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Thats me and Jonny Drover at my home making magic happen as copywriters.Would YOU like To Be One of my Bespoke, Unique and Very Special Copywriting Apprentices? Right Now I'm Searching For a Two More Starving for Success Copy-writers Only!

I'm Going To Brand, Position and Launch More Hungry Copywriters Into The Super Leagues ... ARE YOU ONE OF THEM?

I'll guide you. I'll show you. I'll teach you. I'll inform you. I'll mold you. I'll give you everything you need to succeed very, very fast!

I'll get and give and show you how to get high-end paying clients

  • How to get stacks of clients
  • How to get commissions for life
  • How to generate sale after sale if you are writing for your own products
  • and ...
  • How to be the number one choice for copywriter!

If you're right for the position ... Your life could be about to change dramatically. An interview is required (see below)

If you're good enough ...

  • You'll be positioned as an elite copywriter
  • You'll be branded as the ONLY option for copy
  • You'll be pushed out to my A-list and promoted time and time again to top experts
  • You'll be charging anything from $5,000 to $20,000 per piece or more
  • You'll be earning lifetime commissions from every job
  • You'll go right into six figures

Work will come to you, not you struggle to find the work

You'll come to my home (or over skype), we'll plan, strategize, create tactics, brand, position and launch your new elite copywriting career

How can I offer that? Easy, I've done it already, I've mentored others to do the same (see below). Now's your chance to be my one of my apprentices!

And IF and only IF... You pass the initial interview and I agree to work with you, I'll reveal exactly how to you can do the same.

BOTTOM-LINE:You'll Get ME ... Alan Forrest Smith to personally mentor you to become a high-demand, highly paid copywriter If PASS the interview!

Dear Copywriter, Alan Forrest Smith here.

I wrote my first business copy in 1985. I still write copy today. I am the real-deal and probably one of the most ripped off copywriters online right now (I'm flattered)!

In case you don't know, I used to be a 24/7 hairdresser and salon owner (3 salons). It nearly killed me. It was a job and a dammed hard one at that.

In the years 1995-98 I fell into writing copy for clients whilst hair-cutting at the same time. Salon clients would ask who created my advertising - I replied I did and they asked me if I could create some for them. During those years I had mastered direct mail, flyers, postcards, joint ventures, PR stunts, poster advertising, billboards, public transport advertising and much more. It took my salon businesses to over 3 million turnover, no wonder clients were asking for me to create their adverts. i had never realized it but I had created an extremely powerful marketing machine that had taken my business from start ups to number one very fast!

My copywriting/marketing consultancy business literally exploded overnight (I'll show you how I did that!

By 2003 I sold my salons and started writing copy full-time. By the end of 2003 I had written copy for Jay Abraham, Marlon Sanders, Andrew Reynolds, Michel Fortin, Armand Morin, Accountants, Jewellers, options traders, car showrooms, real estate movie makers, dentists, property gurus, info marketers, seminar promoters and literally dozens more.

By today I have spoken all over the globe as a stage speaker, tried to be Tarzan and save rainforests, written controversial erotic poetry, ridden motorbikes in the outback's of Australia, flown helicopters, sat with monkeys on beaches, walked over Sydney harbour bridge, hung out in New York, flown to New Zealand had dinner with Michel and Sylvie Fortin in Auckland's highest restaurant, even been to BBQs with the likes of John Carlton, Yanik Silver, John Reese, Harv Eker, Marlon Sanders and just about any other huge online/offline marketer you can name! I can even boast good friends such as Jay Conrad Levinson (very proud of that)

I've even become a published author being signed up with one of America's biggest publishers, Morgan James.

Life has been crazy but at the same time life has grown into something wonderfully filled.

I couldn't do that with a job! I couldn't do that as an average copywriter! How did I get the time and the cash to do that and more? One word...

COPYWRITING & CONSULTING But not just copywriting, NO! Mastery over positioning, presence and perception, using branding, PR and just about any other trick that gets you through barriers faster!

In fact, I'm wrote this letter from Zurich in Switzerland where I was consulting for a good client ... ALL EXPENSES paid! Could I or you do that with a job? The answers obvious right!

Let me show you this (then I'll show you how to create a life and business like this - IF that's what you'd like)

The Highly Paid, Slightly Eccentric Life of a Well Branded, Well Positioned Copywriter

  • From new to global position in less than a year
  • At one single speaking event 3 people offered me FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS to write their next sales piece.
  • In one single day I have been paid £18,000 to write sales copy
  • I now charge (and get paid) £500 or £1,200 per hour
  • I've been flown business class to Switzerland and back again, all expenses paid
  • I've been flown business class to Latvia and back again, all expenses paid
  • I've been flown business class to Melbourne and back again, all expenses paid
  • There's more
  • I distributed literally thousands of DVDs all over the world without huge global lists
  • I spoken all over the globe
  • I taught copywriters all over the globe

Built friendships and wined and dined with the likes of

  • Jay Conrad Levinson
  • Michel Fortin
  • Jay Abraham
  • Andrew Reynolds
  • John Carlton
  • Yanik Silver
  • Ted Nicholas
  • Joe Polish
  • Armand Morin
  • Harv Eker
  • Marlon Sanders
  • Stephen Peirce

And dozens more contacts like a who's who of marketing.

Now a published author and had 3 publishers knocking down my door to publish my book because of truly strong positioning and branding.

And here's the funny bit... I do all of this PART-TIME as I am also an author so I like to write! I HAVE NEVER BEEN SHORT OF WORK... NOT ONCE ...So today I have the time to double, triple or even quadruple my income if and when I want ... Why Are Most Copywriters BAD Marketers?

So here's the problem for 99.9% of new copywriters ... MOST have no idea how to ...

  • Get clients
  • Get business
  • Brand themselves
  • Position themselves
  • Charge amazing fees
  • Get the 'IN-CROWD' talking about them
  • Create endless referrals
  • Build a client list
  • Create mystery
  • Create an image a persona, create magic
  • Convert inquiries
  • Increase inquiries
  • Get new clients
  • get one high-paying clients
  • create commissions systems
  • Write contracts

Here's Why?

THE BIG COPYWRITING LIE Most have been hood-winked into believing that being a great copywriter is the key. Writing like their hero is the key. Talking like their guru is the key. Hanging our in the Warrior Forum will make you rich.

Let me say this in black and white. That part's a lie. I'm tired of reading newbie's proclaiming and selling themselves as 'the worlds greatest copywriter' when the reality is they have just read a manual, may understand how to write but have no idea about the reality, the psychology, the art and science of selling.

If you are asking a copywriter to train you ask them this.

  • How long have you been in business?
  • How many businesses did you have?
  • Have you had brick and mortar business?
  • Whats you highest selling copy?
  • What are your conversion rates
  • What conversion rate swipes will you be sharing with me?
  • How much do you make from copywriting? (some will say they simply teach it)

In hairdressing we used to have a saying ... 'hairdressing teachers are usually failed hairdressers' Why? All the great hairdressers were always in the thick of the action in salons not in colleges. Copywriting is the same.

WARNING: If you are tempted to get into copywriting from a stage seller take care - most I have seen have NO-IDEA about how to write copy. You'd better give your investment to the guy on the street you walked past earlier.

Just so you know.

  • I convert 100% of my inquiries with powerful tested emails and call systems
  • I can charge from £5,000 for small copy pieces
  • I have had 3 brick and mortar businesses
  • My highest selling copy goes into the millions
  • I have sold mainly REAL products on the streets
  • I will give you swipes and tricks no one uses apart from the top .5% of rare copywriters
  • Yes I do still write for clients daily
  • Yes I do deal with huge corporate clients
  • Yes I do deal with small entrepreneurs
  • Yes I can share with you copywriting business secrets that you'll never discover in any manual

I Share All of That And More With My Apprentices.

Jonny Drover had this to say ... Alan, mentor is by far the best business decision I have made. Having flown up from Devon to meet you I now feel that this is not just another one of those fleeting programs. So far I have been able to press the reset button for success with your help and guidance. My relationships at home and with my family have taken a turn for the better. I have been able to put in some solid foundation blocks on which I will build a fortress for the future. The path ahead is very much clearer than it was 6 weeks ago and I feel a large surge in confidence as I move ahead.

Thanks Alan and team! Vincent Wong had this to say ...


Hi Alan

I listened to the whole recording last night and I have to say you are awesome! You gave so much advice, insight, and wisdom during our call that I had to re-listen in order to comprehend everything.

Before our first call I really did not know what to expect. However after speaking with you, I could tell that you genuinely care not only about my success in copywriting but also my general well-being and happiness. I fully appreciate this.

I know the call was overrun and I'm very grateful for that as your time is precious.

Thank you for the reassurance in this whole mentoring thing.

Looking forward to seeing you this Thursday. Hopefully I won't be as scared as I was during that call. You make life seem fun again. Vincent P.S. I woke up at 8am this morning.

Dilys Said ... "I used to work at RBS (Banking) and almost without notice I got laid off or sent home with no more job and no more pay. Of course I panicked and wondered what was going to be next.

I had tried mentoring a few times with others - none cheap I must say - yet had NO results. Both my previous mentors knew Alan and spoke of him now and then so I started to think is Alan a person that can mentor me? I just want to say my previous mentors were good but simply never pushed me and gave me 24/7 support, no homework and despite giving me rigid systems they never actually said - 'do this and it'll work'. In fact I tried the things I was told and honestly - it never worked!

So to cash in a bond and spend my last cash on a mentor believe me is a risk but I strongly felt it was a risk worth taking with Alan. I decided to jump and spend my last cash for 12 weeks rather than a years mentoring.

In just 8 weeks Alan has taught me …

  • Build and create my website
  • Write long sales letters
  • Write short sales letters
  • Write and design flyers
  • Write response emails.
  • Find paying clients.
  • How to get paid consulting.
  • How to get paid writing.
  • How to seed and grow fast.
  • How to get clients offline fast.
  • How to promote offline.
  • How to promote online.
  • How to optimise everything for sales.
  • How to create a business PR pack
  • How to create a business card
  • How to speak and respond to clients
  • How to reply to a client
  • When to reply to a client
  • How to price my services.
  • How to create takeaways selling in my pitch
  • How to convert enquiries

Actually Alan has shown me even more than that - too much to write here.

When I decided I needed a copywriter mentor and saw Alan’s Facebook status advertising his MENTOR program I nearly fell off my chair. It was as if he heard me say it as it had came just at the right time. I knew I wanted to work with Alan and that he was the mentor for me after I had seen him on some video courses I had.

I started to work with Alan late December 2012 and with his constant guidance and hard pushing ('do the close again and again and again') me to my limits he has got me to the point of getting paying clients in only just over 2 months. His methods are very thorough and he and his team are constantly chasing you to make sure you are getting the best for your money and that you are always on target to reach your goals.

The material sent is always relevant, fast, to-the-point, direct and sets you up ready for your call with Alan and follow-up call from Tamara. They even send you the recordings of the call with you so you can review it as many times as you like in your own time, which believe me is brilliant when you are writing something and can’t remember what was said.

Alan and his team always make themselves available and accessible for you to contact either by phone or email 24/7 (although I don’t think they would appreciate a call at 3am just to ask a question but then would you?).

I would without hesitation highly recommend working with Alan as a MENTOR (and his team) it has been worth every penny and can already see my returns are going to be way more than I could have ever thought.

On my very first call Alan wanted to know more about me. He asked a lot of questions and one of those questions was, 'how much would you like to earn annually?'

I replied,'£15,000 would be great' Alan simply replied, 'OK lets do that to start with'

I can now see myself earning 2-3 times that and that's just to start with. Remember I am just 8 weeks down the path of being mentored. I will carry on paying for more with my new earnings. I really want to do this for 12 months but this is just to start with.

It is definitely an investment and not a cost being mentored by Alan.

Dilys Stokes
, I know what I am doing - my MENTOR results speak for themselves. More and more copywriters are being taught by copywriters that have read a new manual or two and use the web to proclaim they are now experts. Yet those same guys are usually running around, chasing their tails searching for cheap, low-end work day after day.

I am going to train someone to become a top flight, high-demand copywriter in 2012, put them on the stage before all to see and brand them, position them and launch them into a level most copywriters only dream about.

You'll get EVERYTHING I know from 30 years in business and more!

Would you like to be my COPYWRITING APPRENTICE? Here's how. First some conditions you should understand.

NEW COPYWRITER: This can and will work for a new writer. However it'll work better for those with some copywriting skills or business skills at least!

WORK ETHIC: You must have an work ethic that understands there is no such thing as a free lunch or an easy ride. This will be hard worked laced with plenty of fun.

The rest will be discussed over the phone during a 20 minute interview. There is NO REASON you won't generate your initial investment in MONTHS!

You'll discover how I ...AND HOW YOU CAN ...

  • Get cheques for £5k and upwards everyday of the week
  • Use Facebook and social media to position yourself in a way you never thought possible
  • Easily generate the amount you need each year to live a happy life
  • Create your own classes so you can earn at least £30k per weekend
  • Use power positioning so you attract ONLY premium clients
  • Be the expert copywriter in any field you choose
  • Get positioned so that you have all the gurus coming to you
  • Get on stage and get a years wage in 90 minutes (if that's what you want)
  • Quickly locate huge writing deals with corporate companies who have massive ad budgets wanting you to write for them
  • Brand yourself and build on the strengths you already have as a copywriter
  • Use a proven to work system in place to become a world class copywriter
  • Branding
  • Positioning
  • Perception
  • Business
  • Use multiple channels for income streams from your new skills.

AND MORE! My Track Record Speaks For Itself ... I Don't Need Hype and Hyperboles To Sell My Skills... Do Some Google Research to Find Out More!

GUARANTEE In my experience those that vision and want success will get to where they want to go. Mentoring is all about the fast-track, leveraging from the experience of an established master. Remembering that the master has already journeyed for 30 years to arrive at the place he is at.

The student understands he is there to jump past the 30 years and take a fast route via the experience of the master. That's what I am giving you. If you are looking for a money back guarantee, you are simply NOT the right student for this project. There is NO cash back guarantee. I believe there is no-risk if you take action as all of my MENTOR students have proved.

My long 30 years of track-record based experience with a very strong reputation is my guarantee.

QUESTIONS... Now a couple of questions keep coming up with all of you about the apprentice so I thought I'd offer a little more clarity.

So ... Let face it, £7,500 FOR 12 WEEKS OR £40,000 FOR A YEAR is a huge lump of cash, that's a fact! So maybe it would be better for me to write how I can help you recover that cash pretty fast.

Before I do that I want to say this is NOTHING like any mentoring, coaching you might have done with anyone else.

The reason is simple; I get 100% behind my students, we become friends, we meet, we eat and we even party together if the occasion arises. I take this very serious. When I say THIS I mean the business of making sure you get your investment back fast.

This is not slow paced. I work fast, I teach my guys to work fast. The results can also be fast as I have shown you.

You know when you write an letter now? This can take weeks, even months. I have seen it in action with people so many times.

When you write a letter with me I RE-WRITE the letter with you, we do it there and then. Not in days, weeks or months, there and then.

Can you see the difference already? So how do you make your money back and make it back fast?

First you have to understand although this is NOT a get rich quick scheme of any kind but it is still has way of doing business that has created million of pounds in my own life over the years.

You will also be able to use these skills FOREVER!

Look at this lot. Sales letter £5,000 If you write 12 letters a year (and you will easily) this is £60,000. Right away your return on investment is 100%. Lets say you write one a week? That's £260,000 and that's just to start with. Consulting £300 per hour (I charge between 500 and £1,200 per hour) Lets say you do 5 hours a week consulting That's £6,000 per month or around $150,000 a year from consulting.

That's just to start with I will show you, take you by the hand, guide you every step of the way how to earn amazing money working the hours and times you want to work.

You'll never be left alone. I will help you build as many income streams as you come up with. I will help you make this happen as fast as you can work! And mentioned has been extra costs. There are NO extra costs at all at this stage.

Even if you need a website for yourself to be created, my team will build that in-line with my usual high standards.

Apart from that I will be, pushing, promoting and guiding you to a very fast success.

Again... this is NOTHING like what you are doing right now. This is very personal, very upfront and very fast. PLUS... what you will learn you learn for LIFE.

I'm not trying to persuade you in anyway, I just wanted to make sure I shared enough of what the value and return on investment is.

  • Dave Lee invested $10,000 and got a return of $300k
  • Jason invested £5k and now charges £5k plus per letter and earns well in excess of £100k per year.
  • Steve invested $25k, flew around the world and earned well over $100 grand within 12 weeks!

What else can I say? If you have any question feel free to email or call me.

Personally I think you'll be perfect for this and after all who wants to turn down the earning potential of at least 400k per year or $5k for two days work writing sales letters?

And on the subject of sales letters ...

Did you know the most over taught process in the world of copywriting is Sales Letters? Sales letters do not sell somethings in life yet most copy trainers will still focus endlessly on sales letters. I will show you how to make incredible amounts of money for actually writing less words! (like on paragraph)

Copywriting Mentor - Be My Apprentice?

Does This Sound Like You?

There goes another ‘new hopeful’ copywriter - sinking like a paper ship on a stormy night.

Be honest does this sound familiar? I mean - like YOU?

You have the manuals, listened to the courses, followed your copy heroes, did everything they told you at the seminars and studied like a Franciscan monk, day after day, week after week, month and in some cases year after year.

And guess what? NO clients. NO inquiries. NO systems. NO business. NO money in the bank. NO strategy. NO tactics. NO positioning. NO reputation… NO ANYTHING REALLY!

But Alan …

“I hang out in the warrior’s forum, hang-out on Facebook, use LinkedIn, Twitter, go to seminars, I use words like mullah, six-figures, greatest ever, and I quote Gary Halbert (the great), I read everything and anything that makes reference to the world of copywriting and I’m still sinking like a stone with no hope. I even gave up my job for this but I am yet to get my first decent client that hands me cash without a dozen emails persuading me to get payment IF the campaign succeeds. Can this work? Should I just go get a job?”

Does that sound like your life as a copywriter?

That was a TRUE STORY from an email sent to myself from another struggling new copywriter.

Here are a few more I recall.

“I have never been able to get more than $400 for a sales letter and have only had 3 clients so far, what should I do?”

"I was told copywriters get paid more in a day that most do in a month yet I haven’t earned a months wage in a year yet”

“Alan I really want to work with you but can I be truthful here, I am totally broke so would have to pay you in the future if you can show me how to get clients”

O.M.G … Do I need to go on? Does it sound painfully familiar? Listen to this one.

“I gave up my job to be a world-class copywriter and so far I have made $14,900 this year alone. I haven’t told my wife because we have four kids. Can you help me?”

Incredibly I even had one copywriter email and say…

“Alan I have spent a month creating a new report to generate leads. Can you email your list and post it on your social media so I can get some leads as I am really struggling!”

He soon, he emailed again to tell me he had got a job in Wal-Mart!

FANTASY COPYWRITERS It's what I call the fantasy of get rich quick copywriters … actually … it doesn’t exist but - you can make incredible amounts copywriting as I have proved in my own life.

How To Build a Life, Build a Business, Build an Income and Create Something Magical in the World Of Copywriting How does this sound?

  • Making a years wages from ONE CLIENT
  • Residual income from all clients for LIFE
  • PayPal notifications saying, ‘you have just been sent $20,000’ (in a day)
  • The skillset to confidently ask for $500 an hour and more (I charge $2k per hour and get it – I’ll show you how)
  • Writing real copy, real ads, real marketing for clients that understand true value exchange and – getting paid huge amounts for your value!
  • Escaping from the Internet Marketing myths and parasitic salesmen that use, abuse and mostly don’t hold copywriters in high value
  • How to position yourself
  • How to seed your business
  • How to market your business
  • How to write 100% converting emails
  • How to get your website live
  • The 7 most critical factors for any website write on your website
  • How to get your name all over the web
  • How to manage clients
  • How to turn away clients
  • How to create win-win with clients

And just to remind you why you should listen to me?

Serving you into success is my priority NOT just your money

  • I have the experience after all I went from hairdresser to writing copy for the like of Jay Abraham in months!
  • I began writing copy in 1985
  • I started my copy business in 1999
  • I have written many million plus letters for clients
  • With one tactical strategy I got paid for a single contract - £35,000
  • Using another strategy I got paid three checks of $50,000 from 3 clients
  • I have spoken on stages all over the globe as an expert copywriter
  • I have been flown all over the planet to work with clients
  • I have taught all over the World.
  • I have worked with the likes of Jay Conrad Levinson and literally dozens of hugely famous marketing legends.
  • I have also mutated my copy business into many branches that give me windfalls and residual incomes.

Look at this… I went from a hairdresser of 20 years to a highly paid copywriter overnight using ageless marketing principles.

I recovered from divorce, homelessness and bankruptcy being left with NOT A THING using powerful tools, tactics and strategies that I have mastered over nearly 30 years… JUST TWO YEARS AGO!

I can earn more in a week than most people I met earn in a 12-month period.

I have built a life, lifestyle around what I need and have everything needed to be happy and content.

And… If you know me you also know I have a string of very very successful students.

Copy MENTOR Program OK here’s what I was thinking.

I know 12 months is too long for most copywriters and in fact I am basing this on MY OWN cash creation principles, which is this.

I like to go from start to making cash in 7-14 days. Any longer doesn’t work for me so why should it work for you?

So … I’ll show you everything I do and more of the above. If you are already a copywriter you’ll get your investment back almost right away but that of course needs work and a lot of it.

So if you are willing to put in the

  • Time
  • Energy
  • Work

Allow yourself to be

  • Guided
  • Directed
  • Mentored

I’ll show you how to create a REAL copy business that allows you to create a lifestyle not a struggle!

  • You get me for 12 weeks (or longer)
  • Life changes
  • Business changes
  • Health and fitness advice (if you're not fit and healthy - you're dead)
  • Easy AFS module training
  • Step-by-step directions all the way
  • 100% conversion email swipes
  • £7,500 email swipe
  • £52,000 email swipe
  • My high charge, high converting briefs (swipes not my pants)
  • Time with me face-to-face
  • Private cellphone access
  • Private email access
  • One 90 fixed call with myself a week
  • All calls recorded for you to download
  • One fixed call with support a week
  • Technique
  • Strategy
  • Tactic
  • Premium website built by our in-house HTMLers (£3,000 website optimized for web)

AND MORE ... You’ll also get

  • My specific directions
  • My unique experience
  • My cash generating tactics
  • My proven strategies
  • My endless support
  • Critiques of your copy

But I want to warn you if you think this is for you. I won’t be dragging you through the process at any level. If you don’t do your homework, if you don’t take guidance, if you never get back to me, if you treat this lightly not only will I be turned off but also I reserve the right to remove you from the MENTORING. I won’t waste your time, please if you want to join me, don’t waste mine.

Being a copywriter LITERALLY saved me ... ...

  • In 2009 (just 3 years ago) I was ...
  • Homeless (living above a garage and sleeping on a sofa in just 2009)
  • Divorced (left with ZERO not a thing)
  • Bankrupt (shamed and humiliated)
  • Single, lonely, depressed and lost

After a moment I realized I had to do three things to recover.

1. Make money fast (over £20k in the first week I decided) 2. Get my own home ( I paid my rent for a year upfront from my first weeks cash) 3. Find a new woman that can handle my madness and love me everyday (she arrived and puts up with my eccentric life and loves me everyday)

Now I can share with you...

  • I have a 6 bed-roomed home
  • A car paid for in cash
  • Not a single penny in debt
  • A home in another country
  • Travel at least 5 times a year
  • All the things I need in life
  • Earn more in a day that most earn in 3-6 months!

And lets remember ... money doesn't really equal happiness but I have had cash and had no cash - I know which I prefer.

I have gone from broke, zero, down and dumped to earning a couple of months wage in ONE DAY.

If you want to live and work like a copywriter you need to do two things.

1. Stop listening to the mass of online amateurs that have no real experience, have just read a manual or two and are good at self publicity. These guys will destroy your business and possible destroy your life leaving you broke to start again. 2. Start listening to someone that has already done it already, someone that has decades of real-world experience, someone that can guide you masterfully, creatively and turn your current copywriting business inside out not in months – IN DAYS!

I’m in if you are – what do you think?

Would you like me to guide you, serve you and help you to create a real business in the world of copywriting?

Here's what you'll walk away with ...

  • You’ll have a real business
  • You’ll create a real life
  • You’ll make real money
  • It’ll be worth leaving your job for

And even if you are already a copywriter that just skips along on one leg I promise you you’ll have the ability to run a copywriting marathon by the time we are done.

So here’s the deal for you. Three Options

  • £7,500 for 12 weeks
  • £18,000 for 24 weeks
  • £40,000 for 12 months plus a percent of your sales to be agreed)

My exchange to you is to give you everything I know about this business, plus samples, plus guidance, plus everything else I talked about above. You will be getting hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of information – NO QUESTION!

Does that sound fair? SO TO BE VERY CLEAR AND SIMPLE.

  • So you pay into your apprenticeship right now
  • I teach you hundreds upon thousands of pounds in value of information - TRACK-RECORD-PROVEN
  • We join forces twice a week over either 12 - 24 or 52 weeks -week period (you choose or ask my advice).
  • One 090 minute call a week with myself
  • One 60 minute call a week with support
  • Homework
  • Modules
  • Every call is recorded
  • Your MENTOR is bespoke
  • I consult and guide you
  • You get proven swipes and 100% conversion inquiry emails
  • You get my phone high-converting script
  • You get my premium clients system
  • You learn how to get paid upfront
  • You do as I show you.
  • You get a £3,000 website

Learn how to ...

  • Write long sales letters
  • Write short sales letters
  • Write and design flyers
  • Write response emails.
  • Find paying clients.
  • How to get paid consulting.
  • How to get paid writing.
  • How to seed and grow fast.
  • How to get clients offline fast.
  • How to promote offline.
  • How to promote online.
  • How to optimise everything for sales.
  • How to create a business PR pack
  • How to create a business card
  • How to speak and respond to clients
  • How to reply to a client
  • When to reply to a client
  • How to price my services.
  • How to create takeaways selling in my pitch
  • How to convert inquiries

I’m taking just 2 copywriters here so please be quick. What you should do now. Email me at to arrange an initial interview with myself. The interview must take place because frankly there is always a chance we are not a match to work together.

If we know each other already and you are ready to go… I know some of you are… simply grab your place right now on the link below.

In your service. Alan Forrest Smith

Note: Due to the nature of bespoke training some things on this page may not apply to you. That means there may be things on this page that you don't need and won't get. I reserve the right to make changes to any mentor program at any or no notice. This does not affect your rights as a consumer.