Busy Man Syndrome - Just Get It done!


Every good story beings with once upon a time so…

Once upon a time there was a man with a business. His name was 'just get it done'. His pals called him that because whatever he was doing, he never did because he spent such a long time thinking about things rather than just getting it done.

So his pals would say, 'here comes just get it done' Actually his name was Matt which suited him because he was covered in tatts (tattoos) but Matt the tatt well, thats for another story.

So one day 'just get it done' needed an advert creating to advertise his services. He did what all good 21st century web addicts do.

First he searched for a marketing guy, then an advert writer, then a business writer and this eventually led him to something he had never heard of called a copywriter. All of this done first on his iPhone. Then on his iPad. Then on his Macbook pro and eventually said to himself, 'I'll look properly on my big 27 inch iMac when I get to my office. Clearly Matt loved technology and loved everyone to see he had everything that gave the impression of Mr 21st Century success.

Once in his office (he called it an office it was actually a corner of his bedroom with a cheap white laminate veneer desk that his granny left him after she died.

So he sat there and started to dig and look for a solution. He wanted a solution to his business problem. His problem was customers were just not enough and a low volume of customers meant a low number of sales. He had also read a book about Direct mail and felt that direct mail might be a solution.

He contacted the first of these copywriters. The copywriter told Matt he needed a long sales letter that would sizzle, frizzle, mizzle and nuzzle the buyer into being persuaded. Hmm thought Matt, who actually speaks like that?

The next copywriter told Matt you need a letter that is grammatically correct, must have seven lines in each paragraph and should be approximately 3 A4 pages in length with a word count of 785 words. This in-depth explantation had Matt the tatt or 'just get it done' wondering was he dealing with a copywriter or dealing with an online psychopath!

Finally he arrived at the website of a copywriter/consultant that told Matt the following. Give me your number and I'll call you. He called, they talked and this copywriter spoke to Matt in a language that neither scared him or made him think he was dealing with a marketing person that actually had no idea about marketing.

Matt asked just one question: Do I need a direct mail piece or a sales letter? The copywriter that was normal and helpful from the last website he checked out replied, "what do you mean?" Matt replied, " one guy said I need a sales letter and another said I need a direct mailer so what do you think?" I think you should leave it to an expert replied the copywriter. So 'just get it done', thats his nickname remember left it with the copywriter.

The copywriter sent over a questionnaire and some other things so he could build a precise picture of what to create for Matt.

They sent communications back and forth until the copywriter had enough on get on with what he was good at which is writing copy.

Time passed even the daffodils had begun to show from the long cold winter and Matt got his email.

YOUR COPY IS READY… 'woop da woop' Matt said as he opened his email.

He loved the very carefully crafted letter, he understood the simple to follow instructions and even better the copywriter had added a short bespoke guide with possible outcomes.

The possible outcomes were as follows.

Based on the numbers and figures we discussed even at the lowest outcome you have a real possibility of increasing your sales by 3% or in real numbers - £17,000 per month or even better - £204,000 per year.

The copywriter added, 'again as discussed nothing as far as results are set in stone but if you act on everything I have said and done you have a great opportunity here'

Matt the tatt smiled and thought, 'great, I can't wait'

It was at that point he received another email that needed his attention. The email said urgent so Matt took it as urgent. And then another email arrived. This one didn't say urgent but he liked to reply to his emails right away. Matts day continued until the end of the day when he thought to himself 'I am beat!'

He loved the end of the day, he always imagined himself in a spaceship as he closed everything down and imagined himself coming into land at his space port which of course was 14 feet away down the stairs and into his kitchen. Funny how a bedroom can become a spaceship.

It was only as he sat watching two and a half men, the new one with Aston Kutcher as the internet billionaire he remembered his letter from his copywriter. Damn… I'll do that tomorrow now.

He went to bed. He slept like a big baby. He woke hop like an even bigger baby, climbed out of his bed and entered his office (the desk in the corner of his bedroom)(or as he thought - his space ship), switched on his iMac and started his day again.

More emails that demanded his attention. More meetings that he had to run to. More people he had to call.

He was very important or so he thought.

7 weeks later he got an email from his copywriter. The copywriter asked about his campaign and any results. Matt said, 'I've been busy but I am doing it soon"

The copywriter wasn't surprised as this is the story (excuse and bad prioritising) he always hears.

Sure said the copywriter, let me know but take my advice … 'Just get it done because if you had done it already that would have been a possible extra £34,000 or more in sales'

Ok replied 'just get it done' and went back to being really important. Five months had now passed. it was now a sun beating July and matt was dreaming about babes in bikinis and wanted to hit the beach. He went, he came back and carried on his routine.

It was now August and the mailer hadn't gone. It was now August and a possible £102,000 in sales had been left ignored and left on the shelf at the back of Matts mind. It was still August and Matt opened his email.

There was an email from his copywriter. The Subject read: Just Get It done! Matt the man covered in tatts opened and read the email.

It read… "Hi Matt it's over six months since you hired me to create a direct mailer for you. I like to know how my clients do so how did it go or … Has it actually been done?"

Of course Matt is very busy and he is really important and he wants to be seen by everyone as getting back to them right away, replying, doing, calling and seeing everyone and anyone that demands his attention.

Matt is also usually pretty close to the edge with his cash. Thats why he hired a skilled, artistic, creative consultant and copywriter to help him increase his sales.

Matt could have done that. No wonder his pals all called him, 'just get it done' No wonder his copywriter would email him and say, 'just get it done'. No wonder Matt isn't getting the numbers he really wants to get because he simply won't get it done.

There has to be a moral there for your business somewhere?

As all good stories begin with once upon-a-time I think this one should end with they all lived happily ever after even if it isn't quite true this time.

Love, peace, health and wealth. Alan Forrest Smith, your Iconoclastic, eccentric copywriting writer.

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