago a client just like that came to me. He arrived after waiting just under two years for just one web campaign that he had paid £18,000 for had failed to deliver at all levels from his previous expert. He urgently needed a breakthrough.

We spoke and after speaking I told him not only had he spent well over 60k with this agency but we worked out the sales lost. The number was huge!

  • I reviewed everything he was currently doing.
  • I made a tonne of adjustments.
  • I helped to create a new direct marketing campaign.
  • His sales rose from around 36k a month to over 400k plus a month.
  • His new breakthrough marketing hit an all-time high conversion of 49.2%.
  • Interesting right?

Can you imagine if he had come to see me first?

Can you imagine how much wealthier and successful he would have been? Maybe he needed to experience the other failure first, I'm not sure.

He isn't alone!

My Clients Have Massive Breakthroughs

  • Sales of 5 million in a single month - Previous campaign failed to deliver anything
  • Sales of 15,400 on 3-days - 5 weeks of previous marketing and no sales - £15,400 rose over a week to sales of around £60,000
  • Sales of 1.2 million of cars from one direct mail campaign - marketing costs slashed, sales went through the roof - new stock sold-out!
  • Sales of 485k from a single campaign - huge edit and critique of a web page that had previously sold NOTHING!
  • From no leads to 17 paying per hour - breakthrough phone script and email funnel system put in place
  • From no new clients to over 400 from one campaign - The client had to stop this campaign due to massive volume of enquiries
  • Sales of just over 800k from one simple system - This breakthrough actually saved the clients marriage yet built an empire!
  • Sales of £7,300 from one letter - had never used directly in the past! This results came the day after the smiler went out
  • Sales of £90,000 from a single email - This was just 3 sales of a high-end product to a tiny database
  • Sales of 2.1 million - This guy was desperate and on the verge of bankruptcy when we met. His initial results were £17k in 12 hours!

And I could go on and on but I won't otherwise this letter will be the size of War and Peace! Yet all of the above had one thing in common and it was this....

  • All had tried a lot of different marketing ideas
  • All were desperate for a business breakthrough
  • All had contacted me after years of knowing me already
  • All realised very quickly I was the lowest and highest return on investment they had for their business

And if you have been told social media marketing will save your business ... you like many others have been lied to. The chances are your customers won't be found on social media. If they are on social media it won't be to talk business.

Pepsi invested one year into social media. They were told it was the only and best new option. The result was startling. Millions of likes. Tonnes of shares. A decrease of 5% of shares. The conclusion was easy to see. Social media decreased their market share. Don't be fooled!

And that got me thinking ...

  • What I do for my clients never actually coats them anything - EVER!
  • My fee has never once been more than the return - EVER!

I'm not saying that to show off - it's just a fact!

Can you afford another year like this or do you urgently need a breakthrough in your results? I can help...


This means

  • I will review everything you are doing right now (volume to be agreed and subject to the amount of course).
  • I will find out what is and isn't working and why.
  • I will measure all of your previous results and show you how to create new campaigns that push the failures into history.
  • I'll offer advice on your angle.
  • Your positioning.
  • Your wording or message.
  • Your offers.
  • Your guarantees.
  • Your online campaigns.
  • Your offline campaigns.
  • Your target marketplace.
  • You client mindset.
  • How to reach your customers fast.
  • How to close any offer.
  • And more if needed.

Everything and all things response, results, sales, growth, leads and marketing... I'm happy to slave away for you and give you the answers that most clients that come to me after spending years trying to discover... HUGE BREAKTHROUGHS!

Here are a few things I have critiqued and created huge real-world BREAKTHROUGHS with

  • Flyers (yes they still work - more than ever when targeted)
  • Webpages (one client sold over £5 million of products in a single month)
  • Websites
  • Sales funnels
  • Joint ventures
  • Sales pages
  • Positioning
  • Pricing
  • Offers
  • Target market
  • Business cards
  • Video script
  • Email conversions
  • Email messages
  • Direct mailers
  • Envelopes for mailers
  • Strategy
  • Systems
  • Tactics
  • Powerful phone scripts and closes
  • And much more

So rather than losing more sales or spending another year like this one just scraping through, I will help you, advise guide and offer you solutions that I know will blow you away. That isn't a hyperbole it's just a fact based on the past couple of decades helping business like yourself. My results are a statement written in gold!

With this offer, you don't even have to pay my regular fees of ...

  • Sales letter 15-25k
  • Per hour 1200k
  • Critique 2000k
  • Strategic advice £5k per 4-hour session
  • Tactical advice 5k per session

YOU DO NOT PAY - Total £38,200

And I'll even throw in

  • Headline advice - suggestions offered
  • Angle advice - suggestions offered
  • Positioning advice
  • Campaign advice
  • Offer advice
  • Tactical advice

YOU DO NOT PAY - Total £10,000 plus

I will research, review, critique and advise you accordingly so you get the breakthrough you deserve. Everything will be written up for you in a long form PDF document that will then act as a new leverage tool to market your business. A blueprint for success, your own personal blueprint!

Is this your breakthrough moment?

Now this is best for you if you

  • Understand that you have to do marketing but what you are doing isn't working
  • Understand that your current marketing needs to breakthrough fast!
  • Understand that you need changes yesterday
  • Understand that your team or current advisors aren't delivering results you need
  • And have come to realise that you cannot afford another year like this or another campaign to fail
  • You need more success faster
  • You desperately need a visible breakthrough
  • You want and must have more measured results

To book me right now at a hugely lowered rate is just £15k now or to get started (VAT to be added)

And then £10k from your new profits over 50k. If you don't get the increase you simply don't pay the final £10k.

This isn't a trick it's a simple value exchange.

You will get what I mentioned above and more.

All of my work is initially based around leveraging what you already have. From there I will work hard so you not only get your investment back but you have a strong foundation to move forward from.

My guarantee is simple. You get the same mind that has proven itself in over 400 industries, generated millions in sales for his clients, saved businesses from closing and even turned some businesses around in under a week.

First, we talk to make sure we are compatible.

  • Lets set up a call
  • Next, we agree on what your problems are
  • Then we make sure I have access to all of your marketing materials online and offline
  • I will send over a detailed questionnaire that must be filled out
  • I will review everything you have sent and read the replies when they come back to me.
  • I will find a solution that is proven and tested or I might advise that you stop certain things altogether with your Marketing
  • We will talk a few times. Over the phone, Skype or face to face. I can come to you but all travel, accommodations and time costs must be covered as extra.
  • Finally, I will send you over a comprehensive document that is printed in hard copy and delivered to your desk via ups or other priority delivery service.

As extra paid services (if required) I can come and go through everything with you or your team, create or write your materials or even put training and proven systems into place so you can create exponential growth very quickly.

All my invoicing is subject to the vat of 20%. The first invoice should be paid in advance. This is a single payment. There is no payment program available this special breakthrough offer.

This is best for you if you have everything in place already yet time and time again your marketing is letting your business down badly!

Now here's the thing.

My busy schedule allows a place for one client only. You have to be right for me and I, of course, have to be right for you.

Let me leave you with a few more final thoughts.

I once critiqued an email that had been sent many, many times with absolutely no replies. I looked at the email, actually re-wrote the email and asked it to be sent again. The email was to be sent to a famous designer that is a media babe so the chances of a reply seemed very slim.

Within 10 minutes of my new email going out the designer herself sent her personal mobile number and asked us to call anytime. This deal was worth tens of thousands of pounds to my client.

I also critiqued the telephone technique of a huge corporation. Their answering in the office was losing literally truck-loads of sales! Once the review had been done a script was then created. The new script had a conversion rate of almost 100%.

Can you allow things to carry on the way they are carrying on your business on or do you really need a change maker that actually understands, knows and will apply this and more into your business fast? Breakthroughs are exactly what they are - BREAK - THROUGH!

This is a perfect opportunity with a limited investment and strong ROI. What you get from me can be used as long as you are in business - decades later if that is where you are.

Just be honest - how many more sales can you afford to lose trying and hoping you'll get more response from your current marketing?

I don't take risks with your business, everything I will share with you is front line tested, proven and effective. Everything takes into full account your brand, your current message to the marketplace and your positioning in your marketplace.

But this is never about cost, it's about a return on your investment and if my track record is anything to go by your risk is as good as zero!

This is an extremely limited offer!

Again if you don't have the investment or business in place this isn't good for you.

The fee is non-negotiable, this is for serious business players only.

A word of warning: I am so confident that you'll be blown away you'll beg me to fly over to some luxury island to discuss how you can utilise my skills for your business in the future ... That I promise!

I'm looking forward to helping you make changes and new profits.

One place only

Text: 07793069486 with the word HERO

Text: 00 44 (0) 7793069486 with the word HERO



Tele: 0161 928 8328

Fill out the form below.

Yours in success

Alan Forrest Smith

P.s Be aware my slots usually go very quickly. If my tracjk record is anything to go by this could change everything for you.

Meet Anthony Babyska.

Here's a nice little email he sent me.

Hi Alan,

Re your Tweak of Accent on Beauty Sales Letter Testimonial enclosed....

Alan , after your tweak of a recent sales letter I sent you to review....we sent the letter to initially 200 clients and had 20 bookings in first two days....that's over $6,000 in 48 hours! Thanks for applying your amazing copywriting skills.

Regards, Anthony Babyska, South Australia

Anthony had a 20% response rate (the national average is 1% and below.


You know what that results meant to Anthony? It meant a 500% return on his investment with me for his training.

If that's was the result he had with one letter imagine the results he has over 12 months! MASSIVE!

Meet Jay Abraham

The guys dealing with one of his promotions in the UK were struggling to get a response from a letter.

I showed them how to write a new headline. In fact I ended up writing the headline. I changed 12 words from 17 words.

The results was ... just under $200,000 in sales in less than 12 hours.